12 Proven Facebook Post Ideas That Will Help Boost Your Organic Reach!

12 Proven Facebook Post Ideas That Will Help Boost Your Organic Reach!

Facebook Status Updates That Will Get You A Lot of Likes and Shares 

Facebook is an incredibly popular platform where you can find all kinds of things. It is also one of the biggest marketing platforms on the web so as you might think, there is a lot of money to be made. If you have a Facebook page that is advertising your products or services you know how much followers can mean.

To have as many followers as you can, you should implement organic reach. Organic reach means that your posts show up on people’s feeds without you paying for them. This type of reach is limited compared to paid advertising on your page, but it’s still very important. 

Knowing what exactly to post and when to increase organic reach is important for every aspiring page. So, we decided to show you some things you can do to improve your organic reach through some of the best Facebook posts. With these tips, you will surely be able to reach new audiences and pay far less for advertising as well as have an incredibly active community! So, let’s not waste time, here are some incredible Facebook post ideas that will push your Facebook content to the max and help organic reach. 

1. Ask Your Audience Questions

Asking questions is always a great idea. People get engaged by these questions and if you do it right, they might want to interact and comment on the posts. This can turn some of your followers into fans and make them to those followers that always comment and interact with the content. This is an incredible way to create engagement posts without much trouble. 

The questions can be some simple and obvious ones that pretty much anyone can respond to. Or really specific questions that will push the niche audience to respond more. Try being creative with your questions and approach as it is better for engagement. 

  • What are you reading today?
  • Which are your favorite affiliate marketing products?
  • What is the best affiliate marketing tip you have ever heard?
  • What is the biggest lesson you learned in affiliate marketing
  • What was your most profitable campaign in affiliate marketing?
  • How long have you been doing affiliate marketing
  • What is the best marketing book you ever read?
  • What affiliate marketing tip changed how you do things?
  • What is the biggest difference in affiliate marketing five years ago compared to today?
  • What is your favorite affiliate marketing blog?
  • What is your favorite affiliate marketing YouTube channel?

These are some of the ideas for an affiliate marketing page for example. But you should always consider your audience on a case-by-case basis and determine what to ask them. 

Fill In The Blanks Questions

Similar to the regular questions, fill-in-the-blank questions are great for increasing engagement. People love engaging with this kind of content. Sometimes they will try to add to the topic in a creative and informative matter, and sometimes they will try to be funny to gain some likes. Both groups are great to have as your audience, so encourage the behavior in general.

2. Show What’s Behind the Scenes

A thing that people love to see is behind the scene photos. Your team (if you have one) can post a group photo, or anything related to their workplace. Even photos and stories about the workers themselves usually get great traction. This will make your business feel more personal and friendly. It is also a simple way to get bonus Facebook content to your page. 

Facebook post ideas

Some good ideas can be:

  • Teambuilding posts
  • Regular workplace posts
  • Off work posts
  • Posting pictures of pets or hobbies of the employees

3. Find Interesting and Trending Topics

Trending topics are always… well… Trending!

People love to see what is currently new and find out more about new stuff. This is where you can shine. You can follow social media trends and put your twist on them to gain more organic reach easily! These are some of the best Facebook engagement posts as people love talking about new developments in any area. 

4. Use Branded Graphics

facebook post ideas - branded content

If you are out of Facebook post ideas, look no further than his! Have ever seen branded graphics on people’s posts? Sure you have! As you know these infographic-style posts are usually shared to other pages as well. So in total, you can get a lot of eyes for just one branded graphic post. You can develop your style so that people recognize your brand even if it doesn’t have a logo on it. If you manage to do this then you should have no problem organically growing your brand!

5. Tell Your Audience Great Stories

Stories are always a great way to connect with your audience. It might be a story of how your company started. Something your company did. Your product that helped someone. Thoughts of your employees. The possibilities are endless. The only important thing is that you have a clear and interesting story to tell. If you are bad at writing, outsource this to someone or just don’t do it at all! This is a great post idea for multiple reasons. It connects your audience to your product and service and it gives you great Facebook content that is easily sharable. 

6. Interesting Product Photos

facebook post ideas - creativity

Sharing your product photos is always a great way to increase your engagement and eyes on your posts. If you are a business that sells some kind of product share those photos to your timeline. 

Try being creative with the way you post them. Make the images interesting. Creativity is always rewarded and the same goes for these types of posts! This is why the best Facebook posts are the most creative ones!

7. Infographics Can Be Incredible

facebook post - infographics

Infographics are incredible for visualizing complicated statistics and explaining them to some degree. They are present on every platform and Facebook is no different. Infographics are one of the best Facebook post ideas as they are simple to make yet highly effective. The thing that is great about infographics is that if you make an incredible one, people will share it. And as we know from “branded graphics”, you should include your details on it. So when people see it on other pages, they can look you up.

8. Having a Personality

A thing that most advertisers miss is personality. They usually post rehashed and already seen content all the time. Making them feel more like a robot pumping out content, rather than a friendly brand. This personality can also distinguish you from your competition. 

Your posts should always have a hint of personality. Though it is bad to overdo it. You should always stay within your general topic and not stray too far from it. (If you are a swimwear seller, there is no reason to make posts about flowers). 

9. Cross Promoting Blog Posts

If your company has a blog, make sure to share your best posts to your Facebook audience as well. It makes for simple, yet great content. This can boost your Facebook page as well as your blog. Social media and content work incredibly well together so use them as much as you can!

Your audience will appreciate the additional info and you should reach more people through organic reach and maybe even boost your blog!

10. Incredible Industry Tips

If you are a company that sells services you should consider sharing industry tips with your followers. This will increase your image as a knowledgeable industry leader. Sharing interesting and useful tips is something that will always boost your organic reach because people love that kind of content. But if you make yourself a name by sharing incredibly useful info, your brand will grow a lot more in a short time due to word of mouth and sharing of posts. 

Some examples can be:

  • High-quality content is the most important thing
  • Don’t solely focus on one platform. Mix and match for best results
  • Dedicate time and attention to each of your promotions
  • Spend extra time searching for the best affiliate programs
  • Find similar products of competitors and research what they are doing differently 
  • Be honest with the product. Inform customers about its weak sides
  • Focus most of your attention on mobile conversions

You can share text-only statuses, images, infographics, videos, live content, or something else.  The possibilities are endless. 

11. Contests and giveaways

12 Proven Facebook Post Ideas That Will Help Boost Your Organic Reach!

Ah, the holy grail of organic reach, contests, and giveaways!

People LOVE free things. If you offer people a way to get something for free via a giveaway or contest, they will flock to your posts like crazy.  No wonder these are some of the most popular Facebook post ideas for engagement posts. 

If these contests and giveaways are something you do often, then people will follow your page more closely as they won’t want to miss the next opportunity to win. 

When doing this type of content you should always make sure that in order to participate, users need to do a few things first. Liking and following should always be a requirement and sharing should be encouraged with extra chances. 

If you are selling a product you can give your audience that product or some addon if it has any. 

12. Discounts and sales

Similar to the last entry, discounts and sales are often a great way to increase your reach. People love spending less money on things, even if they sometimes buy things they usually wouldn’t.

These types of promotions also convert well, so other than reach, you will also get sales right away! This is one of those Facebook post ideas that are great for the seller and the buyer. Win-win!

Final Words On the Best Facebook Posts and Status Updates

Increasing your organic reach through creative and interesting Facebook statuses is easily done if you follow these Facebook post ideas and engagement posts. With these engagement posts, your Facebook content should be engaging to your audience and you should see great results because of it. Hopefully, some of these content ideas will trickle down to your page and you will have success with your page!

Social Media Management Tools: Proven Way To Reach Your Target Audience Instantly [Infographic]

Social Media Management Tools: Proven Way To Reach Your Target Audience Instantly [Infographic]

Every business strives to be at the top in social media. But how? Social media management tools allow any company to streamline its tasks & posts and be visible among its competitors, without much hardships.

A range of useful tools are available that helps a company from creating contents, publishing it and finally with the analytics and reporting. With present day challenges, these social media management tools are a blessing in disguise for marketers that enable them to receive fruitful results every day.

Experts advise every modern marketer to use these excellent tools that can simplify workflows, save time and finally ensure that the published contents reach the right audience at the right time.

A detailed study of the social media management tools reveal that every tool is designed to serve particular activities- some tools allow the marketers to schedule their posts, while others assist a marketer in scouting for relevant and trending contents that can get them closer to their target audience.

Although the list is not exhaustive yet, we have compiled a some of the most exclusive and the best social media management tools 2018 for your convenience. A business can benefit from Edgar or Meet Edgar – a scheduling tool, Sprout Social – a proven social media tool, Sendible – ideal for agencies, Everypost – best among social media management app, Social Pilot – the marketing tool, Social Booster – the comprehensive tool, impressive tool is IFTTT and the list cannot be complete without Hootsuite, Buffer or Co-schedule.

When these tools are compared, a common aspect sprouts up for all of them; these tools are simple, affordable and perfect for managing the social media posts in one place.

Needless to say, it’s an overwhelming situation to choose the right social media management tool. To help you save time and confusion, we have crafted the following visual content so that you know which tool suits you better, thereby meeting your business requirements.

Social Media Management Tools Infographic

Gif Marketing 7 Ways This Unusual Communication Element Drives Reach

Gif Marketing 7 Ways This Unusual Communication Element Drives Reach

Living in an age where social media platforms are flooded with memes, GIFs and one-liners- it is very tough to oversee the scope of gif marketing & gif advertising on the digital platform. Yes, whatever you are wondering, gifs can very well stand as an incredible marketing tool for digital branding. Why? Because the full engagement of the users that it fetches across different platforms of social communication has made it a lucrative aspect to be included for gaining customer attention.

Did you know?

Giphy serves more than 1 billion GIFs per daySource

Using gifs for business may raise the concern on how they prove to be effective because gifs are plainly used for entertainment purposes; how can they be included in serious business?

Before jumping into the 7 ways how businesses have already been using gifs in their marketing, know this universal marketing truth that whenever any popular trend sticks for a long time, organizations ensure to use it in different ways for reaching the target audience. The concept of gif marketing is not at all ineffective even if it is new!

1. Businesses Use Gif In Email

Excepting platforms like Outlook 2007+, all other email software used to reach clients support the exchange of gifs. Taking advantage of this, many businesses have been embedding gifs in their newsletters and making their email marketing campaigns a great success. Instead of using plain and texty images in the mail, awesome gifs are taking the place. Gifs in emails are a great way to develop anticipation, understanding and excitement in the customers. It is a powerful way to germinate emotions in the people for the brand’s products and services. The only important thing to ensure here is that it does not appear as spam.


2. How-to Videos can have Gifs

Demonstration videos or how to videos are essential tools of marketing for companies who mainly sell products. Although, instructional videos are also ideal for many other industry verticals in this case. Videos generally come with a play button and with gif. We have come across these excellent explainer gifs many a time in MailChimp. In fact, when they roll out a new feature or update, they use gifs to let their customers know.


These gifs are nothing but screen recordings that are edited to be shown in important frames. Gifs don’t rely on any kind of action from the viewer and channelize information clearly. Create one gif with many levels of tutorial or create multiple gifs for each point; the way you would conduct gif marketing solely depends on your digital marketing strategy.

3. Gifs are vital for Illustrating Products

Still photographs, HD videos, e-flyers and what not?! Brands leave no stones unturned to showcase how attractive their newly launched or a new conceptualized product is. Now, it is time for the digital marketing gifs to be their torch-bearers. If you are thinking how gifs can actually provide an excellent first glance, then look at Hershey’s gif below:

[Creator] [Source]

How amazingly the confectionery and candy giant has impressed every customer with the adorable Hershey kisses dancing together. Reading between the visual content, one understands that Hershey’s kisses are the most eligible sweet accompaniments for every joyous occasion.

4. Increase Homepage Traffic with Gifs

By this time, we have come to know the broad scope of adding any animated elements on the homepage of your website. With the same benefits, gif inclusion on the home page can fetch greater engagement for a brand. They, alongside attracting the target audience, also increase the average spending time as well as the amount of new traffic over the time. Gifs also create a delightful visiting experience for the customers as they feel interested in exploring your lively website.

A word of caution: Never overdo your homepage with this otherwise fantastic tool. A heavily decked-up webpage can significantly result in losing ranks in the search engine page and also turn your customers away from the page.

5. Heightened Social Media Presence

With gifs, we began our journey of knowing this eccentric and entertaining flash content. Social media marketing gifs came way after the content reeled in significant popularity or, as mentioned before in this informative- stayed there for a long time as popular trend. Many prestigious organizations have continuously treated their target customers with fantastic gif contents on social media, which fetched them overnight success and exposure to paths untraversed. The companies exponentially increased their target customer base with heightened popularity, more than before. Below is a great example of a great social media gif.


The gif above is extremely simple yet engaging that grabbed the attention of its customers. It does not stick to the usually strict norms of its product or brand ethos, which is okay because- IT IS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE!

6. Gif-Based CTA’s

Only a few people could discover the potential of a gif as an out and out Call-To-Action. We all know the benefit of animated CTA banner or video in this case and Gifs too carry the same element of attracting the attention of its viewers and enabling them to take a favoring decision for the brand. Add taglines, funny characters, caricatures, fabulous color palette, or even a story of a microsecond- the right gif CTA will indeed go a long, long way in fulfilling your digital marketing goals.


This humble CTA, with a mere two words, is enough to trigger the customer to take any action and make a decision to avail a brand’s products or services. Place the gif on the landing page or in a blog; gif CTAs are unusual means of marketing.

7. Elucidating Product Functionality

Extending the point of illustrating the products, gifs can also be used for showing the functionality of the same. It is not necessary for them to only showcase the nice looking packaging; gif can also highlight the critical levels that will lead to the product’s full optimization. In easier words, the gif can show the functionality of the product through detailed steps. This can be ideal for making the customer learn to use the product in its fully optimized capacity with error-free technical functioning. For example, one can get a clear idea of his or her car engine care when the company releases the step-by-step care guide of the same. In case your business does not deal with any physical product, you can still build a gif citing your service’s benefits.

How Can Gifs Be Found?

Relevant and incredible gif contents are never easy to find. However, below, we provide you an informative guide on how you can make the best efforts to extract the best content to your needs.

A. Finding Gifs On Google

  • Enter your search term
  • Click on Images
  • Click on tool for accessing the submenu
  • Select the animated option from the Type dropdown

B. Finding Gifs On Twitter

Twitter comes with a gif library since they partner the gif websites or gif maker hubs GIPHY & Tenor

  • Click on the Tweet for a new post
  • Inside the message box choose the option of adding gif
  • Type in your topic of interest or relevance
  • Select the most suitable one for your post

C. Finding Gif On Facebook

Facebook, too, comes with an extensive Gif database. You can search for a new gif in the following ways

  • Make a new post
  • Click on the ellipses for more option
  • Select gif from options
  • Type in your topic
  • Select that fits your post

D. Gif On Instagram

Instagram is a different platform in comparison to the aforementioned ones. More than gifs, they prefer the Boomerang loop video created by their app. But yes, they do allow searching for gif stickers through Giphy for Instagram stories.

  • Select video or photo for Instagram Story
  • Click on sticker app
  • Select the gif option
  • Search for your relevant gif

Social Media Is The Best Place To Share Gif. Here’s How You Can Do With These Recommended Tips:

For Facebook: Use high-quality animations, choose subtle motion, use links with .gif with less than 8mb size.

For Twitter: Use looping gifs; otherwise, after playing after one time, the content will become static, use between 5mb to 15mb, use one gif for every tweet, use links ending with .gif.

For Instagram: Only when you add sticker to your gif, you can create stories; you can also create a video of 15-second loop in mp4 format and share it as gif on the platform.

Choose Professional Help For Achieving Your Goals

If there is no way you can create gif files for your company, then worry not; the professional designing agencies will be at your service. The talented team of experts with a thorough market research will create amazing gif contents at par with your marketing requisites. The best part is, you can get fresh concepts delivered for your project without relying on the pre-created gifs of databases.

Explore the versatile service bundles offered by the team at Animated Video & make them your creative extended team for marketing success.