Manage Your Production Better And More Efficiently With These Tips

Manage Your Production Better And More Efficiently With These Tips

Streamlining the production process is a top priority of every company. Your success as an organization will actually rely on how efficient your production lines are. 

Create a smooth process, and you are likely to see a better time to market while maintaining the desired quality standards. On the other extreme end, an inefficient process leads to wastage of resources on top of putting your company’s reputation on the line.

So, how do you optimize the production process? Below are a few tips to help you out with this.

Identify Obstacles In The Process

Every business should evaluate its workflow regularly to ensure no new challenges are negatively affecting the production process.

The evaluators should check for any bottlenecks that could be affecting production. Start by analyzing the employees at their different positions. Do they still have the relevant skills to undertake their duties? If not,  develop a plan to train them or reassign them to areas that fit their skills.

Move on to the resources used. Are they still relevant to the current production standards, or can you do better? Are they even in good condition?

What about the techniques you are using? Are they efficient enough to keep you competitive?

You can only improve your production process once you get and address the answers to these questions.

  1. Train Your Employees

Do not introduce new technology without training your staff. Not only does this lead to the underutilization of expensive resources, but it can also endanger the well-being of the employees on the flow.

Ensure your staff is trained every time a new technique or technology is introduced. Additionally, you should conduct refresher training every few months or annually. This maintains efficiency in the production process. It will also help you meet industry regulations on employee safety training.

  1. Invest In Good Software

Good software can increase your manufacturing process significantly. The right MRP software will boost efficiency and equipment utilization and it’ll also make it easier to communicate with the different players involved in the production process. So whether it’s sales, finance, procurement, or warehouse personnel, you’ll always know how the entire process is flowing.

Sadly, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to production software. The appropriate product will always vary depending on your activities and needs as a company. So, make sure you know what you want before shopping for a software product.

  1. Create Well-defined And Realistic Goals

A successful production process requires SMART objectives, i.e., the goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Work closely with your managers and junior staff to ensure everyone is on board with the objectives put in place. Every employee must also know the specific role they play in the entire plan.

  1. Consider Adopting Automation

Machines have helped industries increase efficiency while keeping production costs at a minimum.

Depending on the type and method of automation used, you may be able to reduce your wage bill as well. You’ll also increase production capacity, something that’s harder or expensive to achieve when using manual labor alone.

With that in mind, you should know that the initial cost of purchasing and setting up machines can be pretty expensive. Therefore, do your math and ensure the automation techniques you’re implementing have a reasonable return on investment. 

The above list is far from exhaustive. However, it covers the essentials that are more than capable of optimizing your production process. Analyze your existing process, then start implementing these tips gradually.

Cut Through The Noise With These 5 Video Recording Tips

Cut Through The Noise With These 5 Video Recording Tips

No live action video shooting is complete without recording a perfect sound. But the truth is sound recordings are not immune to background noise. So, to help you render quality audio here are certain video recording tips. Read these video recording basics to yield fruitful results.

Good quality sound recording mostly depends on the right location. Hence the first and foremost action you need to take while video recording is to choose the right location, then eventually use the essential tools and finally utilize high quality audio devices. But still, if you don’t get the right sound take the help of different software dedicated to creating the best sound.

Noise and Its Impact On Communication

‘Noise’ is the negative influence on the effective mode of communication. In any communication, noise has a profound impact on the audience. It is a kind of distraction caused by some external influences (either technical or not technical) that interferes with the communication process. Noise is any disruption that interferes with the transmission or interpretation of information from the sender to the receiver. Noise is of different types- psychological, environmental, semantic and physiological. Our video production techniques would let you know how to avoid these noises.

Why You Should Avoid Noise While Recording

Video marketing is one of the best and powerful means of communication today. It’s a channel bridging the gap between the provider and the buyer. Nowadays, every consumer forms their purchase decision after a close look at the company and its products which they receive from videos. By delivering videos, companies can build a long-term relationship with their prospective consumers. Hence, every footage created for the consumers should have the quality to impress their target audience instantly. Thus, videos with poor sound quality that require the viewer to strain their ears to understand the meaning behind the story would easily frustrate them and make them lose interest in the company. To prevent all these from happening you need impelling tips for video recording to present the best video ever.


Take a look at how to cut through the noise with these 5 video recording tips

1. Deter From Using Built-In Microphone

Nowadays almost all cameras come with built-in microphones, but unfortunately, most built-in microphones are heavily compressed and thus you shouldn’t rely on those for recording audio. It’s recommended you invest in some good sound recording device for noise-free online video recording.

2. Double-System is Ideal For Recording

Many audio devices are plugged in directly into a digital audio recorder and sound mixer. Such audio has to be synced to the video in post-production, but interestingly they allow the user to make use of the camera with more freedom. Shoot a coherent video with this double system set up for more impressive audio editing.

3. Decide On The Right Microphone

Capturing a perfect sound requires an ideal location and needs the right tools as well. Choose the type of microphone depending on the nature of the shoot. Take a look at the different types of microphones you need to select:

Lavalier microphones are smaller devices used for short-range audio. These mics are perfect for capturing interview sound and for recording dialogue. You need to clip these mics directly to the actor or interviewee to record voices that are louder and clearer than any other background noise.

Shotgun microphones are a highly-directional mic and are considered to be the most versatile choice for all videographers. These mics are known to reject unwanted noise and pick up the required sound with great clarity.

4. Location Plays a Significant Role

Location is the primary factor while shooting for a video. You need to find a perfect location that would preferably produce no background noise. But it’s impossible to find such an error-free place. The trick is to pay attention to natural sounds whether shooting indoors or outdoors and find lucrative ways to eliminate the cause of the noise. It’s recommended not to choose locations next to places having high traffic or areas near construction zones.


5. Focus on Post-Production Activities

After shooting there are several other post-production steps before the completion of a video. Post-Production includes careful editing of both picture and sound quality.

Sound editing features adjustment of volumes, dampening or boosting frequencies and reverbing echo or other sound effects. Sound editors are responsible for filtering noises that appear on a broader range of frequencies. To achieve the maximum results as a sound editor, you can use various tools and software that are available for sound editing and producing a noise-free video. Take a look:

Audacity is free software and easy to use tool that accepts a wide range of audio file types. It is a helpful noise removal tool. To have a smooth workflow use this tool and produce better quality sound.

Movavi Video Editor is one of its kind noise removal tools. This video editor reduces ambient noise from your recordings and removes unwanted background sounds or voices to produce clean audio files.

Video Shooting Tips and Tricks With Mobile

  • Keep your mobile phone in airplane mode during mobile video recording to prevent the sound of text messages from distracting you while shooting.
  • Shoot from proximity for eliminating noise while recording. Industry experts are of the view that distance plays a significant role while shooting with a mobile phone. Closer the subject more noise-free the recording appears.
  • To cut down distortion one of the best methods is to scotch tape over the microphone hole on your phone. This action would reduce the amount of sound that’s able to enter the mic producing a better result.

Key Take Away

Videos are the prime source of communication for every marketer. So it’s essential to create the ones that are captivating. It’s a known fact that besides quality of picturization, sound also plays a significant role in making the video worthy. Hence you should produce a video with good audio. The tips mentioned above would give you a detailed insight into the scientific way of capturing quality sound. All said and done you need the right tools, proper microphone settings and multiple takes to produce the best video ever.

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Want to Improve Your Ecommerce Product Videos? Look at These Excellent Tips & Examples

Want to Improve Your Ecommerce Product Videos? Look at These Excellent Tips & Examples

In this new economic era, eCommerce product videos have started riding the crest of popularity bringing a staggering amount of profit to the e-commerce marketers.

There’s no room for doubt that in the last couple of years the concept of e-commerce advertising has seen a significant paradigm shift throughout. With mobile phones in every single hand, marketers have been continuously looking for different engaging ways to reach their potential customer base.

Statista shows a forecast of the number of digital buyers worldwide from 2014 to 2021. It’s estimated that over 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online in 2021.


Image Source: Statista

With such a tremendous increase of digital buyers, needless to say, product videos have the prowess to attract new clients and in addition to that help viewers better understand the information compared to any textual messages.

Incorporating e-commerce videos into your business strategy hence make your audience stay longer on your website finally boosting organic credibility and increasing conversion rates.

Ecommerce Product Videos – Definition, Importance & Benefits

A product video is the one that adequately explains the benefits of a product to potential consumers. Such videos demonstrate the features of the product and show the clients how the product can solve their problem.

E-commerce product videos can be of different types as explained by Jayson Duncun (video marketing expert) in ‘A Guide to Eleven Types of eCommerce Product Videos.’ He explains that videos can fall under the following categories, but you need to choose one according to your requirement:

  • Videos with a plain background

These are budget friendly videos and can be used by start-ups or businesses that have budget constraints. Created in the plain color background, these videos are not that effective compared to other types.

  • Videos with real-world location

Quite similar to plain background videos, these types of videos are also extremely popular with small enterprises. The only difference lies in the concept that they incorporate real-world locations which adds context to the product. These types are more effective because they help the viewers to visualize the product in their real life.

  • Tutorials and ‘How to videos’

Popular styles in social media, these video forms are the best ways to introduce your product and its functions to potential consumers.

  • Interviews industry experts

Videos that feature expert interview or talk shows about the product has an added advantage to attract new clients.

  • Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos are one of the proven ways to engage potential consumers. These types of videos incorporate funny elements to explain your products.

When users record a video about your product, they are termed as user-generated videos. Customers practically love these types of videos because they are more authentic than the other forms.

Now let’s discuss the advantages of e-commerce video marketing:

a) E-commerce Videos Increase Search Engine Results

Adding relevant videos to your marketing strategy will inevitably boost your page rank in search. When search engines see that your page has information pertinent to search requests, they give credit to your page. In addition to that, videos can create backlinks to your site and add value to your content.

b) Product Videos Boost Conversion Rates and Sales

Product pages with videos see 37% more conversion than pages without videos. They have product videos on your site show that a company can experience 10X increased sales. Research reveals that as humans are visual animals, they are more likely to visit a website that has product video in it.

c) E-commerce Videos Build Trust and Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experience

It’s a general tendency of people to see and understand the product before buying it.

Wyzowl says 33% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a product. Hence a product video helps people to sense the features of the product and its quality. Further, the videos play a crucial role in making an impact on the consumers’ mind. This way they get convinced and finally travel through the sales funnel.

d) A Vibrant e-Commerce Product Video Attracts New Customers With Ease

One of the most compelling reasons for creating a product video is to attract new customers. Millennials and Gen Z prefer to know about a product more in lesser time. So with e-commerce videos embedded in social media channels, you can reach to millions of clients.


Want to Improve Your eCommerce product videos? Look at These Excellent Tips & Examples:

Are you worried about how to improve your ecommerce product videos? We have compiled a few tips and tricks for you. Get tips & examples and create the most stunning e-commerce video to woo your clients.

Tip#1: Weave A Beautiful Story About Your Product

There’s a famous saying by Seth Godin- ‘People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.’ Undeniably this saying is right. Neurologically we are designed to get wired to stories. We respond to stories well.

For example, when you tell about your product like where it was made, who made it, what kind of struggles you had to face while creating the product, what’s your mission behind creating the product – people feel more connected.

Needless to say, storytelling in e-commerce captures your target audience’s imagination and hence has a mesmerizing effect on them.

However, it’s recommended that while you try to tell a story do not make it too complicated. Keep it simple, engaging and allow your potential customers to flow with the narration.

Video Source: 5 Product Videos You Can Use In Your Ecommerce Video Marketing

This video is an example of one of the best product videos 2019. Showing the storytelling skills of the Shopify store, the video narrates about Mucus the villain and Mucinex as the savior (the hero).

Tip#2: Induce Emotions Of Your Target Customers

The products of your company are an expression of your thoughts, your visions. They are designed to satisfy the desire of your target audience. Hence when you create a product video, it’s your responsibility to express to your potential customers how you want the product to solve their problem.

Your audience will relate to you and your product when they find it useful.

How do you make them feel that the product is ideal for them?

The idea is to induce emotion amongst your target audience. Create such a video that undertakes an amusing approach to demonstrate the benefits of the product.

A report published in Buzzsumo states that people can relate more to a product or service when they feel a certain amount of emotion. To conclude evoking emotions like awe, laughter or joy can help you sell the product.

Video Source: 17 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples

The founder evokes emotions of his target audience giving a personal story behind why he started the company and spoke directly to the parents of kids like he used to be. This video adds a nostalgic perspective.

Tip#3: Explain Your Audience How You’re Better Than Others

Why will people buy your product?

Needless to say, it’s a recurring thought disturbing your mind now and then.

Did you know product videos increase sales?

Let several years of research and development see the light of the day through e-commerce videos. Explain to your audience how your products are better than your competitor’s products.

Product videos are the best ways to inform your potential customers what makes you unique- is it the process or the material? Inform your target audience using a clear message. People will thus understand why they should go for your products.

Video Source: Best eCommerce Product Videos: 16 Tips With Examples

BlenderBottle does a wonderful video to showcase its unique features and benefits to its target audience.

Tip#4: Best Ecommerce Product Videos are Short

Several market research reveals that the best product videos are those that are short and precise.

As humans have lower attention span videos that are not more than 30 seconds have the power to create magic. So, every marketer should focus on creating videos that are short yet informative.

However, sometimes you might get confused with successful stories of some longer form videos. There are certain types of videos that demand more explanation and hence need more time. So, it’s essential to understand the purpose of your video.

Whether you are planning to deliver a ‘how-to video’ or an ‘explainer video’ understand first who your audience is. Then spun magic with your creative talent.

Tip#5: Choose the Right Ecommerce Video Platform

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is extremely crucial for your business. How would you select the platform? It’s simple. Consider the social media channels that boast of a large group of monthly users.

Besides Youtube with 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is popular among the present generation with over 2.38 billion monthly active users and Instagram boasts 1 billion monthly active users.

Once you have selected the social media channels to publish your videos, don’t forget to include the call to action button. You need to understand that videos are a perfect way to nurture a customer-company relationship.

If you don’t guide your consumers in every step, they are sure to get lost and move away from you. You don’t want that to happen right!

Tip#6: Invest in a Best Ecommerce Video Maker

This goes without saying that if you want to make your customers’ head turn, you must invest in quality equipment. Although you might have smartphones to shoot your video yet, it’s not a good idea to depend only on these devices. Why not find a professional way to shoot your next project. You will come across several video making tools ideal for any e-commerce business to choose the suitable software according to your necessity.

Some of the best tools are mentioned below:

Shakr allows you to craft visually stunning and ROI generated video ads so that you can promote on Facebook and Instagram to attract clients.

GoAnimate is a user-friendly video maker that has the drag-and-drop functionality and allows you to create animated videos.

Camtasia assists you in recording voiceovers, editing or adding green screen as per requirement.

Videoshop is a customizable tool that helps you organize, trim and arrange your clips. With it, you can even add in transitions, text and effects like slow-mo/fast-forward, etc.

Animoto is a tool that gives access to licensed music, a huge list of professionally designed video styles and unlimited editing features.

Over To You

When 73% of online consumers say that they are more likely to buy a product after watching videos it has become a bare necessity for every marketer to create e-commerce product videos. Increase conversion, boost your page rank and add to your revenue with videos that matter.

Amplify your business with several such interesting and profitable video marketing strategies from