To Have What It Takes: Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

To Have What It Takes: Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

Do you want to become the very best digital marketer?

Being a digital marketer comes with a lot of responsibilities and can be stressful at times. More businesses are starting to rely on online sales and conversions rather than offline.

This means that you play a key role in the success of the business and you must get your tactics right.

So what skills do you need to master in order to get it right each time?

In this article, we’ll break down the most essential skills every top digital marketer needs. By mastering these skills, you’ll have a greater chance of success.

Read on for more information.

Be Able to Produce Engaging Videos

Even though memes and pictures have the potential to go viral, they’re nothing compared to videos. This is why Youtube and Tiktok are so popular, as they retain audiences for long periods.

So being able to produce stunning videos on a regular basis is going to help you. Not only are they fun for customers to watch, but they are more informative than pictures can ever be. Therefore this makes them great to showcase products and services.

You don’t need to be able to create oscar-winning videos, just something that’s well made, and that looks professional. If you’re stuck, take a look at how the most successful companies do it.

Learn and Keep Learning SEO

Ok, so you’re probably familiar with search engine optimization aka SEO, but if not, here’s a quick overview.

SEO is being able to make your website and content search engine friendly. This is so the search engine bots can scroll through the content and figure out what it’s about. It will then rank your website pages on Google based on relevance.

Of course, it’s not easy to get to the top of Google and there’s a lot of ranking factors. These are things such as relevant content, mobile usability, page loading speed, and more.

The thing about SEO is it’s pretty much impossible to master. This is due to frequent algorithm updates by Google and not knowing every ranking factor- there are over 200 of them.

Saying this, there is a lot we do know about them and you must do your research. But, once you understand them and find success, don’t get complacent. SEO is a lifelong learning process and you must keep up with the changes.

Be Able to Read Large Amounts of Data

When you’re a digital marketer you look at a lot of numbers and stats every single day.

This could be stats on how many views your videos have, engagement rate, organic traffic, and more. You need to know what everything means and what to focus on.

Once you’re confident in handling lots of data, it will make your job a lot easier. You’ll be able to spot patterns and what works in no time at all.

Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and it has been useful to you.

As you can see, successful digital marketers require many skills. However, anyone can learn these skills and become successful in their job.

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Affiliate Business Club, a Marketing Community that takes Integrated Information to a New Level

Affiliate Business Club, a Marketing Community that takes Integrated Information to a New Level

Past 2 months I have been pretty busy with a merge that I am excited about. ADvengers was a way for me to get in contact with everyone during the pandemic and help out, share my experiences with everyone. I know that I am not a great teacher, I am more like a coach. I can help you along the way but not starting if that makes sense.

I was chatting with my brother Akie from Affiliate Business Club, a popular networking event throughout Affiliate World, Meetups, etc. He had the physical network going with his events and just putting people together. I had the online side of things,(ADvengers), I always wanted to get into the info space and share my knowledge but I didn’t want to get on the guru level.

After chatting we decided it would be a great synergy to put our 2 platforms together and grow it. I want to show you some aspects we are working on and the goal of ABC. Currently, there are areas of ABC that I wanted to do with ADvengers, but doing everything on your own and managing VAs was tiresome.

Now set up with a proper team, we plan to grow and be the go-to platform for networking and learning. Social Learning is the term I am using for this because you want to be among peers that are hustling just like you.

We have several aspect of Affiliate Business Club that I want to break down for everyone, first is the chat:

Affiliate Business Chat is a real-time chatroom for affiliate marketers. It allows everyone to discuss in real-time what is going on and get immediate feedback on your campaigns. The other great part is if you want to shoot the shit, you can. I wanted a chat where I can just express the Facebook issues, complain about bad offers, just a place to vent, etc.

The chat allows old messages to get deleted, which was important to me because old marketing strategies are never relevant. The chat allows users to interact and get feedback when needed.

A newsletter is what I wanted to do as well, with my writing being so ‘not amazing’, which is strange since I been writing on my blog forever, it was hard to really get things out. I also consume a lot of marketing news and what I think is important might not be for others since there are levels of information that people read.

Affiliate Business CatchUp is about taking relevant information regarding the online marketing space, affiliate marketing, and tactics sent to your inbox weekly. We know there are other competing newsletters out there and they are good.

They give a general overview of marketing. We want to focus on the industry and traffic, if you are already keeping up with online marketing then the general news is already part of your daily radar. We tend to find information within our chat, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, etc.

The core of it all is our social community. Affiliate Business Club is a place for everyone to network with everyone online. We want to centralize affiliates and online marketers alike. We also want to consolidate users and help each other motivate one another. The purpose of the community is to encourage everyone to be better and do better.

Having a social feed with everyone will allow users to see what we are doing to better ourselves, while also encouraging others to participate and ask if they are stuck as well. We want a community where it is ok to ask and just express yourself.

Now, content is the toughest part of any community. Affiliate Business Courses is a vault with tons of videos, continuous guides, and an ‘appsumo’ model to other people’s courses. While we grow the backend with information people want, we already have over 136 hours of videos from Affiliate Virtual Summit and eCommerce Virtual Summit.

We want to be a library of knowledge, where you can just pick out the information you need as if you are checking out a book in a library. We want to solve the problem of overloaded information. You know your issues, so just check out a book and see if it will help you with your campaigns.

Affiliate Business Club also has a group section similar to Facebook groups. There are 2 differences here, one part allows you to post anything relevant in a group like you probably already do inside Facebook groups, the 2nd part is the discussion threads within the Group. This allows topics to be specific to the group and open a discussion if need be.

Unlike a forum, the discussion can be closed when it becomes inactive or irrelevant. That is one important thing we wanted, to make sure irrelevant information is not being passed around. I believe this is a very unique way to approach a discussion, as I myself see FB groups can be broken and lost. A group with a discussion board makes it more simple to focus on the topic.

Now, we did not eliminate forums, as we stated, but we did adjust it just a bit. Our goal here is to be a focus on what you are running. The current problem with forums is you see an activity feed of information that may not be related to your goals. Since we do have attention issues, we tend to read that interesting headline and try out that strategy, even though it doesn’t pertain to our current campaign. This is what we want to avoid.

The discussions in the thread makes the topic hyper focus on just the topic ad hand and nothing else to disturb you from your goals or focus.

I enjoy talking to everyone in the industry, especially if I can learn from them and we can just shoot the shit. Affiliate Business Conversations is just about that. These interviews are more like conversations about the industry while adding knowledge to our chats.

These conversations will be with industry known affiliates, authors, myself, and anyone we think can bring a great conversation to the hectic online marketing industry.

Another part we are working on is Affiliate Business Coupons. These are going to be deals we deemed fit to the direct response and affiliate marketing space. There are a lot of deals out there but we want to focus on the industry and what we think is useful. This way you are not bombarded by other promos such as hosting which should be obvious.

Most of the tools mentioned will be by other affiliates, direct response marketers, who have been in this industry and thought of a better way to manager campaigns, landing pages, etc.

There are a lot more things happening to Affiliate Business Club. We have a point system in which you can exchange for credit to open new courses, exchange for gear, exchange for traffic credit (in the works with ad networks), and just so much more to come.

We also plan to release some basic tools for new users to use and learn from. We want to be the starting point for any online marketer, if they want to upgrade to a bigger tool then so be it, we love watching everyone make their first M.

Make sure to join Affiliate Business Club today. We are in the first stages and we already have a decent size community within our platform. Get access to everything we currently have while we work on the platform and help you connect with more marketers just like you.

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