Social Media Management Tools: Proven Way To Reach Your Target Audience Instantly [Infographic]

Social Media Management Tools: Proven Way To Reach Your Target Audience Instantly [Infographic]

Every business strives to be at the top in social media. But how? Social media management tools allow any company to streamline its tasks & posts and be visible among its competitors, without much hardships.

A range of useful tools are available that helps a company from creating contents, publishing it and finally with the analytics and reporting. With present day challenges, these social media management tools are a blessing in disguise for marketers that enable them to receive fruitful results every day.

Experts advise every modern marketer to use these excellent tools that can simplify workflows, save time and finally ensure that the published contents reach the right audience at the right time.

A detailed study of the social media management tools reveal that every tool is designed to serve particular activities- some tools allow the marketers to schedule their posts, while others assist a marketer in scouting for relevant and trending contents that can get them closer to their target audience.

Although the list is not exhaustive yet, we have compiled a some of the most exclusive and the best social media management tools 2018 for your convenience. A business can benefit from Edgar or Meet Edgar – a scheduling tool, Sprout Social – a proven social media tool, Sendible – ideal for agencies, Everypost – best among social media management app, Social Pilot – the marketing tool, Social Booster – the comprehensive tool, impressive tool is IFTTT and the list cannot be complete without Hootsuite, Buffer or Co-schedule.

When these tools are compared, a common aspect sprouts up for all of them; these tools are simple, affordable and perfect for managing the social media posts in one place.

Needless to say, it’s an overwhelming situation to choose the right social media management tool. To help you save time and confusion, we have crafted the following visual content so that you know which tool suits you better, thereby meeting your business requirements.

Social Media Management Tools Infographic

Click Tracking and Link Management with ClickMagick

Click Tracking and Link Management with ClickMagick

No matter if you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or content marketer, you need to track links and improve your performance on a continual basis. One of the best ways to improve your click through rates and conversions is to simply measure your results and track everything!

ClickMagick is one of the latest click tracking tools to hit the market and unlike other services that only offer “click tracking”, this one actually has 19 different features built into their platform to track entire sales funnels, add retargeting to links, split test, offer geo-targeting, mobile filtering and much more.


As you can see from their main page, they have a great walk through video that shows you all of their backend tools, along with highlighting many of them on the right side of the video. Of course you will also notice the free 14 day trial, which is a no-brainer for anyone looking to find a great new click tracking and link management tool.

ClickMagick Click Tracking Tools

As mentioned, ClickMagick is more than just a click tracking and link management tool, it also provides you with many tools to improve your call to actions, reporting and split testing as well — many of which we will highlight in this section.

Click Tracking and Split Testing

Almost everyone is already familiar with the basics of setting up a click tracking and how split testing works. ClickMagick and their approach for setting this up and pulling reports is no different. You can see a screenshot of their stats area below.


Other highlights of the click tracking tools capabilities within ClickMagick are;

– Ease of use. While this is expected of most service, ClickMagick is very powerful, yet easy to use at the same time.

– Automatic split testing which not only shows you key percentages and figures from your campaigns, but it will also notify on the winning campaign conversions as well.

– 24/7 automatic link uptime monitoring, which is crucial for affiliate marketers to stay on top of so they don’t spend money advertising a dead link.


As important as linking out to other high quality sites and resources is, it’s still always sad to see visitors and traffic leave your site. One of the best ways to combat this issue is to implement the MagickBar on your site. The MagickBar allows you to send your audience to any web site or link destination, but also keep your header bar, custom message or call to action at the top portion of the page.

In the example below you can see what it might look like if I sent a visitor to through a link on this blog if I had the MagickBar enabled.


Amazing Popup Tools

We’ve all seen popup windows and have heard about how affective they are, but ClickMagick offers an example of how to make these popups work extremely well for pushing your affiliate offers as well.

For example, when you send a visitor to an affiliate link, they get to that affiliate home page — nothing else. However, if you were to use a ClickMagick custom popup window, you could create something like the example below — which increased conversions by 40% over sending the person right to the affiliate landing page!

How could you be using this same simple feature to increase your conversions?


ClickMagick vs. Self Hosted + Get $250?

ClickMagick is so confident they are simply the best click tracking platform out there, that they are offering $250 back it up. How is that possible? Well, ClickMagick wants you to put their platform to the test and they are offering $250 to anyone who switches from another platform to theirs, tries it out and isn’t happy with it.

Their full terms on this deal is below.

  • 1. You must currently be using a self-hosted tracker, and be able to prove it if necessary.
  • 2. You must actively use ClickMagick for at least 30 days, and generate at least 1,000 clicks. Please note:, traffic exchange, or other similar “low value” traffic does not qualify.
  • 3. If there’s something you don’t love about ClickMagick, you agree to let us know and then give us a minimum of 72 hours to “make it right” to your satisfaction.
  • If you satisfy all three conditions and still feel that your self-hosted tracker is better than ClickMagick, just let us know and we’ll gladly PayPal you $250 for wasting your time.”

Any service that is willing to put an offer out like this, is definitely worth trying out — even if it’s just for their 14 day trial.

ClickMagick Payment Plans

We covered a bunch of features and tools that ClickMagick has to offer, now it’s time for you to put them to the test as well.

As mentioned, ClickMagick offers a 14 day free trial. After this trial period, you will then have the option to cancel your account or continue as a paid member, which costs as low as $12 per month with annual billing. Monthly membership costs are based on click usage through the account. You can also cancel at any time.


What is Performance Management? 9 Strategies For Your Small Business

What is Performance Management? 9 Strategies For Your Small Business

Running a business isn’t always about making big money, traveling the world, and reaping all of the benefits it has to offer. Sometimes there are less exciting tasks and components involved in the day to day operations of these businesses — especially if you are running a big company with employees.

One such area that large business owners and corporate teams will have to focus their efforts on are team evaluations and performance management. Evaluations at the end of the year can be daunting and stressful for you, your supervisors, and your employees.

Performance management doesn’t have to be a dark, looking matter in a business. In fact, it should be something that continuously encourages growth and improvement while handling negative matters in a professional manner.

Are you asking yourself right now, “What is performance management?” It’s a way of creating an ideal work environment to reach optimal productivity. It’s definitely something you need to incorporate into your small business.

Below are 9 strategies of performance management to help your business succeed. Keep reading for more.

1. Accurate Job Descriptions

Whether you’re in the process of hiring or have had a set staff for a while, keep job descriptions up-to-date and accurate will help things to run smoothly and effectively. Everyone needs to know what is expected of them.

Not only does this help things get done, it can highlight certain skills in individuals. Allowing everyone to be in a position where they can use their best skills will create a more positive work environment. If people are unhappy with their job or are experiencing unexpected tasks, it could cause stress.

Sit down and update job descriptions. Then meet with your employees and explain what is expected, and allow them to ask questions and voice concerns.

2. Consistently Review Goals

Time is precious, whether you are an employer or an employee. Make the most of your time and consistently go over goals and milestones with everyone on an individual basis.

Not going over your goals until the end of the year could open up space for issues that could have easily been prevented. Plus, not reviewing goals can cause people to lose interest or become fearful of the unknown.

It’s always best to keep everyone on the same track, and consistency makes for better performance management. If you need help staying on track, don’t be afraid to turn to outside help — check it out!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Praise

People are more inclined to work harder at their job when they know they will receive praise for it. Giving praise to an employee doesn’t make you look weak, it shows you care about good performance management.

If you notice an individual making great efforts at his or her job, don’t hesitate to throw them a compliment. Make sure you are being sincere because everyone loves a genuine compliment.

Want to go the extra mile? Get to know your employees personally. Tell your employee how proud you are of them for doing a 5k the past weekend.

4. Offer Payment for Work

Compliments are great, but one of the best motivations for anyone is money. Let’s face it, everyone wants to make more money.

A great strategy for better performance management is creating monetary rewards for the employees going beyond their goals. For example, offer them a small bonus every time they exceed a weekly sales goal.

It doesn’t have to break the bank for your business, but you’d be surprised what people will do for an extra 10 dollars.

5. Critique in Private

One of the most humiliating moments in performance management for any employee is being critiqued or punished in front of large groups. It lowers their self-esteem and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone.

If a problem needs to be addressed, schedule a time to talk with the individual. Don’t intimidate them or scare them into thinking they are about to get the automatic boot. Approach them by stating the issue and give them a chance for any explanation.

As reported by Motley Fool, there are three big reasons why you will want to avoid this:

  1. You’ll alienate the employee you call out — and possibly the rest of your team
  2. You’ll be less effective
  3. You’ll come off harsher than you probably mean to

It’s also a great idea to come to the meeting with possible solutions, and ask them for solutions that may motivate them to do better next time.

6. Highlight Top Performers

When setting goals for your small business, keep track of who is meeting the goals. If you notice certain individuals consistently meeting goals, make a point to highlight their successes. This will create a friendly sense of competition to motivate others to work harder.

You can set up a whiteboard in the communal area of your offices and write the names of top performers. If you wanted to create a sense of fun and goofiness in your performance management, you can purchase funny hats or ribbons for top performers to wear.

When it comes to overall goal setting for your business and how to highlight top performance, Inc has the following recommendations.

7. Establish Open Office Hours

Feedback is only effective when it goes both ways. To create an open and inviting atmosphere for your employees to voice concerns or ask questions, establish open office hours, giving them a chance to walk into your office and talk.

This will give you a better view of what’s going on in the business and gives your employees plenty of chances to ask for help or fix an issue. Being open to feedback gives you more respect and boosts the office atmosphere.

If office hours become extremely popular, give everyone a time limit and request they come with notes. This will help you stay on track and keep things efficient.

8. Keep Records

When it comes to the time for evaluations, you need to have quantitative evidence for your evaluation. Throughout the year, keep records of each employee.

Note some of their problem areas as well as highlight what they are good at. Your employees will appreciate a performance management system with solid evidence and support.

Also, it can be easier for some employees to make adjustments for the future if they can visually see records of their past performance.

9. Eliminate the Weak Links

As harsh and scary it can be, eliminating the individuals causing the problems will be the best for your company. With this said, don’t storm into your office one day and start firing people, but if someone is not improving even after speaking with them, it’s okay to let them go.

By letting someone go, you are opening up the opportunity for someone with stronger skills and a greater passion for the job role.

If someone is constantly creating drama or a negative work environment for everyone else, let them go. You don’t want one person ruining it for the rest.

Discover What Is Performance Management at It’s Best

If you have been sitting around and thinking, “What is performance management?”, look no further. It can seem like a tall task to take on, but with preparation and consistency, it can be simple.

Make sure to sit down and create a plan for performance management. Address concerns, praise the success, and create an atmosphere of productivity and diligence.

Do you need more help and tips on your workplace or a boost in online marketing? Check out this article on 101+ expert growth tips!