8 Pro Tips for Promoting Videos on YouTube

8 Pro Tips for Promoting Videos on YouTube

Need to know pro tips for promoting videos on YouTube?

You know that YouTube is increasingly becoming one of the most useful tools for marketers.

It’s quite natural on your part to think -why should you boost your YouTube video? What benefits your company would receive on this action?

Take a look at the following statistics and think again about promoting videos on YouTube.

Bottom-line: Sharing videos and promoting them on YouTube will boost your SEO and your brand presence. YouTube is the perfect place for all marketers, it allows you to present your video content in a unique way. It’s one of the best places that makes easier for viewers to consume and share them.

As a brand advertiser you must know that compared to TV, online videos are the best way to reach your target audience. Thus based on the above statistics, it’s apparent that YouTube being the social platform would help you reach a wide network of people at an affordable cost.

We understand and also want you to understand the greatness of Video marketing on YouTube, we’ve compiled for you 8 Pro Tips for promoting videos on YouTube.

Read along and find out how to promote YouTube videos without paying.

Tip 1: Allow viewers to embed your videos

While uploading a video, you will receive an option to- allow others or not allow others to embed your video on external sites. Here, you need to check the option ‘allow others to embed.’ This embed feature of YouTube enables people to take your video and then publish it on their website or their own channel, etc. Now, when you allow people to share your video on their sites, gain maximum exposure.

Bonus: When you allow the public to embed your video to their site, make room to take your own credit each time whenever your video gets re-published.


Tip 2: Spread your YouTube video through cross-promotion

Cross- promoting enables you to get the maximum exposure. You can incorporate videos into your email newsletter, blog and your social media accounts. Life Net Inc. surveyed and revealed that ‘the highest YouTube views occur during the active advertising of the video.’

Tip 3: Optimize your video title with relevant keywords

Get more views on YouTube videos by optimizing your broadcast with relevant keywords.

Whether it’s a written content or a video, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role in the promotion of every material. If you want your video to achieve a top rank in search engine results you’ll need to optimize your video program. Keywords are essential for every program to attract more traffic.

The title of your video has greater significance, craft a title with relevant keywords. You need to perform a proper keyword research and be up-to-date what people are searching.

Take a look at some of the expert tips for creating the best title that conforms to the SEO process:

  • Video title needs to be short and to the point.
  • It should have attention-grabbing theme.
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the title.
  • Consider using power words that would compel people to open your video.
  • Video tags are valuable for YouTube SEO, add relevant keywords- search what your competitors are using and incorporate similar ones for more benefit.
  • Add lots of long tail keywords in the description.
  • Put more emphasis on the video description ads well similar to the title.

Bonus: Remember not to stuff your video with too many keywords. Google disqualifies those contents that have too much keyword insertion.

Tip 4: Plan for weekly video series

People look for continuity, hence they subscribe to a YouTube channel which has regular updates. When viewers know what to expect from a certain video they will come to you and this way viewership of your video increases. For e.g., Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos: these videos appear every Friday and the audience appreciates its regularity.

Tip 5: Social Media sharing contributes to video promotion

It’s a known fact that social media attract huge traffic. Experts confirm that sharing videos in any social channel is the easy way to get views on YouTube videos. Social platforms are actually the

powerful marketing tools to promote your YouTube Channel.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most preferred platforms that generate maximum number of views. Hence, these are the best places to promote your YouTube channel. Promoting your YouTube channel on these various platforms can contribute to increase in your traffic.

Social media are places that display your video to a large network of audience. Each time when your followers like or comment and share your videos in their wall, their friends and followers view this activity and eventually your video receives a large viewership.


Tip 6: Custom thumbnail increases views

Thumbnails are essential to increase the audience’s curiosity level on your contents. A properly created thumbnail can make your video the widely accessed content. According to surveys, 90% of the best performing videos have a custom thumbnail. You can take the help of Adobe Photoshop, Canva or your favorite photo editor.

There are certain specifications for customizing a thumbnail:

  • Established dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels, under 2 MB
  • Choose an icon that basically represents your brand
  • Upload an eye-catching cover photo and fill out your profile

Tip 7: Ploy with your YouTube Channel – make it spectacular

Make your YouTube channel prominent amongst your competitors. As the first impression is the final impression and when it’s about YouTube, this first impression will make your audience come back to your channel again and again.

Customize your YouTube Channel attractive with colors, images, links, logo, information, etc. Additionally, you can create a trailer video and display it for those first time and recurring visitors. Add a bit of introduction and explanation of what your YouTube channel plans to offer in this trailer video. This is the best way to get views on YouTube videos.


Tip 8: Engage viewers with Call-to-Action

When a viewer comes to your YouTube channels but leaves after a short stay, it hampers your overall business as you don’t get the traffic. Hence, you need to engage your viewers by providing Call-to-Action. CTAs within a video let people take one of the following user action:

  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Watch more videos,
  • Like or share a video
  • Leave a comment.

You can use two proven CTA methods:

  • Direct Host-Mentions: You can directly talk to the camera and tell people what action to take.
  • End-cards: An end-card appears at the end of a video and take up the whole screen.
  • Video Descriptions. You can put a link to your website or your social accounts in your description and ask your followers to click.

In this digital world videos are the best source to reach to your client and tell them about your product and service. Being one of the popular social channels, YouTube gives you scope to get maximum number of viewers. If you require help while creating your own video, you can visit Animatedvideo.com and enjoy the professional service of talented video producers.

Rounding off

Any content requires exposure after it’s created. This means after you create something you need to promote it in different places so that it gets a wide exposure and in the long run will benefit your business. Videos are entwined with the online marketing campaign. Hence you need robust principles to make your video prominent amidst your competitors. Hope these above pro tips give you an idea of the effective video promotion and increase your subscribers.


How to Make Money Promoting Monitoring Software

How to Make Money Promoting Monitoring Software

As affiliates and online marketers, we have a pretty good idea that most of what we do online is already tracked and monitored on some level. While we are quite knowledgable on how internet history, page caching and cookies work, most of the world thinks that what they do online isn’t really linked to them in anyway. With most of the world being oblivious to the different types of online and mobile tracking tools and software that are out there, this leaves a huge opportunity for any affiliates, bloggers and online marketers to cash in and take advantage of the situation.

A good example of this can be seen through the recent Ashley Madison data leak. With millions of people going online to see if their loved one created an account on their site, there is now a missing trust factor that was once there. Now the question is, what are people actively thinking about when others are online? (and what if they could actually see what they were searching for online)

All of this is leading up to millions of people going online and looking for software that can report keyboard logging and monitor internet usage. This type of software isn’t just for people that are worried about trust issues, it’s also for parents that want to monitor their kid’s internet usage and even businesses that want to make sure their employees are actually spending their time on work.

Another big concern is how families might be using their mobile devices… whether it be going to inappropriate sites, contacting people they shouldn’t be or even for keeping an eye on where you kid is going on a daily basis — it’s now all possible through advanced online monitoring software.

Before jumping into the concept of how you can make money with such a service, let’s take a look at mSpy monitoring software and how it works.

mSpy Advanced Desktop and Cell Phone Monitoring

As described through the scenarios above, mSpy has created a software solution that allows you monitor desktop and cell phone usage across multiple platforms. What’s also important to note is that this software isn’t just being used to track internet usage among the family or for parents, it’s also being used to keep workers more productive while online as well.

Check out the short 30-second video below to see how mSpy works.

Here are just a few of the features and benefits to using mSpy monitoring software.

  • WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, location tracking & 25 more features
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS
  • Easily accessible from any browser
  • 24/7 multi-language support
  • 5 Minute Installation

In the screenshot below you will see what it looks like when you are logged into the dashboard area. On the left hand side you will see all of the different monitoring features that are built into the desktop monitoring service, while also seeing the “Keylogger” details in the main area.


A preview of the mobile monitoring service can also be seen below. Notice the many different data points and area that are being tracked, especially the “10 Most Calling Contacts”, “Recent Cell Phone Activity” and “Locations” — all of which are powerful assets when trying to keep your children safe at all times.


For more on mSpy and their software, you can visit their main site at https://mspy.com — however, now it’s time for use to dive into the affiliate marketing opportunity that lies within this software as well!

How to Make Money with mSpy Monitoring Software

Like many services and software solutions, mSpy has an affiliate program that allows you to promote their site and earn a nice commission on all referred sales. Besides the obvious advantage of earning money by recommending a solution to something people are already looking for, affiliates of mSpy also a have the following advantages.

  • $95.5 average sale (mSpy knows their audience well and exactly what they want, which leads to a higher sales average and more earnings for your site)
  • 120 days cookie life (affiliate programs with 100+ day cookies allows you to earn money should the user come back to the site in the future and complete their purchase)
  • 1.5% average refund rate (with a very low refund rate, you won’t be surprised at the end of the month with many order refunds to lower your total commissions)
  • 200+ promo tools (banners, text, ad copy — mSpy has you covered with all of their top performing ad copy and custom creatives)
  • Real-time Statistics (don’t you hate waiting around for your affiliate stats to lag behind your traffic and click stats? mSpy has real time affiliate stats)
  • Weekly Payments (forget about waiting til the end of the month to get, mSpy pays out to their affiliates on a weekly basis)
  • Dedicated Support (with affiliate marketing a main focus for mSpy, they also have a full dedicated support team to help with your promotions.

TIP: As mentioned above, mSpy also offers “cell phone monitoring”, which is an extremely lucrative niche that has little saturation at this point. Any affiliate marketers who establish their presence in this area can keep making money for years to come and mobile continues to grow.

In addition to everything mentioned above, each affiliate is also given access to their own affiliate manager who can answer any questions you might have, create original ad creative for you and also give you new ideas for how to best promote mSpy.

Earn up to 70% Commission per Sale

Another benefit to the mSpy affiliate program is that you can earn up to 70% commission per sale with the right amount of volume. Something affiliates always have to struggle with, is the concept of sending their high quality leads and customers to a company and only getting a fraction of the cost. With mSpy and a 70% payout, you are going to be stressed to find a higher paying product with anywhere near the same quality, brand and services in place.


To join the mSpy affiliate program, you can go to https://www.mspy.com/affiliates.html

As for promotion of the mSpy software, you have a lot of options.

With the Ashley Madison hack still gaining a lot of attention and our privacy being put at risk everyday, there are many ways you could be creating content around people who are actively searching for keylogging and internet monitoring software — while both addressing the issue of why it’s important, how to set it up and why mSpy is the best software to get the job done.

Through the use of Keyword Planner we can see a wide variation of monitoring and tracking based keywords that people are actively searching for on a daily basis. Everything from “cell phone tracking” to “spy mobile” and of course everything relating to “desktop monitoring” and internet usage as well.


This type of marketing and targeting could be done through search marketing and also by creating your own content, while also becoming an authority site in the process. We already know that someone becomes a new parent every day and that millions of kids are getting their first phone every day as well — all of this leading to new parents going online to find information on how to track, monitor and protect their families at the same time.

Should you put in the time and effort to build out your own resource site catering to this audience, you could see a steady steam of visitors and mSpy referral sales coming in on a daily basis!

Want a couple more ideas? Creating mspy software review articles (or sites) and videos is another great way to drive sales for this product. Lots of affiliates are already doing this and it’s simply a matter of you taking action to get your own slice of the earnings pie.

Want one last knowledge bomb for how to effectively promote mSpy? Of course you do!

Don’t forget about the power of Facebook Ads and their superior demographic targeting. Want to hit “Parents” with pre-teens and teenagers… consider it done in just a few clicks. (Tip: When using Facebook Ads, I highly recommend building out your own landing pages to target the right audience, cater your message/ad copy the best way possible and to also make the FB Ads approval process as seamless as possible.)

I only scratched the surface on different ways you can promote mSpy monitoring software, now it’s time for you to join their affiliate program and put these ideas and concepts into action.

How to Make Money Promoting Games through Shark Games

How to Make Money Promoting Games through Shark Games

The gaming market is huge and it’s recent growth really has no end in sight. Back in the day, gaming was all about consoles like Nintendo, SEGA and Playstation — now it’s all about playing games online and through our mobile devices. Since there is no longer a need for physical items and software to be purchased and shipped, it’s now easier than ever for content creators, developers and affiliate marketers to cash in on the massive opportunities within the gaming industry right now.

Once such affiliate network to help you find success, is Shark Games — a network focused solely on web and mobile based gaming while also providing you with the best tools and resources.

In this review we are going to look at the Shark Games network, the different campaigns they have to offer and how you can start making money or increasing your earnings through gaming related offers.

Shark Games – International Game Affiliate Network

Shark Games currently has over 100 different gaming and mobile based offers on their network. As with all affiliate based marketing, the publisher will receive a commission whenever a game or application is downloaded (or opened and played). A great opportunity for any existing app developer or rewards-based sites, is to promote any of the offers that are currently approved for incentivization.


When first logging into the network, you will recognize it’s interface is powered through HasOffers, which also powers many of the largest affiliate networks in the world today. Payouts to affiliates are made on a weekly, monthly and Net30 basis depending on volume and quality of leads. Payments are issued through Paypal, BankWire and WebMoney. Should you have a website or affiliate resource site, you can also refer new affiliates to Shark Games and earn a 5% commission on their earnings.

Promoting Gaming Offers within Shark Games

Once you are setup with Shark Games affiliate account, you can log into their platform and start promoting offers. Before doing so, you will want to take a look at the top performing offers currently on the network. You can see a screenshot of this area below. Notice the different offers and how they are separated by device. You can also pull similar reports to see offers based on their incentivized and non-incentivized ability.

Game Shark IOS and Android Offers

Offers can also be sorted based on their category, country, mobile device and payout structure.

If you wanted to pull all offers that are available for Android promotion, you would see there are currently 50 different offers to choose from.


Once you found an offer you would like to promote, you can click on it to see it’s full campaign details, payouts, creatives and accepted promotional methods.

Below you will see the breakdown for the “Wi-Fi Master Key” app, which has been performing well on Shark Games. Depending on the offer you choose, you may start pushing traffic to it immediately or you might need to request approval on the offer. Once you have full access, you can setup all necessary tracking urls, custom ids or pixels.


When promoting an offer (WiFi Master Key in this case), the user is sent directly to the Google Play install page where they can complete the app install process. Having the ability to send a user directly to the Google Play store is a huge benefit, as it’s a site and brand they are already familiar with.


Once the end user completes the installation, you would then earn the designated compensation for that offer.

How to Make Money Promoting Games through Game Shark

Just like any form of affiliate marketing, your results will vary based on the marketing methods you decide to use. I’ve listed some of the most common methods for promoting gaming offers and mobile applications below.

  • In-App Promotions – As a developer of your own apps, you can easily implement upgrades or rewards based on incentivizing your users to download different apps. These apps could be mobile based games such as the ones Shark Games is offering.
  • Mobile Media Buying – Even if you aren’t a developer or have your own apps, there is sill plenty of advertising that you can take advantage of through 3rd party media buying networks. Such advertising can be done through mobile popups and incentivized offerings.
  • Gaming Resource Sites – For the content creators out there, gaming resource and review sites are always getting a ton of traffic. Should your site rank organically for any the games you review, you could have a nice consistent flow of revenue daily.

No matter what method you choose for promoting gaming and mobile based offers, the most important thing to know is that there is a massive upside in this industry. As more people use their mobile devices and upgrade to smartphones, the demand for new users and money pouring into this area is huge.

Take advantage of online gaming and mobile applications by joining Shark Games affiliate network today.