Learn Internet Marketing from Jonathan Leger

Learn Internet Marketing from Jonathan Leger

In the world of online marketing, it’s all about learning how to make money from experts and taking the same actions that worked for others and applying them to yourself. This is something I’ve preached for many years now and have provided through my blog here at ZacJohnson.com. Guides like my simple ppc marketing guide went on to help generate over $3 million in new revenue for ad site partners like Neverblue and of course numerous visitors to my site.

The concept behind these strategies is simple… follow the walk through process the first time, then replicate it to your own niche, audience or existing business. However, I am in no way the only person doing this. It actually seems like anyone who has found success online in one form or another is launching their own side courses and software to help others learn how to find success as well.

A good example of this would be Jonathan Leger, who has found success with not only his own online ventures but also creating and licensing software to help others do the same. Like any well trained internet marketing expert, Jon is now expanding his reach to help others learn how to make money online through his own coaching program and collection of powerful software.

To learn more about Jon and how he’s been making money online and helping others do the same, you can visit his main site at LearnFromJon.net.

Jonathan Leger Coaching and Marketing Software Arsenal

In addition to his coaching program and guidance, all users will also gain access to his powerful collection of software and marketing tools, which are featured below.

The following set of tools are all focused on content creation and keyword research. When creating content for your own / main sites, it’s advised not to use article spinning software. However, many site owners and marketers have been effectively using article spinning to build inbound links and content for their outreach and to increase SEO results.

  • The Best SpinnerThe Best Spinner – We all know how important content creation is, but it also takes a lot of time. The Best Spinner is one of the most well known softwares out there for creating hundreds of unique versions of articles within just minutes.
  • Article Builder – In addition to spinning content from original articles, you can also use the Article Builder to create articles in just a matter of a click. All you need to do is fill in your settings and keywords and the software will do the rest.
  • Keyword Canine – When creating articles for your site and trying to rank in the search results, knowing what words to go for and search competition is key. Keyword Canine is the tool that will help with all of your SEO analysis.
  • Keyword Snatcher – Find hidden and untapped niches with the Keyword Snatcher software. Once you’ve found a new market, you can then use the other article creation softwares to build content and backlinks for your site.

To truly understand how to effectively use article spinning software (specifically The Best Spinner) and all of it’s many features and benefits, this video guide from Matthew Woodward should help.

Along with the content creation software, the following bonuses are also included.

  • Facebook Squeeze Page Templates – Facebook is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your ad campaigns and with these squeeze page templates you will see even higher conversions and faster results.
  • Google Competitive Analysis Sheet – This SEO “cheat sheet” is a perfect way to determine how hard it will be for you to rank for any keywords you might be going after.
  • 70 Royalty Free Music Tracks – When creating videos or audio files, one of the best ways to compliment your voice and message is to have some soothing or engaging background music playing. Find the perfect background music for your video with this 70 royalty free tracks.
  • Marketing Graphics and Video Clips – Buying individual stock photos and clip art can quickly accumulate to unnecessary monthly costs. Improve the look and feel of your sites with these marketing graphics and video clips without the need to pay for their extended usage.
  • Professional eBook Cover Maker – No matter if you are creating your first digital book for Amazon or a simple ebook to give away as a bonus through your site, everyone needs a good ebook cover to gain attention and increase user engagement.
  • Professional Infographics Maker – Infographics are simply one of the best ways to create content that gets viewed and shared like crazy. Using professional services to create original infographics can cost a lot of money, which is why having your own software to create infographics is deal.

Here’s a quick video to show how the Professional eBook Cover Maker software works. The video walks through the process of creating an ebook cover within just two minutes time.

Each of these tools are available as long as you continue to be a paying member of Jon’s inner circle.

How to Create Effective Niche Sites that Make Money

One of the best ways to start making money online is through the use of small niche content sites. Niche sites work extremely well because the smaller and tighter the focus, the easier for you to weed out the competition and provide what you audience is looking for.

In one of Jon’s videos, he talks about the three steps to finding success when marketing online, and it’s as simple as this.

  1. Find a problem that needs to be solved
  2. Find or create a solution to that problem
  3. Offer that solution to the people that have that problem

Through the use of the software and coaching available through Learn from Jon, you will be able to put all of these steps into action and also have software to help you research and create the content along the way.

The methods for creating successful niche sites is usually the same… which is putting in the time and effort to find a profitable and low competition niche, building content around it and spending the rest of your time on building high quality backlinks to your site.

Learn From Jon Discount Code

If the tools, software and training above sound interesting to you, then you should definitely take a look at what the “Learn from Jon” course has to offer. Each of the softwares found within the course offer value and a means to automate timely tasks that many site owners simply don’t have the time and resources for.

The price to access all of the software, coaching and membership to “Learn from Jon” is $67 per month, but through the exclusive discount coupon below, you can bring that rate down to $52 per month. Your membership is also 100% risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee. Questions and full support are also offered through AskJonLeger.com.

Learn from Jon Discount Code

6 Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool: Learn How To Find Long tail Keywords

6 Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool: Learn How To Find Long tail Keywords

6 Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool: Learn How To Find Long tail Keywords (2020)

long tail keyword finder tools

I have written a lot about keyword research and its benefits. One of the major mistakes I have seen many people make is that they will target direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords (LTK) .

If you are not familiar with long-tail keywords, here is a quick example of the difference between short-tail and long-tail:

  • Long-tail Keywords (Ex. of a short-tail keyword) – Monthly searches 50
  • Long-tail Keywords vs. short tail Keywords (Ex. of LTK) – Monthly searches 12
  • Long-tail keywords conversion rate (Ex of LTK) – Monthly searches 13

You may notice that the last two keywords have fewer searches, but the competition for these two keywords is far less than it is for the short-tail keyword.

Also, long-tail keywords drive more targeted traffic than short-tail keywords do, so your conversion (sales, email sign-ups) improves a lot.

In this post, I am sharing some of the best long-tail keywords’ finder tools. Note that some of them are free, and a few of them are paid. I will explain the features of each, and you can choose any one that suits your needs.

Best Ways To Identify Long-Tail Keywords:

1. SEMrush:

SEMRush is most popular way to find tons of long-tail keywords within a few minutes of work. What differentiate this tool from others is, ability to see:

  • Keyword volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Keyword CPC
  • Competition score

A data like this, will help you to prioritize the keywords that are going to be easy for you to rank.

There are a few ways to identify long tail keywords using SEMRush, and lets learn that.

1. How to Identify long tail keywords:

This is one reason SEMRush is popular among SEO’s as it let you reverse engineer any webpage or a domain to mine all the keywords. Using the SEMRush filters, you can quickly remove all the short-tail keywords, and focus on long-tail keywords

To use this feature,

  • Create an account on SEMRush (Use SEMrush coupon to get free access for 14 days)
  • Once logged in, enter your competitor website address in the “domain overview” section

On the result page, click “view full reports” under “Top organic keywords”

Now, on the next page use the filters to remove all short tail keywords.

Under advanced filters, select “Includes” “word count” greater than 2 or 3. This should look something like this:

As you can see, within seconds you will be able to create a long list of long term keywords.

Similarly, you can repeat the process by inputting all your competitive domains, and you will be able to find a mega list of long tail SEO keywords for your project.

2. How to find long tail keywords using Seed keywords:

This is another popular method among SEO’s to generate long tail keywords. This method is simpler, and works wonder for generating tons of long keywords.

Here is how to use this method:

  • Login to SEMrush dashboard
  • Click on Keyword magic tool > Under Keyword research
  • Enter your seed keyword

On the result page, click on “advanced filters” and set the word count from 3-15.

Click on “Apply filters” and within minutes, keyword magic tool will generate hundreds of long tail keywords with volume. (See screenshot below)

There are a few more settings here to fine tune keyword generator suggestion. One of my favorite is using the “Questions” filters.

Unlike traditional keyword research, SEMrush takes away the guess work & help you quickly find long-tail keyword from any website.  If you are looking for one perfect tool for long-tail Keyword research, look no further than SEMrush.

You don’t have to believe me rather for next 14 days use SEMrush for free.

2. KWFinder:

This is one of the newest entrant in the Keyword research tools market. However, the kind of features & functionalities KWfinder offers, it’s certainly one of the best tool out there.

KWfinder provides all important data about the keywords including difficulty level to help you find the easy to rank long-tail Keywords. Personally, after SEMrush is this is the second tool I use & recommend.

3. Answer the Public:

Find Long Tail Keyword question based

This one is one of my favorite free long tail Keyword research tool. This one is in the line of UberSuggest but offers one unique proposition.

Using this tool, you can search for any Keyword & it would show you common questions asked around that “Keyword” “Topic” in search engine. As a free option, this is the best long-tail keyword finder tool.

4. Google Auto Suggestion tool:

The auto-suggestion feature of Google search is your first free tool. This is a handy feature from Google, which will allow you to easily find long-tail keywords in any niche. Google auto-populates keywords (search terms) based on popularity.

All you need to do is start typing your first keyword, and select the options from the auto-suggestion.

You will need to use another keyword tool to see additional details such as the number of searches, CPC, competition and other important information. I usually skip the competition check because it is easier to get a higher ranking with a niche site.)

You can repeat the same process with Amazon. Amazon search is powered by its own engine, and usually, you will find keywords which have buying intent.

5. Google Auto-suggest:

Google Auto suggestion long tail Keywords

This is a tool by Keyword Tool Dominator which actually takes the default feature of Google’s auto-suggestion to the next level.

With this free tool you can easily find all auto-suggested keywords, and it will allow you to download keywords in .csv format.

You can then use any of your favorite keyword research tools to check other important details about the keyword.

If you are using Google search to find new long-tail keywords, I highly recommend that you make a shift to this one.

6. WordTracker Keyword Tool:

WordTracker is a popular SEO keyword tool. Using WordTracker Keyword Tool you can easily find profitable long-tail keywords along with important details like searches, competition, IAAT (keyword in anchor and text) and KEI (keyword effectiveness index).

With a free confirmed account, you will be able to get 100 keyword results. I actually find this tool to be very effective, as you can easily find long-tail topic ideas. Here is a screenshot of this tool in use, to give you a better idea:

Wordtracker Keyword tool

You can also consider taking their 7-day free trial to get advanced features like:

  • The ability to see 2000 search results
  • The option to use the related search tools (this is very handy)
  • Access to search engine data using SEMRUSH
  • The option to save your lists
  • The option to get other details like competition details and KEI

You can create a free account for WordTracker and start using this tool right away, or grab a 7-day free trial of their advanced version as suggested above.

7. Long Tail Pro:

LongTail pro is another paid tool, and it offers many features in addition to finding profitable long-tail keywords. They used to be desktop based solution & now everything is on cloud. They are popular among niche marketer & a good tool if you are looking for paid options.

You can grab a complete 10-day free trial from here.

These are some of the best paid and free long-tail keyword tools and software I have tried and can recommend freely.

Once you have compiled a list of keywords, your goal should be to write down high-quality content, targeting those keywords.

Other long tail keyword research tools:

The key is to write content targeting your users, and then work on optimizing On page SEO elements like heading tags, meta title and description, readability, LSI and keyword density, to make your article search-engine-friendly.

⭐ How’s long tail keywords different from short tail keywords?

Short tail keywords are usually of 1-2 words. Where are long tail keyword are usually more than 2 words.

How do you find long tail keywords?

There are various tools that let you generate long tail keywords based on your seed words. Some of the most popular long tail finder tools are:
Google auto suggest
Use Google Analytics
Use Google search console
Use Amazon for finding buying intent long tail keyword
Use Quora
Use Q&A websites like wikihow

If you know of other free tools or software for finding profitable long-tail keywords, do let me know via the comments section below.

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