Ultimate List of Free Trackers for Affiliates

Ultimate List of Free Trackers for Affiliates

When going to battle, you need to be fully equipped. You must have enough weapons and ammunition to keep you alive, and you need to know enough about your enemy to conquer them.

The same goes for affiliate marketing; you need to arm yourself with the right tools to ensure success. If you don’t, you are bound to fail. And one of the essential tools to have is a tracker.

However, what if you don’t have enough budget to pay for a tracking tool? If you’d like to focus all your money on running campaigns but are eager to find useful tools to help you succeed, the smartest course of action would be to find free ones!

Is there such a thing as a free tracker? Of course, there is! Some trackers are free to use for life, others are offered for free with limited features, and there are those that are offered with full features but can only be used for a short amount of time. Let’s have a look at them all.


Tracking Tools with Free Versions
Let’s discuss trackers that most affiliates on a budget would be interested in: totally free trackers for life. After all, you don’t want to switch from one tracker to another every few weeks, right?

1. BeMob
Our first tracker on the list is a crowd-favorite, getting an average of 4.82 stars rating from affLIFT members. Their free version allows you to use the platform’s full features, which include:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Split-testing landing pages and direct offers
  • Custom redirect domain names
  • Rule-based redirect

This cloud-based tracker is pretty easy to use, especially when linking traffic and affiliate networks to your account as they already have templates for almost all networks. They have loads of tutorials for virtually anything related to using the tracker.

BeMob’s free plan accepts up to 100,000 events per month, with an overage charge of $0.16 for every one thousand events. You can use the free plan for as long as you want. Once you are earning enough, you can switch to their paid plans, which are actually pretty affordable.

The best thing about BeMob is not just that it has an extensive free plan, but that it has a very helpful support team. They are very responsive to inquiries, even if you use a free account. BeMob is an active member here in affLIFT, so you can interact with them here (@BeMob). They also offer an additional $50 credit exclusively for affLIFT members.

🚀Click here to sign up for BeMob and activate your free promo code


2. CPVLab Starter
This is the free version of the well-known self-hosted tracker called CPVLab Pro. Self-hosting means you will download the tool and install it on your own server. CPVLab does not set any limit to the number of visitors you receive. The amount of traffic you receive depends on your hosting provider.

While CPVLab Pro has six comprehensive campaign types, the free version includes only two, which are the Direct-link/Landing Page campaign type, and the Email follow-up campaign type.

More than 20 data points are tracked in the free version, and 10 reports can be generated at a time. It has been integrated with more than 50 traffic sources and 50 CPA networks, allowing you to track your clicks, ad spend, conversions, and earnings easily.

Some of the best features available in the free plan are:

  • LP Pixel – this is a zero-redirect tracking, which is useful for campaigns run in Google Ads and social media platforms like Facebook as they don’t accept redirecting links.
  • Bot filter – this prevents fraudulent traffic from coming in and landing on your lander or offer page.

If you want to test CPVLab Pro’s full features, you can do so by signing up for a free trial. This trial lasts for 30 days.

3. PeerClick
Although relatively new in the business, PeerClick has been making waves. Like BeMob, this is a cloud-based tracking system, so there’s no need to worry about hosting.

They are very generous with their free plan as well, offering up to 100,000 events per month. The free plan also includes the basic tracker features, one custom domain, up to 20 active campaigns, and Intelligent DNS Routing. The basic tracker monitors up to six data points per click.

Data can be stored for up to three months, so if you want to refer to your data from more than three months, it would be best to download them while they’re still available.

They also offer their paid plans for free for 7 days, so if you’d like to use all of PeerClick’s features before actually paying, you can use their trial. If you want to stay with PeerClick, you can get a discount of 30% for your first two months by signing up for PeerClick here and using the promo code AFFLIFT.

4. ClickerVolt
If you’re looking for a tracker that can monitor even complex funnels, then ClickerVolt is a good choice. This tracker was developed by @JackySan, an active member here in affLIFT.

This tracking tool is actually a WordPress plugin, making this self-hosted tracker easy to install. There’s no limit to how much traffic you can accept — this is a matter of getting a good and reliable hosting.

The best feature of ClickerVolt is its ability to implement the AIDA formula. AIDA is short for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The tracker monitors the time on the page using a heatmap, which then translates this time into your audience’s level of interest with your product or offer. It works on the assumption that the longer your audience stays on your page, the more likely he or she will convert into a paying customer. This concept is further explained in this case study posted by the developer himself.

ClickerVolt has a couple of paid plans, but its free version does not disappoint.


5. Kintura
Kintura is another tracker that is very generous with its free version. The free plan includes up to 1,000,000 events per month. With Kintura’s free version, you’ll have access to the global infrastructure, bot and proxy detection, but no support. Of course, if you have any questions about Kintura you can ask in our Tracking forum and we also have a huge Kintura guide.

They pride themselves on having a True AI. This technology analyzes user action within the funnel and sends them to the best route based on this information. This optimization tech is available for free plan holders.

Creating a free account is not easy, however. You must first submit your information to request access to the tracker as it is a by-invitation-only tracker.

6. ClickGum
This is a lesser-known tracker that offers a basic campaign monitoring system. Aside from being able to monitor which marketing campaigns deliver results, it has the following notable features:

  • Click-fraud blocking
  • Link cloaking
  • Link rotators
  • A/B split tests

However, ClickGum’s free plan only accepts up to 3,000 views, which is very limiting as compared to other trackers. All premium features can be used in the free plan though, and all your campaign data is retained for up to 12 months. You also have the option to use an unlimited number of custom domains.

7. AnyTrack
Every affiliate marketer knows that running affiliate campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads comes with tracking challenges. Because traditional trackers rely on redirect URLs, they are seen as link cloakers, and often lead to ad account bans.

AnyTrack is an affiliate tracking platform built to run campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

The platform’s core is a simple analytics TAG which automatically tracks and synchronizes all your conversions with your pixels, analytics and ad networks. Beside the “near instant” setup, the platforms key features empower you with extensive data insights by enriching your Google Analytics with your affiliate conversions.

Key features:

  • 100% redirectless tracking so you are fully compliant with Google & Facebook linking policies.
  • One-Click API integration with Google Analytics & Facebook Conversion API.
  • One-Click integration with over 50 Affiliate Networks and technologies.
  • Tracking integration with email marketing platforms.

AnyTrack Free plan lets you track:

  • One website.
  • One affiliate network.
  • Up to 5000 monthly sessions.
  • Google Analytics integration.

If you want to track more traffic and affiliate networks, you will need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Plans start at $50/month and come with a 14 days free trial.

Trackers with Free Trials
Now let’s head over to trackers that offer free trials. In reality, there are only a handful of tracking tools that don’t offer trial days. Trials allow you to evaluate a tracker and see if the features can attract you to switch to a paid plan.

1. Binom
Even self-hosted trackers can be faster than cloud-based ones, and that’s what Binom is really proud of. It has fast processing speeds so you will not have to worry about dropped traffic. This tracker also features smart link rotation and landing page protection against competitor spying.

Binom only has one pricing plan and offers a 14-day free trial, but affLIFT members get an even better deal with a one-month free trial and a 40% discount on your first paid month when you use our Binom Coupon Code.

You need not worry about setting up the tracker on your own server, as you can ask Binom to do it for you.

2. AdsBridge
This tracker is another good place to start. Their paid plan starts at $29, which is one of the cheapest out there. However, this basic plan (called Starter) has a limit of one hundred thousand visits a month, which is equal to BeMob’s free plan.

AdsBridge main features include fraud guard, pixel tracking, ability to hide the referrer or the funnel, split testing, and URL rotator. However, AdsBridge has two attractive features that not all trackers have, and these are the landing page editor and the Smartlink (available for plans higher than Starter).

Other trackers allow you to create your own SmartLink by getting offers from various affiliate networks you work with, but with AdsBridge, you don’t have to search elsewhere. AdsBridge already has a marketplace of offers within its platform. They have nine different verticals to choose from.

Their free trial spans 14 days. AdsBridge’s coupon code gives you an additional 50% discount for affLIFT members.


3. RedTrack
If you’re looking for an e-commerce-friendly tracker, then RedTrack can work for you. Of course, it is also feature-rich for affiliates. Some of its most notable features include the following:

  • A/B test redirect
  • Landing page multi-offer or offer rotation
  • Performance-based rules and notifications
  • Bot prevention
  • FraudScore conversion integration.

Its plans range from $41 to $333 a month, with the price increasing based on the number of clicks you receive monthly. The Automation feature is only available for the Pro plan and above.

This tracker offers a 14-day free trial. All features are available in the trial, but the number of events is limited to 100,000. affLIFT members who choose this tracker can get a 30% discount for the first two months of their paid plan simply by using our RedTrack Coupon Code.

4. LandingTrack
If you’re looking for a tracker that automates your optimization process, then you should look into LandingTrack. Simply connect your affiliate networks and traffic sources to LandingTrack, set-up your campaigns inside, establish optimization rules, and run your ads seamlessly.

Aside from having one platform to manage your campaigns, LandingTrack has features that most trackers have as well, such as A/B testing, real-time reports, BOT blocking, and Smartlink.

Being able to control all your campaigns in one dashboard is a dream come true, and the best thing about this tracker is that it’s surprisingly quite affordable for its features. The cheapest plan is worth $49 for 1,000,000 events per month. They offer a 15-day free trial for all their plan types.

5. FunnelFlux
Building a marketing funnel is one of the most effective ways to convert a visitor into a customer. If creating your own funnel feels like a daunting task, you’d need a tool that will make everything easier for you. That’s what FunnelFlux does, with its visual funnel builder.

Aside from this main feature, it is also a very capable tracker, with additional attributes such as multivariate tracking, email opt-in tracking, funnel heatmaps, and lifetime value tracking. FunnelFlux can also be integrated with TheOptimizer.

They offer both self-hosted and cloud-hosted versions. The cloud-hosted version has a free trial that can be used for up to 30 days, and accepts up to a million visits. To further entice new users, they offer a 50% discount for the first three months. The self-hosted version has a $1 trial for 30 days, and accepts up to 20 million visits.

6. ClickMagick
Similar to Funnel Flux, ClickMagick tracks the different parts of a marketing funnel, giving the advertiser full view of what parts of the funnel his conversions are coming from.

Its other features include cross-device tracking, phone sales tracking, automated bot filtering, dynamic affiliate links, and click-fraud monitoring. However, it does not work with bulk traffic sources such as traffic exchanges and pop traffic.

The cheapest plan is priced at $27 per month and accepts only up to 10,000 clicks, which is a lot less than most (even free ones). They do have a 14-day free trial.


7. ThriveTracker
This tracker has one of the best optimization AIs in the industry. ThriveTracker’s algorithm can evaluate your campaigns based on the time period you set, choose the best performing offer, and then assign greater weight to it. This leaves you with minimal effort on optimizing your campaigns so you can focus more on scaling.

Aside from the AI, Thrive Tracker also boasts of bot filter, LP pixel, auto-scaling, and funnel support. They offer a 14-day free trial, which includes up to one million events. affLIFT members can get a 25% discount for the first three months so make sure to use our ThriveTracker Coupon Code!

8. TrackWill
TrackWill is one of the youngest players in the affiliate marketing tracker space, but it should by no means be overlooked. This platform not only serves as your tracker but as an all-in-one tool to create, monitor, and optimize your campaigns.

This is done by integrating your traffic sources and adding the offers you want to run. You can then start building your ads within the platform. Aside from this, this tracker has an anti-fraud solution, a flexible workspace, and accepts unlimited custom domains.

Their usual 14-day free trial has now been extended to 30 days as a quarantine promotion.

Final Thoughts on Free Trackers
The free trial period should be enough to help you evaluate whether the tracker works for you or not. However, if your goal is to find a tracker that you can work with for more than a few weeks and not have to pay a dime, then it would be best to choose a tracker that is completely free, albeit with limits.

Once you start earning from your affiliate marketing efforts, then that’s the time to subscribe to a paid plan. This is to not only to give back to the tracker that has helped you succeed, but to also enjoy the tool to its fullest potential.

How To Make An Infographic Resume? The Ultimate Guide To Create A Compelling First Impression

How To Make An Infographic Resume? The Ultimate Guide To Create A Compelling First Impression

You must have heard a lot of infographic resumes and wondering how to make an infographic resume and get the most desired attention in the market?

You have always known the magical power of visual representation. Didn’t you hear the famous adage which goes ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’? Today, the world revolves around pictorial representations- visual storytelling and in this regard, infographics play a vital role. Then why not use infographics to build resumes? Here are 5 tips and introduction to the tools that let you create the best infographic resumes that are sure to impress the hiring manager and land you with your dream job.

We can’t deny the fact that infographics interest people because our brains are wired to respond to visual narratives. Hence, needless to say, infographic resumes will definitely grab the audience’s attention and let you receive more positive attention. So without a second thought, create a stylized resume and achieve the competitive advantage.

According to Lauren Ferrara, Creative Circle, “An infographic resume is a great way to stand out from the crowd,”  She is also of the view that, as hiring managers have to review hundreds of resumes daily, presenting a resume with an infographic design will differentiate yourself from the rest and it definitely would give you the said opportunity.

Take a look below at the best tips on how to make an infographic resume:

1. Focus On Using Minimal Colors For a Minimalist Resume

Resumes are highly formal documents, so they aren’t as flashy as other infographics. When you design such a report, using varying shades or separate colors will help you create a useful yet pleasant creative.

Such a resume is more appreciable if you stick to using three to four colors, expert resume designers are always of the view that ideally, an infographic resume should have a solid light-colored background with darker texts. To bring the maximum effect, colors like blues and greens can bring in fantastic results.

2. Measure Your Steps While Including Graphics and Pictures

Being a professional document, a resume don’t serve the actual purpose if you include cute pictures or cartoonish graphics in them. Adding of such fun elements would spoil the whole nature of this material. Consider using images that reveal who you are. Presenting graphical presentations to depict your professional experience can be a good idea.

Besides graphics, texts also play a pivotal role in determining the seriousness of your document. Avoid using any kind of unconventional or highly-stylized fonts. One of the best ways to find out which font is in trend is to perform detailed research and find out which fonts are commonly used around the internet.

3. Create A Resume Layout Design That is Meaningful

The nature of a resume is to have a logical, chronological flow of information. So, when you design a creative resume, you need to maintain a layout that has a coherent sense.

Keep in mind how traditional resumes are designed. Similar to the conventional one, consider adding your name and email address at the beginning of the document. Also, present information in a clear yet concise way. Make sure you tell your story in the resume lucidly, a story that makes you the ideal candidate for the job.

4. Plan A Strategy – What Do You Want To Achieve

Before designing a resume, you should understand that the main aim of a resume is not just to look attractive, yet it absolutely must showcase the experience and talent of the candidate in a way that best reflects the position he/she desires to be in.

When a candidate wants to prove that he/she is adept at his/her job and is a perfect fit for an organization, the resume with the chart can do wonders. Utilize the logical methods of data visualization.

According to experts, it’s not ideal to use Venn diagram to represent your previous experience. They are quite confusing and don’t reflect the actual message that you want to convey.

Several infographic designers are of the view that timeline is the cleanest and most efficient way to display a lengthy work history such as promotions, dates, milestones into a single, legible graphic. Including line graph to represent the upward ascension at your previous workplace, with years, number of awards or completed projects as well as client satisfaction can be quite appealing as well as meaningful.

5. A Graphic Resume With a Combination Approach Works Wonder

Well, here’s the pick of the day, according to Anton Dobrosevic, senior marketing manager, you can try a hybrid approach for your job biodata. The idea is to present an infographic in the first part and include only work history in the second part as a traditional one.

An infographic resume that is designed with a combination approach is such a useful idea to capture the attention of HR. Besides being eye candy, a hybrid design allows them to read through the resume like a traditional one and discover the potentialities of the said candidate.

Besides the above tips, we can also provide you with more ideas how to make an infographic resume? The ultimate guide to create a compelling first impression.

If you are a newbie and are not a designer yourself don’t worry, several useful tools can assist you in creating a best visualization resume.


Venngage is one of the best sites that provides you every opportunity to create your infographic resume. The site offers you with a wide variety of style choices. The templates here gives you an option to design your own resume from scratch.

The site offers a basic free account with limited features and a premium account too. When you want to access all templates, themes, charts and icons go for the premium account.


  • Access to hundreds of images, symbols, pictograms, and icons
  • Large library of resume templates available with free account
  • Facility to upload your own photos and pictures
  • Ease to use as it takes only a few minutes to learn the process


If you are looking for a full-service site to create an infographic resume, then Piktochart is the best place. The site is known to have tons of great templates coupled with a custom design. Although quite similar to Venngage’s feature, yet there are certain notable exceptions.


  • Ability to download the document as an image with a free account
  • Download high-resolution image or a PDF after sign up for a paid plan
  • Offers easy to use drag and drop editor
  • A vast library of resume templates available limited with a free account
  • Facility to upload logos and images of your choice
  • Free access to icons, images, symbols and varied shapes


Visme is one of the newer infographic sites with varied user-friendly options. You can enjoy the facility of a large cache of free images, icons and templates.The moment you start your project at visme, choose your layout and then add animation to any object.

One of the crucial reasons to use Visme as your infographic resume maker –  it allows you to download your design as a JPG( free account facility) and if you want to download higher-resolution files go for the the paid accounts.


  • The basic plan allows access to free images, symbols, icons, charts and templates.
  • Access to templates for presentations, infographics, banners or custom designs
  • Easy options to insert animation
  • The basic plan also allows users to download and print as and when required

Create Your Own Infographic Resume and Startle The Hiring Manager

Resumes are our marketing document, through such materials we let the hiring managers know who we are and what we are good at and whether we are suitable for the said job or not. When the world is moving so fast, it’s time we think differently too. Let’s indulge in the creation of a professionally-designed infographic resume that mingles your achievements and information into attractive visuals and graphics to give an excellent first impression.

Ultimate Startup Video Making Tips – Boost Your Business ROI 10x Faster

Ultimate Startup Video Making Tips – Boost Your Business ROI 10x Faster

A startup video is one of the most lucrative pieces of marketing strategies. Such a kind of video includes a short animated program that delivers the company’s business idea in a quick, simple and persuasive way. The uniqueness of this video- it’s a great combination of candid language, engaging animations and fascinating images. Needless to say, these videos can quickly capture the attention of all viewers within a brief period. In short, a startup video is a broadcast that has both informational and educational elements in it. It’s presented in less than 90 seconds and within this time span, it expresses the core message of a company.

Almost all organizations prefer using videos to deliver their company’s message. Among several types of videos, whiteboard video and animated explainer videos are the most straightforward methods to tell about your company’s unique selling point. The startup explainer videos deliver help and support to the audience especially to convert website visitors into customers. All such videos provide scope to customers to solve their problems and explain to them why a consumer must choose the concerned company in the market to solve their pain point. Additionally, these videos can also act as – company testimonials or overview video to eventually attract the right kind of traffic you want.

The concise yet compelling startup videos have of late gained immense popularity among marketers as one of the most useful tools for marketing communications. Business owners have been enjoying enhanced benefits by using videos to increase sales and profits.


Wondering how videos can enhance your business journey?

Let’s take a look below at the video statistics:

  • 81% of businesses use video as a tool for marketing – according to 2017 survey report.
  • 76% admit video helped them increase sales.
  • 76% are of the view that video would help them increase traffic.
  • In situations when both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would prefer to use video to learn about a company’s product or service.
  • 85% of people say they’d prefer to see more videos from the existing and upcoming brands in the industry in 2018.

From the above data, it’s quite obvious that with the advanced technology at hand, companies must devote their precious time in creating explainer videos today. In addition to that, videos are the best methods to comply with the ever-increasing customer demands also.

Take a look at the ways video marketing can grow your business:

  • Video Marketing Thrusts Increase User Engagement

A video is the better way to communicate your brand story with your potential and existing customers. This marketing tool represents a company in a brief yet attractive structure resulting maximum user engagement and increases in conversion rates. Incorporating video into your marketing campaign is sure to provide you scope to walk ahead of your competitors.

  • Video Provides Scope for Content to Rank Higher

Several online surveys prove that Web pages that have video incorporated in them have more chance to rank on search engine’s first page. However, not all platforms give the desired results; an entrepreneur must know which are the best platforms to post his company’s video stories.

  • Video – The Best Tool for Conversion

Video results in more traffic conversions. Marketers use video marketing strategy as a driving force to grow revenue faster than their peers who haven’t invested in this profitable technology. However, a marketer must focus on the quality of the video content; it is the key factor when it comes to conversions. The secret is- invest in your content and you will see your ROI blow up surprisingly.

Now as you know what the benefits of video marketing are, it’s obvious that as a marketer you would try to use video in your marketing campaign. But do you know how you will touch the pinnacle and wear the successful marketer crown? Do you know what steps you should follow to make an engaging startup video?

Here are the ultimate startup video making tips to boost your business ROI 10x faster

Short video production is nothing but turning a specifically clicked footage into a creative, storytelling motions. However, before producing a video, the marketer must focus on the basic needs of the audience, what he wants to convey and what he likes to present. The success of any video depends on the satisfaction of the audience.

Startup video production requires strategic planning to stand high in this competitive age. To achieve the optimum success, you can hire a professional video production company to guide you through the shooting process and the final broadcast.

Do you want to know how to create a video? It’s simple.

Following are some of the ideas how to make a startup video for successful representation.


Tip 1: Choose a Perfect Style

The first and foremost criteria of a startup video production are to pay attention to the style of the broadcast. Needless to say, your audience will judge the importance of a video from the first look of it. So there’s need to encompass attractive and trendy styles. Focus the way you want to present the video-

What kind of elements do you want to use?

How should your characters look like?

Does the video reflect professionalism etc.?

Create staggering corporate video and engage more and more customers.

Tip 2: Use Premium Quality Lighting

Lighting is yet another most important factor that contributes to the making of an impressive and profitable video. Hence, you need to invest in a lighting kit judiciously at least with three lights- key light, fill light and backlight. Best quality lights would enhance your image aspect. According to expert video producers, lack of proper lighting and absence of good sound quality would result in lousy production. So, every marketer who wishes to use startup video as a marketing tool should invest in a proper lighting kit and a finest quality sound recording device.

Tip 3: Create Best Sound Service

In animated video production, sound also plays a significant role besides other vitals. With the best sound quality, you can impress your audience and further increase consumer participation. Invest in excellent standards of soundtracks. Every video also needs perfect Voice Over score for making the entire presentation complete. Hence, consider investing in a premium quality lapel/ lavaliere microphone that would value-add to your production.

Tip 4: Deliver a Compelling Message

When you start planning to market with startup video, it is essential that you focus the way you deliver your core message to your audience.

Create an attention-grabbing message and let your target audience know why your brand is the ultimate brand one should start following  In any start video you’ll have only 90 seconds to tell your story and understand that the first few 5-6 seconds are extremely crucial to capture audience’s attention. Aim at clarifying your prospects why should one choose you amidst your peers.

Tip 5: Understand the Importance of Images

Not a single explainer video is complete without images and characters. Many established animated video marketers are of the view that videos become more valuable when it has animated characters in it. In recent times, animation has become one of the most popular explainer video styles to date. Audience prefers stories related to their life and in this regard, animation characters can complete the storytelling task properly.

Sometimes marketers can also think of using life characters to shoot explainer videos. For this, you need a proper understanding of camera and camera angels to deliver a professional program in look and feel. Acquire a tripod with a fluid head to shot steady pictures with a smooth finish. While you plan for life shooting focus on the – video composition, size of shot, lighting and background ambiance combined with overall quality.


Tip 6: Don’t forget about CTA – Call-To-Action

Call To Action is the completion of your video, it binds together what you want to say and finally shows your leads the next step of action they should take once they find you.  Use Call -To Actions’ in a useful way to get more clients.

Tip 7: Complete Your Video with Proper Editing

Editing is the final touch up session that enables you to produce a masterpiece for your viewers. After the processes of presentation, animation or live-action shooting and sound recording, editing is required to rearrange all the created task and bind them together to produce a meaningful program for your viewers. Editing is a part of post production process that includes color correction, sound mixing and final presentation.

How to edit videos?

The processes of linear and non -linear editing is handled properly with best editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or you can use free video editing software such as:

Freemake Video Converter: Freemake Video Converter is ideal to convert video between video formats, create photo slideshows or rip video DVDs.

VirtualDub: A VirtualDub is a video capture and processing utility that is ideal for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms It is streamlined for fast linear operations.

WeVideo: This free online video editing software enables you to mix and match more than 600 formats of images, graphics, audio and video.

Windows Movie Maker: This freemium software is a startup video maker ideal for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Using it, you can turn your photos and videos into polished movies forms. This software also allows you to add special effects, transitions, sound and captions, etc. to make the video more captivating. Your audience will have an engaging time whether they view it on any social media channels, computer or TV sets.


To ease your editing process here are some of the video editing tips:  

Editing Tip 1

Take care of the length: Keep the video length shorter, they should not last more than 90 seconds. Viewers respond to pieces that are interesting yet doesn’t consume much of their time.

Editing Tip 2

Keep the topic simple: Your videos will get more views when they are free from all kinds of complexities. The idea is not to overload your audience with too much information and bore them. Streamline the content and edit it to present a more explicit message.

Editing Tip 3

Create a masterpiece: Video appearance matters. While manipulating with your work aim at developing a presentation that is a treat to your viewers’ eyes. Invest more time in fine tuning your clip.

Tip 8: Post your Videos on Social Platforms for More Views

Once you complete all the technicalities of video production and editing, now it’s your turn to put it in some most visited social media platforms for more views and shares. Producing a high quality video is not enough, you must post it in channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. so that your brand name gets popularity and simultaneously you get the desired amount of traffic to boost your business bottom line finally.

Enjoy creating the best startup video with the best video production services

Are you searching for a production company to create the best videos in the industry?

Do you want to walk ahead of your competitors?

Visit Animatedvideo.com; we have a team of accomplished professionals who have years of experience in serving companies worldwide. These talented group of people can help you produce the most engaging clip and attract a huge client base.

To wrap up

Videos have been playing a crucial role in attracting business clients. In recent times these visual marketing elements are sure to rule. But before you produce a video, you must know what the best practices are. The points mentioned above complete the conceptual idea. Precisely, your produced video would yield better results and amplify your business if you follow the guideline. Create your masterpiece and grab the attention of your target audience, convert lead and finally boost business ROI.