SelfAdvertiser Review: Everything You Should Know

SelfAdvertiser Review: Everything You Should Know

Push traffic continues to grow in popularity among newbies as well as professional media buyers, and a growing number of ad networks add push ads to their ad formats.

Today I am going to review SelfAdvertiser.

Here you can buy not only push ads but also domain redirect and pop.

We are going to go deeper into the push ad format in this review.

selfadvertiser traffic types

Let’s start with creating the campaign and then we’ll find a way to optimize the traffic in this source.

Let’s go!

How to Create a Campaign on SelfAdvertiser (Step-by-Step)

Before you get started you’ll need to deposit some funds into your SelfAdvertiser account and also set up the traffic source in your tracker.

Here is the list of available macros on SelfAdvertiser:

  • @@BID@@ – Bid (rate per click)
  • @@CLICK-ID@@ – ClickID – used for integration and conversions transmission from the tracker into the traffic source.
  • @@SOURCE@@ – Source
  • @@GEO@@ – Country
  • @@CAMPAIGN_NAME@@ – Campaign ID
  • @@DEVICE@@ – Device
  • @@OS@@ – Operating System
  • @@BROWSER@@ – Web Browser
  • @@CARRIER@@ – Carrier/Operator
  • @@KEYWORD@@ – Keyword (used in domain campaigns)
  • @@CREATIVE-ID@@ – Push Creative Optimization

Please pay attention, the macros are separated by “@@” from both sides.

Tip: Recently, I have started to add rate per click macros not only in tracker’s price field but as a separate value as well. I do this in order to analyze a specific campaign, based on different rates per click. This is especially useful when you are dealing with traffic sources, where you can set different rates for specific sources, like in the case with SelfAdvertiser.

Also, SelfAdvertiser is a verified traffic source on the major trackers such as Voluum, RedTrack, BeMob, Binom. When defining SelfAdvertiser as a traffic source, you’ll automatically have all the tracking tokens on your tracker.

Well, I hope everything is clear with macros so far, now let’s proceed to the campaign creation.

I would like to have your attention that SelfAdvertiser has a one-page campaign creation:

However, due to the fact that it is going to be quite complicated to show up the entire page, I decided to split it up on several sections.

Campaign Information

Group Name: Ads group (you can either create new or select the existing one)
Campaign Name: Campaign Name
Destination URL: URL address
Bid CPC: Bid (rate per click)

selfadvertiser campaign information

You can find the recommended rates and traffic volume here.

Considering the fact that the price of traffic sales has been changing rapidly, and table updating sporadically – you better contact the manager regarding the current price for your GEO.

Daily Budget: please, don’t forget about this parameter so you won’t waste the whole budget on one creative only.


Here, you should indicate the countries that you’re going to work with.

selfadvertiser geo targeting

Audience Targeting

User targeting:

  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • Connection Type

selfadvertiser audience targeting

Note: It’s possible to edit specific versions for each OS/Browser that you want to target by clicking on the “edit” icon.

Campaign Targeting

Targeting Mode: here you should select either Black or Whitelist (it is called Specific Sources).

Blacklist/Specific Sources: you should indicate the sources that you’re going to block, or make use of, in case you’re going to work with the Whitelist.

Global Blacklist: you can set it up in account settings.

selfadvertiser campaign targeting

Creative (Ad)

This section should be quite familiar for those who got used to working with push traffic:

  • Title – Ad title (mandatory)
  • Description – Ad description (optional)
  • Badge – Small image, instead of which the user’s browser logo is typically used in other push sources. (optional)
  • Icon – Small push notification icon. The standard for push – 192х192 px. (mandatory)
  • Image – Large image of push notification. Standard – 720х360 px. (optional)

SelfAdvertiser also has a feature for “Multiple Creatives” – they call it “The Juggler.” This feature enables you to run your push campaign with multiple creatives at the same time and easily A/B test them.

See the screenshot below:

Multiple Creatives SelfAdvertiser

Campaign Delivery

Here, here you can see the final settings before you send it to further moderation:

After Campaign Approval: you can select either to launch the traffic right after moderation or to pause the campaign.

Frequency Capping: frequency capping for unique users. Here you can set Unlimited/6/12/24 hours.

Learn more about frequency capping.

Dayparting: use this feature if you need to set certain days of the week or hours for the delivery of push notifications.

Learn more about dayparting.

selfadvertiser campaign delivery

Click on the “Send Campaign for Approval” button and wait for moderation – meanwhile, you can create a few more campaigns with other creatives.

However, this time there is no need to fill in all fields – just copy the campaign you created before, then change the description and images.

You can clone campaigns so you create new campaign variations really quick:

Select the campaign, click on the circle, which can be green, yellow, or gray, depending on the campaign status and click on “Clone” in the dropdown list.

Then, you can change the description and images in the copy you created before, and click the “Send Campaign for Approval” button.

Simple as that, few clicks, and the ad is done!

Traffic Counter

selfadvertiser traffic counter

Use the traffic counter and in-built filters to get an idea of volumes for your campaign.

Use the results to see daily impressions and the average cost per view for each OS to give you a baseline figure to work from.

If you have Domain Redirect selected you can choose between Keyword Targeted or Run of Network to narrow things down to your liking.

Campaign Optimization

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I hope everything is clear with creating campaigns and launching the traffic so far – now let’s find a way to optimize the traffic.

Having opened the ads group, you can see the chart with rate-per-click data and the list of campaigns with the information on them.

If you have set the integration with a tracker – you can find the information on conversions there as well.

selfadvertiser campaign stats

Click on the campaign you’re going to optimize and you’ll be further redirected to the page, where you can find the information on sources:

After highlighting all necessary sources, you can further block them or create a new campaign based on these sources.

Here, you can reduce the price for specific sources, or increase it to receive more traffic.

If you want to do this action in bulk, check here.

When working in affiliate marketing you start to realize that it is never that easy to get high-quality traffic from your offers.

Platforms like Facebook or Google have quite a negative attitude towards affiliate marketing offers.

In this sense, a source like SelfAdvertiser can be very useful.

Even though push notifications format started to gain popularity in the previous year, it is still trendy and has high demand.

The user normally has a loyal attitude towards push notifications. All you need to do is target in a correct way and send the necessary push-ad, i.e. you need to choose an appropriate image and description. On SelfAdvertiser, it is really simple.

SelfAdvertiser is currently making around 180M daytime impressions of push notifications, using more than 33.000 direct publishers.

Therefore, you are quite unlikely to have any problems with traffic volume. By the way, here is the link to the traffic counter.

With regard to the traffic quality – they’ve been working since 2014, and they’ve got their own groundwork on how to clean the traffic.

Apart from that – SelfAdvertiser is a quality traffic source, and I’d advise you to give it a try.

Ad Formats

There are 3 ad formats that you can choose for your campaigns. These come with various targeting options and cost models.

Push – A good source of non-intrusive bot-free traffic from subscribed users with instant delivery. Uses the CPC bidding model.

Pop – These full-page high converting PPV ads can be RON or Keyword Targeted. They have a high CTR and conversion rate and can be targeted to desktop or mobile users and be broadly or narrowly targeted.

Domain Redirect – These ads are called Zero Click ads by SelfAdvertiser. This ad format is derived from domain misspellings. If a user clicks, they are redirected to the advertiser’s offer page. The trick for getting conversions is to make your ad look like a webpage and be closely related to the product the user is searching for. As these ads can be fairly competitive, you may need to enter a higher bid than for other ad types.

Tip: Make sure to use the correct domain spelling – and not the misspelling – in your keyword list.

selfadvertiser campaign targeting

Each ad format comes with its own benefits. You will get better value with RON targeting but it’s recommended that you use Keyword Targeting if you need to target a specific niche audience.

Keyword Tool

So far we’ve focused on Push Ads, but what if you wanna run domain redirect (zero-click) or pop ad (full-page PPV) campaigns?

Well, there’s good news for advertisers here. Basically, with these campaigns, you have two targeting options – Run of Network (RON) or Keyword Targeting. If you select RON the algorithm will select traffic from all sources which are best for high volume campaigns.

However, if RON targeting doesn’t quite rock your socks, you can use the SelfAdvertiser Keyword Targeting tool instead. This works with both domain redirect and pop ad campaigns, and gives you the ability to target websites with specific keywords using broad, phrase, or exact match targeting. This may result in less traffic but more target users.

Let’s say you wanna start a domain redirect campaign – Select Keyword Targeted and click next. You can then search the SelfAdvertiser keyword database for suitable keywords to add to your campaign and even find additional keyword suggestions from the related keywords function, or add keywords in bulk.

Keep the results fairly broad to increase your volume, and watch your bids! You want to aim for the lowest cost traffic that will convert for your offers. You can even use SelfAdvertiser’s tokens to see which keywords are performing best.

You can also use this tool to target specific domains by using the URL as a keyword, and include or exclude specific keywords from your campaign. This gives you much greater control over your targeting, and is a neat addition to the platform.

Check out the SelfAdvertiser support article for more info on how to use this tool to your advantage, including detailed guidelines for both domain and pop traffic.

Offers & Verticals

Ad Types: Push, Popunder, Domain

Cost Model: CPC for push, CPM for popunder and domain redirect.

Offers Verticals: Sweepstakes, Dating, Mainstream, VPN, E-commerce, Crypto

Payment & Investment

Minimum Deposit: $100 (Minimum deposit is $100 for the first deposit, and after that $50 for each deposit.)

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Payoneer

To deposit funds to your SelfAdvertiser account you can use Paypal or CC by default, but you can also use wire transfer and Payoneer after getting in touch with your account manager (you’ll get an AM assigned to you when you create your new account).


Personal Account Manager: Yes

Support Response Speed: 10 min – 4 hours (Depending on the timezone)

Support Rating: Good

Contact Methods Available: Live chat, Email, Skype

SelfAdvertiser Verdict


  • Good traffic quality.
  • There is not only Push but Pop and Domain traffic as well.
  • You can increase/decrease the price for selected sources.


  • Slightly different user interface compared to other push networks.


Bidvance Review: New & Powerful Ad Network

Bidvance Review: New & Powerful Ad Network

Bidvance is a specialist ad network that focuses on high-performing traffic sources, state-of-the-art targeting, and a choice of high converting ad formats.

The recently launched smart ad network was created to meet the growing demands of advertisers and publishers, and provide a better experience for users.

The Netherlands-based platform aims to solve common problems faced by global affiliates – namely finding high converting traffic sources in popular verticals.

While the ad network itself is new, the team behind Bidvance is no stranger to advertising with over 10 years of experience with the Digital Minds Group – a successful digital marketing agency with a proven track record in search marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, and conversion rate optimization.

What is Bidvance?

Bidvance is an effective ad network, with billions of daily impressions in over 50 countries worldwide, along with advanced targeting & optimization tools. They support popular and engaging ad formats that will boost your conversions and ad performance.

They’re hot on auto optimizations, retargeting ads, and have plenty of advanced features such as time and IP list targeting.

While anyone can sign up – and the platform itself is beginner-friendly – it’s recommended that you have a sizable advertising budget to get the most out of it.

This is partly due to the nature of the verticals it’s geared towards, as it may take some time before you see a steady stream of conversions in your account.

If you’re new to the game it’s still worth creating an account, as you’ll have access to a decent source of high-quality traffic that you can tap into as your skills improve.

Create Your Account

Ready to see what all the fuss is about?

Registration is quick and easy and you’ll be able to access the platform right away. Click here to register a new advertiser account and start advertising with Bidvance.

Get 10% extra on the value of your first deposit (from 50$ to 1000$) using the promo code WINBIDVANCE.


adding funds on bidvance

You can fund your account by PayPal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.

The minimum deposit for Bidvance is just $50, which in our view is a steal!

This entitles you to bid on some of the highest quality premium traffic in the betting vertical – but you may need to top this up before you start to see results.

You’ll also be able to set up alerts on your advertising balance to make sure your funds don’t run out.


When you first log in to your account you’ll see the Bidvance dashboard. This will give you an overview of your views, clicks, and costs over a specific time period.

You’ll also be able to view your remaining balance, along with the top 5 campaigns, countries, and operating systems.

There’s a quick settings tab on the footer of the dash, or you can just use the sidebar to access the other areas of the platform.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything in this section right away. Once you’ve been running campaigns for any length of time you’ll be able to come back to the dash and see the various graphs populated by your data.

Ad Formats

Bidvance offers 6 ad formats:

  • Banners – These focus on the most popular placements with the highest traffic volume.
  • Popunders – This CPM ad format is still working well in many verticals and can have higher payouts than display ads.
  • Interstitial – These low-cost ads are resistant to popup blockers. They appear between content pages and typically have a higher CTR compared with other ad formats.
  • Push Ads – Push ads have excellent user engagement stats and bot-free traffic, with the added benefit that subscribed users have opted-in to receive push ad notifications.
  • Native – This is an ad format with high volume that blends into the surrounding content to increase clicks.
  • Redirects – These ads can be placed on parked domains and redirect the user to your lander.

It’s up to you which ad format you choose for your campaign. If you’re not sure or want to split test the options you can create multiple separate campaigns – one for each ad format – and then review the stats to see which converts best for your offer.

Create Your First Campaign

creating a campaign on bidvance

Once you’ve filled in your profile details and funded your account, it’s time to create your first campaign. Bidvance has all the usual targeting options with some additional bells and whistles to boot!

First, choose a name for your campaign. You can make this specific to your adzone level, offer and Geo to help identify it later in the reports.

Next, choose your advertising method (ad format), tags, adzone filters, payment type and category.

Note: Not all payment types are available for all ad formats.

Finally, choose your category and daily budget.

On the second tab of the campaign creation tool you can select your Geo. Make sure this aligns with your offer.

On the third tab, you add your traffic type filters. Select device type, OS, browser, languages, connection type, webview traffic, and ISPs as required. This defaults to ALL if you don’t enter anything specific in the boxes.


Select the time and days you want your campaign to run and assign a frequency cap for impressions. Bidvance even allows you to set the cap per source or per visitor, which can give you greater control over your campaign.

On the final tab, you get to add your creatives. Once these have been validated choose your bid and set them to active to start running your campaign.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the BannerPool, which features top-performing ads in just about every vertical you can imagine. This is just like having an ad spy tool built-in.

The campaign creation tool is simple enough for newbies but is also packed with enough features to make it attractive for advertisers who need extra control over their targeting.


tracking with bidvance

The tracking implementation is pretty standard and works with postback URL and tracking pixel. Experienced users will have no trouble setting this up, or ask your account manager for help if you get stuck.

Bidvance will integrate with all the top trackers, and users who have previously used tracking URLs will feel right at home.

There’s a neat feature on the platform which allows advertisers to assign unique identifiers to conversion types.

You can use this to track signup, conversions, along with any other goal you have in mind.


source optimizer on bidvance

Click the source optimizer tab to optimize your campaigns. The popup box has 4 tabs: General, CTR Optimizer, Bounce Rate Optimizer, and Actions.

You can give your source optimizer a name, which will help you identify which filter types perform the best.

Next, choose your filter by AdZone level and set your minimum spend. This will allow you to target high-performing adzones for your campaigns.

With all the optimization tools, it can be easy for new affiliates to start tweaking their campaigns too early. Our advice is to let your campaigns run for a few days at least before making any adjustments. This is because certain sites in some verticals may be slow to report conversions.

Analyze Your Performance

bidvance statistics page

The Bidvance statistics tab makes it easy to see your ad performance over time. Simply select your time period and filter by ad types, conversion types, and device types.

The data includes Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, CPM, and Cost, so you can easily identify low-performing ads. There’s also a neat graph to help you visualize the relationship between clicks and views

If you want to export the data to use with another program, you can do that from this tab as well.


filters on bidvance

Bidvance supports whitelisting and blacklisting. You can check any filters you are using from the filters tab. This lets you select high or low-performing adzones to include or exclude from your campaigns.

Top Verticals to Use with Bidvance

While you can use just about any type of offer with Bidvance, you’ll get the best results in the following verticals:

  • Finance
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Streaming
  • Gaming
  • Gambling & Casino
  • E-Com
  • Dating
  • Cams
  • Nutra
  • CBD

Some of the larger pubs are live streaming and entertainment websites.

These are a rich source of converting traffic for betting offers, so make sure to do your research beforehand if targeting this audience.

For example, you can use seasonal offers and daily promos on sports sites to catch the user in the moment.


There’s decent support and advertisers can contact their account manager via email or hit them up on Skype.

I found the team full of knowledge and super responsive to any queries, so don’t overlook this perk!


Bidvance is an interesting platform with huge potential. They have all the tools you need to reach the right audience at the right time and scale up your business.

There’s ample ad-tech to help boost your conversions and get more of your ads seen by the users most likely to click. Advanced users will also be able to access the API service and XML Feeds if they need them.

With Bidvance, it’s not just about the features on offer. They’re also a sweet source of high-converting traffic, especially in the betting niche, and they’re already starting to attract a lot of high-profile players.

Our advice?


Get in now and reap the rewards!

Register today and get a 10% extra on the value of your first deposit (from 50$ to 1000$) using the promo code WINBIDVANCE.

Contacts and Details


Minimum Payment: $50

Cost models: CPC, CPM

GEO: Worldwide

Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer

Minimum Deposit: $50

Verticals: Gambling, Nutra, CBD, Dating, Cams



VIPRE Site Manager Review – Increased Efficiency and Security for Online Businesses

VIPRE Site Manager Review – Increased Efficiency and Security for Online Businesses

Hackers are becoming a challenge for most businesses. They have become more agile as they look to breach your system. They can steal your company data and profit from it.

As you continue doing more business online, it becomes essential to take security threats seriously or open your business to unnecessary risk.

We know how prevalent phishing has become online, where methods have become more sophisticated. The only way to prevent this is by using advanced software.

More than that, there has been an evolution in malware over the last few years, making them more challenging to detect. Also, there are more threats than ever these days, such as zero-day threats, ransomware, and more.

We know that when data is compromised, it’s hard to maintain your business reputation.

That’s why VIPRE Site Manager has been developed to upgrade your business’s security, for your clients, and personal use.

Let’s start by unpacking the details of the VIPRE site manager.

What is VIPRE Site Manager?

VIPRE site manager provides an advanced solution using machine learning equipped security software that gives you peace of mind to run your business.

VIPRE is a company that has served business owners and professionals for close to 26 years, since 1994. Their purpose is to help you prevent data loss, profit loss and protect your business assets from hackers and other malicious attacks online. They have been renowned for using machine learning processes and a cloud interface to ensure the best protection.

So, to keep your company and personal data safe, when you use VIPRE Site Manager, you get the opportunity to leverage a software suite that is trusted by businesses in the US and Europe.

They offer multilayered protection from the most common cyber threats and also less known ones.

Let’s consider more detailed information about service features.

Features and benefits

These are the most stand-out features you can expect:

  • Value-driven software that offers reporting at the client level so that you can individualize feedback accordingly.
  • Automated processes with very little manual input can help you track and trend information weekly, monthly, and yearly.
  • Look at your threats for the month based on customers and can provide a report which can be shared.
  • There is multi layered security meaning that you have the file, network, and application-level security.
  • DNS filtering is done for networks and applications for even greater security.
  • You also have access to a Web Access control add-on, which provides more security when online.
  • Additionally, use other security tools for secure browsing, such as the internet shield VPN, to protect your home and business.
  • Manage your clients with ease because you can share responses on their data simultaneously and with a few clicks.
  • Well-timed notifications support you in ensuring you are always kept in the loop of any threats that need to be isolated. This can help save you from a company-wide breach of data.


These are some of the advantages of VIPRE Site Manager:

  • High-rated software when it comes to all-in-one security suite services.
  • It takes a lot of stress and monotony out of your work.
  • It is easy to leave PCs and then go into the software to approve updates after being checked.
  • Consistently easy to use and set up.
  • Advanced protection against malware, phishing attempts, and zero-day attacks
  • Support your clients who may be ISP’s or other companies to give them peace of mind
  • Pull detailed reporting to manage, track, and trend all security breaches, which helps prevent them in the future.


These are some of the challenges of VIPRE Site Manager:

  • Automatic updates can be delayed at times, yet this can always be done manually.
  • Limited technical support, and there are call wait times that last around 15 minutes during busier periods. Support is available in the US and Europe.
  • The software is so comprehensive that you may receive some false positives alerts via email, yet VIPRE adequately resolves this.

VIPRE Site Manager for Endpoint Security

In addition to everything else mentioned above, the VIPRE Site Manager also has all of the necessary tools and features in place to provide a safe and secured working environment as well.

To learn more about each of these settings, features and how they all work — take a moment to view the infographic visual below, while also reading the full resource guide available on the VIPRE site.


The price range is quite reasonable compared with other software, yet we always recommend checking the most recent price on VIPRE.

You may also get a free trial for 30 days to test the software’s capabilities before purchasing. This allows you to understand what to expect, how to use the service, and how it can help your customers and you.

Final Thoughts

VIPRE Site Manager has been created for business owners to support their company from unnecessary cyber attacks. You learned about a few key insights on how the software works, the challenges, and how you can benefit from it.

You may have been searching for the perfect security suite, and looking at the information, you can see that it offers a multilayered approach to security. It leverages machine learning and also provides support in both the US and Europe.

Therefore, as you have gone through the information shared, you may have seen that this could work for your business. We recommend looking widely and doing broad research before making a purchase.

You may also test the software by using a trial version of it before making a purchase, which will indicate how it works.

If you enjoyed reading this post on VIPRE Site Manager, please feel free to check out more information on their website here.