The Competent Guide Of Posting Pre-Recorded Live Stream Videos On Facebook

The Competent Guide Of Posting Pre-Recorded Live Stream Videos On Facebook

What if I say you, you can post your live stream videos, not as a literal “live” content?

With the turn of 2016, we saw a major upgradation in the realm of video content production. This sudden upheaval brought Live videos in the picture, which were an instant hit. It’s late 2019 & we are on the verge on stepping into the next era; and live videos are still taking the world by storm.

Some stats on live stream videos would prove this claim valid,

  • Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.
  • 45% of live video audiences would pay for a live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer.
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week.
  • The video streaming market is projected to be worth a whopping [$70 billion] by 2021.

Well, the way live videos are predominantly expanding, no sooner would they take over the other online media outlets too. Nobody can deny it that video content is the most engaging kind of content now. And being an Internet Marketer, you must feed your subscribers and fans with a regular dose of video contents.

But at the same time, it is challenging to come up with unique contents every day. On top of that, every single video production takes substantial time. But the world doesn’t wait for anyone, or does it? That’s the reason the live video streaming industry is booming.

This has enticed the teenagers and the millennials, who make up the target audience section for many brands. They publish their own live videos, as well as follow the video of other brands too. “Going Live” is a pop culture now. And a majority of your audience is also waiting for you at the live streaming platform. Keep on reading and you will get to know how you can execute a pre-recorded video Facebook Live.

There are several live streaming platforms to be named, Periscope, Ustream, Instagram, YouNow, etc. But the best of them is, Facebook Live. But why Facebook Live? Because Facebook Live videos are viewed 3x longer than usual newsfeed videos. If a viewer leaves any comment on a Facebook Live video recording, it automatically shows up on their newsfeed too.

This prompts their friends to view the video. Once your live or pre-recorded facebook live video goes on air, a notification goes to all your fans and followers. Moreover, live stream pre-recorded videos tend to be shown on the news feed higher than any other content.

Most of the audience follows a brand’s Facebook group faster than they do the other channels. Hence creating a buzz on Facebook would help you in the long run. Publishing live videos there, can help you leverage your existing audience, hook them to what you show them and build potential customers. Even the big marketing influencers put up their live videos, thus catching up with the trend.

But now the question is, are you ready to go live the instant it comes to your mind? Or do you need some preparation? Or would it be nicer if you can publish a pre-recorded video of yours, as a live video content?

Well, yes. Good news is now that’s possible even. We would let you know some hacks as to how you can do it. You can easily live stream your existing video content and reach more people.

Hack 1:

An easy to use and non-technical solution awaits you, with which you can stream your pre-recorded videos via Facebook Live.

Livereacting is a brilliant tool that helps you do exactly that. A convenient tool for all social media agencies out there. The most striking feature of Livereacting is its ease of use, no need of any
third-party OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Also, it works perfectly well even if you have a poor Internet connection.

Just upload the existing video, schedule a date for the live streaming, and voila! Best choice for online brands and the marketing influencers.

How to facebook live? The process

1. You must sign up to the Livereacting website through your Facebook account. This is needed to get you the access to your profile.

2. Well, this may sound like a click-bait, but in today’s world, nothing comes for free. So, to get the benefit of publishing existing video contents as live, you just need to pay a minuscule amount of $3.99 to purchase 1 credit. It’s super cheap I tell you given the perks you get.

3. You may choose “Stream pre-recorded video” template.

4. Now choose where exactly you want to go live, whether on your profile or your page. This is as per your requirement. If you are an individual, then of course it would be your profile. However, if you represent a brand then it would be your Facebook page.

While you are about to upload facebook live video, remember a few things like,

  • Livereacting only supports .mp4 files and not any other extension. Hence if you have any other file format, then it is recommended to convert it into an mp4 file.
  • The live stream videos must have an audio and not completely mute.
  • The video duration must be longer than 60 seconds.
  • Check the file size, Livereacting supports up to 1000 MB.
  • The video must follow all the terms and conditions Facebook has. Livereacting is just a tool that is helping you to upload videos, the actual boss is still Facebook.
  • The maximum duration of videos is 240 minutes per 1 credit. If the video exceeds the length, you need to buy more credits. Sort of pay as you go.

5. Now, upload the file and check the preview before making it to the channel.

6. If you are happy with everything, then click on Post to Facebook to go live. If it is for your page that you want to publish sometime after, then schedule it as per your time.

7. Once you go live, you would see a dashboard to control your live stream videos. You may use it accordingly and enjoy your cool Facebook Live.

Isn’t it super easy? And that’s not just all. Livereacting also provides brilliant tools to make your internet marketing comfortable and hassle-free. You may try it for your further campaigns. Not to mention their customer support system; you may provide them with feedback regarding their features, and they would listen to your suggestions.

Even while the live streaming your pre-recorded video Facebook Live, you may ask for their help if you face any issue. Just a few clicks, and you can schedule and stream any video on Facebook as if it’s a live video content.

Hack 2

Well, this is entirely free and you don’t need to spend a dime. But this is mainly recommended for the technical people.

The process:

1. First, you need to download and install OBS Studio as per your OS. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software that you need to configure.

2. Go to your Facebook Page ->Publishing Tools->VideoLibrary->LIVE+

3. Get your STREAM KEY and hit Preview. You will see an OFFLINE screen, keep that tab open.

4. No go to OBS software, navigate to Settings. Then go to Stream. Select “Facebook Live” and enter the StreamKEY you got from Facebook.

5. Select a pre-recorded video in OBS.

6. Go to Sources, then Add->VLC Video Source-> now add a playlist by selecting video files. That’s it, now you are one click away to stream your video.

7. Next, to avoid outside noises, go to the OBS dashboard and disable “Mic/Aux”. Just keep VLC source audio in ON mode. Click on START STREAMING.

Now you are just one click away!

8. Go to your Facebook page & you will see PREVIEW of the stream. Now hit GO LIVE.

There you go! You are now live on Facebook with your pre-recorded video.

Bonus Tips for Savvy Marketers!

These tips are for those Internet marketers who are keen on streaming their new services/products, demonstrations, or any tutorial. Before venturing out with pre-recorded video Facebook Live, one has to follow some rules of thumb.

  • Stick to your brand values and brand message in the live video. Your authenticity will define your brand as a whole.
  • As per Facebook’s recommendation for live videos, you can go live for about 10 minutes. However, you may stay live for up to 90 minutes.
  • Think of catchy descriptions to make your audience ready for your live video.
  • You may give out short teasers that will pique their interests
  • Engage with your audience during the live session by responding to them the moment they comment anything.

Final thoughts

So you see, your Facebook Live doesn’t have to be live. In this blog today, you have learnt the hacks to stream your pre-recorded Facebook Live videos appearing them to be live. Well, this is indeed a big help for bloggers, marketers or individuals who are a bit nervous or hesitant to telecast videos in real-time. But since live videos get all the engagements, hype and create buzz than usual videos, we all are after it to turn them to our business benefit.

If you are short of any resources for your next video-creation, always seek the option for a professional agency. With a pool of talented individuals, every project gets delivered the best content for every requisite without any quality and service compromise.

So go ahead and stream your videos on Facebook Live through the hacks mentioned. And let me know how things went. You may need a bit of practice twice or thrice, to get it all right. But once you get used to, you can make it big out there. Get in touch if you need any help in creating any video for your brand that you may telecast as live on Facebook. And also feel free to ask if you have any question as to how to broadcast pre-recorded video on Facebook Live.

Post text: In this blog, find out how you can turn all eyes of your audience on Facebook through posting live videos that are pre-recorded.

Meta-description: Learn how pre-recorded live stream videos for Facebook can be a game-changer for a brand’s social media expanse.

Video Email Marketing: Boosting Your Subscriber Base With Videos

Video Email Marketing: Boosting Your Subscriber Base With Videos

Emails always have this bad reputation of being dead! But to surprise you, email is not dead! At least not now. And not for another ten years. And given that video is a powerful medium, embedding videos in your emails is the best thing you can do your business. And that is video email marketing for you!

We might consider emails to be downright old-school, now that most people don’t prefer reading plain texts. But strange as it may sound, it is still your email account that is the most potent marketing tool. People check their emails every single day. They even do that on-the-go.

And recent studies opine that email marketing is one of the three most impactful tools to drive more website traffic, generate leads and boost sales. You cannot just do away with it. And all across social media channels these days, we can see tips and tricks for smart email marketing.

And that’s just because the digital marketing gurus have realized emails to be the leading ROI drivers. And there’s no lie about the fact that email marketing increases ROI, because surveys and studies sing in the same tune.

However, emails these days do not need to be boring and bland. They can be sassy and peppy; they can be anything your clients look for. You may make them as dynamic and engaging you want, just by adding your creativity and a bit of coding. Without a pinch of innovation and creativity, it’s difficult to generate hype and get the desired open rates.

If you get the right technology in place and embellish each of your emailers with something new, you can get close to a successful, long-term business liaison with your clients and leads.

Marketing through weekly or monthly emailers has its separate fan-base all around. Because that kind of marketing helps us create a balanced and nuanced personalized customer journey. And this has a greater impact on your overall revenue. So folks, email marketing is not dead. It is very much alive and kicking in the current time. As well as, in the years to come!

Enter, Videos!

Videos are hot! Undoubtedly so. Their entertainment quotient grabs several eyeballs and drives incredible results. YouTube has over 1 Billion monthly users and happens to be the second largest search engine just after Google. So how come these whopping stats are coming true? Because, there’s a massive demand for videos nowadays. There’s a bigger diaspora out there, who rely upon videos than any other media tool.

Cisco has already projected that more than 80% of all web traffic will be driven through videos. And of course, metrics and stats aside, videos are hands-down the most unique and effective way to cut through the noise. Well-crafted videos capture the attention of the onlookers in a way that plain and simple texts can’t. That’s where the potentiality of videos lie.

Businesses have already adopted video contents in their marketing strategy and there’s no looking back to it. Video marketing has proved to nearly triple the ROI for a business, when compared with other marketing tools. And that’s the reason, more than 87% of online marketers rely on video for increased customer engagement. Businesses when embed videos in emailers they send, carry a far-reaching effect on their prospects, than just a regular weekly emailer.

Now, did you know that videos when included in emails, increases the chance of email opens to 19%? Not only videos are the best thing to spice up your text-based emailers, but also they can enhance your marketing result. Emails that contain any form of videos in them receive a 300 percent higher click-through rate than those without. Just by using the word ‘video’, you can increase the open and click-through rates by 65%! Video thumbnails increase click by 50%.

Such is the magic of videos. Thus, utilizing videos in your email marketing campaigns makes a lot of sense.

What is Video Email Marketing?

It is nothing but a marketing strategy that includes HTML5 videos, static images with a play button linked with a video, or GIF images, that drive more engagement. No other medium can possibly communicate as effectively as videos do. Whether it is about explaining a product, promote a new service, increase conversions, or educate the customers. Marketing through emails has a separate fan base owing to the impact this genre of marketing creates.

What are the Benefits of including Videos in your Emailers?

The benefits are many. Videos are remarkably engaging and get people hooked to them. Apart from drawing a great deal of attention and reducing the unsubscribe rate by 26%, video contents increase forwarding. If your email manages to grab the eyeball and attention of your leads, the chances are high that those will be forwarded. And more the forwards, higher are the traffic and leads.

When a video catches our emotions, we tend to share that with our friends and families and share that feeling within us. This way, the brand awareness gets enhanced.

Moreover, videos help your brand message get across easily. Compared to plain email texts, your subscribers will find more fun in video effective video content. Thus, more impact gets created. Also, the time-saving factor can’t be denied. Just by watching a mere 30 seconds video, a person can get an idea of a marketing pitch.

Complex ideas can be easily conveyed through videos, as it will take less time to disperse the concept. And lastly of course, the SEO factor. Videos are immensely searched in the present time that has made them quite a winner in the big SEO game. Videos improve search rankings on Google owing to all the shares on the social media channels.

This clearly shows to what extent people love videos. And this is what Google implements in its algorithms. If a brand has a video, it is likely the crawlers will crawl the content instead of any other marketing material the brand has on the web.

With more and more people getting hooked to engaging videos, why not leverage their prowess in your email marketing campaigns? But yes, there’s always a right way and a wrong way of doing a thing. Let’s discuss all those right ways you can bring a difference to your marketing campaigns. We are here to answer all your queries regarding how to use videos in emails.

1. Create a Landing Page with an Engaging Video and an Enticing CTA

It’s always recommended to create a landing page with a captivating video and then linking it with your emails. Landing pages with enticing videos are an integral component in video email marketing tactics. Because after all, you won’t want your leads to stay within the restriction of their emails, without taking action once the video ends.

As a video takes up the whole screen, your audience is not being able to see the CTA, which is erroneous. Especially when your sole motive is to coerce your audience to take up an action. Moreover, there are restraints by some email providers regarding in-email videos. So, the solution? Simply embed video thumbnails into your emailers that link to the landing page that hosts the video. This will guide them through the sales funnel.

2. Harness the Magic of GIF Images

GIFs are cute enough and yield an engaging experience. These are great in the sense one doesn’t need to click on a play button, GIFs play automatically. Compared to static visuals, these bits of moving images if incorporated in your emailers, will be kind of a short animation creating fun. GIFs are gradually considered as video-like contents since there’s animation in them.

Though GIF images are not actually videos, but the moving frames give them enough motion to appear engaging and fun. Animated GIFs must not be more than six or seven frames; three or four frames are rather ideal. There are a plethora of online tools to create GIF images that enables anyone to create unique animated graphics.

They make a holiday even brighter and more entertaining. So if you are sending any emailer with a holiday offer, try using GIFs. And it is really great that almost all the email providers support them. However, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2014, and Windows 7 phones only show the first frame of your GIF, but other majority allows the whole image.

3. Your Video Content must come after your Email Draft

Include a few self-explanatory texts for your video and include them just after the email draft, because you need to explain the video to your email recipients. Frame the email draft in a way that conveys the actual message of the video. That will intrigue your viewers to click on the play button.

There’s another reason to incorporate texts first. Because an email without some kind of a text appears to be spam. And no one wants to open anything remotely similar to spams! And in case the video doesn’t show up in someone’s email (this mainly happens when the auto-download image functionality is turned off), at least the text will help him to understand what the video is all about.

4. Spread the Word about your Events through Video Emails

Every now and then, companies host their events, either on a large, global scale, or just a local event. Including videos to spread awareness about those events is a great idea. Spread the word through an engaging video and urge your target audience to be a part of the event. Things like these enhance brand outreach, as well as boost brand awareness.
Promotions through video content are outstandingly effective as they directly reach the recipient’s mailbox. It is like poking them politely to see something. Whether it is about all the behind the scenes of the event, or a short clip of last year’s program, video emails are the most powerful tool to push your target audience to take a specific action.

Glimpses of past events motivate new people and give them an idea as to what can happen. You may personalize the emailers with the recipient’s name, include more than one CTAs, incorporate a captivating thumbnail. Keep on experimenting!

5. Cinemagraphs are Love! Utilize them in your Emailers

Just like GIFs create an entertaining experience for any onlooker, Cinemagraphs can spice up your email campaigns all the more. These visuals with motion are chic and urban in approach and look fabulous in emailers while promoting a product.

Cinemagraphs are mainly an amalgamation of video and photography, created by Kevin Burg (a renowned professional photographer) and Jamie Beck (a motion graphics designer). It is a new way to mix video clips with still photos that ooze out top-notch quality. Cinemagraphs are not actual videos per se, but they have enough capability to convey a brand message.

These are nothing but a slight variant of GIFs, having the look and feel of a looping video. But, the interesting thing is, only a part of the image moves. The rest of the piece is a still picture. Whether you are rolling out with a new car model, or a Smartphone, or maybe the winter collection of your clothing line, these moving pictures are ideal.

Using them is similar to adopting video marketing for businesses and experiencing the difference. To know the right way of creating these kinds of art forms is quite challenging, but once you get to know the drill, life is easier.

6. The Word that Creates a Difference – Video!

That’s the word your target audience would fix their eyes upon. Anything moving, motion and video engages us and piques our curiosity to explore more. Incorporate the word “video” in your subject line, and see the number of clicks and the open rate gets a striking impetus. Once you get the audience engaged and goad them to open your email, you’ve won half of the battle.

Studies say the magic word alone boost email open rates by 19% and CTRs by 65%. And why these extra boost ups? Just because your audience feels you are giving them something extra, unlike other marketing pitch they usually receive. Since your emailers will contain a video, you have to let your target audience know that from the very beginning.

7. A Striking Thumbnail is all you need!

Just as mentioned above, thumbnails are the pivotal element for any video to be clicked and viewed. That is the first thing a viewer sees and which encourages them to play on. That said, the thumbnail image must ideally be striking and captivating, which immediately grabs the attention of your recipients.

Dramatic thumbnails might look a bit over the top, but at the end of the day, people love drama! Anything out of the ordinary, novel and peppy, grabs us right away. Do the same with your video email marketing. Leverage the prowess of thumbnails onto your emails and make your subscribers click on it and watch.

If you ask what exactly your thumbnail must contain to be striking, it can just be a screenshot of your video, maybe of an interesting part. Or you can take professional help to create a custom thumbnail graphic.

8. Avail the Less Pricey Alternatives

You don’t need a hefty budget while creating the videos for your email campaigns. There are ample low-cost options that you can put to use, just with your Smartphone and a pinch of creativity. Let your imagination flow and capture them through the lens of your cellphone’s camera. If you are a start-up or a solopreneur, don’t bother buying expensive DSLRs or hiring a professional studio.

You can do the tricks with some great natural light, maybe a cheap reflector (reflectors don’t cost a fortune). If you want to showcase a how-to video or just the office scenes, simply get some good footages of your team and do some fun activity. Don’t make them look staged or fake, be as much natural as possible. Your target audience would love to see the real you, as well as the creative minds behind the services your brands offer.
These kinds of personalized videos, when uploaded as Insta-stories, get the most views and shares. Editing can be done by you or someone who has a basic knowledge of compilation and editing. There are millions of apps that you can use for this purpose. Once you get a nicely trimmed video with a cool background score, simply spread it to your target group. This tactic is sure to skyrocket your campaign and make you create a solid stand for itself.

9. Customer Testimonials are the best way to Promote your Brand/Product/Service and Instill Faith

People don’t like it when you being a marketer, overdo with your promotion. Too much self-praise and self-proclamation are not good for product promotions these days. One cannot instill trust and faith in someone, by blabbering and saying how good your product is. For you, your product is one of its kind. But for your target audience, the story might not be the same.

They might have had witnessed similar kinds of services and products offered by other brands. However, no matter how feasible you try to be while explaining your product and its significance, sometimes credibility issue arises. Your target audience might not feel a feeling of reliability and assurance from it. So, it’s always better to utilize a happy customer testimonial video.

Any video email marketer executing such a novel strategy is bound to smell success within a short time. Let your customers be your brand advocate and promote your products. When your prospects see a real human speaking about their experience with your brand, the trust quotient increases a lot and they tend to believe your capabilities. Directly showcase these customer testimonial videos on your prospects’ inbox and see the magic happen!

10. Resort to Preview Videos for a New Product Release, or an upcoming Event.

Basically, videos are not just for merry-making and frolic. One can employ video content for several significant purposes. Apart from explaining a product, promoting an event, you may also announce an upcoming release, a new product launch, an inauguration program, provide expert round-ups and much more.

One can even showcase a tutorial as to how a certain thing is done. Nowadays, How-to and DIY videos are all the rage and people stay glued to them for hours. Sending any such video through your email campaign is a great idea, whereby you can create engagement. As well as generate new leads.

So, what happens when you spark an interest among your target audience? Their curiosity gets piqued. And what can be better than giving them a preview of a new release? It can be anything; right from a new cuisine, to a brand new clothing line, or jewelry collection – or even a new book. Preview videos are apt for these releases.

Tingling your audience’s minds prepares them to get ready once the actual thing comes out. You may put to use this tactic in your email marketing campaigns and make your prospects know beforehand about the product/service you are gonna come up with.

Final Words:

At present, content marketing through video, has garnered a lot of appreciation from marketers and end-users together. And why wouldn’t it be! Adding a small video spruces up a content and makes it more digestible. And undoubtedly, marrying emails and video components is worth the effort.

So, if you are still in doubt whether or not video email marketing is beneficial for your business, just think about the number of video consumers the cyber world has. The more your contents or emails have videos, GIFs, cinemagraphs in them, the higher the email open rates will rise up. Email marketing trends are constantly evolving, making it essential for any marketer or blogger to be aware of the latest changes.

Including engaging videos in your email will breathe new life into your otherwise bland campaigns. And that is what your motto should be. But at the same time, trends and styles of videos are also changing. That’s the reason; one should not stick to the same old video marketing strategy. You should offer something new to your audience, every day!

Mostly this will help your salespeople who are in constant communication with your clients and who knows the market well. Marketing through video content brings substantial change in user behavior. Following that behavioral pattern, your sales folks can come up with novel strategies. Given that 64% of buyers decide by watching a video, it goes without saying that video contents do possess that special power to engage your subscribers.

Either you can create the videos by yourself, or can get some professional help. If you are absolutely a novice in this, then start off with a robust marketing plan and stick to that throughout, while making required changes along the way. See if the latest strategical change is getting aligned to your marketing plan or not. And then modify as needed.

Every business is different and has a whole lot of different customers, pain points, USPs, weaknesses. So it cannot be claimed that each of the tips listed above will work with them. However, if anyone of these is followed rigorously, then visible change is expected. Video being an incredibly potent medium of content, continue using it for best results. At Animated Video, we keep our creative wheel running to produce fabulous motion contents for each and every client requisite. All our project contents are backed by the figures derived from latest market trends that in turn are capable enough to put the associated brands at the significant position in competition. Check the bouquet of services we offer and let us know if we can fit into your marketing strategies.

Text To Speech Tools: How They Give Your Marketing Videos An Economic Edge

Text To Speech Tools: How They Give Your Marketing Videos An Economic Edge

With the unprecedented advancement rate of technology, the innovations are creating new milestones every day. The technological boom is making the lives of people comfortable in the modern-day by uncomplicating the critical tasks and making them easier to handle for us.

Amidst a plethora of those examples, one such is the text to speech. There is plenty of text to speech tools that are found over the internet & they have all taken browsing, learning & marketing to the next level of new-age internet experience. But we’ll get into the tools later; now it is time for us to understand the history, aspects and contribution of text to speech technology in the human existence.

Defining Text To Speech & Its History
As the name suggests, text to speech is a technology that enables a device or software to convert the written text into voice notes or speech notes. In the year 1983, the first software of text to speech DECtalk was released. Of course, compared to today’s advanced solution, it was not perfect, but at that time, the innovation was definitely path-breaking. It was still a great hit with various companies like the MCI, Mtel & even the well-known theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author- Late Prof. Stephen Hawking. Today, the advanced text to speech voices enhanced by engineers, voice actors and linguists are used by nearly every person using smart devices.

In the section below, we will highlight some ways the text to speech robot is improving the modern life continuously:

  • People with learning disabilities are greatly helped by the text to speech technology. Conditions like dyslexia or visual disability can affect the literacy opportunities, but with this technology now they can access the content in the format of speech so that they face no challenges in reading. Not only the internet but the text to speech-based devices are also being used in the everyday digital devices to help them.
  • It is found in many research figures that more information are retained by students when learning is backed by various methods of teaching, one of which is the vocal delivering of information. Text to speech helps the students to learn more as they retain more by hearing and understanding their curriculum.
  • Elderly people or mature readers seldom access the smart devices. This is because, in the majority of cases, technology seems to be complicated to their understanding. Their ignorance has let them avoid the nuances of the latest technology. For these readers, the text to speech has enabled them to acquire information with minimal device operation. The devices also do not strain their eyes which make it a great choice for them to spend their leisure time reading.
  • It is not always possible to watch or read something visually while on the go. In our hectic life, with the daily hustle, it becomes difficult for us to read. So in cases like these, the text to speech technology comes in handy. With this feature, one can very much know the information from news or book just by plugging into the text to speech and listen to it.

Let’s Explore In Details, How To Use Google Text To Speech?

The text to speech feature by Google is the function of the translation of the text into spoken words. Amidst the plethora of options, Google’s WaveNet is a significant example. The WaveNet text to speech Google works through deep learning. It is a network of neural algorithms that sound to be human-like for the ears.

The software is used after purchasing it for Google. The price may be sensitive for a few in this case. The free plan translates 1000000 characters a month. That is actually a significant number of blog posts for any company.

Image source

WaveNet works as the audio data is placed sequentially with numerical values tagged with some frequency. In the gif above, you can see that the presented audio waves are represented in 1D and in a bigger size. They are dependent on each other through the time dimension.
The concept of enabling machines to communicate like humans is nothing new. WaveNet makes it possible to generate audio files in the form of end-to-end way. This makes the speech translation easy.

Here are some other examples of text to speech tools used today
1. Balabolka: It is a lightweight TTS tool which is portable easily but not mobile. You can definitely install that in the PC or also keep it in the USB and run from it. As the user, you can set the speed, get the text read from clipboard or import document of any kind. It is the voice quality that varies as all installed voices are not the same. Balabolka utilizes the voice of the system so that the files it produces, stay light in weight.
Price of the tool: Free

2. Zabaware Text To Speech Reader: Another free TTS software which is undoubtedly one of the best. The default voices come accompanied with the product and perform average. You can definitely install voices from other sources and use them with the software to give more natural feel. A fantastic feature of Zabaware is that you can copy the text snippet from your opened document and then paste it on the console for the voice to start reading it.
Price: Free

3. Text Aloud: The very name suggests what the software is about. It is a Window’s-based program that imports an audio file quickly. It will also let you export the speech files on to whatever device you use, even the mobile ones. The voice quality of the system, as pointed out by the users is considered to be average because the humane-like touch is absent from its generated files. It offers a free trial for everyone.
Price: Free

4. iSpeech: It is a premium service that considers only enterprises and businesses as their target customers. As a developer or a publisher who is in need of a voice piece, they can duly be served with the perfect file with iSpeech tool. They claim to be the software with the most natural voice, but unlike WaveNet or Amazon Polly, one can definitely make out the difference. It also offers a speech to text feature where one can dictate the content and get them transcribed automatically.
Price: Premium

5. Amazon Polly: After Amazon Echo, it’s time to make way for Amazon Polly. The TTS is considered to be one of the most advanced options where the user can come across various features like choosing the language, the preferred voice and many more. Its database is the home to different languages of the world.
Price: Free Trial to Premium

So, Can Text To Speech Feature Be Used In Making Videos?

The answer is YES. But it is definitely tricky. The synthetic voice files are very much cost-effective and hence make for great alternative option of human-based voice over.

In fact, there are 3 significant reasons as to why it stands as a viable option for video making:

Pronunciation: Different words have different verbal elements and hence different intonation, acronyms, jargon & foreign versions. The pronunciation of each word hence is different. It depends on the context in which the words are used. The human voice-over might find it a challenging task to speak them at the correct approach all the time; but with TTS tools, this can be conveniently accomplished. The technical voices are flexible, and they can identify the accurate pronunciation by auto-analyzing the context.

Speed: Human-based voice-over has to be synchronized with the movement of every element on the screen. Not too fast or slow; the audio has to be at par with the content. Yet, in many cases, the artist fails to do so. For cases like these, the TTS tools stand tall. Since they are all automated and can be easily synchronized with the content, the speech placement falls in place every time.

Intonation: Based on the variable human understanding and approach to communication, a word or a phrase may have to come across the number of retakes due to the variable expression, tone and rhythm. It is for challenges like these; the TTS tools play the most active role into the making of any marketing video in a lesser time.

How TTS Should Be Used In Marketing Video Making

  • The editing phase in the video making project is to be considered as an essential aspect. From compressing clips to re-editing visuals, the editor has to do a lot of adjustments and hence, you can understand the importance of text to speech tools in this segment. These tools are an excellent fit for making animated videos which in turn are articulate and captivating. The human voice-over may take time for critical retakes, but with text to speech tools, it is secure.
  • Truth be told, voice-over performances of humans may not always be well-blended with the visuals. With TTS tools, the editing of intonations and retaking of context-sensitive pronunciations can be easily conducted.

For challenges like these, professional help is always there…

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