Cut Through The Noise With These 5 Video Recording Tips

Cut Through The Noise With These 5 Video Recording Tips

No live action video shooting is complete without recording a perfect sound. But the truth is sound recordings are not immune to background noise. So, to help you render quality audio here are certain video recording tips. Read these video recording basics to yield fruitful results.

Good quality sound recording mostly depends on the right location. Hence the first and foremost action you need to take while video recording is to choose the right location, then eventually use the essential tools and finally utilize high quality audio devices. But still, if you don’t get the right sound take the help of different software dedicated to creating the best sound.

Noise and Its Impact On Communication

‘Noise’ is the negative influence on the effective mode of communication. In any communication, noise has a profound impact on the audience. It is a kind of distraction caused by some external influences (either technical or not technical) that interferes with the communication process. Noise is any disruption that interferes with the transmission or interpretation of information from the sender to the receiver. Noise is of different types- psychological, environmental, semantic and physiological. Our video production techniques would let you know how to avoid these noises.

Why You Should Avoid Noise While Recording

Video marketing is one of the best and powerful means of communication today. It’s a channel bridging the gap between the provider and the buyer. Nowadays, every consumer forms their purchase decision after a close look at the company and its products which they receive from videos. By delivering videos, companies can build a long-term relationship with their prospective consumers. Hence, every footage created for the consumers should have the quality to impress their target audience instantly. Thus, videos with poor sound quality that require the viewer to strain their ears to understand the meaning behind the story would easily frustrate them and make them lose interest in the company. To prevent all these from happening you need impelling tips for video recording to present the best video ever.


Take a look at how to cut through the noise with these 5 video recording tips

1. Deter From Using Built-In Microphone

Nowadays almost all cameras come with built-in microphones, but unfortunately, most built-in microphones are heavily compressed and thus you shouldn’t rely on those for recording audio. It’s recommended you invest in some good sound recording device for noise-free online video recording.

2. Double-System is Ideal For Recording

Many audio devices are plugged in directly into a digital audio recorder and sound mixer. Such audio has to be synced to the video in post-production, but interestingly they allow the user to make use of the camera with more freedom. Shoot a coherent video with this double system set up for more impressive audio editing.

3. Decide On The Right Microphone

Capturing a perfect sound requires an ideal location and needs the right tools as well. Choose the type of microphone depending on the nature of the shoot. Take a look at the different types of microphones you need to select:

Lavalier microphones are smaller devices used for short-range audio. These mics are perfect for capturing interview sound and for recording dialogue. You need to clip these mics directly to the actor or interviewee to record voices that are louder and clearer than any other background noise.

Shotgun microphones are a highly-directional mic and are considered to be the most versatile choice for all videographers. These mics are known to reject unwanted noise and pick up the required sound with great clarity.

4. Location Plays a Significant Role

Location is the primary factor while shooting for a video. You need to find a perfect location that would preferably produce no background noise. But it’s impossible to find such an error-free place. The trick is to pay attention to natural sounds whether shooting indoors or outdoors and find lucrative ways to eliminate the cause of the noise. It’s recommended not to choose locations next to places having high traffic or areas near construction zones.


5. Focus on Post-Production Activities

After shooting there are several other post-production steps before the completion of a video. Post-Production includes careful editing of both picture and sound quality.

Sound editing features adjustment of volumes, dampening or boosting frequencies and reverbing echo or other sound effects. Sound editors are responsible for filtering noises that appear on a broader range of frequencies. To achieve the maximum results as a sound editor, you can use various tools and software that are available for sound editing and producing a noise-free video. Take a look:

Audacity is free software and easy to use tool that accepts a wide range of audio file types. It is a helpful noise removal tool. To have a smooth workflow use this tool and produce better quality sound.

Movavi Video Editor is one of its kind noise removal tools. This video editor reduces ambient noise from your recordings and removes unwanted background sounds or voices to produce clean audio files.

Video Shooting Tips and Tricks With Mobile

  • Keep your mobile phone in airplane mode during mobile video recording to prevent the sound of text messages from distracting you while shooting.
  • Shoot from proximity for eliminating noise while recording. Industry experts are of the view that distance plays a significant role while shooting with a mobile phone. Closer the subject more noise-free the recording appears.
  • To cut down distortion one of the best methods is to scotch tape over the microphone hole on your phone. This action would reduce the amount of sound that’s able to enter the mic producing a better result.

Key Take Away

Videos are the prime source of communication for every marketer. So it’s essential to create the ones that are captivating. It’s a known fact that besides quality of picturization, sound also plays a significant role in making the video worthy. Hence you should produce a video with good audio. The tips mentioned above would give you a detailed insight into the scientific way of capturing quality sound. All said and done you need the right tools, proper microphone settings and multiple takes to produce the best video ever.

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How to Make Money Promoting Games through Shark Games

How to Make Money Promoting Games through Shark Games

The gaming market is huge and it’s recent growth really has no end in sight. Back in the day, gaming was all about consoles like Nintendo, SEGA and Playstation — now it’s all about playing games online and through our mobile devices. Since there is no longer a need for physical items and software to be purchased and shipped, it’s now easier than ever for content creators, developers and affiliate marketers to cash in on the massive opportunities within the gaming industry right now.

Once such affiliate network to help you find success, is Shark Games — a network focused solely on web and mobile based gaming while also providing you with the best tools and resources.

In this review we are going to look at the Shark Games network, the different campaigns they have to offer and how you can start making money or increasing your earnings through gaming related offers.

Shark Games – International Game Affiliate Network

Shark Games currently has over 100 different gaming and mobile based offers on their network. As with all affiliate based marketing, the publisher will receive a commission whenever a game or application is downloaded (or opened and played). A great opportunity for any existing app developer or rewards-based sites, is to promote any of the offers that are currently approved for incentivization.


When first logging into the network, you will recognize it’s interface is powered through HasOffers, which also powers many of the largest affiliate networks in the world today. Payouts to affiliates are made on a weekly, monthly and Net30 basis depending on volume and quality of leads. Payments are issued through Paypal, BankWire and WebMoney. Should you have a website or affiliate resource site, you can also refer new affiliates to Shark Games and earn a 5% commission on their earnings.

Promoting Gaming Offers within Shark Games

Once you are setup with Shark Games affiliate account, you can log into their platform and start promoting offers. Before doing so, you will want to take a look at the top performing offers currently on the network. You can see a screenshot of this area below. Notice the different offers and how they are separated by device. You can also pull similar reports to see offers based on their incentivized and non-incentivized ability.

Game Shark IOS and Android Offers

Offers can also be sorted based on their category, country, mobile device and payout structure.

If you wanted to pull all offers that are available for Android promotion, you would see there are currently 50 different offers to choose from.


Once you found an offer you would like to promote, you can click on it to see it’s full campaign details, payouts, creatives and accepted promotional methods.

Below you will see the breakdown for the “Wi-Fi Master Key” app, which has been performing well on Shark Games. Depending on the offer you choose, you may start pushing traffic to it immediately or you might need to request approval on the offer. Once you have full access, you can setup all necessary tracking urls, custom ids or pixels.


When promoting an offer (WiFi Master Key in this case), the user is sent directly to the Google Play install page where they can complete the app install process. Having the ability to send a user directly to the Google Play store is a huge benefit, as it’s a site and brand they are already familiar with.


Once the end user completes the installation, you would then earn the designated compensation for that offer.

How to Make Money Promoting Games through Game Shark

Just like any form of affiliate marketing, your results will vary based on the marketing methods you decide to use. I’ve listed some of the most common methods for promoting gaming offers and mobile applications below.

  • In-App Promotions – As a developer of your own apps, you can easily implement upgrades or rewards based on incentivizing your users to download different apps. These apps could be mobile based games such as the ones Shark Games is offering.
  • Mobile Media Buying – Even if you aren’t a developer or have your own apps, there is sill plenty of advertising that you can take advantage of through 3rd party media buying networks. Such advertising can be done through mobile popups and incentivized offerings.
  • Gaming Resource Sites – For the content creators out there, gaming resource and review sites are always getting a ton of traffic. Should your site rank organically for any the games you review, you could have a nice consistent flow of revenue daily.

No matter what method you choose for promoting gaming and mobile based offers, the most important thing to know is that there is a massive upside in this industry. As more people use their mobile devices and upgrade to smartphones, the demand for new users and money pouring into this area is huge.

Take advantage of online gaming and mobile applications by joining Shark Games affiliate network today.

5 Easy to Use Websites and Apps for Making Money through Side Hustling

5 Easy to Use Websites and Apps for Making Money through Side Hustling

Side hustling is perfect for when your main income is not being as reliable as you’d thought, or if you need extra pocket money for a large purchase or unexpected bill. Maybe you just want to earn more money? In today’s ‘gig economy’ there are lots of apps that allow you to make extra money doing everyday tasks as people are finding it so easy to outsource what they need help with or would rather not do themselves. Take a look at some of these apps and websites to see how you could get started with a side hustle.

Task Rabbit

This is an app where people can outsource tasks that they cannot/will not do themselves, which could be anything from assembling flat pack furniture to event planning. Just register as a ‘tasker’, add the tasks that you’d like to do for others and set your rates. With Task Rabitt, you can scroll through tasks and accept tasks that work around your schedule. If you have a car, this could give you access to extra tasks like collecting people’s shopping or making deliveries.


If you’re already a courier and are often driving around with surplus space in your vehicle, take a look on Shiply for deliveries that are along your existing booked routes. By adding extra cargo to routes you are already traveling along will make your journeys more efficient and will earn you some extra money, too. Take a look at the delivery jobs on offer and make a few bids depending on the space you’ll have in your vehicle on those dates. Others will be bidding too, so don’t be put off if your quotes don’t get accepted straight away – others may have already built up feedback so give it some time to earn a good reputation on your Shiply profile.


Way too many people are focused on the big goal of making millions of dollars online, and missing out on the many opportunities around them. With billions of people now online, it’s more about how to make a few dollars from a lot of people, versus going for a big win and cashing in overnight. Fiverr is an online marketplace with micro-jobs that start off at just $5 each, and scale all the way up to $995 for more advanced gigs. Selling your own expertise and service through Fiverr can definitely make you a lot of money online when done right. For example, a couple years ago I interviewed Joel Young because I loved his video work and knew he was onto something big. Just recently he was profiled on Inc. for generating over a million in sales through Fiverr!

Dog Vacay

If you’ve had pets before, looking after people’s animals while they are away is a great way to earn some extra cash in an enjoyable way. Through the use of Dog Vacay, anyone with a passion for animals and looking to make some money, can do exactly that. Find the app that works for you (or all of them if you like!) get your profile filled out as much as you can, and make sure you put details of your experience with animals and your trustworthiness. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear from anyone for a while, the bookings tend to be more popular around national holidays so it might not necessarily be a side hustle you can rely on a regular basis, BUT has the potential for you to become a regular sitter for several homes in the long term. If your clients say you did a good job, encourage them to leave good feedback on your profile to attract more clients.


You’ve likely heard of getting paid for taking online surveys and submitting user reviews, however, most of the sites out there are junk and will sell your personal information way before you ever get a payment. One of the best-incentivized review sites out there (that I’ve seen), is Capterra. I was actually using the site to leave a genuine review for a company that I use, then I received an email a few weeks later from Capterra offering a gift card if I was to continue reviewing difference products and services on their site. I ended up taking them up and got a $100 gift card for my time — all through email and was super easy to complete. Definitely one of the best compensation-based review sites out there.

How to Find the Best Way to Make Money with a Side Hustle Online

As you can see, there are plenty of legitimate ways to make money online with a side hustle. Each of the sites above are real and have paid out millions of users on their platforms.

Of all the many different ways to make money online, I highly recommend starting out with a blog and growing it out with your own content and using affiliate marketing to generate revenue in the process. Blogs are also great for anyone with an expert or skills they are trying to sell — especially freelancers.

To get started with a blog of your own, be sure to sign up for my free video series at