Five Ways to Increase Site Traffic with Proven SEO Strategies

Five Ways to Increase Site Traffic with Proven SEO Strategies

With hundreds of millions of live blogs online, cutting through the noise and getting yourself seen in a sea of what can seem like overwhelming competition takes both work and knowhow. If you want your blog to get the exposure it needs for your site to grow, whether it is personal or for an online business, then you have to invest in that growth.

This is an investment of both time and, in some cases, money, to help your site make its way to the top of Google’s organic search rankings. In short, this is an investment in SEO. SEO is a broad topic, with far too much pertinent information to cover in just one article, so below are five ways to increase site traffic using proven SEO methods.

Do Your Keyword Research

Whether you are writing a blog just to get your thoughts out there or it is part of your online business’ content strategy, to get people visiting your site, reading your content, or purchasing your products and services, they will need to be able to find you when they search relevant keywords. If you want to find out what customers or readers in your niche are searching, then you will need an analytics tool to show you the data.

The gold standard, by far, is Ahrefs.

Ahref helps you not only discover which keywords people in your niche are searching, but shows you how competitive the various keywords for which you would like to rank are. Competition online is fierce, and large companies with deep pockets invest a lot of money into making sure their website ranks highly for the most competitive keywords.

As a smaller, newer business, you can try and write and rank for less competitive ones, and tools like Ahrefs help you narrow down your keywords. Ahrefs is, however, comparatively quite expensive, especially given the free options out there, but it is most definitely what the pros use. A workaround many new site owners and bloggers use is to purchase the first month of Ahrefs to do a lot of keyword research and then work off of that.

Get Links From Authoritative Sites

SEO is, by and large, a dual process: content writing and link building. The SERPs, in many ways, are a giant popularity test. In addition to your keyword game, Google also determines where to place your site or page on those ranked lists based on how many other quality pages have linked back to you (i.e., think you are a good source of information or a worthwhile service). The more of these backlinks you have to your site and content, not only the more likely it is others will find and follow these links, but the more credibility you have in Google’s eyes.

Building backlinks is a time-consuming process that involves both monetary and opportunity costs. There is also an expertise factor, as the outreach required to establish relationships with sites willing to either publish content that link backs to your site, or insert what are known as “paid links” is a unique process unto itself. Many blogs, both new and growing, see great success outsourcing this process to a reputable link building company with a proven record building high-quality backlinks that increase traffic.

Keyword Optimize Your Meta Tags

Many people make the mistake of assuming that keyword optimization is just about what goes into the body of your blog article. Not so. There are a handful of other vital components that are important for both Google and potential readers if you want your organic traffic to really flow. These are your meta tags, and they matter.

Specifically, they are your title, meta description, and image description. Your blog article’s title should not only reflect the nature of the content but also contain the keyword you are trying to rank for. This could be a single keyword, but more than likely it is a short or perhaps even longtail keyword that also appears throughout the article itself. Content with a keyword-optimized title conveys relevance and both Google and readers like relevance.

Your meta description is the short (~160 characters including spaces) blurb that essentially explains the page to potential readers as they peruse the SERPs. The meta description does not influence your ranking, but it will influence people to click. And lastly, your image description is another important piece of meta information to keyword optimize. People very often find pages via Google’s image search, and if your page’s image appears in the first few rows of results, they are more likely to be clicked and followed.

Don’t Forget About YouTube

If you are a serious blogger, or even an online business owner, you may be pondering a foray into YouTube as a means of cross-promotion. Whether this is you or you already have a branded channel with several or more videos up, there are ways to use YouTube to take advantage of the web’s second-largest video search engine. Many bloggers are using YouTube to link back to their site (which Google will not reward you for), and there are also SEO tactics you can use to ensure your videos are found and recommended by YouTube’s algorithm.

Especially important for YouTube, even more than your site, is your metadata. You want to reduce the amount of work the YouTube algorithm has to do to parse your video content and determine what it is, where it should go and if it should be recommended. This includes target keyword(s) in your title, in your video description, and mentioning your keyword in your video.


Getting your blog past the startup phase and into the growth and scaling phase is something you need to be methodical and systematic about. While miracles do happen, and there are other ways to generate attention and draw eyes and ears to your content, SEO is, hands down, the best, most reliable and most sustainable long-term effort you can make to increase traffic to your site.

In order to achieve the highest results possible, while also staying ahead of the competition, be sure to keep the above proven SEO methods in mind when creating content and new backlink strategies for your site. By doing so, you will greatly increase the odds that your little blog becomes a big success.

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A detailed study of the social media management tools reveal that every tool is designed to serve particular activities- some tools allow the marketers to schedule their posts, while others assist a marketer in scouting for relevant and trending contents that can get them closer to their target audience.

Although the list is not exhaustive yet, we have compiled a some of the most exclusive and the best social media management tools 2018 for your convenience. A business can benefit from Edgar or Meet Edgar – a scheduling tool, Sprout Social – a proven social media tool, Sendible – ideal for agencies, Everypost – best among social media management app, Social Pilot – the marketing tool, Social Booster – the comprehensive tool, impressive tool is IFTTT and the list cannot be complete without Hootsuite, Buffer or Co-schedule.

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Animated Commercials: A Proven Form of Online Advertising

Animated Commercials: A Proven Form of Online Advertising

Animated commercials play a pivotal role in the modern marketing scenario. This online advertisement technique helps a brand to achieve an enormous customer base. In this overtly competitive world, if you want to thrive amidst your peers, it’s necessary to invest in creating a long-lasting appeal on the target audience.

With each passing day, high-end animated commercial ads are gearing towards defining markets. These are the easiest and affordable ways for a brand to get closer to new customers instantly.

According to several surveys and reports, organizations using animated commercials have seen an exponential increase in the growth of their client base. It’s proven that using animated video commercials brands can promote their product information promptly without any geographical limitations.

Hence, animated commercials 2018 have been gaining popularity among other advertisement forms.

Let’s take a look below what are animated commercials and how we can leverage this proven form of online advertising.

What are animated commercials?

Animated commercials have evolved as an interactive advertising process. Needless to say, ads presented through animations have emerged as the future in the line of advertising.

Nowadays, every organization understands the importance of animated commercials. In this highly expensive age, such advertisements can be created in a hassle-free and cost-effective way. They require lesser time and can be produced in a fraction of the cost compared to real life advertisements. Furthermore, if needed you can even review these ads easily and alter as and when required.

To be precise, animation videos fit broader demographics because:


Why should you use an Animated Commercial in your business?

When you come across the term ‘animated commercials’, it might stir a thought in your mind that why there’s so much of emphasis on this form of advertisement. You would be glad to know that there are several advantages of animated commercials. But the first and foremost advantage of an animated ad is that these types of advertisements are used across multiple platforms (television or social media channels). Moreover, an animated commercial is used to inform, educate, explain and incentivize consumers to take further action.

A few benefits of using animated commercials are the following:

1. Creativity Makes You Stand Out

Advertisements using animation is the most powerful and profitable way of promoting your company’s products and services effortlessly. As animated advertisements include various visual elements, they attract consumers with more effectiveness and display your brand values and identity as well.

2. Explains Complex Message Simply

Simple animated commercials help any organization to create a personal brand. Animated videos have the power to interpret complicated brand messages in a simple way to its audience. The computer graphics assist you in promoting your brand uniquely and creatively. It’s a fact that animated commercials can engage the potential customers striking the emotional chords. The target audience starts to associate themselves with these animated ads, and eventually, they turn into loyal customers.

3. A Powerful Marketing Tool

Animated commercials have added a new dimension to the marketing campaign. These ad forms create a positive impression on your customers compared to other forms. Brands using animations for producing advertisements have seen a massive rise in their client base from those who use generic videos to market their products. Prospective customers enjoy watching animation because they can be viewed 24/7. In addition to that, the interested potential patrons share these types of advertisements with their friends through social media accounts. With one-time investment, you get a return for numerous times.


4. Ideal Cost-effective Method

Contrary to popular beliefs, animated advertisements are affordable. You might think that producing commercials using animations can be a pinch on your pocket, but surprisingly the opposite is true. Filming live advertisements are more expensive because they involve live actors and actresses who require a host of things (e.g., a set, make-up, etc.). In other words, if budget is your constraint you can easily choose animated advertisements over live commercials.

5. Consistent Content Flow

One of the major challenges that every industry encounters is the need to put out new and fresh contents constantly. Animated video advertisements diminish the dearth of content ideas. Producing quality videos will help you create new contents consistently and also help you to increase traffic and sales.

Influencing potential customers and building long-term connections with them over time is tough. It’s a known fact that you spend months and years on researching to find a lucrative solution. Well, your toil ends here; we have scoured the internet and found the right solution for you that have an immediate impact on your future clients. Try animated commercials – the art of using cartoony characters to promote your products or services.

Witnessing its beneficial effect, today, most of the well-known brands use animated advertisements to yield fruitful results. Several marketing surveys show that animated commercials are the best ways to launch a new product/service to the market.

Producing 2D animated commercials are easy with cartoon animation maker like Animaker. This software helps you to create the best animated commercial and set B2B advertising examples.

Take Away

To conclude, Animated commercials are creative, innovative and stylish and the best source to influence a vast range of your potential customers. Animations are a great way to set your brand apart from your peers. As we see using animations in commercials have several benefits, hence, incorporating animated videos in our marketing strategy should be our first and foremost duty. We must remember that in today’s age if we want to create a lasting impact on our customers, we must do something unique to stand out. Animated adverts will definitely make your brand visible amongst competitors giving you opportunities to draw more and more clients.