Leverage The Power of Social Media to Make Your Infographics Popular

Leverage The Power of Social Media to Make Your Infographics Popular

Infographics are getting more creative as brands continue to experiment with new ideas. Many businesses have jumped into the fray, and just like any other brand messaging tactic, Infographics too require ‘marketing’ to maximize the content reach.

Infographics and social media together reveal the evolved trend of ‘brand visualization.’

Social media has proved to be to be an effective tool from the perspective of brand marketing, irrespective of the domain in which your business operates. And talking about infographics, it is increasingly being used by different companies to communicate their message in an effective manner, in a compact visual format.

The crux of the matter is that brand communication is taking a new shape, and it is everything to do with catchy, visually-appealing, message formats. And, it is indeed an opportune time for brands to make optimum use of this new communication pattern, considering the short-attention-span the internet-audience has in today’s times.

So, here we are. Social media users are also tired of text overload. Any interesting visual sight is sure to attract attention, and even drive the ‘visually packaged’ messaging virally.

A majority of the viral links on social media are now videos or GIFs. A quick go-through message using Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook etc. leaves a lasting impression. Users are enticed to view the compelling brand stories (said through graphics or pictorials), rather than taking out time to read text loaded links.


In other words, a visual hunt is likely to fetch your better brand attendance now. If you have ‘brand illustrations’ or infographics to share, then go a step ahead and put it on social media platform, to gain quick online traction. You just have to get the combination strategy right. Here’s how:

1. Message ‘In-boxed’’

Bind your brand think-tank with social media subscribers. When you are trying to increase your brand reach (using infographics and digital networking), it should result in online conversations. Therefore, the idea is not to just present the brand differently but to do it to make a difference.

Social media users should be able to absorb the ‘implied’ message and pass it on. Once you get it right, your message or brand is expected to get multiple clicks in no-time.

2. Message ‘Checked’

Unlike your mass brand campaigning, through email or mobile messaging, for example, social media users have a ‘right-to-dump’. But then, the opposite is also true. A powerful Infographics, good in design and messaging, is expected to drive ‘brand impression’ in the most dynamic fashion. You just need to ‘tail-it-right’.

3. Message ‘On-board’

Once you start campaigning on social media, you will try and connect with the maximum number of users. Use different social media platform to maximize your reach. Facebook and Twitter are likely to be your first choice but, it is really Instagram and Youtube driving the ‘diagrammed’ traffic.

Initially, when you are cultivating a brand through online networking, it is good to use all social media channels available. A tried and tested approach works, to ‘personalize’ brand reception later, using the same e-channels. The thumb rule is to be everywhere to begin with.


4. Message ‘Mobility’

Imagine you make a ‘deal’ on your mobile phone. Infographics is your best way to reach the busy and mobile, social media users. Quick attention span and no time to read can only be dealt with ‘smart sketched’ web tactics.

An attractive display of your ‘message’ in the form of a simple infographic is the ice-breaker. Later, it can set the mobile social media users on fire. People check their social media accounts multiple times in a day.

5. Message ‘Sorted’

Social media impressions are here to stay. By, leveraging your brand content through ‘infographics’ on social media, you built ‘intellectual capital’ and ‘to-do image’. One, your customer ‘know-how’ is reflected through clear messaging, and second, once a brand is consumed ‘visually’, it is expected to create a better recall.

Brands are here to stay. Once you have connected the ‘product features’ with the right set of consumers, you have added value to the whole category, and at the same time, created a brand worthy in the segment.

It is now evident that visualization of brand information is going to reach the next level, with the help of infographics and social media both. As we continue to find ways to compress information and reach out to people who actually consume it, social media is a proven way, further fitting into delivering on your exact purpose.

You don’t need to tell people to come and see your brand. Instead, you invite them, confluence them, and at the next stage, you drive ‘brand-led’ conversations without making a real effort. If you are confident of having the right marketing strategy in place, there should be no reason to say, “I can’t do it”.

Infographics and social media channels are a lethal combination which should find a place in your marketing plan. Together, they form a consumer-led brand world, which survives on cutting visuals, designs, text, data, and knowledge.


Rounding Off

It is important for a brand manager to put the best brains behind the job. Infographic Design Team is a team of strong talent put together to execute infographics projects. By good talent, we mean a diversified team of creative ninjas, multi-dimensional designers, and professionals, who can add ‘real’ value to your brand, viz. a viz. digital brushing of your brand image.

So, whether you need interactive infographics, short infographics, 3D infographics, presentations, social media graphics or video Infographics, our team of over 120 experienced professionals has delivered over 2000 projects to over 700 clients across the globe over the years. Our technical competency is adequately matched with our intuitiveness to assist you in establishing a strong brand-connect and creating an everlasting bond with your target audience.

So, give your brand the ‘Midas touch’ with the right infographics and turn things a notch higher by leveraging social media to take the message far and wide.

Super Hero Marketing: The Power of Brand Association

Super Hero Marketing: The Power of Brand Association

If you wanted to jump on a fast growing trend right now, it would have to be relating your brand, products or business with super heroes during the launch of their movie releases. For example, Star Wars just recently came out a few months ago and the marketing that was done around this movie was ridiculous. If you were to visit a local Target or shopping center, you would have seen the Star Wars logo and characters slapped on everything from soup, cereal, and even apples… yes, apples!

So why are so many brands and businesses trying to associate themselves with the likes of StarWars, Batman, Marvel, Spiderman and everything in between? Simply because they have such a die-hard audience that wants to buy, use and participate in anything relating to these brands.

Just take a look at the recent numbers from Marvel movies and how they’ve quickly approached the $10 billion dollar mark in sales! Who wouldn’t want to be associated with these types of numbers!


To stress this point even further, we are going to highlight a few of the most interesting ways we are seeing brands blending super heroes into their businesses to bring in new audiences and customers at the same time.

Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Endless Opportunities

How many super heroes can you name? Even if it’s only a few, it’s enough to get your attention. The crazy thing is that there are thousands of comic heroes and villains that many people don’t even know about, yet Disney, Marvel and DC are churning them out into their own movies and TV series as fast as they can.

As I started writing this article, I remembered I wanted to order something through Amazon.com — then it hit me! An advertisement for Batman vs. Superman right on Amazon!


This is just another perfect example of how powerful brand association with super heroes is.

Now let’s take a look at a few stranger ways brands have associated themselves in the world of comics and super heroes.

Even Super Heroes Need Smoother Skin

One of the most popular ways to promote a product or brand through association with super heroes is to simply sponsor a product or have paid placement within a movie or comic book. That is exactly what we have here in this example of Captain America and Kiehls (which is a body moisturizer).

Like many other people, you might be thinking what the heck do the two have in common? Well… simply put, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the placement and attention to the brand. You can see their logo on the comic book on the top right, then visually in the background as well with both the brand name and products.


So how does this all come together and make sense? As listed in the comic book site description, it says: “From an A.I.M. base on the surface of the moon to ancient tunnels beneath Kiehl’s historic flagship store, join this Triple Threat of Super Heroes as they fight to save the world in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

Ah… makes perfect sense now 🙂

This is an effective and powerful way to get your brand name out there, while reaching a brand new audience that might not have paid attention to your product or service in the first place. Throughout the actual comic and a few dedicated ads at the end of the book you will see brand name placements and information on Kiehl’s products.

Super Heroes hit the Gaming Floor

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit a local casino or gambling hot spots like Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you will likely have seen celebrities and super heroes being used to promote many of the slot machines throughout the gaming floor. The same holds true for online gaming as well.

For example, if you were to visit a site like au.slotsheaven.com, you will see they have a wide variation of games on their site. The “Spiderman: Attach of the Green Goblin” and “The Incredible Hulk” games would definitely stand out right away to any comic fan who visits the sites. What’s even more fun and addicting about playing slots based around something you like, is that many of them will tell a story as you earn more credits and the longer you play.


Even if you aren’t into gambling or playing with real money, you can play a free version on their site and still enjoy the super hero experience.

Star Wars & Disney Decides to Sponsor Everything!

As mentioned earlier, one of the most insane promotions was the massive brand associations with Star Wars. Never before had we seen so many products and food being associated with a movie release. The promotions were so extreme that hundreds of people took their own pictures and posted them to social media.

However, as pointed out by Time, it wasn’t just product placements in stores that StarWars had covered, they were also associated heavily with Covergirl, Fiat Chrysler and Hewlett-Packard as well!

Super Branding with Super Heroes

As we can see, brand association with super heroes is key. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a movie release, product placement or even to get users to start playing games on your site — the audience is there and all you need to do is slap a logo or a super hero on something for people to start paying attention to it!

The next time you go to the mall or food shopping center, be sure to keep an eye out for the sponsored super heroes amongst you!