How to Grow Your Business in 5 Simple Steps with Online Webinars

How to Grow Your Business in 5 Simple Steps with Online Webinars

When it comes to saving money online and finding the best deals, few people do it better than brand marketers and bloggers. Not only do they know where to look, they also know about the top sites and brands, and how they have special ‘affiliate’ deals in place to secure the best promotions and discounts to their audience.

Appsumo has simply been one of the best in this game as the number one coupon platform for internet marketers for a while now. However, just like everything else on the internet changes and progresses in time, so it the discount and coupon code market for business owners as well.

It appears the story is about to change because have arrived with a bang, ready to prove their worth to any and every internet marketer who decides to try them out.

What makes IM.Deals stand out from the crowd is that they have exciting offers and features throughout the site that hope to beat anything you can get on Appsumo or any other digital coupon platform. is the latest project by Oliver Kenyon. He was the founder of AffliateFix, the largest Affiliate Marketing Forum with several thousands of members, customers, and brands contributing to the site daily. Let it also be known that Oliver recently sold AffliateFix for seven figures.

This has all happened at a fairly decent pace as well, being that Kenyon has at the young age of 31 built a reputation as a hardworking solution provider. First, with AffliateFix and other various projects, he has shown himself an expert at knowing what people need and giving it to them in the best ways. is looking like a similar solution providing community from this ardent hustler. You don’t have to be told about the stress and costs of internet marketing, especially for small and medium businesses. has brought a solution in the form of exclusive coupons and deals that will give you rest from heavy charges. This is the site to go for deals on marketing tools. You can also partner with them to offer your coupons on their site. Terms and Conditions apply, though.

This platform is designed for the benefit of all internet marketers searching for the best online discount coupons on great marketing tools. You might be wondering how this new platform can be an equal player in the market with a veteran like Appsumo. Let us take a step by step examination of how they both compare.

As an Internet Marketer, five areas are very crucial when you want to pick a marketing tool for any purpose. We are going to examine how Appsumo and stand up to themselves in these five aspects unique to coupon platforms.


The type of deals offered on a coupons-and-deals platform is very important to the choice of the platform you want to use as an internet marketer. Appsumo offer time-bound deals that you have to use almost immediately or stand a chance on losing out., however, made it better by offering evergreen deals that are not time-sensitive. You can always go back for that marketing tool offer when you have the money.


Appsumo has impressive customer service. are, however, up to the task. They have a simple contact button for you to drop your questions. You can also place a call or mail through You can also reach out through their social media platforms.


You might want to promote your brand by selling coupons on They have three things they ask you to take note of the deal, the coupons, and the commission. Then you can fill the form and submit your deal.


Time is a worthy currency in the internet marketing world. is a great time saver. Unlike Appsumo, that is not quite to the point on their page, take you right to the deals. The website also has a fast loading speed.


It is essential to be able to quickly understand the layout and what is being said on a webpage. This understanding is gotten from how simply the pages are designed. holds its own when it comes to simplicity. is prepared to compete with Appsumo in a bid to bring internet marketers the best value for their money. has made saving thousands of dollars very easy for the internet marketer.

Where to Find the Best Money Saving Discounts Online

When it comes to finding the best coupon codes and deals online, word gets around fast. Searching through Google and continually coming across expired coupons is a huge pain. The better solution is to go right to the source and find sites that list only the most recent and active promotions in place.

Internet marketing coupons and deals are now a breeze with more options open to the savvy internet marketer. presently has 48 deals, and more are still being added daily. Over 500 deals have been claimed on their site.

You do not want to miss this opportunity. Go to and start marketing at a more affordable rate.

5 Ways Webinars and Video Can Replace Workplace Meetings

5 Ways Webinars and Video Can Replace Workplace Meetings

As an entrepreneur and being my own boss, I’ve had the pleasure of not having to deal with the normal “workplace atmosphere” and needing to plan or attend meetings within a company. I have however experienced what this atmosphere is like through working with other companies in the industry. More often then not, these meetings and get-togethers of individuals within the company is more of a waste of time and resources than anything else.

Yes, businesses of all sizes need to hold meetings, but how they hold them and who actually needs to be there is where there is room for opportunity. It’s way too easy for myself to throw together a webinar or online video series and have 1,000s of people attending my live feed, so why aren’t businesses doing the same thing within their organization?

With so many advanced webinar and video sharing platforms available, not only is it extremely easy to setup, it’s also quite cost effective too. Solutions like GoToWebinar are perfect for streaming live webinars and connecting with others in your company, while more advanced services like Blue Jeans make it easy to deliver HD video conferencing and multi-party meetings within a organization or during a live event with thousands of attendees.

If you aren’t currently using live video and webinars in place of holding in-person meetings, here are five reasons to reconsider — plus some fun office meeting memes to bright up such a feared topic!

5 Ways to Improve Workplace Meetings with Video

No matter what solution you are using to deliver live video or webinars online, consider the following five methods for improving how your business holds meetings within your company and make the most out of their time and resources.

Make Meetings Essential

I Heard You Like Meetings

The main issues that people have with meetings, be they online or in-person, is that there isn’t much point to them other than summing up things that people either already know or could be said with a group e-mail. An easy fix for this is to only schedule meetings when they are absolutely essential and let employees get on with their work for the rest of the time. If there is really no point to a daily or weekly meeting then don’t feel like you need to have one just for the sake of it. This will also emphasise the importance of meetings meaning that people will focus during them instead of zoning out or multitasking.

One of the most common issues with meetings in the workplace is if they are needed and how to run them efficiently. To maximize efficiency, Inc. Magazine offers five simple questions and tasks to assign before your meeting takes place.

  1. Does the meeting need to happen?
  2. Be very clear about the purpose.
  3. Engage people beforehand.
  4. Actually start on time.
  5. Document and share the main points.

Invite the People Who Need to be There

Meeting Emails

Meetings are usually boring and a waste of time for half of the people in the room. This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your meetings, it just means you should only be including those who are needed to be there.

Not only are meetings a potential waste of time and resources just to pull them together, they can also be a huge productivity killer for all of the attendees as it’s going to break about their day and working time. Inc Magazine noted that the two biggest drags of productivity are “Meetings and Managers”. The article went on to say:

These two staples of work life–meetings and managers–are actually the greatest causes of work not getting done at the office. In fact, the further away you are from both meetings and managers, the more work gets done. This is one of the key reasons we’re so enthusiastic about remote work.

For businesses that feel they need to have weekly or monthly meetings, continue to do so, but only have the core individuals needed to make it happen. While this meeting is taking place, record the session and make it accessible to all employees for later viewing.

Keep it Brief

Sitting In Meetings All Day

When you think about the amount of time it takes to put a meeting together, actually holding it in a room, getting started and finalizing everything, it’s a whole lot longer than the 30 or 60 minutes that the meeting was originally supposed to be. It’s not that everyone simply hates the thought of meetings, it’s the many emotions, complications and wasted time that come with them.

Forbes says that one main reason why people hate meetings so much is that our brains simply can’t focus fully for such a long amount of time. The trouble with carving out a certain time window for a meeting is the feeling that you need to fill up all of that time. All the while, your colleagues are desperate to get back to their desks and meet their deadlines or praying they’ll be in time to pick their children up from school.

The solution? Have someone do the pre-meeting work before hand and allow for employees to attend live meetings online or allow for the watching of a recording later on. Not only does this not take away from their work time and productivity, it also makes sure a 15 or 30-minute meeting is actually that long. 

Record the Meeting

  Meeting Recording

One great feature of video conferencing software is that you no longer need a secretary to take notes then repeat the minutes in the next meeting. You can record all of your meetings, save them, and e-mail them out to anyone who needs to see them. This is a great advantage for anybody who can’t make the meeting and means that they can check it out at a time which is convenient for them, again not disrupting their regular work flow. You can also cut out the unnecessary bits and shorten the video with a video editor. This will ensure that they will have something quick and short to watch

Something so funny about the internet and technology industry is that all of these companies are so advanced with their online marketing and campaign management, but when it comes to holding meetings they are still stuck in the 90s!

Be Decisive


The key purpose of meetings is to make important business decisions, so then why do so few meetings accomplish this?

Many seem to go around in circles with everybody voicing their own opinion and boring everyone else to tears. Of course, everybody in the meeting should be able to voice their own opinions. That is why they are in the meeting, after all. But if you notice things are starting to drag, emphasise the importance of making an immediate decision and take a vote if you have to. Don’t let the meeting time be taken up by unimportant decisions or tangents. This way meetings will go much smoother and your team will get much more done in a shorter amount of time.

Should your organization hold meetings through an online video or meeting format, it would be much easier for all attendees to take notes or make suggestions through a chat interface. Not only will this help with the structure and organization of all notes taken, but it will also allow for individuals who might not like the spotlight on them to be able to contribute as well.

Less In-Person Meetings = Happier Employees

Zero Meetings

One of the many benefits to being an entrepreneur or the boss of your own business, is that you don’t have to deal with the many frustrations of meetings and staff management.

At the same time, we all know that meetings and communication within the workplace is required. What isn’t required is making the whole process a drag. Implement each of the methods above into your existing business and see how you can improve productivity and staff happiness by automating and delivering the process through online video and webinars.

The top marketers in the world are doing it to increase their businesses… you should too.

9 Ways to Use Webinars to Grow and Scale Your Business

9 Ways to Use Webinars to Grow and Scale Your Business

The concept of webinars are nothing new, but for the most part, they are only being used at a mere fraction of what their true potential is. When you think about the word ‘webinar’, you might think about a salesy video marketing method that online brands and marketing promote to your Facebook feed.

In truth, webinars are actually much more — but this method is one that has saturated the online marketing space as of lately. We’ve actually seen webinar usage increase during 2015 more than in previous years.

The reason for this…? Webinars work!


Today we are going to take a look at nine different ways entrepreneurs, brands and businesses can start using webinars to not only generate revenue for themselves, but also increase awareness, gain trust from their audience, cut time, minimize costs and scale their business to levels they never thought possible.


1 – Grow and Clean Your Mailing List

Webinars are an excellent for growing mailing lists. You likely already have a mailing list of your own, but how many of them are actually responsive? If you wanted to clean up your list and get all of the emails of the most response people, simply start a webinar and have a new list created from everyone who attends.


2 – Building Brand Awareness and Trust

Content creation is great, but it’s usually a one-sided conversation with you speaking to your audience. With a webinar, your audience is watching live video and they are engaged throughout the whole process. One of the best ways to sell to an audience, is to gain their trust and show your real value.


3 – Pre-Sell Your Next Project in Advance

Over the past several years we’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs come out with websites and blogs of their own, only to come out with a real product or service later on. Through the use of webinars, you could hold “free events” and learn what your audience is in need of, then sell this product to them before it’s even created. Not only is this a great way to generate revenue, it’s also a perfect way to confirm there is a demand for your product before even making it.


4 – Becoming a Better Speaker and Presentation

One of the most common fears in the world today is public speaking. Even though you are still behind a computer screen when running a webinar, it’s still challenging to get on the mic and talk to a live audience. However, this is something that you will improve with over time. The more webinars you host, the better a speaker and presenter you will become over time.


5 – Co-Host and Interview Authority Experts

A great way to show off your own expertise and authority, is to associate yourself with other experts within your niche. A great way to accomplish this is by doing a co-hosted webinar with other marketers or experts online. There are many opportunities like this out there, it’s simply a matter of you finding them. Some will even do a rev-share with you where you earn a commission on any sales generated from your webinar.


6 – Eliminate Wasted Time for In-Office Meetings

When it comes to running a business and working in an actual office, one of the biggest time wasters throughout the day are meetings. It’s not just the concept of meetings, it’s also the planning, attending, note taking and everything else in between. Through the use of enterprise video conferencing solutions for IT by companies like BlueJeans, businesses and organizations of all sizes can effectively cut down on wasted time and costs that in-person meetings generate. Just like how live webinars are created for interacting with audiences around the world, the same approach can be taken with in-office meetings and management.


7 – Increase Conversions on High-Ticket Items

Webinars have proven to be extremely effective when trying to sell high-ticket items. In the past, we have seen long form sales pages work extremely well for $97 ebooks and products, but if you want to sell big ticket items in the $499-$999+ range, you are going to first need to build a relationship. This is exactly what is accomplished during a 60 minute webinar. The end result is likely a 5-10% conversion rate from your webinar audience… multiple times higher than what you would see from a typical email send out or basic landing page.


8 – Save Time with Automated Webinars

As amazing as webinars are, they are definitely time consuming. Every time you want to run a webinar, you are looking at anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes of pre-planning, setup, speaking and Q&A afterwards. After you’ve done your first webinar, see if you can automate the process by playing that same webinar to new audiences in the future. Depending on the webinar provider you go with, this may already be built into their system.


9 – Reach New Audience and Increase Revenue with JVs

Once you’ve mastered the art of running your own webinar and know that you have a product that sells, a great way to massively scale your reach, audience and revenue is through joint-venturing with other online marketers and site owners. A good example of this would be if you did a rev-share with another big site. You would setup the webinar (content, service, sales), then your JV partner would provide the audience. Not only are you looking at getting a bunch of sales, you will also grow your mailing list by hundreds (or even thousands) in the process. Repeat this model and see how you can massively grow your business in a short period of time.

How to Start Using Webinars for Your Brand or Business

As you can see, webinars are a whole lot more than just selling products and services to an audience. Whether you are trying to build a personal brand, sell high-ticket items or are just an organization that is trying to cut costs and connect with each other through live video… webinars are simply the best way to go.

Your competition has been using webinars for years… why are you?