How to run offers in Arab countries?

How to run offers in Arab countries?

The world is advancing, and so do we. Expanding new GEO horizons is always exciting and highly profitable. We at AdsBridge, are craving to share a bunch of fruitful insights from the Arabic world with you to get the best of this field.

The Arabic world covers about 13 million square kilometers, hence the audience is huge.

As of today, the Arabic market’s advantage is not being yet very palpated. Its vista is way more glowing than with the probed CIS, Asia or America.


Is the Arabic world this profitable?

The Arabian market is appreciated by the vast territory: it’s a stockpot of great opportunities for the realization.

The more opportunities implemented, the higher the profitability. For instance, Europeans consider online shopping trivial. As all the mainstream offers are already there, locals are very petted by the ads’ overabundance. When entering the euro market with e-commerce, profitability won’t exceed 50%, unless cloaking is involved; with cloaking the indices will be up to 150%. Due to the specifics of the Arabic regions, profitability will exceed 50% for any outcome.

Arabs like to keep up with the news flash. They devour a myriad of local news pages hence this is a very promising area.

Top 10 most popular sources for each GEO respectively




Key milestones

Creatives for the Arabic market claim to reckon cultural and religious characteristics.

Arab men and women aren’t used to beat about the bush, so showcase particularities, figures, facts.

All are taken in on bright pictures! However, avoid nudity in creatives. Generate them meticulously. Better to use images of Indo-Pakistani men. Locals always fuel confidence. Either use only the product and its result.

Examine their slang – there are words that will definitely contribute to clicks.

Introduce particular religious dates: traffic peculiarly works at a certain time of the day or shrinks during any holidays – the conversion suffers.

On certain dates, you need to stop traffic and adjust schedules. Explore the logistics features of the regions of your choice. By the way, Friday is a day off.


Being a business centre, Dubai is very eagerly imbued with European stuff. Embrace their loyalty to the financial affiliate network.

E-commerce is always relevant. Women are very fond of cosmetics: creams, hair stylers fit best.

In developed Arab countries, the generality has cars, so MDVRs and other accessories come up trumps.

The educational niche is in demand; investigate essay direction. Wealthy families take education seriously and spare no expenses so students get excellent grades.


Facebook is on the front lines.

Natives, Google Ads, pushes do work well.



Each region showcases its national, religious, economic identity. What was a success in the CIS or Asia doesn’t resonate in the US? To avoid knocks, retain financial and time resources, it is critical to explore the criteria for working with various kinds of geo.

Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, the UAE, Kingdom of Jordan is that very “Arab traffic”. Here you can safely practice the European approach, as most of the population is English-speaking and highly Europeanized.

In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, a local approach will work. Generate creatives in Arabic. They even run affiliate conferences exclusively in Arabic.

Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman – be extremely careful, as these countries are particularly strict in their morals. The police and the state do their job very well, and those who do not want to experience their strict legislation should better not dip there, especially with the adult.

Although there is the Internet, in some countries the connection is weak, so GIFs and videos won’t respond everywhere.

When dipping the Arab countries with offers, study the list of their strict advertising requirements on both acceptable and prohibited topics. Keep track of what you can include in the promo, what to avoid. Research how not to be out of pocket and recoup your efforts when you’re up against the mindset unwilling to click and the advertiser who is very likely to block you due to numerous violations. You need to work hard, take some time to create unique landings (please, don’t hesitate to use our in-built landing page editor), pre-lends and text ads that will be tailored specifically for Arabic traffic. Bursting into the Arabic world is challenging due to legal regulations, but you will appreciate the profit and minimal competition.

Hope, this case was useful for you. If you have some questions, feel free to contact us by sending a private message, comment below, or post on our official thread 💙

Gambling in Post-Covid times: How to run Casino offers

Gambling in Post-Covid times: How to run Casino offers

Post-COVID-19 times affect the whole affiliate marketing industry making changes to all the verticals. While betting suffered critical losses during the pandemic as all the sports events were canceled, gambling started to move up right after the outbreak of coronavirus. Lots of affiliate marketers decided to retrain and started to run casino offers. Bored people in turn started to entertain themselves and visit online casinos.

But now we see some improvements and removal of restrictions in other verticals. Businesses are coming back to usual life and affiliate marketing is not an exception. What is the situation with gambling now and which should be the tactic of making a profit with casino offers? RichPush experts are providing guidance 👇

Why gambling?

There are lots of different verticals that bring profit if you manage it right. But lots of affiliate marketing experts still think that gambling is the best option for different groups of users (newbies, professionals, experts, agents, direct advertisers).

There are certain advantages we cannot help but notice.

Evergreen vertical
Gambling will be always relevant. It’s impossible to see its decline or peak as there are lots of gamblers who want to earn easy money at any time. Of course, there are some changes in approaches over time but nothing global.

Lots of traffic sources and high-profit potential
You can choose any traffic type you want as gambling vertical works with lots of traffic channels. Advertising networks are one of the best variants as push, pops, native ads work effectively with casino offers. We recommend trying push notifications as this format can be easily personalized by using creatives with personal messages.

Huge variety of casinos and lots of bonuses
Users can visit online casinos from any country in the world. They are especially attractive for countries where offline casinos are forbidden. Users are also engaged by lots of bonuses. Deposits, free spins, additional payouts work like a magnet for gamblers.


Approaches for icons and main images of gambling creatives

Show real people on your creatives
Photos of real people winning will make users more loyal and attract them to the landing page. Remember that statistically, creatives with women are more appealing and they also gamble a lot. Especially if we speak about slot machines where you don’t need any special skills to win. Don’t forget about it.

Check the restrictions of your affiliate network (it can be age, gender, traffic sources).
You can use 2 approaches:

  • interest: Find out how lucky you are today!
  • generalization: Everyone wins, and you can! Try!

Create an atmosphere of casinos from the very beginning
How can you do it? Add casino elements on the main image of your creatives. Spin wheels, poker rooms, slot machine elements, and croupiers. It’s important to convince users that they can win and show that creative’s content is similar to the content of the offer. When even newbies of the casino industry see such creatives they may feel the excitement and become money-motivated.


But what about the headlines and description?

Match your headline to the peculiarities of the GEO you’ve chosen for the campaign
The headline should contain elements that are common for a certain country. For example, names of cities, nationalities, the national currency.

Names of small towns increase users’ loyalty.

Also, it’s better to prepare creatives in the language of the country of your GEO. Use browser language targeting to save your budget.


Use global world events as a newsbreak for your headline. Mind users’ national hobbies
Great world events are always actively discussed and attract the attention of different audiences. Use sports events, resonant occasions, and sensations. People have always been interested in resonant news that’s why they will easily notice your push notification. You can use shocking news and secrets on how to win against casino.

Also, don’t forget about national hobbies and holidays. For example, people in German, Spain, and England like football. To make a connection between different kinds of sports and your headline is always a nice idea.


Approaches to gambling landing pages

Gambling landing pages should be either catching or informative
Speaking about entertainment, elements of the game show really effective results. For example, different spin wheels, slot machines, surveys where people can try to win may force them to visit the page of your offer. In other words, if you are able to hold users on your landing page, it will most likely end with conversion.

As for the informative side of the coin, useful materials can also attract users and gain their trust. Everybody wants to learn the tactics and rules of gambling from people who regularly win. Success stories are always in demand. You can place them on your landing page. In this type of the lander, you can also add some bonus (for example, the one that you’ve previously mentioned in the creative).

Useful testing and optimization tips for push ads on gambling

✅ Test a few creatives per one campaign (at least – 5, maximum – 10).
✅ Use 24/7 scheduling at the first stage. Later you can change it during optimization.

There can be exceptions for some GEOs. For example, there was a case when in Norway at 5 a.m. were lots of conversions. Check the schedule for your particular GEO.

✅ Set up 1 impression limit per 24 hours – don’t overwhelm users with your offer.
✅ Choose an average or even higher bid to increase CTR and get a quality audience.
✅ Use the blacklisting (not whitelisting) strategy when launching push campaigns (if you create too small whitelist it will burn out very quickly and you won’t get HQ traffic).

📚 Find more useful tips and tactics in RichPush ultimate guide “Gambling ad campaigns”.

Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

ProfitSocial is a Smartlink platform that will help you effectively monetize your traffic. I have used their smartlink dating system in the past before. It has helped me find what dating niche and verticals work with my traffic sources.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra bucks, you got it! ProfitSocial is glad to announce the opening of its traffic contest. All you have to do is send traffic to ProfitSocial’s smartlinks and you could win up to a $5,000 bonus. That is a lot of moo-lah! This contest is till August 31st, so you have a lot of time to use their smartlink system.

What Is ProfitSocial?

We’ll be discussing the details of this contest pretty soon but what is ProfitSocial anyway?

ProfitSocial is a SmartLink platform that specializes in automated algorithms to unite all top offers. Among the strongest vertical are dating along with its respective niches namely: Gay, BBW, Ebony, Asian, Milf, and Mature. Concurrently, you can promote other verticals such as sweepstakes, webcams, gambling, and games.


In this platform, you are standardly given a minimum threshold of $250. But if it were up to me, you better challenge yourself to meet $1,000 a week. That way, you will be able to switch to weekly payments instead of the typical per month commission. 

Becoming a ProfitSocial affiliate gets better with time but they also have a bit of surprise for newbies. As a welcome gift to new affiliates, ProfitSocial will be giving you a welcome bonus. But you also need to prove that you are committed to becoming an active member of the platform. To receive the bonus, your spending for each first 3 months should exceed $3,000.

Send quality traffic. The more you do, the more cashback you will get. Here is the breakdown of your commission by percentage in you first three months in ProfitSocial:

  • 1st month – 5%
  • 2nd month – 8%
  • 3rd month – 10%

ProfitSocial is only one out of dozens of other affiliate smartlink platforms on the web. But here is how this platform benefits you:

  • ProfitSocial has automatically optimized funnels
  • It has high conversion through direct offers on top locations and latest creatives
  • Regularly offers bonus deals to affiliates
  • You get to attend meetups across countries if you are a top affiliate
  • You can get rate increase through high-volume revenue and quality of company partners

ProfitSocial Smartlink Contest

Now going back to their smartlink contest, let us talk about a couple of simple rules:

  • You need to be a ProfitSocial Affiliate
  • Should be able to drive as much traffic as possible to all GEOs 
  • Validate the traffic quality with your personal affiliate manager
  • Get your bonus at the end of each month
  • If you are a new affiliate who had just claimed your welcome bonus, you won’t be eligible for the SmartLink summer contest
  • DEU, AUT, ITA, CHE, BEL, KOR, ESP, TWN, and JPN GEOs give x1.5 the standard bonus amount
  • The bonus period is from May 1 to August 30

So, What If I Don’t Perform As Well Compared To Other Affiliates?

Regardless of whether you are a ProfitSocial partner, a veteran affiliate, or a new one, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus. The amount of the bonus just depends on the monthly commission growth in comparison with the previous month and is calculated during the bonus period. Take a look at their bonus calculation grid below for your reference. Read the community discussion here.


Commission growth (all GEOs except ‘premium’) Bonus
$1,000 – $3,000 $100
$3,001 – $5,000 $300
$5,001 – $10,000 $500
$10,001 – $25,000 $1,000
$25,001 – $50,000 $1,500
$50,001 – $75,000 $2,500
$75,001 – $100,000 $3,750
At least $100,000 $5,000
For each further $100,000 $5,000


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