RedTrack Review: a True Affiliate Tracking Platform for the Expert Media Buyer?

RedTrack Review: a True Affiliate Tracking Platform for the Expert Media Buyer?

Lithuania based affiliate tracking platform has the goal of helping media buyers and affiliate marketers get higher ROI in their campaigns. The platform supports various kinds of data deployment such as SaaS, Cloud, Web, and many more. 

Many people applaud RedTrack not just for its high-quality affiliate tracking and analytics platform but also for its top-notch customer support. Aside from the swift response of the team, RedTrack also provides training materials for new customers to help them in the onboarding process. 

Quick Summary

Here is a quick summary of the things you can do with RedTrack:

  • Fast click redirects
  • Get instant reports
  • Access advanced analytics
  • Smart links optimization
  • Access a high-loaded interface and custom dashboard

Although RedTrack doesn’t share the exact same level of popularity as Binom and Voluum, it does receive a lot of good props from former clients. Let’s take a look at its features to see if it’s really as good as people say it is. 

Let get a quick overview of what RedTrack is before we dive into the features.

Fraud Detection

RedTrack is integrated with FraudScore which is an AI-powered fraud protection platform. With that, you will be protected from bots-induced traffic that reflects as part of your traffic spend. 

To avail of this service, you would just need to add an extra fee to your plan. You could also test out this feature in the trial version but know that fraud detection does not automatically foreplay in your account unless you ask customer support prior. 

Cookieless Era Tracking

With privacy concerns now being a hot topic because of the Zuck himself. Tracking was solely dependant on cookies. But browsers such as Safari and Firefox are disabling cookies for their consumers. RedTrack evolved fast and now has cookieless tracking.

This makes tracking a bit harder as cookies are like a kid that had too much chocolate chips cookies, you know he was in the chocolate chip cookie jar. Without cookies, RedTrack now uses no reference data to properly track your clicks.

Quick Features to Point Out

The campaign tracker comes with an instant start. Even without servers, you get fast redirects anywhere in the world. You’ll get your reports in real-time.

RedTrack is integrated with AI technology which will help you gain better ROI. Each click that has been based on past performance will be distributed through data Al-based algorithms and this is what will lead to your maximum ROIs. 

This pertains to the use of LP tracking pixels in conducting rotation offers as well as split testing. 

Using an AB Test to a complex ruling system, you can boost traffic distribution through smart streams based on custom parameters and presets. 

RedTrack lets you group data across several variables that you can easily save. The advantage of using custom dashboards is that you are able to efficiently drill-down reports to find winning combinations of these data. 

This platform is equipped with an advanced and powerful infrastructure that will support all of your campaigns with performance indicators across various GEOs. 

  • Multi Access With Settings

You can share access to your RedTrack account with the rest of your team. The best part is that you can customize the settings so that you only give them access to certain data. 

  • Traffic Source Management Automation

This feature lets you automatically  do the following:

  1. Pause campaigns
  2. Blacklist placements
  3. Update costs
  4. Pause creatives

RedTrack Pros And Cons

RedTrack is a decent affiliate tracker alternative for BeMob, Voluum, and Binom. While it lets you enjoy a lot of excellent features that you won’t find anywhere else, it requires you to have a willingness to really explore and master RedTrack since most of these awesome features are well-hidden.

Landing Page Resources and AdsBridge Tracking Platform Contest

Landing Page Resources and AdsBridge Tracking Platform Contest

If you want to make money with online marketing and specifically affiliate marketing, you are going to need a powerful tracking platform and landing page creation tool to measure and scale your results over time. With over 1,000+ original posts on this blog, it’s something I talk about all the time. I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite landing page articles below.

No matter what tracking tools or landing pages builders you use, the process is still the same. You need to target the right offer, tweak your ad campaign, hit demographic targets and split test your results. Without each of these methods in place, you are simply going to lose money and fail against the growing competition.

Last month I announced that I was running a promotion with for a full year of access to their tracking platform and landing page builder — valued at $948. The winner (Moazam) has been selected and contacted to claim his prize, however, there is still time for you to take advantage of this partnership with AdsBridge by creating a free trial account of your own and taking a look at what their powerful and revolutionary platform has to offer.

For an overview of how to create and track your first campaign through AdsBridge, watch the short video below.

Why AdsBridge is a Excellent for Affiliate Marketers

Online marketing tools and solutions are an affiliate marketers best friend. In addition to many benefits I’ve laid out in my original review, simply having a stats tracking system and landing page builder built within one platform is more than enough to excite any online marketer out there. However, AdsBridge also stands out from the crowd because of their low pricing and premium built in features, which are discussed below.


Flexible targeting options – Running ads campaigns across the board to all traffic types no longer works. To make the most of your ad campaigns you need to take advantage of multiple targeting options such as language, country, browser, OS, device, mobile operator, time and day.

Optimize Your Campaigns – Keeping your campaign optimized is key to keeping it profitable overt time. AdsBridge offers fully automatic campaign optimization settings that allow you to configure the best results for your traffic and conversions.

Alert Notifications – The only thing worse than running an ad campaign and not having it profitable, is running a campaign on full blast and having your landing page or the advertiser going down! Should anything happen to your existing campaigns, the AdsBridge system will automatically contact your through email, SMS or any other notification systems you prefer.

Conversion Tracking – Place a simple tracking pixel on your site or advertiser confirmation page, and you will immediately have access to your stats and conversions in real time!

Powerful Reporting – Ad campaigns aren’t just about the leads and revenue they generate, it’s also about the powerful goldmine of data as well! AdsBridge’s system can be configured to your specific reporting needs and allow you to download fully customizable data reports to your liking.

AdsBridge Pricing Structure

Unlike many other services, AdsBridge has a platform and pricing structure that was built to cater to online marketers and brands of all sizes.


Their BASIC plan is a great for anyone who is just starting out or wants to give the platform a run to see how it works. The STARTER plan is for existing affiliates and online marketers who would like to track up to 100,000 visitors per month. The most popular plan is the PROFESSIONAL, which allows for up to one-million visitors per month and a much lower rate for any traffic overages. With the Professional package being only $39 per month, it’s a no brainer for any online marketer that seriously values their online campaigns and scaling them to the next level.

Get Started with Your Own AdsBridge Account Today

Now it’s time for you to put all of this technology and information to use for your own campaigns. AdsBridge is currently offering free access to their platform for anyone that wants to start off at the “BASIC” level, while also offering account upgrades to STARTER and PROFESSIONAL for all of the serious affiliate marketers out there.

MyAdMarket – All-in-One Ad Network Platform for Advertisers and Affiliates

MyAdMarket – All-in-One Ad Network Platform for Advertisers and Affiliates

The concept of affiliate marketing has completely changed the way business and lead generation takes place on the internet. It’s also opened up a world of opportunity for individuals, businesses, and brands to make money online, without the many overheads associated with offline business models and hiring employees or holding product.

With such a powerful medium for making money online, there must be powerful solutions and ad management platforms as well. As entrepreneurs and online marketers, it’s common to see new and exciting tracking platforms come and go as the years go by. With more advanced audience targeting and placement options than ever before, it’s always a game of cat and mouse on who has the latest innovative software and solutions.

Today we are going to take a look at MyAdMarket, an advertising platform that offers management solutions for both individual affiliate programs, or even full-size affiliate networks. In short, it’s an all-in-one solution for ad networks, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers alike — available in a white-label solution, which means it’s ready to go and fully customizable to match your existing brand or business right out of the box.

MyAdMarket at a Glance

When it comes to finding an affiliate management platform, you will have a lot of options to choose from. MyAdMarket has taken most of those options and put them all into one powerful solution. At the same time, the platform was built to fit the needs of individuals, businesses and brands of all sizes, allowing for as many clients, campaigns, advertisers and publishers that you may need.


When looking to start your own affiliate program or even a network, there are many things you will need to setup — such as affiliate accounts, advertising pixels, stats tracking, payment options, ad creatives and much more. MyAdMarket has all of these options covered and when it comes to ad creative, they offer quite an amazing selection of ad formats. Below you will see a few examples of their desktop advertising formats, but you can also choose from pop-unders, interstitials, in-app advertising, video ads and much more. With ad placements being served through both desktop and mobile, such a wide selection of ad formats are rarely seen on other platform solutions.


As with all online advertising, tracking and split testing is key. MyAdMarket has the tools and tracking in place to allow for diving deep into the stats of your ad campaigns based on geographical location, device, hardware, language, browser and even ISP. Conversion tracking is also in place through the use of image pixels or server to server, as well as with the SDK for mobile apps.

You can see a full list of conversion tracking options and platform options here.

Going Live with Your Own Affiliate Network

As affiliate marketers and agencies continue to find more success in the world of affiliate marketing, many of them will flip their success and expertise into starting an affiliate network of their own. One of the biggest choices to make before doing this, is to find a platform that fits their needs and expectations. Should you consider MyAdMarket as your platform of choice for running an affiliate network, you will find great value in this section.

The first thing you will need to do is create an account with MyAdMarket. Once you are setup, you will have access to the dashboard area of your account, which will be similar to the one below.


As an affiliate and having logged into any of your other affiliate network accounts, this dashboard feeling will seem quite familiar. From an administrative perspective, you can now get a glimpse of all activity running through your campaigns or ad networks at all time.

Daily, weekly and monthly stats charts are available for both advertisers and campaigns within your network. You can also get a quick view on the impressions being served based on country as well. In this same area you can access and manage all aspects of your affiliate program or network through the menu options on the left side and top menu bar areas.

Something unique built within MyAdMarket that you won’t find on other management platforms, is an ad media exchange network. This section (located within each of the side and top menu areas) allows for buying and selling extra traffic with other ad networks, while also being seamlessly connected and tracked through your existing platform.

MyAdMarket’s Traffic Quality Indexing

Not all traffic sources are the same, nor should they be treated the same way. Traffic and leads from one country or source might not convert as well as others, nor will they be of the same value to the backend advertiser who is paying for them.

Another amazing custom feature found within the MyAdMarket platform is their traffic quality index.


This features allows for advertisers and network administrators to have complete control over not only who and where their traffic and leads are coming from, but also how much they want to pay for each source as well. Not only does this help with increasing ROI and conversions, it’s also a huge factor in controlling and determining fraudulent activity within a network.

By assigning a quality score to each affiliate or traffic source, you will have the ability to monitor activity and quality assurance at all times. Traffic sources and sites are rated on a score of 1 to 100, which indicates the likelihood of conversion from each publisher. This provides greater transparency for affiliates, advertisers and the network monitoring all transactions for both sides.

Advertisers, Publishers and Everyone in Between

Now that you’ve seen what’s possible through MyAdMarket, it’s important to remind you that the platform was built as a white-label solution to fit the needs of individuals, brands and businesses of all sizes. This means it can be used for everything from individual use, to running a massive affiliate network with thousands of affiliates.

Starting an affiliate program is something thousands of businesses and brands consider every day. One of the most discussed topics when starting an affiliate program is which ad network will you join. Who has the best tracking, lowest transaction rates and start-up costs? These are all great questions, but it’s also important to consider your options with MyAdMarket as an advertiser or merchant as well.

When looking at other networks like Shareasale, Linkshare or CommissionJunction, you are potentially looking at expensive startup costs and transaction fees in the 10-30% range — which can quickly add up to thousands of extra dollars over the course of the year. Each of the mentioned networks are great, but their startup and transaction costs simply might not be affordable for all businesses looking to get live with an affiliate program of their own.

To good news is that MyAdMarket has everything in place to run a dynamic ad management business and monetize all of your unique content in the most effective and most lucrative ways possible. The user interface, as it is for ad networks and merchants, is easy to use and is fully scalable to grow alongside your business. Your advertisers gain access to setting up and monitoring their campaigns, complete with full reports, and you earn the most money possible.

How Much Does MyAdMarket Cost?

MyAdMarket was created with the end user in mind, which meant having solutions in place to fit the needs of businesses and brands of all sizes. Monthly plans are scalable, affordable and all-inclusive in nature. The only real difference between each plan is the amount of traffic you are pushing through the network.


Pricing starts as low as $9/month for the basic plan, which includes up to 100,000 monthly impressions and 100,000 clicks. As mentioned earlier, the biggest difference as you move up to higher pricing plans, is the amount of traffic (impressions and clicks) you will be running through your network. Each level up also includes additional perks, as a “traffic quality monitor” is available on “Standard” and above, while a “One on One Personal Training” option is available on the “Professional” and “Enterprise” packages

Whether you’re interested in running your own ad network, or you’re a merchant or publisher who wants access to a more robust and comprehensive system you can call your own, MyAdMarket could be the perfect solution for you. All plans come with a one-month free trial. Request a demo to see how MyAdMarket can grow your business.