Affiliate Manager Contact Methods: When and Why to Use Them

Affiliate Manager Contact Methods: When and Why to Use Them

When logged in to your MaxBounty account, your Affiliate Manager’s contact info is displayed underneath their name in the top left corner. Here you’ll see their:

  • Phone number and extension
  • E-mail address
  • Skype handle

In the bottom right hand side, you can also click on a speech bubble over a red icon to open up the live chat application.

Although we recommend using all four of these methods for contacting your Affiliate Manager, knowing which to use based on what you need can improve response rate and efficiency.

We know your time is valuable. The quicker you get assistance, the quicker you can work on your campaigns.

Below, we went into detail on what each contact method offers and how to determine which you should use to reach your AM.


You should contact your Affiliate Manager by phone when you require an urgent response during MaxBounty operating hours. That’s because it’s the method of communication that can connect you to your AM in the shortest amount of time.

Vocal communication can also sometimes make explanations easier to understand.

Best used for:

  • Urgent tracking issues
  • Technical concerns
  • If you need assistance on a variety of items


You should contact your Affiliate Manager by e-mail when you require a detailed response on an issue that isn’t of immediate urgency. An e-mail should also be sent if for whatever reason you’re unable to reach your AM by phone.

E-mail is a great option because it ensures you have an easily accessible written record of your conversation with your Affiliate Manager. This is useful if the assistance you need from your AM is something you think you may re-visit again.

Best used for:

  • Suggested campaigns to promote
  • Problem solving requests
  • General Guidance


Communication through Skype should be used for casual day-to-day inquiries. It’s also a better written form of correspondence than e-mail for urgent matters.

This is the best option if you think what you need to discuss will require some back and fourth conversation rather than a single question and answer.

Best used for:

  • Quick questions
  • Touching base
  • Following up on previous requests

We recommend that is primarily used for contacting your Affiliate Manager regarding your pending application. However, once you’re accepted into the network, it can be accessed in the Affiliate Dashboard and used for any contact need going forward.

4 Proven Methods to Make Money with a Blog in 2021

4 Proven Methods to Make Money with a Blog in 2021

The internet has presented numerous opportunities for making a decent income. One of the easiest and most effective ways you can start making money online is through the use of blogging.

Running a blog involves creating catchy content that will boost your exposure and ensure you rank highly on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Owning a successful blog is certainly not an easy fete considering the stiff competition you are going to encounter.

However, if you do things right, you can rest assured that you will earn a spot among the top bloggers.

So, what does it take to run a successful blog?

Running a successful blog requires you to adopt the proper strategies that will boost your success rate. Firstly, you will need to find a niche that you are comfortable with. The niche of choice will be influenced by your personality and the things you like which may include fitness, fashion, food or even technology. Now that you have determined the topics/niche you want to cover, ensure that you create compelling content that will draw the reader’s attention. This means that you should consider adopting a unique writing style that will set you apart from competition. Having created a considerable amount of quality content that has attracted significant readership, you should consider finding ways to earn from your blog.

Earning from your blog is certainly no easy task and this can take a long time considering the competition and the fact that the blog needs to have a considerable number of readers/viewers. Many aspiring bloggers have given up on their quest to become top earning bloggers considering the amount of work and patience required in order to attract your first client.  In addition, it is important that you also adopt search engine optimization strategies that will boost your blog’s rank on search engine sites. Remember, achieving success with your blog is highly dependent on the strategy you adopt.

So, how do you earn from your blog?

Here are 7 ways through which you can monetize your blog.

Google Adsense and Ad Placements

No matter where you go online, you are going to see advertisements all over the place. Without a doubt, on-site ads are arguably one of the most popular ways through which bloggers earn income.

With a huge fan base or lots of search and social media traffic coming to a site, companies will want to reach out to your readers and this can only be done through placing adverts on your blog. And even better, there are already ad networks out there like Google Adsense, which makes the process of running ads on your site and getting paid for it much easier than trying to market your site on your own. However, if you really know how to market your site, it’s not the best option out there for making money.

Amazingly, you can have more than one company advertising on your blog and this means more income and exposure. Therefore, ensure you create appealing content that will boost the number of visitors on your site which will attract advertisers to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is Still a Huge Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is another great way of boosting your income whereby a company has a product it wants to sell and you agree on a commission on every sale that is triggered by your blog. The company will give you a unique code which allows them to track your affiliate link which enables them to determine sales that are inspired by your blog.

Just like with on-site advertising, there are many different affiliate networks out there to help negotiate the best deals and make the sign up and promotion process a whole lot easier. The best way to make money with affiliate marketing, is to find an offer that is relevant to your audience and then create articles and content around those same topics.

A perfect example of this can be seen with Aragon Advertising, as the affiliate platform is continually bringing in new private brands and offers that you can’t find elsewhere — especially in the financial space. This is beneficial for many different reasons, but extremely useful when trying to maximize earnings and conversion rates.

In the extremely competitive world of affiliate marketing and content creation, it’s not about picking the highest paying offer and just send traffic to it. Instead, it’s all about offer experience and value.

This formula been working extremely well for sites in the financial industry, as everyone is always looking to improve their wealth and personal finances. Instead of thinking about how you can make money with an offer, think about how you can provide more value to your audience, while also redirecting them to different offers as a solution. This often leads to much better conversion rates and earnings for the site or blog owner.

Selling Digital Products and Memberships

If you do not want to have advertisements on your blog, there are still ways through which you can make money. Digital products provide a unique opportunity for you to earn a steady income.

Additionally, you get to set the prices of your digital products to match the needs of your audience, while also running promotions or discounts at any given time. Among the many digital products you can sell include online courses, eBooks, music which can be used on other websites, applications, themes and plug-ins.

Some of the most popular solutions out there right now for getting this done, is GumRoad, Udemy and Teachable.




And once your blog has gained popularity across the globe and has become an online community, you may also want to consider your options with selling memberships. Such plans and benefits include allowing readers to enjoy an exclusive experience and services on your blog. And with each of the solutions mentioned above, monthly recurring plans are also available.

As referenced in this article from Forbes, according to The American Society of Training and Development:

‘65% of people are likely to meet their goal after telling someone else about it and their chances of achieving that goal increases to a massive 95% when they book ongoing progress checkins. This is called Accountability and it’s the key to success.’

For instance, if your blog is about careers, you may decide to charge a small fee that allows members to get access to your job board and communicate with future employers. Another option would be for monthly coaching or consulting plans. To enjoy more income from this venture, ensure that the membership is exclusive to ensure that your readers get value for their money.

However, if you are to become successful in this venture ensure that you sell products that your readers are looking for and not what you feel like creating. It’s not just about creating a product, but also knowing how to market it.

Selling Premium Services on Your Site

A blog is no doubt a great tool for marketing your services. Perhaps you are a virtual assistant, organizer or motivational speaker. Whatever services you offer, they can easily be enlisted through your blog since clients will get an opportunity to learn more about you and what you have to offer through the information contained on your blog posts.

When attempting to try and sell any type of services on your site, it’s important to establish yourself as an expert within your industry. This is especially true when doing any type of content creation or marketing in the world of social media.

A good example in this space to follow is Famoid, as they are in the business of social media promotion and gaining new followers — however, they are focusing a lot of time and effort on creating valuable resources for individuals and brands that are looking to increase their social media reach and marketing efforts.

In addition to creating content and resources through the use of a blog, it’s also a great idea to come up with any tools or downloads that you can offer to your audience as well. Again, referencing Famoid, they’ve created a solution to send 25 free Instagram followers to anyone that completes a simple form on their site.

How can your brand start doing something similar to increase user engagement and value?

How to Make the Most Money with Your Blog in 2021 and Beyond!

With more than a billion active website and blogs on the internet today, it can be quite a challenge to launch a new website and turn it into something amazing. However, there has also never been a better time to get started.

Once you start seeing some traffic coming through on your site, it’s important to split test the many different ways to start making money with a blog. The more you understand your audience and their needs, the better you will be able to cater to those needs and make money in the process.

5 Working Methods to Organically Rank Your Site Higher in Google

5 Working Methods to Organically Rank Your Site Higher in Google

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, not only is there more content and competition than ever before, but it’s also now harder to rank at the top of Google more than ever as well. This is great for Google, but not so great for the millions of sites fighting for organic peak position on that elusive first page.

No matter the size of your business or brand, it’s a common goal for everyone to rank higher and more often in the search results. And when everyone has such a goal in place, only those who put in the necessary time, work and effort to understand what methods are working best, are going to see the best results.

Unfortunately, with more competition than ever before, the idea of simply creating content and ranking, is no longer a working method. Instead, it’s not just a matter of how much money you can throw at the problem, but instead understanding the process of how to properly research the best keywords and audiences to go after, and making sure you have a solid content creation and promotion in place.

Here are five excellent methods to help increase your chances for ranking higher in Google.

1 – Use Call to Action Triggers and Keywords in Your Title

Just as important as using the right keywords and phrases within the title of your content, is using trigger words to gain attention and invoke call-to-actions.

As highlighted by Granwehr, an SEO and marketing agency, the reason for this is two-fold.

The first is that allows site owners the ability to create content that is more targeted towards what the end user is looking for. The second is that it can improve the click through rate for your content listing in Google-which can further help increase your ranking and positioning.

In addition to covering why call to action triggers and keywords are useful to SEO and site rankings in Google, the site also covers the many different factors that come into play when doing any type of on-site and off-site optimization for your site rankings. Such methods include page speed, keywords, backlinks, heading tags and more.

Before hitting publish on your next article, be sure to look at your title and see if not only has the necessary keywords in place, but also relates best with what your audience is looking for. And don’t forget to take advantage of the other ranking factors that other sites might not be using.

2 – Focus on Longer Content vs. More Content

In previous years, many site owners and bloggers thought the best way to rank more often in Google was to continually push out as much content as possible. However, with there now being more content online than ever before, it’s more about quality over quantity.

Many reports are now showing that articles should be over 1,200+ words, and even upwards of 2,000+ words of even better results.

In addition to improving your chances for ranking, having less article content on your site can also make the backlink building and social promotion aspects of your site more effective.

This is something we can clearly see, thanks to the graphic and data provided by SerpIQ. Higher ranking content in Google simply has a higher average word-count, versus those in lower ranking postitions.

3 – Build a Variation of Anchor Links to Your Content

Another important element to ranking content higher in Google, is knowing what type of keywords to go after and how to use the correct anchor text. Of course you will want a few nice keywords and search phrases as anchor text to your site and articles, but don’t go too crazy.

After all, backlinks and references to your site should look authentic and natural. This means you will want to have a nice mix of generic, branded and keyword anchor text links back to your site.

A few examples of generic and branded would be ‘click here’, ‘see more’ and the domain name and brand of your site. Below you can see a wide range of anchor text variations provided via SearchEnginePeople.

4 – Promote Your Content Across All Social Platforms

The Google algorithm is changing all the time and it’s actually made up of many different factors and metrics–many of which still aren’t exactly known today. However, we all definitely know that social media does play a role in this ranking process.

For this reason and more, it’s important to share your best content across all social platforms, while also trying to get more likes, shares and links to your social content as well.

With Google putting a lot of weight on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s important to make sure these solutions are all part of your marketing and backlink building promotions.

And as highlighted by Social Media Examiner, it’s extremely important to put in the time and effort to create custom images, text and headlines or your content promotions across each social platform.

5 – Reference Reliable Sources and Data

Just as important as many of the other ranking factors highlighted already, if you want to gain the trust of your audience and Google, you will want to rank highly trusted authority sites within your niche. This would also apply to well-known news sites and outlets like Forbes, Inc, and TechCrunch.

While some people have their own preference on linking out from their sites, it’s almost always a good idea when linked to trusted authorities and news sources.

Not only will this help without your outbound link structure, but it can also improve the quality of your content as well. Also, don’t forget to reference sources whenever quoting or posting data to your site.

This is also something Moz has continually referenced, as they are a perfect example of a website and brand that has become quite a reliable reference.

Working Methods to Continually Rank Higher in Google

As you can imagine, implementing each of these methods into your content creation and marketing efforts isn’t just a one time deal. To continually rank higher and more often in Google, you must continually add more content to your site, update existing articles and always be gaining more backlinks and social shares.

With all of that being said, be sure to start implementing these working methods today. And if your site isn’t currently ranking as high as you’d like it to, be sure to skim through the list of recommendations above, and then modify any of your existing content to meet these needs.

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