Top 10 Roblox Blogs on the Internet Today | Building Blocks Websites

Top 10 Roblox Blogs on the Internet Today | Building Blocks Websites

Roblox is a popular gaming platform similar to LEGO and Minecraft, but in a fun and exciting online world for kids and adults of all ages to play in. In addition to an online game, it’s also a popular mobile application as well. While Microsoft own’s it’s direct competitor, Minecraft, the company did help build the original vision and growth of the game. Today, David Baszucki is the founder and CEO of Roblox.

Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play, and the appropriate age for players on the game is 13 years and up. It’s free to play, and there are many different ways to purchase or unlock different features and items in the game. If you consider yourself an avid fan of Roblox, along with millions of other active players of the game, you will likely also enjoy our list of top websites and blogs as well.

List of the Top Roblox Websites and Blogs on the Internet Today

With millions of online games and apps to choose from, it’s always great when you come across one that is fun to continuously play week after week. That is what many users are finding with Roblox. If you are also a fan of the game, be sure to check out our list of the top ranked websites and blogs that cover news, tutorials, trends and discussions on the super popular game.

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1. Roblox

Site Review Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play.

Launch Date  –  Jan, 2004

Alexa Rank –  97

2. Roblox Developers Blog

Site Review Official site of the free MMO building game for kids. News, contests, forums, parent’s section, and merchandise.

Launch Date  –  Jan, 2004

Alexa Rank –  97

3. List of Resources | Roblox Rise of Nations Wiki | Fandom

Site Review 1 List of resources 1.1 Aluminum 1.2 Oil 1.3 Fertilizer 1.4 Steel 1.5 Phosphate 1.6 Chromium 1.7 Aircraft Parts 1.8 Consumer Goods 1.9 Iron 1.10 Copper 1.11 Titanium 1.12 Motor Parts 1.13 Electronics 1.14 Tungsten 1.15 Gold 1.16 Uranium 1.17 Diamond 2 Removed Resources 2.1 Lithium 2.2 Sulfur 2.3…

Launch Date  –  Oct, 1996

Alexa Rank –  106

4. How to Be a Good Player on Roblox: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Site Review If you play Roblox and are not very good at it, here is a guide to help you become better at it! With just a bit of practice, you’ll become a good player in no time! Improve your control skills. Watch YouTube videos on how to beat certain…

Launch Date  –  Jun, 2004

Alexa Rank –  211

How to Get Started with Your Own Roblox Fan Blog

In addition to enjoying your time while playing the Roblox game, you might also enjoy helping other players with their game skills and achievements as well. If this is true, then you might want to consider creating a gaming resource blog of your own.

To learn more about how to get started, simply visit the main page of and walk through the simple three-step process to get started with a new blog of your own.

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Why Graphic Designing is Ideal for Digital Marketing Today

Why Graphic Designing is Ideal for Digital Marketing Today

Graphic Designing, the most pervasive art today, has given a new meaning to digital marketing. With minimal and simplified design basics, this tool had been adding contemporary flair to a company’s advertisement profile. Every company strives for a position higher than its competitors. Indeed, businesspersons can survive the struggle when marketers use something unique in their commercial scheme.

Among all other online marketing campaigns, graphics work wonders. The concept of using visual elements has always been a means mainly to appease the target audience. Today, graphic designing has climbed a step up as one of the most fundamental factors that have been affecting the success of a digital marketing campaign.

Until recent past, many entrepreneurs failed to understand the significance of Graphic Design. Now, there has been an immense interest amongst people. A new wave has been describing the convergence of digital marketing and graphic design. Today, these two industries have become inseparable. In this year and the years to come visual elements will provide immeasurable benefits to a digital marketer.

Let’s dive more into the concept of Graphic Designing and role of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing World.

What is graphic designing

Graphic designing is art with the purpose that involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve specific objectives.

It is a unique process of visual communication through images, symbols or even words. Graphic elements, hence, enhance the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas. Efficient Graphic design highlight plans to discover what makes an image genuinely stand out and get shared.


Essential Graphic Design Tools 2018

A designer may use several design-related tools such as sketchpads, graphic designing books and other designing software tricks to be successful. But,the present year will see a considerable change in this visual designing trends. It will diverge from its earlier design concepts and take in flat design landscape formats and introduce more to its basics.

Graphic designing as the best instrument for digital marketing

Digital marketing is based on the delivery of visuals and informative contents. Graphic design turns a company’s ideas into realistic revelations. This way an enterprise communicates with its target clients effectively. In today’s fast-paced world, where consumers have a short attention span, a clear stellar visual accompanied with brief content is the only way of gaining attention.

Therefore, exclusive graphic elements play an increasingly important role in captivating people’s mind. Visual language communicates a company’s personality to its potential clients. A design does so much more, it evokes emotion and makes you noticeable amidst vast competitors. Visual communication invokes direct customer action and initiates them to contact a company in instantly.

How visual illustrations create an impact on digital marketers?

• Influence potential customers in Social Media

Due to the fast growth of social media and dependency on the internet, prospective clients get exposed to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin on the Web and on their mobile devices. Graphic Design Tools 2018 are anticipated to create the best and the most in-demand graphics – infographics, social media cover photos or trendy header images.


Undoubtedly, quality design gets the desired results. With extensive demands from the consumers and the mushrooming of numerous companies in the same domain, creativity with intuitive and efficient designs can push an organization to a whole new level. Fascinating images create a connection between an organization and its target audience and help you build on that relationship. They encourage discussion and initiates more shares.

Visuals that are attractive and informative finds significant foray into ensuring optimal reach and engagement between a brand and the target audience.

With graphic design, an organization can take the chance of transmitting the idea to a potential customer without much struggle. Customers can figure out what or how a product/service would suit them and why they should invest. A popular website puts forth, “Creativity helps to think more efficiently and Graphic Designers make this successful.”

• Graphic Design is not only just pictures and drawings

It is a significant part of content marketing which is an art of communication. Visuals are apt at problem-solving through imagery pictures and creatives.

For businesses, this is a most effective as well as one of the ideal ways to engage with customers. Almost all marketers are of the view that Graphic Designing is one of the significant components in the digital marketing world that help to build brand awareness and influence the customer’s decision-making process.

A means of attracting traffic to website

Perfect designs of graphics and promote your website by driving traffic to your site. A website can receive more and more traffic while you keep it alive and update it with creative and innovative designs. It is needless to say that search engine rankings of your website will undoubtedly improve further.

A graphic artist’s design skills combined with practical business sense act as a magnetic force to impress clients. A designer creates beautiful, eye-catching design works that are sure to impress viewers and further initiate countless traffic. Once a client comes across an organization’s impressive advertisements they are sure to stick around and inquire about the product also.


What graphic design will witness in 2018

Keeping the usual Graphic elements intact, this year there will be several new inspirational designing inputs.

Following are the trends to watch for:

  • Responsive logos: With an increase in mobile browsing, logos would rule the market. It is the idea of creating logos that would feature similarly on a website and mobile device.
  • Color transition: This effect would dominate the market today. With the advent of flat designs and gradients, there will be increased use of the  “color transitions.” Color Transition refers to the modern application of vibrant, smooth and fitting designs within flat artful conception aesthetics.
  • Semi-flat design: Designers started reintroducing shadows. These shadows are large colored and add subtle depth and dimension, unlike “drop-shadow” predecessors.
  • Typography would rule graphics: Typography in 2018 will be bigger and bolder.  This year designers will opt for artistic effects, huge headlines and extra-large font sizes.  Hence there will be more typeface variety in the current year.
  • Custom graphic art and illustration: The demand for custom visual art and drawings will emerge this new year.  Personalized imagery has always played a significant role in print media. This year custom graphic would rule the digital marketing industry.

A business grows when promoted correctly.  Impressive graphical representations are the appropriate ways of developing your business and find potential clients. When a prospective client visits your website, they would be amazed by striking features and information that  visual.


5 Must Use Infographic Design Ideas for Digital Marketers Today

5 Must Use Infographic Design Ideas for Digital Marketers Today

Innovative Infographic Design ideas 2018 are expected to lead to a rapid paradigm shift in the ongoing graphic designing concept.  Surveys suggest that in this current year this method would emerge as a concoction of innovation, creativity, and design to attract a large number of customers.

Although, Infographics have existed for several years, yet the present form would need a change in its designing principles for more customer engagement.

Today, there has been an increase in the use of infographic among marketers. A large segment of corporate professionals have been providing a vast store of information online to their audience. Without any doubt, every business owner and digital marketer strives to make a difference in the online marketing platform to emerge successfully amidst fierce competition.

Hence, the business minds keep devising lucrative ideas that would make it easy for their target customers to find them online and finally help them. So, using advanced infographic design elements would enable a team to convey an essential message to his audience in a more appealing way.

Infographic – meaning, definition, and usage

Infographic –  a form of content marketing has both “information” and “graphics.”  in it. It is the new creative notion that has emerged as one of the best visual tools of digital marketing strategies today. These graphic visual representations of information are created with an intention to present necessary knowledge as quickly and clearly as possible to the target audience.

Among all other types of visual contents, Infographic has the highest level of viewer engagement. It is a proven method to grab the attention of the target audience with its various interesting and exciting elements. These visual contents add value to a website.  It is a useful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool to boost site rankings, increase visibility and ultimately convert visitors into customers.


Infographic is important for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Infographic is a pursuit used to improve cognition of the viewers. With this graphics utilization approach, the human visual system gets a push to recognize patterns and trends. This mode of communication is used to present a complicated subject simply. Moreover, it also transforms an uninteresting theme into a fascinating experience. Ideally, an infographic has become well known for its visual appeal as it engages the audience with the content topics.  Hence, it can convert visitors into significant leads.

Infographic is an optimal mass communication tool.  The design is created to quickly convey the required information to the masses which can further add to the readers’ knowledge base.

What infographic design strategies would work for 2018?

Infographic act as a bridge between the companies information delivery system and customers’ attention span. When it comes to infographic design ideas 2018, it is expected that creativity would be the top priority to rule this digital marketing tool.  Representation of information would continue to be visually appealing.  Both visual and textual elements would get equal focus while communicating through this online marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at the 5 must use infographic design ideas in 2018 that would add to your digital marketing campaign.

Idea 1:  Interactive infographic design strategy will be a huge hit

One of the leading infographic design strategies of 2018 is interactive infographic or infogifs. Among all other infographic design elements,  this is the best way to engage the audience.  This action gives priority to Videos Movements, GIFs etc. Such movements generate highest user engagement rates thereby capturing the attention of a huge crowd.

Content creators continuously brainstorm to generate the most engaging, informative and appealing content. Despite several creative techniques, a large number of blogs/articles get lost as they fail to resonate with the target audience. So, while planning an information layout, it is necessary to understand consumer’s mindset and include designs.


According to scientific report – 12 Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina, “Vision triumphs all other senses.”  It means that people remember 10% of what he reads but 90% of what he sees.  In 2018 and the years to come, infographic designs with movements would thus make a massive difference.

Interactive infographics are pattern of information that enable the viewers to interact with the input. Albeit in a different league from static infographics, this form is considered to be a  profitable approach for businesses too.

Idea 2: Typography design principle is a must for 2018

Creative typography is another must use infographic designs 2018.  This infographic trend has been in use for quite a long time and the coming years will continue to enjoy the benefit as well.

Typography or the art of depicting text comes in many shapes and forms. This art form can be used in a way “typographical hierarchy” also. A typographical hierarchy has a styling pattern of text relating to an organization and level of importance.

Some infographics today, however, utilize typography more dynamically, rather than following a set structure for the entire piece. As a result, viewers’ eyes continuously shift between sections.

Initially, this approach becomes confusing for the users, but gradually they can read the segmentation between sections conveniently.


Idea 3: Use of bright and attractive colors – must infographic designs 2018

One of the leading trends that have been in use for quite a while and will continue to rule the online market in 2018 also – the use of bright and attractive colors in the infographic presentations.

Brilliant colors make the content more visually appealing and become prominent among other similar infographics. Such color schemes are fun and engaging and thus conveniently grab the attention of the user.  Infographic designers can create a combination of gradients, flat style illustrations, 3D graphics or photography to generate a masterpiece.

However, designers should be careful while using bright colors, bright yet soothing colors make the design appealing but bright texts would not be enticing  It’s better to spawn a layout on white or black typography to make sure it’s easily readable.

Idea 4:  Imply Dual color tones for more significant effect in 2018

Duotones or dual color tones are the practice of integrating a two-color feature on an image to change its appearance dramatically. It’s a trend which isn’t exclusive to infographics only, but over the years this design element has been useful in graphic design.  An implication of dual color tones produces vibrant images that captivate the audience instantly.


Idea 5: Modern Retro infographic design elements will rule this year

The retro element is among several known infographic design elements. It includes the old type of designs, textures, pale colors and background. Retro designs are classic infographic design styles used to present information to the target client base. This kind of design trends have a vintage look and is created corresponding to the message content.

In 2018 modern “retro” design or “pixelated” art style will rule the designing industry.  Modern retro features plain colors with minimal stylistic elements. These elements include transparency, textures, and gradients.

The main difference between a simple retro-element and modern retro design is the images’ distinctive and block characteristics. This particular trend will mainly be apparent in new brands in the current year.

Infographic design 2018 and beyond

Social media sites; Facebook and Twitter acknowledge infographics as favorite digital marketing tools. With this method, these networking sites provide an opportunity to individual organizations to spread their brand message to a diverse group of people worldwide.

To conclude, 2018 will be a year to bring a considerable change in the entire infographic designing principles. Layouts with excellent features will grab the attention of the audience.  So a designer needs to identify those captivating and innovative design elements, illustrations and visuals that can give the marketers opportunity to present compelling information to his target audience in an alluring way.