11 Ways to Enhance the “Brand-Message Conveying Ability” of your Animated Explainer Video

11 Ways to Enhance the “Brand-Message Conveying Ability” of your Animated Explainer Video

Videos have invaded our lives long back, yet it seems we just can’t get enough of it. This form of animated media has already emerged as a powerful business tool, to promote products and services in an engaging manner. Harnessing the power of video to convey a brand message is the best maneuver online marketers are adopting these days. And there’s a steady rise in this trend!

Well, this rise in demand for marketing videos can well be accounted for the engagement quotient and memorability of video content. If a picture can speak a thousand words, then a one-minute video can tell your brand story in as many as 1.8 million words. Imagine the impact that is generated! Owing to all these factors, animation contents have surfaced as the most popular media among consumers than any other form of content.

More than 76% of marketers confessed that videos had escalated their sales and revenue and they use video content to raise brand awareness. 80% of marketers believe that having some kind of animation on their website, has multiplied visitors’ time spent on their website.

Business Videos – The Ultimate Goal Achiever!

Undoubtedly, trust and credibility are the two factors that underpin a brand and are absolutely critical in growing the target audience. Nonetheless, this doesn’t happen overnight, though. Developing the audience and fostering credibility is a time-consuming process, and creating a professional marketing video is the first step to it. No matter which business or vertical you are in, you can always leverage videos for your marketing purpose.

However, to avail online videos for a set of business goals, one must follow certain rules to get their contents right. If your video lacks the ability to convey your brand messaging, you have it done all wrong! At the end of the day, we all want our content to be seen, liked and shared by all and sundry.

The Surge of Online Videos on Social Media

As marketing videos continue to climb in popularity and demand, we can see a lot of animations on leading Social Channels, namely, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – platforms that the millennials adore. Amongst these, one cannot miss out on mentioning YouTube, the online video streaming giant with more than 2 billion monthly active users.

Millennials, as we talk about, are the super-enthusiast about videos and are easy to target. They consume online videos more than television, as it is evident from the growing popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO MAX, so and so forth. If your target audience is mostly comprised of millennials, then they are the ‘low hanging fruit’ with a high chance of engaging with your video content. An ideal way to understand which way the marketing video trend is going is to monitor the social media apps that are being developed every now and then.

Think about Snapchat, Periscope, Houseparty – these are a few wonderful platforms to get organic growth for your business. Because as we know, several global brands are on these channels to showcase products, enhance brand value and create engagement. Likewise, MSMEs can also anchor on these platforms to highlight their USP and UVP, and of course, boost brand loyalty.

Why Brand Videos?

Not just videos can get people hooked, but also can evoke a variety of emotions that no other media can. Videos with captivating visuals and transitions, can get your audience excited, curious, motivated, empathize, and what not!

If your marketing video can establish an emotional connection with your target audience, they will start believing in your expertise and services. All you need to do is show a problem or a pain point that your audience has. And eventually reveal the solution to them, as to how your product or service can solve these issues.

Once you get your videos speaking for you, you can urge your audience to take action. So never rush into creating marketing videos – ensure they communicate your brand’s personality in the best way possible.

We have compiled a checklist for anyone willing to leverage this potentially interactive media tool for their business. Keep scrolling.

1. An Introduction that Stands Out

Similar to when we refrain from clicking on emails with bland subject lines, if your marketing video lacks an appealing introduction, it is likely to be clicked off by your target audience within 10 seconds. The intro of your video must stand out to make them interested in what they see.

That’s how you can hook them till the end. Keep this in mind while creating an explainer or promotional video for your target audience, so that you make the content inspiring, entertaining and informative.

2. Determine the Objective you want to Achieve with your Brand Videos

To best enhance a business video’s brand message conveying ability, one needs to determine the particular marketing objective” he/she wants to pull off with the content. Once you settle your objective, it’s easier to plan upon the types of brand videos you want to keep in your marketing arsenal.

If you want to spread the “brand name” of your company, try a compilation video that shows stats about your niche. You may share your expertise through your videos that will establish you as an industry expert.

To drive more “sales”, create an “ad video” that gives a sense of urgency to your target audience.

If bringing “traffic” to your website is your objective, then try creating “teaser videos” with enticing CTAs that will pique the interest of your viewers. Well, it’s all about getting your objectives, right!

3. Don’t Miss out on SEO

Nobody can deny that Google is in love with video content. The Search Engine crawlers tend to crawl videos, more than texts. Hence, your video marketing campaigns must ensure maximum SEO value. Each video must have a well-crafted description with relevant keywords. This will help in boosting the video’s SEO attribute.

4. Incorporate Website URL in your Video Contents

To convey your brand message through online marketing videos, think of including your website URL within the video itself. This is a sure-shot way of letting more and more people know your brand and visit your website.

One smart hack that can be done is including the URL within the first 5 seconds; because owing to the less attention span of the current consumers, 5 seconds is the maximum time you get to impress them. If your script is not sloppy, chances are there that it will be viewed till the end.

Nonetheless, putting your URL early in the video works great.

5. Stick to your Corporate Brand Identity

As your brand videos are just another extension of your brand, it is always wise to stick to the original brand ethos. If the videos deviate from the brand identity and are not consistent, this might not turn out well for your video marketing venture.

That said, keep a close check on the kind of messaging you use in your brand video, and make them match with the messaging you use in your other marketing collateral. The script must contain keywords that are there on your website. So that when someone listens to the voice over and then visits your site, they don’t find any disparity.

To communicate brand message through video contents, ensure the brand voice is consistent throughout the animation.

6. Never Deviate from your Brand Colors

This tip is similar to what I have mentioned above, regarding the brand consistency. One more way you can maintain this consistency in your marketing videos is, incorporate your brand colors within your videos in the form of font colors, graphics, animated frames, etc. Your viewers can easily recognize your brand just by looking at the video.

Brand recognition is paramount when you aspire to become memorable in your target audiences’ eyes, and using exact corporate identity colors in your videos can resonate with your existing customers, as well as new prospects.

7. Give them a Sneak Peek of your Behind-the-Scenes

If you want to spruce up further the brand message conveying ability of your marketing videos, then give your audience short behind-the-scenes glimpses. Taking viewers behind the scene is a fantastic way to connect them with your brand. Show them the bloopers, the fun and frolic, the leg-pulls in your office. Let them have a taste of the natural surroundings.

The more your audience gets up close to your brand, the higher is the chance of them turning into loyal customers.

8. Try Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are easy to consume and have a smooth flow from one topic to another, making them a crucial resource. And thus, tutorial videos have earned a significant position among online video viewers. Entice your viewers with valuable information as to how to use a product and set it up.

Also, tutorial videos don’t have to be all technical; you can make tutorial videos about recipes too. May be how to bake a cupcake or a muffin, how to create your own DIY decorations for the next party you throw at your house. DIY, How-Tos and Tutorial videos together have fostered a new wave of video watching. Tap into this section of audience and you can give your branding an impetus.

Another fascinating factor about tutorial videos is that they appeal to a broad audience through voice-overs and narrations, making it easier for marketers to generate hype and create engagement within the target group.

9. Your Editing will Set the Mood for your Videos

As a business owner, you would definitely want to convey your core brand value with video content. Well, to do that, this is a vital point to consider! The look and feel of your video must match with your branding style so that it sets a mood amongst the viewers. The way the videos are shot or created should make someone immediately tune in to the spirit of your brand or the nature of your business.

If your business is of that a fashion clothing chain, opt for some fast-paced, flashy cuts. If you own a salon or a spa, then smooth fluid transitions are ideal.

10. Don’t Forget your Sense of Humor!

A little smile can change the big world – and this is true in all senses. The human psyche is generally drawn to anything amusing, causes happiness and makes them smile. Well, humor it is, that can alone make or break an online video.

Many a time we get to see on Facebook, a specific genre of videos that apparently seems to be funny. But they hide some kind of social message. But what makes us stick to the video and watch them to the whole? The humor quotient! If your content/script lacks a sense of humor, there’s little chance of people enjoying it.

Corporate videos usually tend to be prosaic and serious in tone. But what if you add a dash of humor and fun in it? Of course, it will generate more interest. These kinds of videos not just make someone laugh, but also acts as fresh air in an otherwise mundane business market.

11. Promote. Promote. And, yes, Promote!

Did you know about the ’80/20 Rule’ of content creation and promotion? If not, then you are reading the right Blog!

So the ’80/20 Rule’ is all about the proportion in which one must deal with his/her marketing contents, and its subsequent promotions. As per this rule, a marketer should preferably spend 20% on creating content, and 80% on promoting it. Well, true as it is, in the current time we are living, promotion is everything. If you do not promote something you create, all your efforts go for a toss.

This might be hard to accept, but the truth is all the efforts, investments and time you give in the content creation, makes up only 20% of the overall efforts given. On the contrary, you must spend 80% of your time promoting your video content on social media channels, SEM, YouTube, Vimeo, use in Email Marketing, etc. The more platforms you choose to promote, the higher is the outreach.

Wrapping Up

With 90% of customers saying brand videos influence their buying decisions, more and more marketing videos will inevitably be produced in the coming times. Stand out with your content in a way that your brand could be distinguished from your peers and you could sell your products or services more than ever. Refer to the tips as your guide to video marketing and start early.

However, getting started with marketing videos and most importantly, finding the right type for your brand can be tough. A professional video production agency can make this easier for you and convey your brand message, just the way you want!

10 Techniques to Keep Your Brand On Message as You Grow

10 Techniques to Keep Your Brand On Message as You Grow

Ensuring your messaging and communications stay on brand as your business grows is crucial. But growth, especially rapid growth, may mean you have new staff members who are unclear on what the message is, or how to best convey it.

New clients bring with them the temptation to expand to a broader brand message that, if done haphazardly, can hurt more than help. A muddled brand message may leave your target audience feeling confused about what you represent and what you offer, and may even cost you engaged clients.

So how can you keep your messaging consistent? We asked 10 members from YEC to share their recommendations for growing brands, from creating an internal guide to talking message with every new hire. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Identify Your Strategy Versus Tactics

My best tip on growing and staying on brand is identifying strategy versus tactics for your messaging and communications. Identify your brand’s purpose, positioning and personality. After those are identified, work on the strategy and tactics for marketing. Strategy is the overarching goal that matches the brand and won’t change regularly. Tactics are the things you do that fulfill the strategy.

Kenny Nguyen, Big Fish Presentations

2. Have a Brand Champion

Every company should have someone who manages all aspects of the brand. That person can then identify the advocates who can be trusted to speak on behalf of the brand to ensure that the proper messages are being sent out. Develop an approval queue so that there are always multiple eyes that oversee all communications.

David Ciccarelli, Voices.com

3. Imagine Your Brand as a Person

You really should try to communicate your messaging with the same “voice,” or write with the same sort of attitude. I find that it helps to imagine your brand as a person: Who are they, what kind of mood are they in, and what kind of word choices do they make? I find brands grow like a character, so this can be a great way to visualize them early on.

Matt Doyle, Excel Builders

4. Create a Content Strategy Document

We have an internal content strategy document that our marketing team put together outlining our goals and everything we want to communicate through our content and brand. We also hold regular management meetings to discuss updates and changes to our company, so our staff can communicate those changes with the rest of the team. This keeps everyone on the same page and reduces any confusion.

Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co.

5. Make Sure the Guidelines Are Up To Date

Most businesses create a visual branding guide to help with print and website design projects… and just stop there. But it’s so important to stay up to date on creating guidelines for social media platforms, emails and blog posts, for instance. This way, when you have a new team member take on a particular project within the company, it’s easy for them to stay on brand.

Nathalie Lussier, AmbitionAlly

6. Enforce Strict Guidelines

As your business reaches mass appeal, many brand managers become tempted to update their messaging and communications in a way that connects with a broader customer demographic. However, the irony here is that you alienate more people when your messaging aims to speak to a wider audience. Use strict brand guidelines to stay true to your core values, which will attract even more loyal customers.

Firas Kittaneh, Amerisleep

7. Use Your Brand as a Backbone

Use your brand story as the backbone of all your communication efforts, especially when hiring new employees. Like the game telephone, the brand messages will morph and fizzle away as emphasis lessens. When your team is on top of the brand’s purpose and core ideals, they will also be on top of all incoming and future business prospects.

Maren Hogan, Red Branch Media

8. Break Your Message Down to Its Simplest Components

To see a brand through times of growth, it is critical that you are able to describe what it is in very simple terms. If your brand message becomes complex — or worse yet, becomes corporate — your employees will have a difficult time keeping on message as their workload increases. Breaking your message down to its simplest components will give your team tools to extend the brand as you grow.

Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors

9. Hire People Aligned With Your Brand

Your people are an extension of your brand and will be doing a lot of the messaging and communicating for your business. Hire people who align with your brand’s attributes, values and essence. If you hire people who live and breathe your brand, being on brand will come naturally. The key is to find people who align before you hire them, not after.

Robby Berthume, Bull & Beard

10. All Onboarding Staff Should Learn Brand Messaging

As your business grows, share brand messaging and voice with new hires as part of their training. This onboarding process should be the same for all new employees, no matter their department. Also be sure to take some time to educate new members of your company about your brand and how important it is to stay unified.

Stan Garber, Scout RFP

Using the Internet to Grow Your Brand and Reach 24/7


When the topic of brand exposure and reach come up, blogging and content creation are two of them most common responses. Once you integrates any form of content creation and marketing into your business, your branding and viral reach truly come into play. This is even more true if you put in the time, work and effort throw social media and advanced demographic targeting into the mix. If you don’t currently have a blog representing your personal brand or business, be sure to check out this how to start a blog guide. It takes less than ten minutes to setup and will make for a world of a difference in the longterm reach and branding for your business.

If you enjoyed this expert round up, I recommend you also take a look at some of our previous expert discussions on the power of chatbots, strategies to grow your Facebook marketing and also recommendations on the best tools for growing buzz around your brand.