Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly (Solution)

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly (Solution)

Site bugs and glitches are perhaps the Achilles heel of all social media sites – anything which turns a relaxing, fun browsing experience into a technical struggle against stubborn websites defeats the whole purpose of social media. For those who aren’t technically inclined, encountering any problems is usually something which instils a sense of dread and gloom, but there are a few tricks you can try to get your social media up and running again, ensuring you get maximum socialising time.

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly

If you’re a regular Tweeter – or just following some important people – then your timeline not updating is a major annoyance. This is particularly true if you know you have updates, but Twitter’s timeline is happily pretending nothing is going on, and if you’re trying to follow a discussion of any sort, it’s beyond frustrating.

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly

Twitter’s Timeline Isn’t Updating Properly

Things To Check


To begin troubleshooting, there are a few different things you should try to help you pinpoint where the issue lies.

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection, and if it’s poor, try again later before you spend too much time troubleshooting. You may find that there simply isn’t a good enough connection for new Tweets to come through.
  • If you’re experiencing the issue on Twitter’s app, try opening a browser and checking whether this happens there as well. If you have more than one browser installed, try on different browsers.
  • Try on a couple of different devices, and see whether your timeline updates normally on another device. Alternatively, ask a friend to check their account and see if they encounter similar issues.
  • See if refreshing the webpage (if you’re using the browser) is enough to resolve the problem. Check whether the timeline shows new updates at the point of refreshing, but then stops updating again.

Ways To Fix It

  • The first thing you should try is closing the browser or app, and then reopening it. If this works, remember to check whether it’s a temporary fix or whether it solves the issue entirely.
  • Try clearing your cache and cookies, which should ensure information isn’t getting intercepted or sending incorrectly. Also check whether any extensions are causing interference by turning them off.
  • Occasionally, changing your username or password can result in this sort of issue resolving itself, perhaps because it jogs something on Twitter’s servers. This is an odd fix, but can work.
  • If the app is where you notice the problem, consider uninstalling it and doing a clean install to make sure it’s fully up to date and hasn’t encountered a glitch.
  • If none of the above help to resolve your issue, consider contacting Twitter’s support team. Although some users suggest this issue sorted itself out (apparently randomly) after a period of time, it’s worth letting the Twitter team know something is going wrong, as they may be able to help you. If other users are experiencing the issue and it gets reported, they know the technicians need to look into a fix.

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Instagram Hashtags Not Working [Solution – 2020]

Why Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are one of the biggest trends on the internet right now. They’re a very useful tool which allows people to collate related data, connecting it across different channels and cutting through some of the noise generated by social media’s immense popularity. For example, if you’ve got a great picture of your new puppy in sunglasses, you might want to link it up with other people who’ve posted similar pictures, and you can do this using a hashtag. Hashtags are a great way to generate more user engagement and connect up with the right people, so you know those who find your posts are more likely to be interested in them.

Hashtags Not Working

However, Instagram hashtags aren’t always a dream come true. Sometimes they simply don’t work, which is frustrating and makes it harder to get your content noticed. If you’ve just spent half an hour deciding on 30 great tags to fit with your image, only to find that Instagram tags aren’t working, it’s extremely annoying. There are a few different reasons why your hashtags might not be working.

  • You tried to use a banned hashtag. There are a number of these, and using even one can cause your content not to display properly. Check their list of banned hashtags to make sure this isn’t the case for you. Instagram’s banned hashtags are often on sensitive topics (e.g. anorexia), but can also relate to perfectly innocent phrases which are simply too over-used to be useful.
  • You used a limited hashtag. While these aren’t banned, they can affect the way in which your photos appear in searches and how they are categorised. Again, find out what these hashtags are, decide how they will affect your search, and choose whether to include them or not.
  • Instagram is suffering from some serious issues with their hashtags at the moment, and hasn’t clarified what is going on, despite user frustrations; you may be on the receiving end of these difficulties. It seems that photos aren’t displaying under certain searches for no apparent reason, or that there are long delays before they appear. Followers may be seeing the images, but not non-followers, or they may not be reaching anyone under particular tags.

How To Deal With The Issues

To prevent your photo from disappearing, avoid using any banned hashtags, and be aware of your use of limited hashtags, making sure they aren’t going to make your photo appear in the wrong places. Using your hashtags carefully stops you from getting caught by automatic spam filters, and ensures your content ends up in the right place.

Because it appears to be a site issue, dealing with the final problem isn’t very easy. You could try searching the hashtags you want to use before posting the picture, and seeing if any recent content shows. If it does, this may be a sign that yours will work. Alternatively, try deleting and re-uploading an image. Complaints have been made to Instagram, but at present the company has not come forward with any solutions or answers.