Making The Most as an Affiliate On The Dating Vertical

Making The Most as an Affiliate On The Dating Vertical

Online dating has been booming pretty much since the moment it was introduced.

Now, however, with most of the world still grappling with the new normal introduced as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the dating vertical has entered the stratosphere.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By all accounts, the increased draw to the dating vertical will continue for the foreseeable future and stands to benefit the entire affiliate industry. Circumstances have only served to intensify an already acute need, and, as an advertiser, all you need to do is to figure out how to cash in on the opportunity.

What You Need For a Successful Dating Campaign

High traffic volume. Traffic is king in affiliate marketing. If you don’t have access to sites with a high traffic volume, you could have the best creatives on the market and still not see many conversions.

Some of the highest traffic sites, relevant to the dating vertical, are adult entertainment sites.

The premium adult sites have an abundance of users who are a perfect match for your offers.

Understanding of the market. To run a successful campaign in any vertical, you should have an understanding of your target audience – what they are looking for on dating sites, what kind of advertising works best, which formats to use, etc.

The more you understand the vertical, the better your chances of launching a successful campaign.

Gripping creatives. Even if you calculate everything related to the dating vertical perfectly and have a clear idea of who you need to reach and where to reach them, failure to use engaging creatives could still mean you won’t get the results you want.

You’re going to need texts that get a response from viewers, and you’re going to need eye-catching images to bring those texts to life.

Testing and trialing. Content on the internet is in constant flux, and things are changing all the time. What works one day has no guarantee to work the next. In order to orchestrate a successful dating campaign, it’s crucial to start by testing out the reach and scope of your ads.

This can help to identify strengths and weaknesses in consumer connection.

Next, you must monitor the performance of your campaigns so you can tweak them to focus on more of what’s working.

Top Conversion Formats for Dating

The top conversion formats for dating are:


Native ads are designed to blend in seamlessly with the site and the surrounding content. In this vertical, three things are essential; your native ads should have an eye-grabbing creative, engaging caption text and use macros and emojis in the headlines.


Banner advertising on mobile and desktop requires a bit more creativity than native. In this ad format, you are dealing with prominent placement, so you want your visuals to be provocative, unique, and engaging. Clear CTAs on banner ads are a must.

In-Page Push

In-page push notifications are notifications that pop up while users are on the website. Their design resembles classic push notifications, but they don’t require the user to subscribe to receive them. These notifications are usually sent in a messaging format with a catchy image and work best to create a personal connection.

Classic Push

Classic push notifications are sent to desktop and mobile users regardless of whether they are currently visiting the page or not. Like in-page push, these notifications are most effective when paired with provocative imagery and the promise that someone on the other end wants to connect with the viewer.


It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to test your campaign in order to measure its effectiveness and determine where your weaknesses and strengths lie. To test a dating campaign we recommend that you start broadly by selecting a site with considerable traffic, and pairing that with a parallel RON (not limited to one site) test campaign.

Using a popular adult ad network such as TrafficStars you can quickly set up a dating campaign and experiment with a wide range of targeting options. Then perform the same steps for your RON campaign.

Your native ads, banners, and push ads can be tied to specific user demographics, user material preferences, different advertising models, and geolocations.

After experimenting with other ad formats and targeting, you’ll be able to find the most effective strategies and build your campaign around them.

If you’re looking for high-converting offers, make sure you check out Mobidea’s offer directory.

Keys to Dating Creatives

There are a few battle-tested keys to successful creatives. Generally, a dating creative should:

  • Be short and sweet (between 35-45 characters is proven to work best)
  • Be personal (content should be tailored to your target audience.)
  • Inspire curiosity (play with terms like “secret,” “unbelievable,” “surprising,” etc.)
  • Include numbers, lists, or figures.
  • Not be negative in tone (not including terms like “never,” “worst,” “mistake,” etc.)
  • Use playful and suggestive emojis and macros.


The winning formula of high-converting ad formats, plus high-performing traffic sources, and kick-ass creatives, make dating an extremely lucrative vertical.

Once you get familiar with creating your ad campaigns and start to see some conversions using the tips in this article, it’s time to add your own twist.

Experiment with trending dating offers, optimize your ads and try out new traffic sources, and you‘ll be well on your way to creating profitable campaigns in no time at all.

While there is a fair amount of legwork that needs to be done in order to launch a successful dating campaign, it is one of the most profitable and well-performing verticals in the industry.

The guide above will help you in your first steps towards achieving some great results. At TrafficStars, we run campaigns that generate billions of impressions daily and we would be delighted to help you start making a serious impact in the dating vertical.


5 Vertical Video Trends For Competent Marketing You Should Not Ignore

5 Vertical Video Trends For Competent Marketing You Should Not Ignore

The world is vertical now. Horizontal videos are passé. Slowly and steadily, we are proceeding towards the vertical video era.

What is Vertical Video? 

Vertical video, the dominant format of mobile video trends is a taller form of productions than it is wide. Ideally created for portrait mode presentation, instead of landscape format, the video is rotated 90 degrees and is presented at an aspect ratio of 9.16 when you hold your video upright.

Why Follow The Vertical Video Trend? 

Imagine you are holding your phone and browsing Facebook. Each time you come across a video, youare required to flip the phone to get a better view. The process goes on and after some time you get world-weary and discontinue watching the video.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, it’s common.

Now and then our consumers face such a situation and eventually this adds to the frustration level of the already existing lower attention span. So, the outcome – you keep losing valuable traffic.

According to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Trends, every country has at least 90 percent of mobile phone penetration. Needless to say, today, mobile is one of the most pervasive and indispensable tools that every second person in the world get benefited from.

The key trends state that Smartphone addiction is one of the greatest of all obsessions. More than one-third of consumers worldwide are found to check their phone within five minutes of waking up. Also, it was researched that 20% of them check their phone more than 50 times a day.

The report also puts forth that there are 5.11 billion unique mobile users today.

So, you can’t deny the importance of vertical video today. Here 5 vertical video trends for competent marketing you should not ignore:

1. Mobile Viewers Hold Their Device Vertically Most Of The Time

There’s no denying that vertical videos have become the king of all kinds of videos. Since we hold our phones vertically most of the times, we prefer viewing all mobile contents, including videos exactly in the same manner.

Here’s an interesting overview on this matter, Earlier producing videos vertically was considered to be ridiculous. The vertical video trend was frowned upon and hence, only 14% of video views were generated during the initial time of a vertical video. But by the beginning of 2018, this video type had risen and finally, the world has been witnessing phenomenal growth of 58% of vertical viewing.

This data is enough to prove that we need a vertical video to grab the attention of our target audience.

2. Social Networks Have Started To Cash In Vertical Videos 

Vertical videos are one of the significant trends for social media platforms today. All the leading channels have been embracing vertical videos due to the fact that more and more people are using mobiles to access social media. Naturally, the concept of desktop users have reduced to a considerable minimum.

Surprisingly, horizontal videos too now seem strange and discordant.

The Next Web, a website and annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe published in its blog ‘Digital Trends 2019: Every single stat you need to know about the internet’ that since January 2019 around 3.26 billion people have been using social media on mobile devices. A growth of 297 million new users is seen every year, with an increase of more than 10%.

The social networks are not only mobile-friendly, but they are optimized for mobile experiences.

It’s interesting to know that in 2017, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube all decided to remove black bars on vertical videos to give users more pleasant viewing experience.

In this regard, every social media has set down its own specific rules. For example, Instagram recommends you to leave roughly around 14% of the top and bottom of the video without text or logos while creating a promotional video.

While according to LinkedIn, you can share vertical videos for organic content only. Market surveys have underlined that 57% of LinkedIn users are on mobile; hence opting for a vertical format for LinkedIn is always the best option indeed.

3. Advertisements Presented In Vertical Videos Seem To Convert Better 

You will also be amazed to know that vertical video ads are growing at a faster pace. The trend has been bringing significant ROI and that’s the reason advertisers have now started to understand that orientation matters a lot when it’s about engaging more and more viewers. Naturally, something awe-inspiring like vertical videos always do the wonder.

According to Dan Grossman, former VP of platform partnerships at VaynerMedia- when more of the viewing screen is used up, people get less distracted and this captures the viewer’s attention instantly.

emarketer predicted in its recent trends and statistics report -over the next few years, mobile video ad spending will grow steadily. New ad units and formats such as 6-second nonskippable ads, rewarded ads and vertical ads will also witness a significant rise.

YouTube Ads vs. TV Ads

With people spending more time online, speculations are there will be a sharp decline in TV viewership.

Needless to say, over the years, we have been witnessing a continuous shift towards video streaming services and platforms like YouTube and Netflix. So, it’s not too early to say that YouTube ads will eventually replace TV advertisements.

Hail Advertisers! Why not burn your midnight oil to create Vertical Videos on YouTube?

4. Graphic Artists are Taking Advantage of Vertical Videos To Showcase Products

Vertical videos are not only for video marketing. There is more to it- fabricating content for a vertical space has endless creative possibilities. Graphic designers have been producing eye-catchy product displays using the gist of vertical videos. When it’s about storytelling, dividing up the vertical space is sure to create more opportunities.

Splitting up a screen in half or creating a grid shows different angles or multiple products at the same time. In addition to that, creative designers can help indicate dominance or importance, guiding viewers to the most essential part of the video.

Secondly, as creativity knows no bounds, a graphic designer plays with type and design to produce a masterpiece.

Heard of Instagram Mobile Mockups Pack? If you are looking for the best vertical videos example for creative designers – it’s a perfect pack for a creative working on a social-media program.

5. Vertical Videos Adds New Spin On Storytelling

The three main characteristics of vertical videos are –

  • They are immersive as they fill the entire screen.
  • They give intimate experience to the viewers by showing close up of people and places
  • Also, they are immediate as they can easily record and post items

So, don’t you realize its the better way to tell a story that’s sure to keep viewers engaged? The reality is vertical videos can add a new spin to the story. How? You can’t deny the fact that not all the stories are popular or newsworthy enough. Thus to make them engaging and memorable vertical videos work wonders.

The Final Lines

It’s quite natural for you to think ‘What’s the future of vertical videos? Shall we embark upon the idea?’ Let us tell you – with changing consumer behavior; it’s evident that vertical video has a bright future. If you take a tour around, you will see that all social media strategies focus on your audience and they have high expectations. So, you must take the trend and continue to create vertical videos to impress and convert.

If you don’t have a professional team, we, are here to serve you and let you know the latest trends and practice.