Mind-Blowing Numbers of What Happens in an Internet Second

Mind-Blowing Numbers of What Happens in an Internet Second

It might be only a single second… but in terms of what happens throughout the world and especially online, it’s quite amazing. Even more amazing when you consider the Internet is still really only 20-something years old (yes, I know it was invented earlier, but in terms of real usage it’s around 20 years). Over the years I’ve seen a massive transition from the simple world of HTML sites to the engaging world of social, live video and connectivity that we have today.

However… as advanced and oversaturated as it may seem we are today, just wait til you see the internet of a few years from now!

In this article and infographic we are going to take a look at some of the mind-blowing numbers and what happens online in a simple internet second. To kick things off, let’s first look at live internet stats of the internet as a whole, how many users are online and what they are actively doing.


It’s easy to look at these numbers and say billions of users are online and doing millions of things online daily without any hesitation. However, when you start to break it down into an individual second, then you can really appreciate the sheer amount of volume and activity we are talking about.

What Happens in an Internet Second

Here are some of the mind-blowing numbers of what happens in an internet second, provided by the “What Happens in an Internet Second” infographic shown at the bottom of this post.

  • 10,407 Tweets are being sent out through Twitter
  • 2,881 photos are being uploaded to Instagram
  • 2,319 new posts are being published to Tumblr
  • 1,912 Skype calls are being made
  • 30,650 GB of internet traffic is taking place
  • 51,232 Google searches are being made
  • 110,265 YouTube videos are being watched
  • 2,437,859 emails are being sent through the world

As online marketers, we are always hungry for more data — which is exactly what I have waiting for you in this next section.

Not only are we hungry for stats and analytics, it’s always mind-blowing to think that there is still room for growth on the internet and still money to be made. After all, how many people can still be using Amazon, eBay or starting a website or blog for the first time, right?

To answer that question… A LOT!

  • Even if you’ve been on the internet for what seems like forever, new people are getting online for the first time every day. Whether this is because they are finally old enough to start getting online, or getting the technology in their country… it’s happening daily. Over 3.2 billion users are currently online, which is still less than half of the population in the world… we’ve still only scratched the surface!
  • In addition to how many people are using the internet, have you ever thought about how many web sites are online as well? Previously the number passed the one billion mark, but was then lowered after an audit of fake/spam sites. The number of active sites online is hovering in the 900 million range and will surpass that billion mark soon enough.
  • People, websites… and Google. They all intertwine together and Google is the puppet master over all of it, supplying over 3.5 billion search engine queries daily!

Now that you have a better idea of how large and fast growing the internet is, it’s time to get motivated and scale your numbers to higher levels than ever before!

To see all of the numbers again in a visual form, be sure to check out the infographic below.

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