Manage Your Production Better And More Efficiently With These Tips

Manage Your Production Better And More Efficiently With These Tips

Streamlining the production process is a top priority of every company. Your success as an organization will actually rely on how efficient your production lines are. 

Create a smooth process, and you are likely to see a better time to market while maintaining the desired quality standards. On the other extreme end, an inefficient process leads to wastage of resources on top of putting your company’s reputation on the line.

So, how do you optimize the production process? Below are a few tips to help you out with this.

Identify Obstacles In The Process

Every business should evaluate its workflow regularly to ensure no new challenges are negatively affecting the production process.

The evaluators should check for any bottlenecks that could be affecting production. Start by analyzing the employees at their different positions. Do they still have the relevant skills to undertake their duties? If not,  develop a plan to train them or reassign them to areas that fit their skills.

Move on to the resources used. Are they still relevant to the current production standards, or can you do better? Are they even in good condition?

What about the techniques you are using? Are they efficient enough to keep you competitive?

You can only improve your production process once you get and address the answers to these questions.

  1. Train Your Employees

Do not introduce new technology without training your staff. Not only does this lead to the underutilization of expensive resources, but it can also endanger the well-being of the employees on the flow.

Ensure your staff is trained every time a new technique or technology is introduced. Additionally, you should conduct refresher training every few months or annually. This maintains efficiency in the production process. It will also help you meet industry regulations on employee safety training.

  1. Invest In Good Software

Good software can increase your manufacturing process significantly. The right MRP software will boost efficiency and equipment utilization and it’ll also make it easier to communicate with the different players involved in the production process. So whether it’s sales, finance, procurement, or warehouse personnel, you’ll always know how the entire process is flowing.

Sadly, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to production software. The appropriate product will always vary depending on your activities and needs as a company. So, make sure you know what you want before shopping for a software product.

  1. Create Well-defined And Realistic Goals

A successful production process requires SMART objectives, i.e., the goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Work closely with your managers and junior staff to ensure everyone is on board with the objectives put in place. Every employee must also know the specific role they play in the entire plan.

  1. Consider Adopting Automation

Machines have helped industries increase efficiency while keeping production costs at a minimum.

Depending on the type and method of automation used, you may be able to reduce your wage bill as well. You’ll also increase production capacity, something that’s harder or expensive to achieve when using manual labor alone.

With that in mind, you should know that the initial cost of purchasing and setting up machines can be pretty expensive. Therefore, do your math and ensure the automation techniques you’re implementing have a reasonable return on investment. 

The above list is far from exhaustive. However, it covers the essentials that are more than capable of optimizing your production process. Analyze your existing process, then start implementing these tips gradually.

7 Myths About the Video Production Process: Punctured!

7 Myths About the Video Production Process: Punctured!

Video production process – does the term sound cumbersome! Do you think aligning videos with your marketing technique will be expensive? If you have had such similar thoughts, then you might be under the bout of dangerous misconceptions and believing on all those age-old myths have been adding to your overall plight and further making you reluctant to adapt videos in your marketing strategy. Also not taking the stride must have left you far behind in the competition.

Nonetheless, if you want to rank higher in SERPs and become a well-known brand, you should shun away all the wrong ideas you might have nurtured in your mind for a longer period.

What is Video Production?

For Video production to be successful, first you must understand its concept.

The art of creating visuals by capturing moving images and involving the 3 stages of video production like pre-production, production and post-production is all about the video production process. Although there are different types of video production, yet all sorts follow the same procedure.

Next, you must understand that video should be created, targeted and distributed correctly or you won’t be able to tap your potential customers. So, if you are under the spell of wrong thoughts how can you reach the broader demographic! Here we seek to help you regarding your video success. Also, we would like to draw your attention that the video production myths that might have prevented you till date from taking the step are all just in your mind. Video technology has come a long way in the last few years and now if you don’t update yourself with the fast-growing marketing world your brand will be lost forever.


7 Myths About the Video Production Process: Punctured!

Myth#1: Video Production Process is Complicated and Expensive

Myth Punctured: Although you might think there’s a bit of truth in it. But that was years before when we had to arrange and hire every single piece of equipment to shoot our video. In addition to that video shooting also demanded extensive prior planning. But over the time video production became easy. Thankfully with the availability of devices at our arm’s length, there’s no need to hire expensive cameras and gears. With little or no effort you can create an HD or ultra high definition quality video and that too in a pocket-friendly budget.

If you think in terms of complexity, let me tell you, creating videos are not at all a complicated phenomenon. Like pricing, you also have a gamut of opportunities to plan your video strategy. The simple step to get the most out of videos is to design videos that match your brand and organization. Arrange for something like ‘about us’ videos. These videos are the best elements to capture your visitor’s attention. Most importantly, these videos are accessible and affordable to create and don’t require massive-scale production.

Myth#2: Quality isn’t crucial when it’s about uploading Videos in YouTube

Myth Punctured: Back in 2007 competition had not reached to this extremity. But today when it’s 2019 the strife is cut throat. Brands are struggling to carve a niche in the industry. The millennials have different demands, different expectations from their chosen brands and it has become absolutely challenging for us to find our own space. Therefore when it’s about video marketing and satisfying your clients’ needs, you must give them something that they can cherish forever. Something to which they can relate to.

Although not all present-day viewers are tech-savvy yet they can differentiate between quality video and videos that are not up to the mark. If the videos can’t grab the eyeballs of your viewers than what’s the use of toiling so hard? So, get it straight to your mind that whether you are uploading videos on YouTube or using it in other ways quality plays a pivotal role. Don’t think its just YouTube, think in a broader perspective-you will be attracting a potential client-base.

Myth#3: Websites Design Do Not Need Videos To Attract Visitors

Myth Punctured: Have you heard about user experience? It encompasses all aspects of how an end-user interacts with your company, its services and its products. User experience is the most important metric for your success. You can enhance the user experience by embedding videos in your website homepage. Visually appealing videos are the proven ways to take user experience to a more interactive level. Background videos do the wonders.

Websites that have background videos are visited more than those that don’t have. However, you must keep in mind that video backgrounds certainly do not fit in every setting. You must understand that your brand must have the requirement for such a video. Videos on homepage lets you convey your message artistically and exclusively while maintaining high quality standard

Myth#4: Video Creation Does Not Require Professional Help

Myth Punctured: With the advancement of technology, videos are not hard to create. Even they don’t require expensive devices. If you think you can create a video for your marketing strategy, you might be wrong. The fact is you would be making a video to get connected to your target audience, to let them know about your products and services. Just think about it – you create a video investing your time and money and unfortunately no one watches them or only a handful of people find and view those, is it worth it? So, notwithstanding the reality that the video production process is effortless, you should hire professional service to produce visually appealing broadcasts to engage your potential consumers.

Standing out in the competitive market is tough and that’s the reason why you need expert help. Without mastery of creativity, branding and audience targeting, your video will not produce the essential outcome and you would get lost like any other run-of-the-mill company videos in the market. Finally, when you don’t reach your set goal, all your investments would be in vain.

Myth#5: Videos Don’t Have Enough Uses In The Industry Today

Myth Punctured: You might be under an illusion that today with so much happening all around videos might have lost their importance. There’s no use of making videos now. But let me puncture this very thought of yours now. For your information, videos will perhaps never lose its significance. Compared to all marketing tools these visual communication medium are the most dynamic and re-purposable type of content that you deliver to your audience. Videos are responsible for boosting audience engagement, raise click-through rates for landing pages, increase social shares, encourage more open rates for emails and improve your visitors sticking time to your website. Most importantly videos can be shared through several platforms far and wide.

Myth#6: Videos are Used Only As Television Commercials

Myth Punctured: This is one of the most common myths of video production. Almost all entrepreneurs who have just embarked on their entrepreneurial journey often think that videos are only meant for television commercials. If you are also one of them, then rethink. Haven’t you come across any business marketing videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn? You must have it! And this answers your query. If you take a closer look and do your research thoroughly, you will find that millennials get more engaged with videos that are shared on social networks. Although you might have clients of older age groups who prefer watching videos on a traditional platform, yet the number is quite meager.

Videos are widely accepted in all platforms. Social media has made it convenient to get closer to your target audience. You get the best chance of spreading your message to a broader clientele through social networks. Also compared to television instead of one delivery channel you have a plethora of options. You can create and upload videos on your website homepage.

Here are some options you can try out to make your videos popular-

  • Align videos with your email marketing
  • Upload videos in all social channels
  • Create YouTube advertisements
  • Add video to your website homepage

Today you must understand that video has come a long way. It is not confined to television ads alone. Owing to the continuous technological developments we have access to many distribution channels than ever before. This proves the video isn’t only for television ads.


Myth #7: Videos should always be short and precise

Myth Punctured: what will work best for your video marketing-longer videos or shorter ones? Actually, every video has its specific requirement. Video production timeline does not follow any set rules. The length of the video depends on the topic shot. However, owing to the shorter attention span of modern-day audience, a shorter video makes the maximum impact on the viewers, but you must keep in mind that if you are trying to tell your audience something that requires you to create a long video, don’t look back, you ought to do justice to the story-line. It’s important to understand what you are trying to convey to your target audience.

How Digital Video Production can be useful Tool for Heightening Business Reach

How Digital Video Production can be useful Tool for Heightening Business Reach

Video Marketing has become a key factor in driving ROI and traffic these days. And that’s the reason marketers and entrepreneurs are so fond of digital video production to amplify their business growth. Given the current shift towards everything visual and digital, no way can a business smell success by depending on text-based marketing alone. Be it introducing new products or promoting the existing ones, video animations can benefit businesses of any size and stature.

It also becomes easier for the consumers to purchase a product that is supported by visuals or a video. As per the stats 64-85% customers or prospects are likely to make a purchase decision if there’s a video representation of any product or a service. As the consumer behaviours say, when there’s a video content that describes a product, it is easier for them to establish a connection with the brand. Plain text or just visuals that don’t have any motion, people have moved way past those.

There’s no denying the fact that images and visuals do enhance your chance of communicating with the prospects; but today’s media-driven culture is all about motion movies. They have a far reaching effect on the audience.

This is a time when nobody wants to be sold to. Consumers are smart enough to read through a click-bait ad, or a self-proclaiming marketing pitch. Today’s marketing pitch is all about showing the value the end users will get. And videos excel in this particular approach of giving the customers an up-close look at a product or a service. Even the social influencers take resort to videos while interacting with their followers, because that’s the most convenient way of reaching the mass.

There are speculations as to how does digital video work. Let’s start with promoting a business through videos. Speaking of heightening your business reach, video promotion is considered to be one the most effective marketing technique. Right from amplifying the organic ranking, to sharing the contents on the various social media channels, digital video is a multifunctional part of your digital marketing mix and every marketer must have a dedicated place for it in their marketing strategy.

The primary reason for such dynamic shareable trait is that videos allow a lot of complex information to be processed quite easily, by making them shorter, crisper and more digestible to your target audience. This creates a positive effect on your website visitors as they get to experience an improved UI. Eventually, Google and other major search engines, who give utmost priority to user experience, rank your website higher.

As the recent reports say, by 2021, 80% of traffic will consist of video, in one form or the other.

If a marketer thinks about business expansion, or wants to explore new avenues of opportunities, he/she may use video contents in a number of ways. A video content after when produced can be uploaded on YouTube and embedded within a blog. It can also be put on the social media handles.

From both of these media channels, a business or a website is ought to get quality leads. This is the diversity of video contents. If there’s any media that can bring organic traffic, that’s video. In a way of repurposing your existing video, you can simply use the audio content in the form of Podcasts, another way of driving traffic to website! People are extremely fond of podcasts these days, mainly because they can simply plug in their earphones on-the-go and listen to the piece.

So, if you are ready to publish another podcast, don’t go for creating a new, simple extract the audio content from one of your existing videos and jam it into a brand new podcast file. In a nutshell, if used and reused wisely, videos can take your business to a new growth.

For the conversion part too, videos take the cake! Websites with a video content on their homepages are likely to hold the visitors longer, which makes them prone to conversion. As landing pages are the ideal spots for videos, they skyrocket the conversion rates by up to 80%. This whopping figure is one solid reason why every marketer must think of digital video production. It is further evident that people stick around websites with videos more than websites that only have texts and occasional visuals.

We all know about the shortened attention span of people these days (shorter than the attention span of goldfish!). For a business to work out, the fundamental asset is the attention it gets from its target audience. Videos have an inherent story-telling trait that catches people’s attention in a jiffy and hold it for a long time. Simply put, humans love to get entertained. And videos do that exactly! They simply entertain. And also disseminate information in the process.

Depending on whatever your product or service is, an animated explainer or promotional video can actually make you stand out in the crowd! And what’s more interesting is, approximately 75% of professionals watch promotional videos regularly that are relevant to the products or services they are interested in.

So there’s a great deal of prospects out there whether you are interested in a B2B or a B2C business model.

With the right message, videos, whether analogue or digital put together the expertise of your sales team and marketing guys into one single package. This can of course be used for years. And thus, maximum numbers of companies are always after digital video production with high value to get across their message loud and clear, to the right audience. And it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Any stature of business, big or medium or small, can create high quality digital video contents, leverage them and make money.

Earlier, it was only reserved for the big shots though. Today, technology has advanced to such a great point, where producing high definition animations are just a matter of few hours. With the Live video options available today on Facebook, Instagram, etc, you just need a Smartphone and a strong Internet connection, and you are sorted! Digital video examples like Facebook Live videos get a volley of likes, shares and comments creating a massive amount of online engagement.

And the best part is, these videos can be downloaded later to be used in other promotional emails or to be uploaded on YouTube or any other video streaming channel. The omnipotence of YouTube has driven a lot many amateurs and mostly video enthusiast students into digital filmmaking.

So in a whole, producing digital video contents is no longer an expensive and time consuming affair. What you need is just a good script, a positive body language (for Live videos or the ones you want to feature yourself), the right video agency, and the right message.

Now, the last rule of thumb that remains is, the right kind off video materials that your business needs. Apart from the ones already mentioned above (Live videos, lading page videos), some other kind of variations can be:

  • Buzz Reels
  • Demo Reels
  • Testimonials
  • Ad Banners
  • Training Videos
  • Fundraiser Videos

You may experiment with these different types of digital video forms, until you get the right one for your business.

Final Words
To conclude, video is fun. And is truly the best possible way to reach your audience. The factors that one must remember though are, give your audience some value, a philosophy, a topic of interest – something that is worth of their time. The more you share positive information, the more they will stick around your brand. It is further evident from the manner which netizens are in love with this media format, videos have that magic in them to heighten business reach.

However, there’s also a word of warning to the novice marketers out there. Though videos are proven to drive leads, boost conversions and increase business reach, a poor quality video can make all your efforts go in vain. Poor or amateurish production quality is a strict non-no when it is about a business or online presence. If the presentation is bad, it can drive away the prospects.

Hence, apart from the right message, target audience and script, the video production quality must also be a checklist to consider. Though there are thousands of online video makers, it is still recommended to consult a professional who provide ace digital video services, when scoping out for a business video. Digital video production works only when there’s a perfect tandem of all the necessary components.