How to Make Money with a PayDay Loans Resource Blog and LeadsGate

How to Make Money with a PayDay Loans Resource Blog and LeadsGate

As the saying goes… “there’s riches in those niches!

However, depending on what niche market you go after, the money will vary.

One niche that is always loaded up with more than enough money to go around is the financial niche — and in this case, specifically the pay day loan space.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV with celebrities and boasting the benefits of pay day loans for individuals who are in need of fast cash? For example.. I saw one today where the guy said “I’m good at my job, but I’m not good at paying parking tickets” — long story short, this was a stand up guy that needed money fast to pay off his tickets so he could get his car and get back to work the next day. For the average person that doesn’t have money laying around and needs some extra cash, a pay day loan might be their only option.

The point I’m getting at here, is that thousands of people search for pay day loan related information on Google every day and huge advertisers are spending a lot of money to try and get to these leads first.

You can see in the screenshot below that Google is cashing in daily with all of the relevant ads that show up in search results for PDLs.

Google PDL Results

This is where a PDL / finance focused blog could come into play…

We’ve all heard of pay day loans… but the majority of us aren’t exactly sure how they work, what they are and the payment options that come with them. Being a resource of this type of information for the thousands of people that search for it daily could prove quite profitable for anyone willing to invest the time in it.

If you approach this in the right way and focus on quality content that provides value, you could also get a jump ahead of the competition that might have already been affected by the PDL Google algorithm over the past year.

How Bloggers Can Make Money with this Concept?

As mentioned, bloggers come into play by creating the quality content that people are searching for every day. We can take a look at some of the most common PDL questions below, and how you might be able to best answer these questions and cater to your audience in the process.

  • Why should I choose XXXXX company for my loan?
  • How much cash can I get?
  • How does the application process work?
  • How long does it take to get my cash?
  • Will my information be secure and kept private?

By becoming a resource for this information, you can provide your audience with the answers they are looking for, while also providing them with some resources and solutions in the process — which can also be the monetization platform for your site as well.

Another example of how this could be done, is by targeting local markets. “Payday loans near me” is another term on Google that is heavily searched. You could create a niche site for small locations within your area (or anywhere) and try to rank for these smaller markets. You won’t get a ton of traffic, but you will have a lot less competition and higher chances of ranking.

Pay Day Loans Near Me

In terms of monetization, Google Adsense is always an option — but affiliate marketing or generating your own leads is usually best. The majority of us should already be familiar with affiliate marketing and how it works. In short, you can recommend products or services on your blog and for every person who ends up completing the offer or buying a service, results in a commission for you.

The same holds true in the payday loans and financial space. is an affiliate program that is solely focused in this area, while also recently adding installment loans into the mix. Since they fit the theme for this monetization strategy, we can use them as an example. When possible, it’s usually best to work with networks that focus in one prime area, so they can deliver the best results, payouts and advice to their affiliates (versus running an ad on a network that has 1,000 other offers).


In LeadsGate for example, when you login to promote an offer of theirs… you have the option to promote their offers or create your own Javascript form to collect the leads. The JS Form could prove extremely useful if you were going to create your own landing pages or content site (especially if you were to create local niche sites).

PD US Offers

In terms of earning a commission with LeadsGate, this can be done through three different methods:

  1. Auction-based lead selling: Unlike the business to consumer niche where prices are what they are, in the world of finance and B2B rates can drastically change. For this reason, LeadsGate commission can vary in price, as they auction off their leads to the best companies, which also fluctuates with the industry and market conditions.
  2. LeadsGate Rebill: Most affiliate and lead gen programs will pay for leads on a one time basis, however LeadsGate is always looking for the longer relationship. Instead of earning a commission on just the first sale / application, affiliates will earn commission on any repeat applications generated by their referred customers for life.
  3. Payouts for declined leads: Unfortunately not all leads are legitimate or qualified. However, as blog owners, online marketers and affiliates… we still want to get paid for our efforts. LeadsGate has a program in place to monetize your leads for these exact scenarios, which can result in an additional 5-15% profit per lead.

As you can see, the diverse methods for compensation and scaling out a long term residual income could be quite profitable for online marketers and content sites alike.

The actual commission amount earned per lead can vary anywhere from $1 to $220 per lead (depending on quality, competition and market conditions) and/or a 90% revshare basis. Commission payouts are sent out when at least $100 is earned.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy enough… putting a game plan together is the tough part.

  1. Join LeadsGate to setup a monetization method for your audience and leads
  2. Create a plan of attack for creating a niche PDL / finance blog or local niche site
    (5 killer articles with 2,000 words each, a few quality guest blog posts on other relevant sites and going after local / long tail PDL related keywords)
  3. Go live with your content and link building efforts, while also studying what starts to rank and pull in traffic

There is always money to be made in big markets, it’s just a matter of how you approach it.

[This post was updated on 5/3/16 to reflect the most recent network payout rates]

Zero Parallel – How to Make Money with Pay Day Loans

Zero Parallel – How to Make Money with Pay Day Loans

When looking to make money with affiliate marketing, you should spend a decent amount of time researching your niche, products/services to promote, your competition and if within an industry that is going to be around for a while. All of these questions are extremely important to know beforehand, especially if you are going to be investing a lot of time and money into your promotions.

One such area that has seen continued growth year after year, is the financial and loans industry. No matter how great or bad the economy is, some people are always going to need access to money fast. The concept of ‘pay day loans’ are simple — they are a loan for a small amount with a high-interest rate. What’s most important is realizing that there is a demand for the service, how to target your audience and also make a profitable business out of it in the process.

Zero Parallel is an affiliate network that focuses solely on short-term loans and getting their affiliates the highest payouts in the process. It’s easy to find financial and loan offers on various other networks, but when you are working directly with a network that only does financial offers — you are usually much better off, both financially and support wise.

In this review we are going to be look at what Zero Parallel is, how they work and how you can start making money by promoting offers through their network in the process.

Zero Parallel – Pay Day Loans Affiliate Network

While the name ‘Zero Parallel’ might not be a household name, they do have experience and expertise in the industry. David Gasparyan, the Founder and President at Zero Parallel, is also the co-founder of T3Leads, which has had many years of success in the world of affiliate marketing and financial offers.


Much like the original T3Leads network, Zero Parallel is solely focused on loan related offers. However, what makes this network different from others, is that ZP actually manages the lead data and works with lenders directly to sell the leads at the highest price possible. The higher quality of the lead and the more data collected, the higher the commission an affiliate might receive.

With such valuable data being collected through ZP and their site partners, it’s important for them to have showcase their compliance practices on their site — keeping all site partners, lenders and customers happy.

To learn more about Zero Parallel and the lead generation process, you can watch the short video below.

As you can tell, the business of collecting and processing data for loans is not only profitable, it’s also quite time-consuming and focused. With that being said, Zero Parallel isn’t opening their doors for just an affiliate or site partner to come walking in. ZP has a thorough affiliate signup process, which also includes a questionnaire after getting accepted into the network. Instead of looking at this as a negative, legitimate affiliates should consider it as an extra added benefit, as they will have less competition and access to higher payouts.

How Much Can You Earn with ZeroParallel?

Just like with all affiliate marketing and business opportunities, there is no minimum or maximum that you can earn. In the end, this all comes down to understanding how to best target your audience, while also keeping your costs below the amount you earn to generate a lead.

With commission payouts starting out at $2 per lead and scaling all the way up to $220, there is plenty of money to be made — while offering big enough commissions that allow you explore different traffic and lead generation sources at the same time.


To effectively promote pay day loan offers, you need to have an understanding that the competition is fierce and that traditional pay per click methods usually won’t work. However, methods like media buying and building out resource sites have proven to be effective.

Through the many different lead generation methods mentioned below, affiliates and publishers of Zero Parallel will have the necessary tools and resources to help them acquire high quality leads online.

How to Promote Pay Day Loan Offers

In the traditional world of affiliate marketing, you are usually given a tracking url and maybe some banners or landing pages to use as well. With Zero Parallel, they’ve put their lead generation and expertise to work by offering their affiliates and publishers multiple methods for generating high quality loan leads — such as landing pages, feeds, forms, custom javascript forms, banners and more.


The main benefit here is that you no longer need to simply pass traffic to a landing page and hope for a lead. By having access to all of these tools, you can actuall start collecting data from your own sites, while focusing on it’s organic search rankings and other paid traffic methods.

How the Lead Process Works

One an affiliate starts to send leads to Zero Parallel, it’s a pretty standard process. The lead information will be sent to ZP, where it will be qualified based on several data points, then the network passes (sells) that data along to one of their verified lending partners. The affiliate will then earn a commission anywhere between $2-$200 based on a number of factors, such as the quality of the lead and if they went through the full loan process.

As mentioned above, the affiliate has many different ways to actually send lead data over to Zero Parallel, such as:

  • Public Form (Affiliate Link/Landing Page) – The most simple way of sending pay day loan leads is through an affiliate link, which sends the user to a landing page (hosted by ZP) where all data is collected and credited for.
  • Public Form (Landing Page direct to Form) – If you have a web site or ad campaign that has an audience that are ready to take action, the public form is a great way to send users directly to a lead generation form for them to complete.
  • Custom Javascript Form – Easily customize a lead generation form to match the look and feel of your own site, thus allowing you to drive leads without having the user leave your site.
  • Banners – Select from a wide range of banners that have already been designed by ZP to effectively promote your affiliate landing pages and lead generation methods.
  • Private Feed (CMS) – This option allows for marketers to download a landing page / form template which can easily be added to any existing site. Again, the benefit here is to keep the end user on your site.

Through any of the methods above, you can start sending your traffic to high converting landing pages and lead generation forms like the one below.


Getting paid from Zero Parallel is also easy, as payments are sent out twice a month to affiliates who have met the minimum threshold of $100. Payment options include Paypal, Webmoney, wire transfer and ACH (at $1,000 minimum). If you have the quality and volume, payments can also be sent out on a weekly basis.

In addition to earning money through loan leads, you can also earn a 3% lifetime referral bonus on any affiliates you might refer to Zero Parallel network as well. There is also a monthly cash prize drawing for $3,000 open to any affiliates who refer at least $1,000 in leads per month.

Make Money with Zero Parallel

Now that you’ve seen what Zero Parallel has to offer and how lucrative with pay day loans business is, now it’s time to decide if this type of opportunity is right for you.

Thousands of people are searching for pay day loans and ways to get money fast online daily. Below you can see a sample of the most generic searches for this industry — think about all of the other opportunities within long tail keywords and localized searches.

Are you going to cater to this audience, or let someone else make all the money?


To learn more about Zero Parallel and join their exclusive affiliate network, click here.

What You Need to Know About No Credit Check Cash Loans

What You Need to Know About No Credit Check Cash Loans

Of the 220 million scorable folks in the U.S., 68 million have credit scores lower than 601. What’s more, a single point lower than 601 (as in 600) already classifies as a subprime score. According to the VantageScore scoring model, “subprime” scores range from 500 to 600.

There’s also the “deep subprime”, scores from 300 to 499. 21.2% of all scorable individuals fall under this category.

With all of this information at hand, it’s a marketers dream come true! This is definitely the case for any affiliate marketers or finance sites looking to push credit repair offers to their audience.

In addition to worrying about finances on a daily basis, individuals with poor or bad credit, are likely having difficulties securing a loan. After all, that’s one of the major consequences of having a credit score lower than 601.

The good news is that there are now more resources than ever before to help those in need of credit repair, or at least finding such information on how to do so. There are also many other alternatives out there for securing personal and business loans as well — without having to go into a local bank and pleading your case.

I’ve personally been a big fan of sites and programs like Paypal Working Capital or Kabbage, as they allow you to instantly get access to cash within minutes. This is the ideal scenario for any business owners or affiliates/bloggers that use online payments to pay for advertising or accepting online payments.

However, as we first started this article off… the majority of people in the country right now don’t have a business of their own, nor do they have a high enough credit score to get approved for most loans.

To help with this process, and to provide as a valuable resource for those already searching around for how to get their hands on money when they are in need — today we will be talking about no credit check cash loans.

While the concept of getting a loan without a credit check sounds amazing… it does come with its associated costs. No credit check loans are one of the few types of loans that even people with less-than-fair credit scores can still qualify for.

How exactly does it work though? What makes it a good option for you?

This post will cover all these and more. I also threw in a few bonus loan application tips, and credit cards that I like to use for running my own business, so keep reading!

The Lowdown on No Credit Check Cash Loans

No credit check loans are what exactly the name suggests. They’re loans that don’t have the need for credit checks.

How so?

It’s because lenders base their decision on a borrower’s repayment ability. In fact, that’s one of the few, if not the only qualifying factor they consider.

In other words, you don’t have to have a good or fair credit to secure one of these loans. You can have a subprime credit and still qualify for that loan you need.

Keep in mind that traditional loans always require formal credit checks. These loans are those that you can get from banks and credit unions. Formal credit checks are the hard checks lenders conduct to determine your creditworthiness.

In essence, these checks tell lenders you have a less-than-stellar credit score. As such, when they find out about your bad or poor score, they’re likely to reject your loan application.

As if that’s not enough, numerous hard checks on your credit can bring your score even lower. So, the more you apply for these conventional loans, the more at risk your credit score becomes.

The Same Day Loan Advantage

Let’s say a bank will still consider approving your application even with your bad credit score.

Granted, it may be not as long as the 30- to 60-day processing of mortgage loans. But the fact remains that it still takes weeks. What’s more, you’re not 100% sure that you’ll get the loan at all.

The good news is, you’ll find same day loan no credit check financing. These loans can help you get out of a financial pinch, such as if you’re facing an emergency expense.

For example, you (or someone in your household) get into an accident and end up in an emergency room. ER visits are quite common, with ERs receiving 136.9 million patients every year. They’re also expensive, with a single visit now at an average cost of $1,917! (photo below is from the CNN article)

In any case, that’s some serious money you may have no means of paying right away. Especially if you’re one of the 55 million individuals who don’t have any emergency savings.

If you find yourself in such a situation, then a no credit check, same day loan may be a good option. To be sure, look for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. These programs give you the highest likelihood of securing that loan you need ASAP.

What You Need to Qualify for Advanced Cash or Quick Loans

Of course, there are still requirements you need to meet to qualify. However, they’re basic to minimal at most. They’re so much easier to meet than traditional loan requirements.

  • For starters, you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to have proof of repayment ability (AKA your monthly income).
  • Your bank account should also be with a U.S.-based bank.

Having a current personal loan may restrict your qualifications though. That’s because an outstanding loan reduces your ability to repay for another loan. You may still qualify for a no credit check loan, but only for a smaller amount.

Friendly Reminders before Applying for These No Credit Check Financing Programs

It’s true that most people apply for a hardship loan for bad credit because they’re in a financial dilemma. However, before you do the same, it’s important to ensure you can indeed pay back what you’ll owe.

Keep in mind that most online loans have a higher interest rate than traditional loans. That said, make sure you explore and compare all your loan options. Also, if your financial need is more for your startup, be sure to check out your business credit card choices. I’ve had American Express cards for almost 20 years now — as they are great for entrepreneur and business needs, but are also usually catered towards those with higher credit scores.

Even as great as American Express might be, I wouldn’t want to be in their debt and have to pay those hefty late fees and annual interest rates!

Making repayments on time is a must for all loans, but even more so for these “special” loans. They can come with higher missed payment penalties and surcharges. As such, it’s vital you always make the payments on time or you can face expensive but unnecessary fees.

Last but not least, be a responsible borrower! Only apply for a loan amount that you have dire need for. As helpful as these loans are, they’re best for short-term financial needs. Even if you apply and are offered $10k in loans, but you only need $3k… just take what you need, and then pay it off as fast as possible.

Get the Financial Help You Need Now

No credit check cash loans exist for the millions of people out there with poor or bad credit. They’re designed to aid borrowers who otherwise won’t qualify for traditional loans. They also come with the bonus of not further affecting credit scores.

So, if a sudden emergency expense arises, consider applying for this loan. It’s also a good idea in case you’re having trouble making ends meet. But be sure that you can pay it with ease, and always on time. If not, you could end up with a lot more than just late payments and an even worse credit score! 🙁

While we’re on the subject of finances, you may also want to look through a few different ways on how to make money online with little investment. Check out that resource page to know more about your potential online sources of income!