Bidvance Review: New & Powerful Ad Network

Bidvance Review: New & Powerful Ad Network

Bidvance is a specialist ad network that focuses on high-performing traffic sources, state-of-the-art targeting, and a choice of high converting ad formats.

The recently launched smart ad network was created to meet the growing demands of advertisers and publishers, and provide a better experience for users.

The Netherlands-based platform aims to solve common problems faced by global affiliates – namely finding high converting traffic sources in popular verticals.

While the ad network itself is new, the team behind Bidvance is no stranger to advertising with over 10 years of experience with the Digital Minds Group – a successful digital marketing agency with a proven track record in search marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, and conversion rate optimization.

What is Bidvance?

Bidvance is an effective ad network, with billions of daily impressions in over 50 countries worldwide, along with advanced targeting & optimization tools. They support popular and engaging ad formats that will boost your conversions and ad performance.

They’re hot on auto optimizations, retargeting ads, and have plenty of advanced features such as time and IP list targeting.

While anyone can sign up – and the platform itself is beginner-friendly – it’s recommended that you have a sizable advertising budget to get the most out of it.

This is partly due to the nature of the verticals it’s geared towards, as it may take some time before you see a steady stream of conversions in your account.

If you’re new to the game it’s still worth creating an account, as you’ll have access to a decent source of high-quality traffic that you can tap into as your skills improve.

Create Your Account

Ready to see what all the fuss is about?

Registration is quick and easy and you’ll be able to access the platform right away. Click here to register a new advertiser account and start advertising with Bidvance.

Get 10% extra on the value of your first deposit (from 50$ to 1000$) using the promo code WINBIDVANCE.


adding funds on bidvance

You can fund your account by PayPal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.

The minimum deposit for Bidvance is just $50, which in our view is a steal!

This entitles you to bid on some of the highest quality premium traffic in the betting vertical – but you may need to top this up before you start to see results.

You’ll also be able to set up alerts on your advertising balance to make sure your funds don’t run out.


When you first log in to your account you’ll see the Bidvance dashboard. This will give you an overview of your views, clicks, and costs over a specific time period.

You’ll also be able to view your remaining balance, along with the top 5 campaigns, countries, and operating systems.

There’s a quick settings tab on the footer of the dash, or you can just use the sidebar to access the other areas of the platform.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything in this section right away. Once you’ve been running campaigns for any length of time you’ll be able to come back to the dash and see the various graphs populated by your data.

Ad Formats

Bidvance offers 6 ad formats:

  • Banners – These focus on the most popular placements with the highest traffic volume.
  • Popunders – This CPM ad format is still working well in many verticals and can have higher payouts than display ads.
  • Interstitial – These low-cost ads are resistant to popup blockers. They appear between content pages and typically have a higher CTR compared with other ad formats.
  • Push Ads – Push ads have excellent user engagement stats and bot-free traffic, with the added benefit that subscribed users have opted-in to receive push ad notifications.
  • Native – This is an ad format with high volume that blends into the surrounding content to increase clicks.
  • Redirects – These ads can be placed on parked domains and redirect the user to your lander.

It’s up to you which ad format you choose for your campaign. If you’re not sure or want to split test the options you can create multiple separate campaigns – one for each ad format – and then review the stats to see which converts best for your offer.

Create Your First Campaign

creating a campaign on bidvance

Once you’ve filled in your profile details and funded your account, it’s time to create your first campaign. Bidvance has all the usual targeting options with some additional bells and whistles to boot!

First, choose a name for your campaign. You can make this specific to your adzone level, offer and Geo to help identify it later in the reports.

Next, choose your advertising method (ad format), tags, adzone filters, payment type and category.

Note: Not all payment types are available for all ad formats.

Finally, choose your category and daily budget.

On the second tab of the campaign creation tool you can select your Geo. Make sure this aligns with your offer.

On the third tab, you add your traffic type filters. Select device type, OS, browser, languages, connection type, webview traffic, and ISPs as required. This defaults to ALL if you don’t enter anything specific in the boxes.


Select the time and days you want your campaign to run and assign a frequency cap for impressions. Bidvance even allows you to set the cap per source or per visitor, which can give you greater control over your campaign.

On the final tab, you get to add your creatives. Once these have been validated choose your bid and set them to active to start running your campaign.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the BannerPool, which features top-performing ads in just about every vertical you can imagine. This is just like having an ad spy tool built-in.

The campaign creation tool is simple enough for newbies but is also packed with enough features to make it attractive for advertisers who need extra control over their targeting.


tracking with bidvance

The tracking implementation is pretty standard and works with postback URL and tracking pixel. Experienced users will have no trouble setting this up, or ask your account manager for help if you get stuck.

Bidvance will integrate with all the top trackers, and users who have previously used tracking URLs will feel right at home.

There’s a neat feature on the platform which allows advertisers to assign unique identifiers to conversion types.

You can use this to track signup, conversions, along with any other goal you have in mind.


source optimizer on bidvance

Click the source optimizer tab to optimize your campaigns. The popup box has 4 tabs: General, CTR Optimizer, Bounce Rate Optimizer, and Actions.

You can give your source optimizer a name, which will help you identify which filter types perform the best.

Next, choose your filter by AdZone level and set your minimum spend. This will allow you to target high-performing adzones for your campaigns.

With all the optimization tools, it can be easy for new affiliates to start tweaking their campaigns too early. Our advice is to let your campaigns run for a few days at least before making any adjustments. This is because certain sites in some verticals may be slow to report conversions.

Analyze Your Performance

bidvance statistics page

The Bidvance statistics tab makes it easy to see your ad performance over time. Simply select your time period and filter by ad types, conversion types, and device types.

The data includes Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, CPM, and Cost, so you can easily identify low-performing ads. There’s also a neat graph to help you visualize the relationship between clicks and views

If you want to export the data to use with another program, you can do that from this tab as well.


filters on bidvance

Bidvance supports whitelisting and blacklisting. You can check any filters you are using from the filters tab. This lets you select high or low-performing adzones to include or exclude from your campaigns.

Top Verticals to Use with Bidvance

While you can use just about any type of offer with Bidvance, you’ll get the best results in the following verticals:

  • Finance
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Gambling & Casino
  • E-Com
  • Dating
  • Cams
  • Nutra
  • CBD

Some of the larger pubs are live streaming and entertainment websites.

These are a rich source of converting traffic for betting offers, so make sure to do your research beforehand if targeting this audience.

For example, you can use seasonal offers and daily promos on sports sites to catch the user in the moment.


There’s decent support and advertisers can contact their account manager via email or hit them up on Skype.

I found the team full of knowledge and super responsive to any queries, so don’t overlook this perk!


Bidvance is an interesting platform with huge potential. They have all the tools you need to reach the right audience at the right time and scale up your business.

There’s ample ad-tech to help boost your conversions and get more of your ads seen by the users most likely to click. Advanced users will also be able to access the API service and XML Feeds if they need them.

With Bidvance, it’s not just about the features on offer. They’re also a sweet source of high-converting traffic, especially in the betting niche, and they’re already starting to attract a lot of high-profile players.

Our advice?


Get in now and reap the rewards!

Register today and get a 10% extra on the value of your first deposit (from 50$ to 1000$) using the promo code WINBIDVANCE.

Contacts and Details


Minimum Payment: $50

Cost models: CPC, CPM

GEO: Worldwide

Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer

Minimum Deposit: $50

Verticals: Gambling, Nutra, CBD, Dating, Cams



5 Powerful Benefits of Facebook Marketing Services for Your Business

5 Powerful Benefits of Facebook Marketing Services for Your Business

Are you a small business owner? If you are, then you understand the challenges of reaching new customers and maximizing revenue.

That’s why you need all the help you can get.

It’s no secret that marketing isn’t easy. After all, the goal is to reach your target audience while keeping advertising costs as low as possible. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help.

This article takes a look at the benefits of Facebook marketing services. Keeping to get the inside scoop on how to take your social media marketing to the next level.

1. Robust Analytics

One of the primary benefits of using Facebook ads to market your business is access to incredibly powerful analytics. In fact, this is the type of digital feedback that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Facebook analytics are essentially limitless. They provide a wide variety of reports regarding your ad’s performance so that you’re never having to guess or make assumptions about who’s seeing them and how they are reacting.

You will be provided with metrics that tell you everything you need to know about your weekly reach, the number of pages like, post engagement, and even which ads are performing best.

2. Create Ads that Maximize Specific Objectives

Facebook marketing also provides a range of tools that enable you to create ads that cater to specific objectives. The Facebook ad platform walks you through a series of simple steps, letting you target your audience, set a timeframe that your ad will run, the size of your budget, and the type of ad you’re wanting to create.

It’s important to understand that ads are extremely customizable based on how you hope to accomplish. This allows you to create more effective ads so that you have a better chance of delivering the best results possible.

Here’s a resource that will help you take advantage of Facebook services.

3. The Ability to Micro-Target Your Audience

When it comes to effective marketing, few aspects are more important than targeting a specific audience. After all, targeting everyone in the world is inefficient and expensive. In other words, the only people you really need to make sure see your ads are the people who are likely interested in what you’re selling.

Facebook ads enable you to be incredibly specific, so that you’re limited exposure only to your target audience, thus increasing your rate of click-through.

4. Increase Clicks and Conversions While Keeping Costs Low

Facebook ads also help increase clicks while keeping marketing costs to a minimum. Keep in mind that you want your audience to see your ad, and then respond by clicking the CTA button. Facebook helps you keep costs low while at the same time maximizing your click-through rate. This allows you to squeeze the most value possible out of every dime of your marketing budget.

5. Take Advantage of the Power of Social Media

The simple fact is that people spend a lot of time on social media. Facebook ads put you in a position to take advantage of this by driving Facebook traffic to your website.

A Guide to the Benefits of Using Facebook Marketing Services

This is a great time to be a small business owner. Fortunately, Facebook marketing services can help make your next advertising campaign a big success without spending a fortune.

Keep scrolling to discover more cool business and lifestyle tips on this blog.

15 Industry Stats on the Powerful Freelance Gig Economy

15 Industry Stats on the Powerful Freelance Gig Economy

Let’s look at the rising career pathway known as the Freelance Gig Economy. More and more individuals all over the world are opting to freelance instead of working in an office. There are many benefits to this lifestyle. This includes the freedom to work from anywhere globally and set your prices, times, and general work environment. You generally are the boss.

As much as there are benefits, there are drawbacks too. You have to organize your health insurance, tax payments, and retirement fund. Since it’s a business, you may even have to invest a large batch of time in the earlier phases without seeing higher incomes.

You have to consider the freelance gig economy from both sides, but also, there are more data sets and stats we can share that will show you the potential for this economy. And even more exciting, is that there are plenty of freelance websites and marketplaces to help you get started, while also finding more work and establishing yourself as an expert in your space.

Let’s get into the 15 industry stats based on the freelance gig economy.

A large component of the American population is made up of freelancers. They can perform various roles, such as consulting, programming, writing, and even marketing.

Many start their career freelancing due to more income needed, but they soon begin earning more than their ordinary work income. They then have to make a vital choice, and that is if they should take their hustle to a full-time state.

The good news about having 53 million freelancers in the US is that many systems have already been created for you to get work and get started. Nowadays, it’s similar to leveraging your network of using an application that connects freelancers with clients like Upwork, Fiverr, or PeoplePerHour.

While Europe’s freelance community is smaller than the US, many more Europeans want to follow the freelance path. Seeing as they have a high skill level in the in-demand freelance skills, they stand a good chance of securing those gigs. 11 million freelancers bode well for the future of freelancing in Europe, and it’s undoubtedly an excellent option to take if you wish to have more time and work freedom.

The top 6 in-demand freelance skills are included below for you.

  • Developer, coder or programmer
  • Designer
  • Writer or copywriter
  • Marketing professional
  • Translator
  • Videographer

This list can lead you to find if you can earn a decent living from working as a freelancer. If you have these skills, it will be beneficial to your potential as a freelancer. You must be useful in these roles as you will be working with clients who expect high professionalism levels. As much as you have these skills, it’s also crucial that you have customer service experience to provide world-class service to your potential clients.

It’s no been noted that unemployment rates worldwide have increased significantly; based on this, more and more people are seeking other forms of employment.

The good news is that fortune 500 companies are hiring, but this time not for employees but freelancers. Generally, they may need work done, but it doesn’t require a full-time employee but more contractual work, so that’s when they get onto Upwork or People per hour looking for reliable freelancers.

The data shows that almost 30% of the world’s biggest companies need skilled freelancers that currently reside on freelancer sites like Upwork. And some of the best data and information highlighted in this reference guid include:

  • Almost 30 million freelancers are long-term oriented.
  • 31% of freelancers earn $75,000+ a year.
  • There are 57 million freelancers in the US.
  • Working from home improves performance by 13%.
  • 30% of freelance writers make under $10 per hour during their first year.
  • Men make 4 times more money than women.
  • 91% of freelancers think the future of the profession is bright.
  • Half of the working US population will turn to freelance work over the next five years.

The US’s median income sits at $61,000+, and now we’ve seen that 31% of freelancers in the US earn more than $75,000. This means that freelancing has become a likely candidate for better work opportunities and the pay that can match the US’s median salary. To put things into perspective, the average salary for a US manager is $58,000, while a project manager will earn $86,000.

Considering that freelancers’ income is inching closer to that 6-figure income bracket, there might be an opportunity for you to look into the skills you can use to freelance, as we mentioned above.

Further statistics also show that 25% of freelancers had a master’s or Ph.D. while 20% hold no degree. Generally, that makes the global freelance population highly educated professionals. The reality is that while freelancers usually are well educated, many still chose to gain valuable skills and training over continuing formal education.

The aim is to improve their skill and, therefore, their earning potential. The top areas where freelancers have opted to advance their skills include technology and business management. The only challenge is that they have to foot the bill for training costs. Seeing as they will earn more income from the training, it tends to make up for it.

In a recent survey done shows that 72% of freelancers believe they can advance their careers. They think that their jobs also allow them to improve their skillset and essentially earn high incomes.

One of the reasons this could be considered is because freelancers feel they have autonomy over their work. They also fully control their pay scale and the clients they choose to work with.

A recent study done by Upwork indicates that most freelancers are heavily skilled professionals who have advanced degrees and experience in marketing, IT, and consulting.

They bring a lot of this with them to the freelancing world, allowing clients to get the best service without employees’ hassles. The reality is that clients prefer highly skilled freelancers, it generally will give them peace of mind that their projects are handled well.

Statistics are showing us that younger workers are beginning their working life as freelancers. They prefer it, where we see that 53% of freelancers are aged between 18-22 effective 2019. The gen Z group has recognized a need to create alternate work pathways for themselves, leveraging technology.

They are considered the most tech-savvy generation, so working in the online space fits well with the preferred style of work. Generally, freelance work lends itself to more results from home scenarios too. If you’re interested, we also noticed that millennials make up 40% of the freelance population.

The reality is that many choose to freelance due to a dislike for their current work circumstance. It can be a hard slog, in the beginning, having to learn new models of working and getting used to the online work environment. Yet once you do, it opens up a world of possibilities.

The first is that you can work virtually, and also you have a world of clients waiting to use your services to build their projects. That’s the main reason that 64% of people have seen that they have better work opportunities because of freelancing.

The trend we’re noticing is that Freelancers tend to be happier, and the big reason is that they have more work-life balance.

They don’t spend all of their time working. Instead, they can invest time in their hobbies, families, and doing more than they could before freelancing.

Add in the lack of travel since they work from home, you have a more engaged individual. It shows too as remote working data shows us that 77% of people who start freelancing see improvements in their work and life balance.

Generally speaking, when using freelancers, companies don’t have to pay for a permanent employee. That means no management of pensions or other overheads for that employee. It can save the company millions of dollars a year.

This makes it even more lucrative to use freelancers in companies. More and more companies see this value as they see their profit margins increase with fewer employee costs for their payroll. On average, they can save $11 per hour per employee when they opt for freelancers instead.

Managers and employers don’t appreciate monitoring every aspect of their team’s workstation, so they use expensive software to check average handling time, breaks, and transfers. This tends to be costly.

When using work from strategy, freelancers outperform office employees. This does seem intuitive as well, where we see that working from home offers less distraction, leading to better productivity, which directly affects the bottom line of a company. Data shows that companies see an increase of $2000 in profit per freelancer.

This statistic is good news for those thinking about leaving their 9-5 in favor of freelance work. It shows that 25% of freelancers left their regular job for their new occupations in freelance statistics.

Fast forward to six months later, and many earn 60% more than what they used to make at their ex-employer. This statistic alone can inspire someone who has the skills and the knowledge to try out freelance work; it may become a risk that earned you a 60% higher monthly income in a short space of time.

This number seems large when compared to the 53 million individuals currently working as a freelancer. This expansion will bode well for unhappy office workers who want to use their skills to Freelance.

The trend does not look to be stopping, and with more people waking up to the online opportunities, the freelancer realm will eventually have 90.1 million group members by 2028, according to Statista.

The world of work has changed significantly, and we have to adapt along with it. We hope that the 15 powerful stats have given you food for thought on how you can leverage Freelance in your business or as an extra side hustle.

Based on our experience, we’ve seen that Freelancers earn large incomes but will need to work the required hours to create that income. It can be a fulfilling and flexible career path provided you keep in mind the administration involved to set up tax, pensions, and more.

The overall result is good, and we recommend trying out an opportunity freelancing so that you can learn the ropes. As we noticed, the playing field is getting smaller and smaller as more people look to freelancing to leave the 9-5 lifestyle.

Did you enjoy reading our post on the 15 Industry Stats on the Powerful Freelance Gig Economy? If so, you will probably enjoy our WordPress stats reference guide.

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