Appsumo vs. IMDeals – Which is Better for Marketing Discounts and Coupons?

Appsumo vs. IMDeals – Which is Better for Marketing Discounts and Coupons?

When it comes to saving money online and finding the best deals, few people do it better than brand marketers and bloggers. Not only do they know where to look, they also know about the top sites and brands, and how they have special ‘affiliate’ deals in place to secure the best promotions and discounts to their audience.

Appsumo has simply been one of the best in this game as the number one coupon platform for internet marketers for a while now. However, just like everything else on the internet changes and progresses in time, so it the discount and coupon code market for business owners as well.

It appears the story is about to change because have arrived with a bang, ready to prove their worth to any and every internet marketer who decides to try them out.

What makes IM.Deals stand out from the crowd is that they have exciting offers and features throughout the site that hope to beat anything you can get on Appsumo or any other digital coupon platform. is the latest project by Oliver Kenyon. He was the founder of AffliateFix, the largest Affiliate Marketing Forum with several thousands of members, customers, and brands contributing to the site daily. Let it also be known that Oliver recently sold AffliateFix for seven figures.

This has all happened at a fairly decent pace as well, being that Kenyon has at the young age of 31 built a reputation as a hardworking solution provider. First, with AffliateFix and other various projects, he has shown himself an expert at knowing what people need and giving it to them in the best ways. is looking like a similar solution providing community from this ardent hustler. You don’t have to be told about the stress and costs of internet marketing, especially for small and medium businesses. has brought a solution in the form of exclusive coupons and deals that will give you rest from heavy charges. This is the site to go for deals on marketing tools. You can also partner with them to offer your coupons on their site. Terms and Conditions apply, though.

This platform is designed for the benefit of all internet marketers searching for the best online discount coupons on great marketing tools. You might be wondering how this new platform can be an equal player in the market with a veteran like Appsumo. Let us take a step by step examination of how they both compare.

As an Internet Marketer, five areas are very crucial when you want to pick a marketing tool for any purpose. We are going to examine how Appsumo and stand up to themselves in these five aspects unique to coupon platforms.


The type of deals offered on a coupons-and-deals platform is very important to the choice of the platform you want to use as an internet marketer. Appsumo offer time-bound deals that you have to use almost immediately or stand a chance on losing out., however, made it better by offering evergreen deals that are not time-sensitive. You can always go back for that marketing tool offer when you have the money.


Appsumo has impressive customer service. are, however, up to the task. They have a simple contact button for you to drop your questions. You can also place a call or mail through You can also reach out through their social media platforms.


You might want to promote your brand by selling coupons on They have three things they ask you to take note of the deal, the coupons, and the commission. Then you can fill the form and submit your deal.


Time is a worthy currency in the internet marketing world. is a great time saver. Unlike Appsumo, that is not quite to the point on their page, take you right to the deals. The website also has a fast loading speed.


It is essential to be able to quickly understand the layout and what is being said on a webpage. This understanding is gotten from how simply the pages are designed. holds its own when it comes to simplicity. is prepared to compete with Appsumo in a bid to bring internet marketers the best value for their money. has made saving thousands of dollars very easy for the internet marketer.

Where to Find the Best Money Saving Discounts Online

When it comes to finding the best coupon codes and deals online, word gets around fast. Searching through Google and continually coming across expired coupons is a huge pain. The better solution is to go right to the source and find sites that list only the most recent and active promotions in place.

Internet marketing coupons and deals are now a breeze with more options open to the savvy internet marketer. presently has 48 deals, and more are still being added daily. Over 500 deals have been claimed on their site.

You do not want to miss this opportunity. Go to and start marketing at a more affordable rate.


TextBroker vs. iWriter – Which Marketplace is Best for Content Writing?

TextBroker vs. iWriter – Which Marketplace is Best for Content Writing?

Whether you are a content producer, writer, or business owner, it’s important to know which content sites can help you when it comes to content for growing your business. Content is king. This statement was made by a number of successful people over the years and it is still true.

No matter whether you decide to create your content or hire someone else to do it, it is important to know where to find the best content sites where you can locate writers to do the job.


Why outsource your article writing service?

Business owners are busy. They often do not have the time to crank out their own content. By outsourcing writing jobs to proficient and dedicated writers, you can get the best content for your site or blog without having to spend the extra time in doing it yourself. The key to outsourcing correctly is to locate writers who have an understanding of your business and can tap into your style and ideas that you want to promote to represent your brand. They should also have a working knowledge of SEO and the topics that you will be addressing on your blog.

Popular Writing Sites

You can find proficient writers in a lot of different places. Some of the most popular content sites are,,, and Sometimes these sites are referred to as “content mills.” This is because they tend to be viewed by both writers and site owners as a site that constantly churns out content in a “factory model” type arrangement. This is okay, as long as what you receive is high-quality content. Some sites are respected more than others for being able to create high-quality content that meets the standards of your target audience as well as Google. is not a content site. It is a content market. Writers upload articles for sale that business owners can purchase so it follows a much different business model.

Overdoing SEO and other mistakes are things that you need to watch. As of the January 2017 updates, Google still views high-quality content as the most important factor in creating content for your brand. So you cannot afford to take a chance with low quality content.

Comparing Two Content Sites

Let’s compare two of these content sites, Textbroker and iWriter. We will look at the advantages of both and then recommend which one we think will most benefit business site owners and content producers.



Textbroker is a Las Vegas-based content site that is home to thousands of online businesses who are looking for content for their website or blog. With over 20,000 writers at their disposal, they can serve as a middle man that will connect you to thousands of potential writers who are eager to find work. Freelance writers use it as a resource to find work and many of these writers work full time.

If you are lucky, you will find a dedicated writer who will be willing to write for you exclusively or at least to dedicate a large part of their time to your projects. But you will need to pay them well to do this. Freelance writers constant have to guard their time because every minute that they are writing, researching, and planning to write is money that they must be compensated for.

The basic rate you’ll pay as a business or site owner for content from Textbroker is around 2.00+ cents per word. This is for the best writers but keep in mind that this rate is still on the low end when compared to the industry standard. Many authors make at least 5-8 cents per word outside of the Textbroker platform so you may have to pay more to obtain better quality.

If you have several articles, many authors will compromise somewhat on their rate in exchange for more work. This is something you can negotiate individually if you find a writer you like.

In general, Textbroker is the perfect place to put your needed content so that authors will find it and you can even send direct orders so that you can select the writers you like best to create your content.

Remember that Textbroker, like most middlemen, will take a cut of the author’s earnings (35%) for each piece, so the price you pay includes the 35% cut.

If you have any questions, Textbroker has a dedicated staff of customer service representatives who are extremely fast and helpful to both writers and clients.

Textbroker is a solid business that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It is this writer’s opinion that they are the most solid content site on the web today. This is mainly because they invest a lot in marketing to connect writers and clients and the fact that they pay weekly and without fail to writers, which makes them feel confident to rely on it as a main source of income.

Writers are paid via their Paypal account on file and all earning as calculated by 2am CST on Friday morning and paid out Friday to writers for the articles that were approved prior to that time.


One of the best textbroker alternatives is This site was created by a former affiliate marketing expert and online business owner. It is not as sophisticated as Textbroker in terms of their technology platform and there are some issues with the software, according to some writers and clients. It is difficult to get the platform to do what you need and articles sometimes disappear when writers try to get them.

As of this writing, however, we noticed that they have updated their platform and software system so perhaps some of these issues will be resolved soon.

In terms iwriter pricing, you’ll find that you get what you pay for with iWriter, as well but you have to vet the writers and clients (if you are a writer) to make sure you are dealing with someone who is a legitimate client. The system is simple to use when it is working properly and pay is usually consistent (they pay on Tuesdays) each week for any work done before that time to the writers’ Paypal account. They also take a cut of the writer’s earnings.

When you use this site for content, you’ll find that the submission process for clients is pretty simple. But you have to wait quite a while for authors to claim some articles. There are also several levels (from Standard to Elite Plus) and different pay rates depending on the level of writer you’re after.

There is a very high rejection rate overall by clients on the iWriter site. Clients do not understand that writers do not have control over the platform. The editor is extremely simple and is composed of only a text box with no links or HTML allowed. Another iwriter review is that it’s hard to know the reputation of the writers since there is only a small space for a profile on the site.

There seems to be less communication between writers and clients thought this option is available. When you check out this site, you may notice that clients seem to be trying to get a very low price on the articles and often try out writers and reject the articles without developing a relationship with the writers. This is one of the worst aspects of this site and many writers leave due to these issues.

All-in-all, while both sites offer you a way to get an article written, it’s best to take your chances with Textbroker if you are debating between these two platforms. Textbroker’s technology is far superior to iWriter’s, they have better tech support, and they are just more professional in their approach to both writers and clients.

The Advantage of Infographics

Another option to having tons of content written is to develop an infographic. These nifty media assets allow you to put much of the information you might put in an article in a smaller space, complements by graphics. If you are interested in checking out this option, see us at

Written content is important so shop around if you’re looking for a content site. But if you need an infographic that you can put on multiple channels, see us!

Keynote vs. Powerpoint – Which Presentation Software is Better?

Keynote vs. Powerpoint – Which Presentation Software is Better?

Presentations are important when you own a business. Whether your business is online or in the “real world,” creating powerful PowerPoint presentations or Keynote presentations helps you to get the word out in a professional manner to your vendors, investors, customers, and fans. Creating a presentation is not easy, but there are several tools available for the business owner who wants a professional result for their business. We recently featured an informative post on Slideshare and how you can use this tool for your presentations. But when you want a standalone solution, the best two programs are probably Keynote and PowerPoint.

Two of the most popular presentation software options are Keynote and Powerpoint. Keynote is the Apple/iOS version that is compared to PowerPoint, which is a Microsoft Windows product. In this post, we will look at these two programs and evaluate them to see which one might be best for your projects.


Apple’s Keynote software is created for the Apple/iOS platform only. You can use it on your iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device but not on the MS Windows platform. This presentation software has the following features for creating presentations:

  • Apple-designed themes for any project
  • Text, images, charts, and tables
  • Keynote Live for live presentations
  • iCloud access for storing digital files
  • Collaboration with others for team projects
  • Public sharing of documents and teams
  • Beautiful, clean interface and design
  • Animated data with interactive layouts, animations, fonts, and styles

The Keynote presentation tool allows you to create a beautiful, professional presentation with minimal work. You can use the slide navigator to skim through your performance as you create it. You can add new slides, choose from various slide layouts, animations, and fonts, and import and edit MS PowerPoint files using Mail or an iTunes file sharing service. The pros and cons of keynote although has to be found by the users like you.

Once you create your Keynote presentation, you can add to it later or access it from multiple types of iOS devices. Advanced editing is also available with the Keynote software.

The result, according to most Keynote users, is a beautiful, cinematic slide presentation with stunning presentations that will move your audience to take action on your brand.


Microsoft PowerPoint is now called Microsoft 360 and is available as a monthly premium service that you can pay annually if you choose to. Unlike Keynote, PowerPoint was created specifically for the Windows operating system and is considered the Windows counterpart to Keynote.

In the past, MS PowerPoint was only available for use on the Microsoft Windows platform. However, Apple users may now access the program via the PowerPoint iOS app through the Apple store.

The app will allow you to download and use the app free, but you will have to subscribe to Microsoft 365 to keep your subscription active, as Window users do.

Some of the most notable features of the latest PowerPoint include:

  • PowerPoint slideshows with brand new, beautiful backgrounds, fonts, and styles
  • Professional transitions to create the perfect presentation of your content
  • Screen capture and smart art
  • Inserting links and shapes
  • Animations effects for all slides and images
  • Broadcast slideshows via Skydrive
  • Ability to save and send presentations
  • Insert video from remote locations

There are many other dynamic features available in the new PowerPoint. You can get it by subscribing to Office 365 that comes with a variety of different tools, such as Excel, Word, and other traditional Windows programs.

You can tap into the entire package by getting the MS Office 365 plus plenty of Skydrive space for your projects and files.

Everything is moving to the sky, and whether you are on the Apple iOS or Windows platform, you’ll need the power of PowerPoint for presentations if you use Windows laptops or computers for your presentations.

If you are on a Mac, you’ll be happy to learn that the new Office 365 is compatible with the Mac OS from 10.0 and later. So your OS won’t hold you back if you want to do this.

PowerPoint or Keynote: Best of Both Worlds

A long time ago, when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates started their galactic war of technology between two globalist tech empires, it was an either-or proposition. Either you chose to go with Apple/Mac or Microsoft Windows. But you could not have both. Now, however, users can opt to use the MS 365 service that makes Office 365 and MS Powerpoint compatible with both systems due to its advanced technology and sky drive and iTunes compatibility.

Both companies realize that people often have both types of platforms in today’s world and many features are great to have when creating presentations. There are some great features with both products, so it’s good to be able to take your MS Windows laptop and your iPad or iPhone and be able to use them all for creating and broadcasting slideshows on-the-go.

So remember, if you are an iOS user, you can get the MS PowerPoint tool by downloading the app on the Apple store or subscribe to the full version of Office 365 as a bundle and have it all. Windows users have always been able to utilize Powerpoint since it was designed with them in mind.

The difference between keynote and powerpoint: See which is the best

The question of which is best depends on which platform you are on in most cases. Keynote is best, in general for Apple/iOS users and PowerPoint is best for desktop and Windows users. However, Apple loyalists can tap into the power of PowerPoint as well by downloading the app or investing in the full program.

We are in a world today when it is better not to compare two platforms or programs to decide which is better (even though that is the title of this post), and instead, consider how you will use each technology for your projects so that you can have the best of both worlds.

If you want to use these tools in more unconventional ways, you can always create an infographic from within PowerPoint. This is not a complicated process, but you need to study the steps before you proceed.

How We Can Help

If you are confused about what type of presentation software to use, how to create an infographic, or any other issues surrounding your business presentation needs, contact us to find out how we can help you create an infographic to get things going.

To create an excellent presentation, you need high digital assets. You can start by creating an infographic or another digital asset that you can then use in any presentation you choose to. If you’d like to see more about what we go, check out our online portfolio for starters and then contact us for a free consultation.

If you are going to have a business online, you need to start today to create the types of assets that you need to make an impact in the world.

We can help. We are and we can help you create your first infographic or design a new and better one to insert in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. We look forward to hearing from you!