How to Improve Google Search Rankings in 10 Simple Steps

How to Improve Google Search Rankings in 10 Simple Steps

Your Google search ranking influences your audience’s awareness of you and the amount of engagement you receive. The better your ranking, the more likely you are to be seen by customers.

However, in today’s age of internet advertising, many businesses choose paid ads over organic search. Money, on the other hand, will not increase your website’s search engine ranking.

With all of that being said, today we are going to highlight some of the most effective ways to improve your rankings in Google. Through the list of the ten suggestions listed below, along with a combined work effort, marketing strategy, and commitment, anyone can see an improvement in their Google search rankings in a short period of time.

Keyword research is key!

To determine the ideal goals for each page on your website, use search data and research your competition. Start with the pages that have the most information and are beneficial to your customers, depending on the size of your website and the resources you have available. Your top one or two product/service pages, for example, or a well-written blog article that gives specific information your consumers are seeking, are both excellent examples.

Write copy that people want to read

You know more about your field than anybody else. Create content that is useful and includes keywords and synonyms that will help Google and other search engines find your website. Include keywords throughout the page to boost your search engine ranking, but don’t go crazy with keyword stuffing. Make sure your content is something that people want to read. To develop clear and appealing messaging, we recommend using the Storybrand method.

Give your page a title to assist search engines and people 

The title tag, also known as the meta title, is used by search engines to determine what the page is about. Because your title tag is also the blue link that everyone sees on a search engine results page, be sure it contains the keywords people are looking for. This title is distinct from the bold heading that everyone sees on your page, usually the heading tag. As a result, you can create one title for the search engine results page (SERP) and another heading for your webpage if it helps you obtain more clicks.

Use HTML header tags to create pages

The most significant heading on the page is the first heading or H1 tag. The H1 tag is usually the first thing a visitor sees when they arrive at your website. Header tags are frequently used for style. However, they should be utilized to organize information instead. 

One of the most effective strategies to increase search engine ranking is to employ subheadings. Heading tags have more weight in search engines than ordinary content, making it easier for users to browse the page. If you’re having difficulties updating your heading tags, you’ll almost certainly need to hire a developer to make the necessary changes.

Give your URLs purpose 

Don’t be one of those people that ignore the URL of the page! Keyword research should also be applied to URLs. The name of the page will show in the URL if you use a CMS like WordPress. Check the URL and what you named the page before launching it.

Link to additional pages inside your site

You’ll frequently find yourself referring to other things that you’ve already written when creating content for the page. Selecting a sentence and adding a hyperlink to the blog post or page you’re addressing is internal linking. 

These links will encourage some readers to go through and read your other pages, but search engines will also crawl them. Anchor text refers to the terms that you hyperlink. This provides context to the user and search engines about the website you link to. Therefore it’s critical to utilize relevant keywords in the hyperlink.

All of your photos should have ALT tags

Images visually support the message on the page. Users and search engines alike adore them. As a result, every one of your photos should include descriptive (keyword-rich) ALT tags. Alt tags also make your site more accessible, which might help you avoid a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Page speed and mobile-friendly design

It’s no secret that mobile visitors are increasingly visiting your website. Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly. Optimize graphics, code, and content to ensure that each page loads quickly. Slow websites will lose visitors, and search engines will notice. This is why having a quick website can help you rank higher in search engines. When it comes to making your website rank, you need great content, but website design and development are crucial.

Avoid duplicate content

Search engines favor new and unique information. Find any duplicate content and change it significantly or delete it entirely. Saying the same thing over and over has no benefit, and Google will punish you for it. You’ll most likely have duplicate content in one of two circumstances.

You’ve written a lot of content over the years and sometimes forget that you or someone else has already written a page or blog post on the same subject. This isn’t a total duplicate, but if the information overlaps considerably, you should combine it into a single powerful page.

Your website contains numerous versions of the same page that you aren’t even aware of. You can also use a site checker tool to help in the process of finding and removing any duplicate content from your site as well.

This may be the result of someone duplicating a page by accident, or you’ve made numerous copies for different languages or tracking. You can use a canonical URL to tell search engines that you copied a page on purpose. If you need canonical URLs, the Yoast plugin for WordPress makes it simple to do so. 

Make an XML Sitemap and keep an eye on crawl errors

Sitemap submission

Search engines will index your pages faster if you provide a sitemap. After you’ve validated your site with Google Search Console in the first step, you may submit your sitemap to Google. You may also submit a sitemap using Bing’s webmaster tools dashboard.

Crawl warnings and errors

Search engines also crawl Links on pages. To give your site the best chance of ranking high, keep an eye on any mistakes or broken links and correct them or establish redirects. On Google, you can discover free broken link checkers.

Google Rankings Improvement Summary

Search engine optimization isn’t just a trend that will fade away shortly. It’s something your website should focus on right now, as well as in the future. If you’re just getting started with SEO, you’re already behind, but it’s not too late to apply the ten steps outlined above.

How to Grow Your Business in 5 Simple Steps with Online Webinars

How to Grow Your Business in 5 Simple Steps with Online Webinars

When it comes to saving money online and finding the best deals, few people do it better than brand marketers and bloggers. Not only do they know where to look, they also know about the top sites and brands, and how they have special ‘affiliate’ deals in place to secure the best promotions and discounts to their audience.

Appsumo has simply been one of the best in this game as the number one coupon platform for internet marketers for a while now. However, just like everything else on the internet changes and progresses in time, so it the discount and coupon code market for business owners as well.

It appears the story is about to change because have arrived with a bang, ready to prove their worth to any and every internet marketer who decides to try them out.

What makes IM.Deals stand out from the crowd is that they have exciting offers and features throughout the site that hope to beat anything you can get on Appsumo or any other digital coupon platform. is the latest project by Oliver Kenyon. He was the founder of AffliateFix, the largest Affiliate Marketing Forum with several thousands of members, customers, and brands contributing to the site daily. Let it also be known that Oliver recently sold AffliateFix for seven figures.

This has all happened at a fairly decent pace as well, being that Kenyon has at the young age of 31 built a reputation as a hardworking solution provider. First, with AffliateFix and other various projects, he has shown himself an expert at knowing what people need and giving it to them in the best ways. is looking like a similar solution providing community from this ardent hustler. You don’t have to be told about the stress and costs of internet marketing, especially for small and medium businesses. has brought a solution in the form of exclusive coupons and deals that will give you rest from heavy charges. This is the site to go for deals on marketing tools. You can also partner with them to offer your coupons on their site. Terms and Conditions apply, though.

This platform is designed for the benefit of all internet marketers searching for the best online discount coupons on great marketing tools. You might be wondering how this new platform can be an equal player in the market with a veteran like Appsumo. Let us take a step by step examination of how they both compare.

As an Internet Marketer, five areas are very crucial when you want to pick a marketing tool for any purpose. We are going to examine how Appsumo and stand up to themselves in these five aspects unique to coupon platforms.


The type of deals offered on a coupons-and-deals platform is very important to the choice of the platform you want to use as an internet marketer. Appsumo offer time-bound deals that you have to use almost immediately or stand a chance on losing out., however, made it better by offering evergreen deals that are not time-sensitive. You can always go back for that marketing tool offer when you have the money.


Appsumo has impressive customer service. are, however, up to the task. They have a simple contact button for you to drop your questions. You can also place a call or mail through You can also reach out through their social media platforms.


You might want to promote your brand by selling coupons on They have three things they ask you to take note of the deal, the coupons, and the commission. Then you can fill the form and submit your deal.


Time is a worthy currency in the internet marketing world. is a great time saver. Unlike Appsumo, that is not quite to the point on their page, take you right to the deals. The website also has a fast loading speed.


It is essential to be able to quickly understand the layout and what is being said on a webpage. This understanding is gotten from how simply the pages are designed. holds its own when it comes to simplicity. is prepared to compete with Appsumo in a bid to bring internet marketers the best value for their money. has made saving thousands of dollars very easy for the internet marketer.

Where to Find the Best Money Saving Discounts Online

When it comes to finding the best coupon codes and deals online, word gets around fast. Searching through Google and continually coming across expired coupons is a huge pain. The better solution is to go right to the source and find sites that list only the most recent and active promotions in place.

Internet marketing coupons and deals are now a breeze with more options open to the savvy internet marketer. presently has 48 deals, and more are still being added daily. Over 500 deals have been claimed on their site.

You do not want to miss this opportunity. Go to and start marketing at a more affordable rate.

10 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business

10 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business

With the ever-changing digital landscape, the future of content marketing is right now inclined towards video marketing. Thanks to the digital technology getting economic and more available to people with the usage of mobile devices, video for business cannot be ruled out as one of the most significant tools for branding. Video, one of those unique medium where people can extract their required information through quick, concise and also in an entertaining format.

Benefits of video marketing – some facts on the perks of marketing video strategies:

Video marketing for business promoted brand awareness. Corporate video promotion can actually make 80% of the people recollect the name of a brand. The strategy of using video for business works because:

  1. Companies can quickly convey their business values and increase their chances of exposure to the target audience by offering entertaining yet educational content.
  2. Online video marketing increases a company’s online presence. The more a video circulates and stays online, the more it becomes qualified to turn the viewers into customers.
  3. Simple videos that highlight the service and the goods of business put a personality to the brand, making it more credible and reliable to the audience for investing in.
  4. Thanks to the power of ‘sharing’, videos can be quickly circulated from one platform to another, reaching a new target from an existing one through social video marketing. Social media is the place where an individual can be communicated at any time. Imaging how your brand will be at that advantageous position where it can convey the message at any hours of the day.
  5. The importance of video in marketing also lies in the fact that the company can improve its SEO ranking on the search page of the top browsers. Attractive videos keep the audience engaged in the company’s website and also a pool in more traffic to the same. When the search bots analyze the activity, the chance of the company securing a higher position becomes easy.
  6. Mobile is the new platform for accessing information at any time. Empower your video marketing strategy with the ability to reach people on their mobile screens. With better bandwidth, videos today are for marketing on mobile devices, so that your audience can get full experience even outside their desktop devices.
  7. When a person is looking for any service or product, there are slim chances of luring him or her with a text description. At this juncture, a video presentation works wonders by providing all the details infused with the required information and the correct dose of entertainment that grab their attention and keep them hooked.
  8. With video for business, you are sure to get an excellent return on your investment. Statistics say that when you add a video on your landing page, the chances of a sale taking place increases by 80%. Also with the affordable technology and lots of production houses mushrooming up in the economy, client companies do not have to spend a fortune on availing the video marketing services.
  9. Audiences today, have less time to dive deep into something that does not catch their attention at first glance. They can easily scroll by an ad banner or a sidebar ad that are not at all functional or relevant to their needs. Videos in such case can assist the brand to accomplish significant success within a short period. They attract the audience, hook them up from the first glance, and also spreads the brand name, quite quickly.


Here we bring you some video marketing statistics that will support its benefits mentioned above

  • When a video and text is kept on the same page, 72% of the people will choose to watch a video than reading the text
  • 81% of the people can be convinced to buy a product by showing them a brand’s video
  • 95% of the people know about a product or a service by watching a video
  • 85% of the people regard video as a crucial part of their marketing strategy
  • 81% of the businesses use video marketing as a tool

Figures do not lie, so you can understand how your business cans the power of video for business to achieve the desired results for its growth.

After the why now it’s time for how to use video for business

Congratulations, you have just made the best decision for your company including video marketing in your branding strategies. But where do you start? You must know that marketing videos come in various types, and it can contain different types of content. Getting confused at the initial period is not something uncommon for the experts. So, at this point, let’s initiate by talking about the customer’s purchase cycle.

A company’s purchase funnel generally contains four stages, awareness, consideration, decision and retention.

A customer remains unaware of your company until you make an introduction. So start by highlighting ton their problems and then come into the picture by providing a solution to it. In this way, they will know two things; viz, the existence of your brand & also the existence of the answers to their problem.

The types of marketing videos that you can choose

  • Commercial video
  • Educational Content Video
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Live action explainer videos
  • Company story videos
  • Case study and testimonial videos
  • Tutorial Videos

While for your next branding campaign, you should consider the following 10 video marketing strategies:

1. Introduce yourself

As discussed earlier, as a newbie, you have to make an impactful introduction to your customers. For this, there is no better way than preaching about your brand with a video. Combine the power of both audio and video to make the concepts of your business value clear and lucid enough to be understood by your target audience. Use this introductory video on the homepage of your business and tell them what solutions you have for them, within the time limit of 90 seconds.

2. Share what you do

What is better than one? The next one! After your introduction video, the next one you can concentrate on is a description video of what you do. A more detailed insight will give your audience the platform to trust you more and make a purchase decision. This can be educational and can be used for attracting more customers.

3. How about some testimonials

Testimonial videos or third party proofs are incredibly effective when it comes to injecting credibility and trust into your customers, especially when they are new to your brand. These are winning videos that you must positively include in your marketing video collection and spread as far as possible.


4. Educate your audience

Sometimes, imparting virtue works wonderfully for amplifying the brand image of the business. This is, in fact, one of the most effective ways of portraying your company as a leader in the sector. It is possible that you may not be a company dealing in technological goods or services, but that does not mean that you cannot share your views on the same. There are plenty of topics on which you can form a video on, and if it helps your audience, then you are indeed at the winning end.

5. Show your culture

Culture content reflects the core value of your business, which buyers watch and rely upon as an assurance. Especially for small businesses, buyers want to know who they are buying from. Show them how you work to meet the client requirements perfectly and on time.

6. Tell them how you were born

Your creation story video is just like the culture content video. So show them who you are, maybe through a time-lapse video of your journey, growth and making it big with the customers.

7. Post in the preferred medium

It is amazing how people love to watch a video. It is indeed the medium which the buyers crave for. Create video blogs that will serve the purpose of telling your people exactly the thing you want to convey. You can opt for animated explainer video, whiteboard animation video or even non-animated videos by simply using a webcam in the office room. Sharing thoughts through video blog can provide for impactful results in the long run.


8. Be thankful to customers

Loyalty is a huge challenge for any business. To make your customers stay with you, the brand has to take the responsibility of satisfying the customers at every possible step; even if it means to post a thank you video. These videos come with the power of emotionally connecting with the audience and triggering within them, the feeling of being wanted and loved.

9. Show them how you work

You may have come across a lot of production process videos of different companies. Yes, this is another form of the culture content videos that will highlight your production process. These ‘behind the scenes’ videos will give your audience the real picture of what is and how it is produced for them. This type of video is ideal for brands which deal in physical products; although brands which deal in services based products like software can create a time lapse video of how the developers are working throughout.

10. Interview experts of the sector and spread

Another type of testimonial video where you can approach the experts to say a few words about you. You can ask their opinion on how they think that your business can leave a significant mark on the industry and how people can benefit from your products or services in the long run.

Here are the five ways in which businesses can hack the growth through video marketing

  • Post video on the landing page of company’s official website
  • Make your video mobile friendly
  • Show your product in action
  • Make your videos interactive
  • Build up ‘coming soon’ launch videos for creating anticipation in your audience.