3 Evergreen Blogging Niches That Generate Affiliate Sales

3 Evergreen Blogging Niches That Generate Affiliate Sales

The outspoken blogger and author Mark Manson once wrote that “a blog is not a business plan” and you shouldn’t start a blog with the single purpose of making money. This is a good piece of advice that is ignored by millions of aspiring blogpreneurs launching blogs in a vast variety of niches (usually those in the spotlight) hoping to strike it rich online. They write about everything from smartphone cameras and operating systems to blogging tips and the digital marketing strategies that are likely in place.

And it’s also important to note that an awful lot of them are choosing the three evergreen niches that, in spite of the significant competition, are still considered some of the most lucrative “evergreen” topics to cover. These are massive niches with thousands of sub-niches each, and they are all closely related to the deepest and most common desires of every single human on the face of the planet.


One of the things we desire most is being free of any uncomfortable ailments or life-threatening health conditions. The fact that we keep poisoning ourselves in spite of this desire we have is a different matter altogether. In short, everyone dreams of living a long, happy life and one of the prerequisites of doing so is being healthy. Thus, the health niche is incredibly popular online. And also vast.

The “health” niche includes everything from cooking (various diets, healthy eating, clean eating, veganism, and everything in between) to herbalism, from health tech to fitness and running, from anti-science quackery to legitimate health advice, weight loss, and research, among many others.


Another thing we desire almost more than everything else is money – this is why so many people spend at least a third of their adult lives trapped in jobs they hate only to get more of it. The previous statement pretty much shows why the “wealth” niche is so popular online: people are constantly looking for methods of making more money easier.

The “wealth” niche is almost as far-reaching as the “health” niche, covering everything from tax returns and stock market investments to shadier areas like FOREX and gambling. The vast majority of websites active in this area don’t go this deep into the technicalities of making an extra buck, sticking to safer areas like frugal living, making money online, money-saving tips, sweepstakes, and such.


The third “evergreen” niche is none other than “romance”. After all, what is the use of a long, healthy, and wealthy life if you have nobody to share it with? There is no telling what drives us – it can be our innate instinct to procreate or the social norms that the world around us is forcing on us – but the fact remains: people will almost always look for a mate (more or less intimate). And the sad truth is that there are many people (especially men) that suck at finding one (or lack the self-confidence even to try).

The “romance” niche is once again covered on many levels. On one hand, there are relationship coaches with a vast (and proven) experience to share, on the other, the quacks selling methods of scoring high-profile dates in the form of a “super-effective, fool-proof, guaranteed to work, 30-page PDF or video series that can be yours for the surprisingly low price of $19.99”, with a whole spectrum of publications in between. Fashion blogs, makeup blogs, relationship advice and tips on improving the intimate times all fall into this popular and lucrative niche that will likely remain popular for as long as humans will be socially awkward.

How to Start Using Blogging for Your Brand

Now that you’ve seen some examples on how to use blogging and content creation and marketing to grow different brands and businesses, it’s time to implement these same methods into your own efforts. To learn more, be sure to follow our step by step process here.


8 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Start Making Serious Money With

8 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Start Making Serious Money With

So, if you’re looking to make money online, now is the time to get started.

There are a virtually unlimited number of internet money-making methods. You could create videos, blog, sell crafts… the list is endless.

In my opinion though, given its ease and proven record, few online moneymaking methods are better than affiliate marketing. This is especially true with 10% of all purchases made in the United States happening online. That number is growing every year.

With affiliate marketing, you get to market other people’s products, help them generate sales, and collect a commission on those sales you facilitated. The best part is, you get to sell stuff without having to deal with any inventory!

To get started with affiliate marketing, all you need is an internet connection and a solid niche. Below, I break down what affiliate marketing niches are and which ones you should focus your efforts on!

What Is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

When you market other people’s products online, it’s recommended that you build your marketing funnels around particular niches.

Niches in marketing are like categories. For example, if you marketed products in the organic dog food space, your niche would be organic dog food. If you market products in the plus-sized fashion space, your niche would be plus-sized fashion.

Now that you have an idea of what a niche is, let’s dig into some of the most evergreen affiliate marketing niches that people like you have found the most success with.

1. Love

Love is a broad category that encompasses a lot of extremely lucrative affiliate marketing niches.


Because love never goes out of style.

Falling in love, dating, sex and everything in between is baked into humanity’s DNA. That means there will never be a shortage of customers around products that make people’s love lives better.

When you’re thinking about what kinds of things to market within the love niche, start with products and services around dating. You can then branch out to things having to do with sex and reconciliation (winning a loved one back).

2. Fitness

Fitness products sell like hotcakes online. That’s due largely to the fact that the media, for better or for worst, has embedded in most people’s minds an optimal look. Being “beautiful” has consequently become the quest of men and women alike and they’re willing to spend a lot of money to meet their goals.

That’s where your marketing efforts come in.

Exploring affiliate marketing niches like weight loss products, hair growth, gym memberships, “get fit quick” products, and more can be extremely lucrative.

3. Dog and Cat Products

An overwhelming amount of Americans own dogs and cats. Of those people, many spend a lot of their income ensuring that their pets are healthy and comfortable.

Given that reality, selling high-quality toys and pet foods online can mean a steady income stream for your affiliate marketing efforts almost immediately.

I would recommend having separate marketing channels for your dog and cat products. Mixing the two could cause distrust among enthusiasts.

4. Money and Wealth

Everyone wants to get rich and people are willing to spend a lot of money to figure out how to do it.

Selling products that revolve around making money online, investing strategies, and lucrative career advice can all garner you a fast following. Also, consider offering products that are aimed at building businesses.

5. Legal

Everybody needs a lawyer for something. Giving people the legal advice they need on your marketing channels and then connecting them with firms like Bond & Taylor Injury Lawyers for compensation is a way that tons of affiliate marketers build their fortunes.

If you have a knack for law, promoting and selling legal products and services can be one of the highest ROI affiliate marketing niches you can explore given that legal services are typically costly.

6. Technology

Tech is getting more popular among the global community which means more people are looking for advice, tips, and tricks revolving around the latest and greatest products. If you can provide that information through your marketing channels and push readers to buy high-end phones, computers, and other things, you’ll make a pretty penny.

The only downside to leaning on technology as one of your affiliate marketing niches is that competition in this space can be fierce.

7. Smoking Products

It’s funny that both health and smoking products have both made it onto this top affiliate marketing niches list. That just goes to show you how polarized people’s tastes are.

With the resurgence of smoking through vapes and e-cigarettes, more people than ever are buying smoking-related paraphernalia online.

An affiliate marketer who starts targeting vapers and e-cigarette enthusiasts can experience a tremendous amount of success in today’s market, fast.

8. Subscription Boxes

Last but not least on our affiliate marketing niches list are subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes are a type of business that has really picked up traction over the last decade. Basically, people subscribe to boxes across a variety of niches and every month they get a mystery box of items having to do with their niche of choice.

For example, if someone subscribed to a monthly beauty box, they’d receive a box of cosmetics in the mail every month.

As an affiliate marketer, you can curate subscription boxes on your marketing channels and promote ones to your readers that you feel are the best. Whenever one of your readers buys into your box recommendations, you’ll receive a commission!

Ready to Brainstorm Affiliate Marketing Niches?

From subscription boxes to health to smoking, there is no shortage of lucrative affiliate marketing niches to get into today.

Remember, people are buying more online every day. That means that opportunity abounds and that the sooner you start selling, the sooner you can start making a lot of money!

Want more advice on how to make money online? If so, check out my content and entrepreneur start-up services on ZacJohnson.com. Doing so could change your financial life!