How to Master Social Media Affiliation

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money, that is, if you know what you’re doing.

Are you a social person online? Awesome! Cause let me tell you this, as long as you have all your social accounts intact, you can be a wonderful social affiliate. Choose a niche of your liking and a nice product to promote and you on your way there. What you’ll ultimately be doing is send traffic to a specific product or service that matches your niche, and get paid every time your traffic converts.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy?

Don’t jump with joy just yet, pal. There are a few things you HAVE to know and consider before getting into the social affiliation arena.

Getting your affiliate link and hustling a product via social media is not always enough. Like most things in life, you’ll need a proper strategy & approach in order to create a certain value to yourself and your product first. Skip this step and you could be missing out a lot of potential people that might take action and convert.

So, without further ado,
here are 7 amazing tips to master affiliate marketing using social media.

1. Know Your Audience! Who Are They and What Do They Like?

This is probably the most important factor for making money via social media. You already have an understanding of who your followers are and what they’re into. Most chances you share posts on Facebook and Tweet from time to time, so you can always see which of them are most liked and shared. This’ll give you an idea of what niche to choose & products to promote.

Always go for a niche that you yourself relate to, otherwise, it’ll be very hard for you to advertise something that’s not exactly up your alley.

2. Choose the Best Affiliate Network / Program to Work with!

This is when you get your affiliate link.

First thing’s first! Join an affiliate network / program, like affiliaXe.

If you’re an affiliation newbie, the best thing to do is work with an affiliate network that can and will provide you with a large selection of verticals (like Fashion, Finance, Travel & tourism, etc.) all in one place, and top offers to match them, whether you decide to promote on mobile, desktop, or both.

An affiliate network also provides you with great management tools, support, and diverse traffic sources to use (like, mailing lists, display, media buying, etc.) although, we’ve already established you’re a social media master!

You’re then given an affiliate link, which is basically an affiliate ID that connects your conversions to you. This is how the affiliate network knows which affiliate made what conversion and needs to be paid. Post your affiliate link on social media platforms. Your affiliate link is like your affiliate extension that can reach out many pages and forums. No matter where it travels, you get the credit.

Pay attention to commission rates different programs offers. One program might offer higher commission rate (90%) that another (5%). It doesn’t always mean you’ll be making more money, though. If your audience like the product you promote and that’s what drive them to take action and click, buy, register, etc. that’s what really counts, cause if they don’t, nothing matters.

3. It’s Time to Test the Waters!

Now that you chose your network / program to work with, and products or services to promote, you’d want to put it out there and see if it meshes well with your people.

Share your compelling content with your affiliate link attached at the end:

– A blog post
– A YouTube video
– A Facebook post
– An Infographic
– A podcast

Let people know that your product / service will benefit them. Recommending always helps. It means that you bought and tried the product yourself. Much more reliable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to promoting on social media.

Post with an intent to interest and not overload. Do not abuse your affiliate links. Do it with style, and people will believe you. That’s when profit flows.

4. May seem insignificant, but shorten your links!

Pretty much self-explanatory.

5. Take notes, Analyze, and Test.

You chose your program, started posting, and now it’s time to see what works, when and why.

Remember that strategy we were talking about earlier?

What type of content are you posting? How often? On what days and hours?

One way to measure this is to test a single variation per week. Post images on Facebook, 3 times a week at exactly 4pm. Measure your earnings accordingly. The following week, do the same only choose a different social platform, content type, publishing days and hours… you got the idea. You’ll eventually get the hang of what’s profitable and what’s a waste of time.

6. Images, images, images!

Images attract and engage. Attach screenshots of your website / blog, add attractive photos of the product, etc.

Images are easily digested and will receive quicker reactions by your audience. Videos are also great, however, due to their length, they may not be as engaging.

7. Promote Only High-Quality Offers!

Everybody likes style and flare and if you deliver it to them, everybody wins!
Give them the benefit of getting something awesome, powerful information or the best deal ever. Never underestimate your audience, they’ll be on to you.

We hope these 7 steps will serve you well and you’ll be drowning with money soon enough. We’re always happy to get feedback and hear stories, so feel free to drop us a word. GOOD LUCK!


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