17 Growth Hacks to Help Your Startup Scale Faster

17 Growth Hacks to Help Your Startup Scale Faster

Startups are everywhere on the internet today. It doesn’t matter if your expertise, service, or focus is on technology, business, social media, content creation or even applications — this space is extremely saturated! Everyone has ideas, but only those who know how to implement them and turn their efforts into actions will see real results. Just like it’s easy for anyone to start a website or blog, it’s not so easy to get real traffic and make money.

The same is true for starting any type of business online. It’s all fun and games in the beginning, as you are likely starting from zero… but how long can this immediate growth last?

Rapid startup growth is a common goal for many business owners, but it’s one that is tricky to achieve. You need the right marketing tactics, customer support and operational infrastructure — and you need the resources to sustain it all until the sales start rolling in. This is where the opportunity of running an internet-based business really comes into play.

So, what’s the secret to scaling up with speed? Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their best growth hacks for businesses looking to expand quickly. By following any of the growth hacks for businesses below, you should start to see improvement across the board in a matter of a few short weeks.

1. Create Your Brand

Start creating your brand as quickly as possible. Your brand is an important asset for a startup. People need to know what you do and why you do it in order to use your product or service. The faster people know your brand, the faster you will be able to scale up your business.

Samuel Thimothy, OneIMS – Integrated Marketing Solutions

2. Learn How to Delegate

The fastest way to scale is to optimize your time. Start with the things that are taking up the majority of your time and find someone to manage them. Hire, outsource or create daily efficiencies, and scaling will feel easier than it should.

Corey Eulas, Factorial Digital

3. Focus on Your Processes

Experiencing rapid growth can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how prepared you are. We experienced and are experiencing this growth currently, and it helped expose areas of improvement in our processes. If your processes are broken and you grow fast, it will only emphasize those weaknesses. If you focus on shoring up processes first, you’ll be prepared for fast growth.

Joel Mathew, Fortress Consulting Group

4. Draw Attention to Your Brand and Product

Ride on your competition’s research through SEO and advertising. Use Quora as a platform to answer questions related to your product. You will get immediate traffic. Use video marketing on LinkedIn to draw attention and increase followers.

Trish Agarwal, V Synergize Global Solutions LLC

5. Keep Reminding Your Audience About Your Brand

You have to get out there and get your name out. The more people you know who keep seeing what you do, the more they will think of you when they need what you do or know someone who you can help. This is a big reason why people buy from top brands — their marketing is all over the place reminding you.

Jacqueline Marrano, Marrano Solutions, LLC.

6. Grow Your Team

The rate-limiting factor of growth of any organization is leadership. Entrepreneurs need to scale themselves as well as their teams. When the team is more effective and growing, the business will automatically grow to greater and greater scale. Nothing matters more than human capital.

Eric Mathews, Start Co.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Accept Help

If you insist on rapid growth, you’re going to need help. And once you get that help, you are going to need to trust their abilities. Too many entrepreneurs think they can do it all and they end up exhausting themselves/failing. Let those around you help you.

Adrien Schmidt, OpenBouquet

8. Put the Customer First, No Matter What

The bigger your business, the greater the need for a solid customer support infrastructure. Prioritize customer communication early on. Each interaction is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s voice and values. Cultivating loyalty and customer satisfaction is a result of having the right solutions and experts to guide your customer service strategy.

Eng Tan, Simplr

9. Know Your Sales Funnel

Sustainable, fast growth requires every part of the acquisition funnel to be in top shape. This will look different for every business, but it’s always important to pinpoint exactly what isn’t working, whether that’s acquiring leads, converting them or upselling them.

Jacob Drucker, Supply Clinic

10. Learn How to Get the Right Traffic

You’re great at what you do, your service is wonderful and your prices are well worth the value you provide. The only thing is, nobody knows you and they can’t find you. If you know how to generate foot traffic or web traffic at a good cost, you’ll be able to scale up quickly. Find the right help, or roll up your sleeves and figure out how to do this for your industry.

Jared Weitz, United Capital Source Inc.

11. Build a Strong HR Team

Most entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to HR. To scale up quickly, you need to rely on people. You can’t do everything yourself and let your department heads rely on you in order to move forward. HR comes into play and lets you hire people that you can rely on.

Michael Hsu, DeepSky

12. Aggressively Network

My advice to startups looking for quick growth is to get the word out about their business or service by any means necessary. Spending a lot of money on marketing and promotion may not be possible in the early stages, but one of the cheapest and most effective methods of doing so is to connect with other professionals. Foster healthy relationships with professional peers.

Bryce Welker, Crush The LSAT

13. Focus on SEO

SEO is still one of the most effective growth strategies, but it’s hard for founders to execute because it requires content development and the ability to build systems and processes effectively. Double down on content and guest blogging to get backlinks. Stick to it for a couple months targeting niche keywords and you’ll see exponential growth. Most give up too early, but it requires time.

Matthew Capala, Alphametic

14. Make Time for Strategic Planning

Every year, I make a vision board of what I want in my life. Then, I break it down to the top three goals that I feel I must accomplish for growth. Furthermore, I break it down into weekly actions and daily activities. Once a week, I outline my priorities for that week. I analyze what last week’s activities were, and if I find that I was off track or started another project, I cut it.

Klyn Elsbury, Landmark Makers

15. Get to Market Quickly With Your MVP

It’s critical you get to market as fast as possible to test your assumptions. The concept of the minimum viable product (MVP) is the fastest way to support rapid scaling. It allows you to quickly test your assumptions, iterate your product and accelerate the never-ending work of building a product that remains a must-have to your target consumers.

Eyal Ronen, Puls

16. Create Value

Nothing ethical and good is done without creating real and meaningful value for another business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you a bottle of Uncle Tom’s magical formula. Focus on value and how to make that something that can be shared and promoted.

Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

17. Proceed With Caution

Scale up based on demand, not just because you want to. If you scale up too quickly, you run the risk of overextending your resources and potentially losing your company. Concentrate on the quality of your product and look long term. If what you provide is really worthy of massive growth right away, the market will dictate that naturally and you won’t have to force it.

Justin Lefkovitch, Mirrored Media

How to Start Your Startup in the Right Direction

Having read through each of the actionable and expert tips above, you likely already have some good ideas for launching or improving your startup. With all of this in mind, it’s important to take advatage of the many benefits the internet has to offer — especially in terms of connections and online tools.

Take some time to run through our list of recommended business tools and resources, and if you are currently having a hard time with raising the necessary funds for your business, this is also a great resource. No matter what direction or method you take, just be sure to take action daily and always progressing in the right direction.

5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads

5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads

5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

Want to know how to scale Facebook Ads?

Have a winning product but struggling to scale it up?

Here are 5 different methods you can use in 2020 to scale your facebook ads to the moon!
These are actual, tried and tested methods that we use every day to scale our ads.

In order to make money with Facebook Ads, you need to test creatives first. When you find something that shows traction, that’s when you scale it.

But remember You don’t want to rush ahead and scale unless you’ve found a winning creative that’s already doing well over multiple days.

Going from a few hundred dollars per day to $5000/day is not as easy as increasing your budget.

If you increase your budget too fast, it will kick start Facebook’s algo to spend your money before midnight comes. This means it will bid crazy high CPM, it’s going to show your ads to people who aren’t highly likely to convert

In fact my old tests / experiments show that if you increase your campaign budget by more than 15% it’s going to screw up your conversions, and a CPA that might have cost you $25 to get a sale, will become $50-75 per sale because of how the algo works

so HOW DO YOU SCALE from a few hundred bucks to $5000/day on a facebook ad account? How do you become a proud member of Grant Cardone’s 10X family, where you generate 10X more revenue? J/K about the Grant Cardone.. lol

Here are actual, proven ways that will effective help scale your Facebook Campaigns in 2020 and beyond.
We use these exact methods with my team to scale everytime we find a winning ad creative. Ad creatives that are destined to make you money at SCALE.

To do this, our initial campaign setup is like this:

  • 2 video ads, 2 image ads in the same adset.
  • We will do $100 CBO campaign, with 4 adsets, each adset has an audience of 2-4 million people.

To give you an actual example:

Let’s say we’re selling a PHOTO STICK.

Adset #1 – targeting people that are parents
Adset #2 – targeting peopl that like photography
Adset #3 – targeting people that match interest: credit cards, debit cards
Adset #4 – targeting people that are interested in: technology

In every adset, we exclude AliExpress, and drop shipping to get rid of other drop shippers from seeing our ads while spying, and also people that shop and like AliExpress so they won’t come and comment and leave us negative words on our ads.

now that we have the basic framework out of the way… we need to launch… and then let it run for 2-3 days without touching the thing…

After it runs its course, we will be able to see which adset, which creative(s) achieved positive ROI … we focus on those.

If the campaign fail, it’s a failed offer/product, it’s ok, this happens a lot so just move on and test something else.
Now let’s assume you found your winner, creative ID 239082938239823 targeting Broad: 35+ that like technology, excluded aliexpress/drop shippers…


5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

This is an unbelievable way to scale that I actually perfected while running Google Display Ads. Usually most affiliates go for the trust square ad size, but by running square they miss out on other placements and Facebook has a ton.

Be sure to try the three most popular ad sizes 1200×628, 600×750, and 1080×1080.

What do you mean Attila? Well let’s say you find a winner, and it’s a square. Remake that same ad into the 2 other ad sizes, throw them into an adset and launch.

5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020









Facebook Ads Specs / Dimensions / Aspect Ratios / Formats


5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

Marketers are usually very lazy people, they love to do the bare minimum and hope for the maximum. 

Usually it’s either letter box or a square right? Picture most of the time, or video. How many carousel ads do you see? How about dynamic ads? Not that many.

This is where this method comes in; when you find a winning ad, use the elements it has like the ad copy, headline, description, images or video content to create every type of ad format facebook offers.

One of my favorite ones to try, especially on re-targeting campaigns is carousel ad. It works amazing, and people seem to love it as they can browse and flip through multiple images/videos about your product. This results in super low CPA’s and great ROAS.


5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

Tim Burd from Facebook Ad Buyers FB group loves to give manual bidding strategies funky names, like the shot gun method, the surfer method and many more. Want to know why manual bidding works?

It has to do with how the facebook algo works. It’s all about who spends the most money. Think of it like a ladder, the top of the ladder is the highest bidder, the bottom of the ladder has the lowest bidder. If you use Auto Bid, it’s going to place you at a calculated spot based on what the ALGO thinks your CPA will be based on your targeting, ad content and what not.

The people who are at the top of the ladder will be shown first to Facebook users scrolling their news feed.
Imagine Grandma Ngo takes out her iPhone and opens the Facebook app. She starts checking what her grandkid is cooking up for his lovely wife to be. Is it SALMON with Miso? Or is it fried rice? As she begins scrolling down, the first ad appears – this ladies n gens is the HIGHEST BIDDER, and it can be you!!

Being seen first, has the advantage of getting the most hyped up click that will take action. If someone has been on Facebook scrolling and looking at funny videos for hours, chances are they won’t likely take action and pay to convert.

Problem is, we don’t know what the highest bid is, the right bid so we test.

We use these 3 different bid setups when we’re scaling using manual bids.

A) BID 3x MAX CPA – $15-20 budget per adset
B) BID 6x MAX CPA – $15-20 budget per adset
C) BID 9x MAX CPA – $15-20 budget per adset


It’s true Facebook knows everything about its users; including their buying habits, what they like, what they talk about. Once we acquire data, we can create custom audiences. Then from these custom audiences we can generate Lookalike Audiences.

They look at people in our audience, and check what do they like, where have they been, what did they search for, how long were they reading about a topic, what movies they into, when are they most likely to buy, do they click ads, and many, many more things.

In fact, they say facebook has 1000s of data point intersects for each user; allowing their system to build people that look just like your buyers in a manner of minutes.

5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

How it works is, you create custom audiences, wait for them to populate, then you generate Lookalike audiences from that. You can setup new campaigns, and target these lookalikes.

We typically create custom audiences from these:

  • Added to Cart – Last 30 days
  • Initiated Checkout – Last 30 days
  • Purchased – Last 30 Days
  • Viewed 95% of our video ads
  • Top 25% time spent on site
  • Top 25% highest purchase value
  • then we generate lookalikes – 1%, 1-3%, and 3-5%.


5 Effective Strategies to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020

Retargeting is a must, if you are not doing any form of remarketing you are leaving a LOT of money on the table. If your cost per purchase for cold audience is $20, with a retargeting campaign you are looking at 1/3rd the cost usually.

We like to follow a systematic approach to getting our retargeting campaigns up, and send the users direct to interestitials and offer pages, rather than advertorials or landers meant to warm up cold audiences.

When scaling your facebook ads be sure to create custom carousel re-targeting campaigns with these style of headlines to catch attention

  • Top 7 Best Selling Products %NICHE% – targeting everyone
  • Top 5 Products for Women – targeting women only
  • Top 5 Products for Men – targeting men only

*This applies to ecom mostly, however it can be applied to any kind of offer with a bit of a twist.
When retargeting, create an audience for Added to Cart – Last 30 days, Initiated Checkout – Last 30 days.
Exclude purchasers custom audience in these.

Since we have 3 ads, we will create 3 adsets for each audience, so for the above example, we will have a total of 6 adsets. As we want to separate each ad into it’s own adset so we can target the demographics properly.

Duplicate the ads in each adset 2x, so you have a total of 3 ads in each adset sharing social proof. *When duplicating it will ask if you want to share comments, likes, shares counts.


This test is really simple to do and will show you if you actually have GOOD ads to begin with. Take your ‘winning’ ad that you want to scale and create a new campaign with it but this time – EXCLUDE everyone that knows you & follows you. To get a dead cold audience. Run your ad against that audience and if it performs well, then you know that you have a winner to scale.

In Conclusion…

How to Scale Properly with Facebook Ads is an art that you can MASTER! The main requirement is that You need to have solid creatives that can support scale. If you need help with ideas, or you want someone to help you setup your campaign and make sure you don’t mess it up

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