Dating Offers to Promote: Successful Combinations From Your Competitors

Dating Offers to Promote: Successful Combinations From Your Competitors

This is a post by our friends at Spyteg, the adult spy tool. Enjoy!

Today, our team want to share the best winning combinations for promoting dating offers for all summer. First, let’s look which methods are used your competitors: which traffic sources and devices are the most popular etc.

Bonus at the end of the article: You can download popular pictures for your future creatives and landing pages for free!

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We are going to look at 3 popular advertising areas in the adult space:

  • USA and Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia

First, let’s look what was popular in USA and Canada in summer.


Here are the most popular ad texts for promoting dating offers:

  1. Would you like to meet tonight?
  2. New App For Dating in Montreal?
  3. Rich Mature Cougars from Boardman Want to Meet You Tonight!Click Here to Join Now for FREE
  4. hey! I am from Beauharnois, wanna meet?
  5. Mia, Toronto Ready to Chat!
  6. Talk to these girls now
  7. Sexy Babes Looking For New York Men Older Than 30
  8. Over 30 And Looking For a Fun Night in Montreal? Take Her Home Now!
  9. Meet Single Russian Girls Who Want Your Love
  10. Been A Good Boy? You Get To Meet The Prettiest Girls

Here is a breakdown of the most popular devices found in the US and Canada as well:


And the most popular traffic sources:


You can download the creatives for promoting US/CA dating offers for free in our Google Drive link here.

Next, let’s check European countries and adult advertising there.


The most popular ad titles for promoting dating offers in Europe:

  1. Single Euro Girls Are Looking For Love . Meet Your Ideal Match
  2. Want to meet a single woman nearbly?
  3. Click Here To Start Chatting With This Seductive Girl
  4. This Hot Russian Girl Wants To Date You!
  5. She Will Enchant Your Soul. Get A Hot Girlfriend Right Now !
  6. 10 Crazy Things Women Like to Do on a First Date
  7. Meet Someone You Might Like To Date Later
  8. Laura Want To Date! Send A Direct Message
  9. Single Ukrainian Ladies Looking For Their Soulmate (39+)
  10. I Dream Of A Man Who Will Become My Whole Universe

The most popular devices or Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Switzerland are:


And the most popular traffic sources were:


We created a folder with the pictures for the creatives that you can find in this Google Drive.

And the last area we want to look at is Asia.


Girls with an asian appearance seem to be the most popular for promoting dating in Asia (makes sense). The most popular ad titles are:

  1. Seductive Asian Girls Are Looking For Your Love Register now to meet the girl of your hottest dreams
  2. These Pretty Asian Ladies Are Single!
  3. Ask A Beautiful Girl Out On A Date. She may very well be your soulmate
  4. A Little Flirting Is Never Superfluous
  5. Date hot girls near you!
  6. Beautiful Women In Bangkok Want To Date You
  7. Click Here To Start Chatting With This Seductive Girl
  8. You will be surprised! A lot of men have already found girls here!
  9. Single Girls Are Looking For Single Men In Sylmar
  10. Cute Girls Are Looking For Single Men

The most popular devices for Asian dating advertising campaigns is:


And the most popular traffic sources:


Download pictures for creatives free here.

And here 5 tips for creating dating creatives:

  1. Choose saturated and maximum real photos according to interest of your audience
  2. Ad text should be short and solve the user’s problem
  3. Use your audience language, for example Vietnam – Vietnamese, Thailand – Thai, Italy – Italian. Of course it’s possible to use English, but should consider interests of target audience.
  4. Try A/B test for different pictures for same offer promoting.
  5. Write target audience portrait. It will help you attract more traffic for your advertising campaigns.

You can download all creatives free in Google Drive here.

We hoped you enjoyed this article and found the information and creatives useful! Good luck on your affiliate marketing campaigns 👍

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Wish you high conversions!

How to Grow Your Practice: Top 5 Tips for Successful Dental Marketing

How to Grow Your Practice: Top 5 Tips for Successful Dental Marketing

Dental drills and instruments close up

Patients are becoming more thoughtful in their online search as 48% do more than two weeks of research before making an appointment. This is just one reason why dentist marketing is such an important aspect. If you are ready to grow your dental practice, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn about five tips for successful dental marketing that can help grow your practice.

1. Meet the Community

Getting involved in the community is one of the sure ways to increase business. As neighbors run into each other all the time, you should want your business to be the topic of conversation.

A dental marketing strategy cannot go without community engagement. Word of mouth can be the best advantage of this type of dentist marketing. When friends or family ask for a great dentist recommendation, make sure your business comes to mind.

You can get involved in several ways. For example, you could sponsor a community sports team, participate in career days at local schools, partner with nearby businesses, and more.

2. Have a Consistent Blog

Marketing for dentists can be hard because of how busy everyone is in the field. However, to increase business, you need to keep up with your blog.

Blogs can help a website bring in more traffic. This is because of the use of SEO for dentists. Search engine optimization will allow clients to find your business easier.

If you are wondering how to grow a dental practice with blogs, there are some topic examples you can rely on. They include new dental services you offer, introduction/spotlights for staff, health advice, etc.

3. Have a FAQ Page

A part of your dental marketing strategy should be the addition of a FAQ page. Dental visits can be scary for some, so people want information about their appointment before they arrive. Dental marketing that includes a FAQ page reassures patients and potentials.

4. Get More Online Reviews

Online reviews for dentist marketing are important because many check these reviews. If you aren’t getting enough online reviews, or haven’t started at all, you have a problem.

However, getting started is easy. Asking your patients to write reviews is the easiest way to ensure others that they will have a great experience.

Stop asking yourself, “is it worth it?” The answer is yes as more people are inclined to choose a company with good reviews.

5. Create an Online Booking Option

After using SEO for dentists and other tips to bring in more traffic, you can influence the marketing funnel further by offering an online booking option. Making it easy for patients to take the next step will make them more likely to make an appointment with you.

Online booking tools are easy to find. Sometimes they even provide built-in reminders for patient appointments.

Get Into Dental Marketing

If you aren’t already taking advantage of dental marketing, you can get started right away. It is never too late to bring in more potential customers and keep your business successful. Get into dental marketing by using these top five tips.

Keep coming back for more articles about marketing and more.

3 Ways Successful Email Validation Leads to Better Marketing

3 Ways Successful Email Validation Leads to Better Marketing

You’ve started a new business and have an email marketing campaign in full swing. It helps your emailing list grow. After the campaign is over, however, things start to diminish a little.

This might be because people gave you a fake email so they could take advantage of your campaign specials. They could have also made a temporary email and deleted it once your promotions stopped.

That’s why using an email validation tool is so important. It can detect these fake emails and keep your list clean.

That’s not the only reason why you need this tool. Check out this guide to learn more about what email validation is and why you should be using it.

What is Email Validation

Email validation is the process of verifying an email to make sure it’s legit and belongs to an actual person. There’s no rule that states that you have to set up email validation for your business.

There are a lot of benefits of using the email address validation tool on It will get rid of email bounces, you won’t get as many spam complaints, and you won’t get blacklisted by email service providers.

1. Get Rid of Email Bounces

When an email bounces this means that the email tried to go to an invalid recipient. Either the person deleted their email or they never had it in the first place. Again, many people give fake email addresses.

These bounced emails don’t do any favors for your sender score. To avoid them, you’ll need to use email list validation tools. They will signal out these fake or deleted email addresses and remove them so you stop sending messages to them.

2. Reduce Spam Complaints

Another thing that will affect your sender score is spam complaints. You want to get as little of those as possible. That means you have to constantly pump out content that users are interested in.

The sad truth is, you can’t please everybody though. At some point, someone may hit the spam button. An email address validation tool will mark the people who make spam complaints so you stop sending them your content.

3. Don’t Get Blacklisted

If you get blacklisted, it will prevent all your email messages from being accepted by the server. Some servers are pretty strict with this. Others will unblacklist you after a certain amount of time.

A validation tool will help you keep your email list clean so it’s less likely that you’ll be blacklisted. You should also keep an eye on your IP.

This will keep you updated on your status so if you’ve been blacklisted, you’ll know about it. You’ll then be able to take strides to get things worked out before you launch a new campaign.

Start Using an Email Validation Tool

Using an email validation tool will help you get relevant content to your email listers who want to see what you have to offer. It can also keep your list clean so you don’t end up sending messages to those who don’t want them. Trust us, using a tool is better than getting blacklisted.

Looking for other ways to keep your business’s reputation intact online? Check out our blog to get a few more pointers.