Can You Make Money Selling Coupons?

Can You Make Money Selling Coupons?


A lot of my search engine traffic is coming from visitors wanting to know how to make money cutting coupons and then selling them. So I thought I’d tell you exactly how people do, as well as answer a few questions that may arise.

Is it illegal to sell coupons?

There is no legislation that specially states that selling coupons is illegal, but the FTC says: “Selling or transferring coupons to a third party violates most manufacturers’ coupon redemption policies – and usually voids the coupon.”

Then how do you make money selling coupons?

You don’t sell coupons, you sell a service. Your time to cut, sort and manage coupons is worth something isn’t it?

Most websites and ads for coupons include a disclaimer that the buyer is not paying for the actual coupon but for the time that the seller has investing in cutting, sorting and sending out the coupon.

Examples of legitimate coupon services

The following websites all offer coupon clipping services (updated as most of went out of business) that you can visit to see how they are run just like any other business with an online store presence:

  • Coupon Carry-Out (out of business)
  • Coupon Dede’s (out of business)
  • Manufacturer Coupons (out of business)
  • My Coupon Hunter
  • Rebecca’s Coupons & Forms (out of business)
  • The Coupon Clippers (out of business)
  • We Clip U Save (out of business)

Update as of 5/22/19: As printable and digital coupons become more popular, it appears that actual coupon clipping services are dwindling.

So how can I start my own coupon clipping service?

Well, first you need a website, unless you plan to go door to door selling coupons, ha.


It appears most of the above examples used Volusion to set up their websites. Volusion offers an ecommerce website, shopping cart and hosting all-in-one that allows you to open an online store immediately that you can use to sell anything, not just coupons. Benefits of Volusion:

  • No coding required.
  • Unlimited 24/7 support.
  • Free, ready-to-use templates.
  • Free 14-day trial, no credit required.
  • Get started today with no commitment.


I personally recommend using WordPress. Yes, WordPress is the number one platform for blogs, but it is also used by a huge percentage of non-blog websites as well. With all the available templates, you can’t even tell they are using WordPress.

You will need a shopping cart plug-in with WordPress to set up your products and process your orders. Woocommerce is free and a good plug-in to start with. Once you are profitable, you may want to upgrade to Shopify that has a lot more options. Shopify does offer a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

Online Coupons

You can also earn additional income on any website using affiliate marketing.  An example of this is adding free printable manufacturer coupons on your website. You can get paid every time a visitor prints a coupon through your referral link. I recommend the ShopHer Media network (formerly MySavings Media). Below is an example of a widget for ( <– affiliate link) that I copied/pasted from the ShopHer Media interface (the grocery coupon carousel):

You can also make money printing online coupons. I wish I had more time to cut and sort my own coupons!

Do you have any other questions about making money selling coupons? If so, leave a comment!

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Amazon Dropshipping 101: 3 Expert Guides to Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon Dropshipping 101: 3 Expert Guides to Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the ultimate beast for buying and selling anything in the world today. With their massive reach and billions of customers, it’s no wonder they are quickly becoming the number one destination for everything. What started off as just books, quickly turned into movies, DVD, music and now consists of pretty much everything else you can think of. Not only is the site a dream for anyone looking to make a purchase, it’s also become an opportunity of a lifetime for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to sell through Amazon and their marketplace in the process.

While the concept of Amazon is simple enough (buy products through their site), what most people don’t realize is that a huge portion of the products and sales done through the site are actually from outside parties, dropshippers, and independent sellers. Amazon is simply providing the customers and platforms to such sellers.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to make sure everyone is as well informed as possible when it comes to selling on Amazon. To help with this process, I’ve hand selected some of the best Amazon dropshipping and selling guides out there to help you get started.

Free Amazon Dropshipping Guide – How to Dropship on Amazon

When it comes to selling anything online, Oberlo has become one of the ultimate tools for importing and fulfilling product orders on e-commerce sites, as well as an actual marketplace for researching and selling products. With that being said, they also have one of the best blogs out there for walking users through the process of how to sell more online and set up new accounts and businesses through the likes of platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

In their Amazon dropshipping guide, you will not only get to walk through the process of creating a Seller Account on Amazon, you will also find everything you need to know about drop shipping and how it applies to Amazon sales, marketing, and fulfillment of orders. Once live with your Amazon account, Oberlo recommends you focus on your seller rating and keyword research, while not expecting Amazon to simply start sending a flood of sales your way. The customers are there, but you still need to put in the time, work and effort to get your products in front of them.

In addition to Amazon drop shipping, there are also many other alternatives to selling online with different drop shippers and wholesalers. This can be done by setting up an online store of your own, then simply finding the right supplier for your product. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part in the process. To learn more about such options, you can see more dropshipping tips here.

How to Make Over $10,000 a Month Selling on Amazon

Not all resource guides need to come in the form of long-form content and with the intention to sell an individual product or service. In the case of Quora, the question “How can you make over $10,000 a month selling on Amazon and through drop shipping?“.

The end result was over 42 different in-depth responses that break down a number of winning methods for making serious money with Amazon. Ed Tyson, Author of “How to Sell More on Amazon” broke his answer down to three simple rules for finding success on Amazon.

  1. in making lots of cash: sell a ridiculously good product.
  2. in making lots of cash: find cheap, effective and cheap ways to market your product. Then do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
  3. in making lots of cash: give ridiculously good service.

Jan Steen also had three recommended tips of his own, which were:

  1. Sell something nobody else sells or ensure the customer thinks you are the cheapest and the best.
  2. Drive your traffic and conversion. It’s all about GOOD numbers.
  3. Try to automate even yourself.

Be sure to check out the full Quora page, as it’s loaded with useful information on not only how to get started with an Amazon dropshipping business, but also how to scale it in size and hit that nice monthly five-figure mark.

Debate: Drop Shipping vs. Amazon FBA

When it comes to selling products online, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can create an e-commerce site of your own where you physically create and ship your own items, you can dropship, or you can sell through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Everyone has their own preference on which is best, and in this recent article on Empire Flippers we get to hear two players from both sides debate the issue.

In this exciting piece, two industry experts and successful entrepreneurs share their own expertise and history of what’s been working best for them. Anton Kraly has years of experience in the dropshipping, while also generating over $1.8 million in sizes by the age of 24. On the other side, they have Mark Brenwall, who has found some great success with Amazon FBA. Both players started their business from scratch and focus on providing their audience with the best products and sales process possible.

By the end of this article interview, you will have a good idea of what it takes to start an online business through both dropshipping and Amazon FBA. Be sure to read through til the end of the article to see if both Anton and Mark would stick with the same business models, should they get to start from scratch all over.

How to Make Millions Selling and Dropshipping through Amazon

When you think about a million dollars and the massive volume of customers and sales being generated on Amazon today, that number really isn’t that big at all — especially if you are trying to hit that seven-figure mark in sales. It only takes $2,740 a day in sales to generate a million dollars over the course of a year. When you factor in the reach, marketing and automation possible through Amazon, this definitely looks more attainable than ever before.

The toughest part about selling on Amazon is finding the right product to sell. The platform and marketing are already in place. Be sure to read through each of the Amazon dropshipping guides above and see how you can get started with your own e-commerce/dropshipping business today.

Storytelling Is The Best Way of Selling

Storytelling Is The Best Way of Selling



Famous American writer Patrick James Rothfuss quoted- “It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” That is why you should build your brand on a storyline and let your storytelling do the selling for you.  As an online marketer, there is so much to explore on the surprising impacts of a storyline on the followers’ mind.

Storytelling for sales professionals comes with the enormous potential of influencing audiences’ thinking capacity, to reshape your brand image, to turn things in favor of your brand.

Following are few inputs on stories for selling that cannot be neglected anymore from the marketing perspective!

Selling through storytelling

An involving storyline can connect to the mass very fast via its content. Your product or service is basically your idea of solving a problem. The sales can only happen when the prospects can relate them to it and appreciate its importance in their life. You will have to make them realize why certain product or service is vital for solving the problem they are facing.

There comes the storytelling sales techniques. With storytelling, you can modify your communication in such a manner, that the audience can relate themselves to it. They understand the impact of it when they relate to the story.  That is exactly why a majority of video ads follow this approach to pass through their marketing message.

In the end, it is the audiences’ understanding of value addition in their life from your product or service, which makes the sales happen.

Being eventful, a story is many times engaging than boring text.
When data is just too abundant to convey, we have a tendency to avoid researching it or look out for tactics to modify the ways of presentation. We prefer to break it down into chunks of texts to present in a very ordered manner. Breaking down and sequencing simplifies understanding. However, the text makes it boring. We can do the sequencing in a storyline with visuals to give the most powerful and impactful go. A story is itself a continuous sequence of events. Being eventful and in proper sequence is in its nature itself.


A Story gives content the touch of imagination.
Who does not love to imagine a perfect life without problems? Using a story format gives this huge advantage as content which can engage the audience. When a story gives the audience a feeling of an imaginary perfect life, they connect with it desiring such experience. That makes the sales process very smooth then.

Text is not sufficient to express a complicated process efficiently. Story excels in that.
If you know about a subject, you can write an article on the same with your perspective. But will the audience be able to grab it entirely? It depends on many factors like audiences’ basic idea of the concept, complexity of language used, grammar and few others. This is how, for a regular person, it turns sometimes challenging to consume the text rich information fully without fault.

When the same content is presented in storytelling form, such as visual videos, infographics, etc , the exact information gets much more simple and engaging in understanding. The language differences do not come into play anymore, and visuals make it welcoming for everyone.

With the above points mentioned, we can agree that Stories effectively grabs attention and commemorate. This applies for all prospects irrespective of gender or age. Do not waste any more time with boring texts and start taking advantage of story, to engage your audience.


Let Animated Video create a story for you!
Start your first story with a great animated video or an infographic. We can help with that. We’re not psychologists. We’re just animated video creators and designers, who understand the appeal of the happy video medium with your customers.

We can create all types of animations, including whiteboard video, character animations, stop-motion video, and much more. Our in-house team also excels in visually appealing infographics. When it comes to online marketing, these are priceless!