8 Pro Tips for Promoting Videos on YouTube

8 Pro Tips for Promoting Videos on YouTube

Need to know pro tips for promoting videos on YouTube?

You know that YouTube is increasingly becoming one of the most useful tools for marketers.

It’s quite natural on your part to think -why should you boost your YouTube video? What benefits your company would receive on this action?

Take a look at the following statistics and think again about promoting videos on YouTube.

Bottom-line: Sharing videos and promoting them on YouTube will boost your SEO and your brand presence. YouTube is the perfect place for all marketers, it allows you to present your video content in a unique way. It’s one of the best places that makes easier for viewers to consume and share them.

As a brand advertiser you must know that compared to TV, online videos are the best way to reach your target audience. Thus based on the above statistics, it’s apparent that YouTube being the social platform would help you reach a wide network of people at an affordable cost.

We understand and also want you to understand the greatness of Video marketing on YouTube, we’ve compiled for you 8 Pro Tips for promoting videos on YouTube.

Read along and find out how to promote YouTube videos without paying.

Tip 1: Allow viewers to embed your videos

While uploading a video, you will receive an option to- allow others or not allow others to embed your video on external sites. Here, you need to check the option ‘allow others to embed.’ This embed feature of YouTube enables people to take your video and then publish it on their website or their own channel, etc. Now, when you allow people to share your video on their sites, gain maximum exposure.

Bonus: When you allow the public to embed your video to their site, make room to take your own credit each time whenever your video gets re-published.


Tip 2: Spread your YouTube video through cross-promotion

Cross- promoting enables you to get the maximum exposure. You can incorporate videos into your email newsletter, blog and your social media accounts. Life Net Inc. surveyed and revealed that ‘the highest YouTube views occur during the active advertising of the video.’

Tip 3: Optimize your video title with relevant keywords

Get more views on YouTube videos by optimizing your broadcast with relevant keywords.

Whether it’s a written content or a video, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role in the promotion of every material. If you want your video to achieve a top rank in search engine results you’ll need to optimize your video program. Keywords are essential for every program to attract more traffic.

The title of your video has greater significance, craft a title with relevant keywords. You need to perform a proper keyword research and be up-to-date what people are searching.

Take a look at some of the expert tips for creating the best title that conforms to the SEO process:

  • Video title needs to be short and to the point.
  • It should have attention-grabbing theme.
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the title.
  • Consider using power words that would compel people to open your video.
  • Video tags are valuable for YouTube SEO, add relevant keywords- search what your competitors are using and incorporate similar ones for more benefit.
  • Add lots of long tail keywords in the description.
  • Put more emphasis on the video description ads well similar to the title.

Bonus: Remember not to stuff your video with too many keywords. Google disqualifies those contents that have too much keyword insertion.

Tip 4: Plan for weekly video series

People look for continuity, hence they subscribe to a YouTube channel which has regular updates. When viewers know what to expect from a certain video they will come to you and this way viewership of your video increases. For e.g., Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos: these videos appear every Friday and the audience appreciates its regularity.

Tip 5: Social Media sharing contributes to video promotion

It’s a known fact that social media attract huge traffic. Experts confirm that sharing videos in any social channel is the easy way to get views on YouTube videos. Social platforms are actually the

powerful marketing tools to promote your YouTube Channel.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most preferred platforms that generate maximum number of views. Hence, these are the best places to promote your YouTube channel. Promoting your YouTube channel on these various platforms can contribute to increase in your traffic.

Social media are places that display your video to a large network of audience. Each time when your followers like or comment and share your videos in their wall, their friends and followers view this activity and eventually your video receives a large viewership.


Tip 6: Custom thumbnail increases views

Thumbnails are essential to increase the audience’s curiosity level on your contents. A properly created thumbnail can make your video the widely accessed content. According to surveys, 90% of the best performing videos have a custom thumbnail. You can take the help of Adobe Photoshop, Canva or your favorite photo editor.

There are certain specifications for customizing a thumbnail:

  • Established dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels, under 2 MB
  • Choose an icon that basically represents your brand
  • Upload an eye-catching cover photo and fill out your profile

Tip 7: Ploy with your YouTube Channel – make it spectacular

Make your YouTube channel prominent amongst your competitors. As the first impression is the final impression and when it’s about YouTube, this first impression will make your audience come back to your channel again and again.

Customize your YouTube Channel attractive with colors, images, links, logo, information, etc. Additionally, you can create a trailer video and display it for those first time and recurring visitors. Add a bit of introduction and explanation of what your YouTube channel plans to offer in this trailer video. This is the best way to get views on YouTube videos.


Tip 8: Engage viewers with Call-to-Action

When a viewer comes to your YouTube channels but leaves after a short stay, it hampers your overall business as you don’t get the traffic. Hence, you need to engage your viewers by providing Call-to-Action. CTAs within a video let people take one of the following user action:

  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Watch more videos,
  • Like or share a video
  • Leave a comment.

You can use two proven CTA methods:

  • Direct Host-Mentions: You can directly talk to the camera and tell people what action to take.
  • End-cards: An end-card appears at the end of a video and take up the whole screen.
  • Video Descriptions. You can put a link to your website or your social accounts in your description and ask your followers to click.

In this digital world videos are the best source to reach to your client and tell them about your product and service. Being one of the popular social channels, YouTube gives you scope to get maximum number of viewers. If you require help while creating your own video, you can visit Animatedvideo.com and enjoy the professional service of talented video producers.

Rounding off

Any content requires exposure after it’s created. This means after you create something you need to promote it in different places so that it gets a wide exposure and in the long run will benefit your business. Videos are entwined with the online marketing campaign. Hence you need robust principles to make your video prominent amidst your competitors. Hope these above pro tips give you an idea of the effective video promotion and increase your subscribers.


Hack Growth By Introducing Livestream On YouTube For Your Business

Hack Growth By Introducing Livestream On YouTube For Your Business

YouTube Live is one among many exciting features rolled out by YouTube. Introduced in 2011, livestream on YouTube is an easy way to reach to your target audience in real time. This epoch-making event has made YouTube more likeable and more useful for modern marketers. Using live streaming, you as a modern marketer can connect to your target audience in no time.

How to Livestream on YouTube

It’s quite simple; you just need to follow a few steps. The first and foremost step is to enable your channel for live streaming.

If you are a beginner, confirm that your YouTube live account gets verified and you didn’t face any live stream restrictions in the last 90 days.

If you are live streaming on mobile, your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.

How to enable live streaming

It’s easier when doing on the desktop, click the ‘Live Streaming’ tab on the creator studio tools.

On a mobile, go to YouTube live streaming app and create a live stream.

Although enabling a live stream for the first time may take up to 24 hours. Yet once activated, your stream can go live instantly.

How to create a YouTube live streaming Video

A webcam is the easiest way to create live stream without using Youtube live streaming software.

Here we mention some of the tips and tricks to ‘Hack Growth By Introducing Livestream On YouTube For Your Business.’

1. Use High Level of Lighting For Clear View

Lighting plays a pivotal role in videos. If your live video is not shot in a properly lit environment, it won’t render the clear message you want to disseminate to your target audience. People will not be able to see you properly in a poorly lit video and needless to say their attention would deviate.

Creating a live video means you want to talk to your audience directly, so to capture the attention of your audience it’s imperative that you make sure that the host and other guests are evenly lit and easy to see.

It’s recommended the lighting is flattering and presents a clear view to your audience. However, adding light for live video is a little different from traditional ‘narrative’ lighting. Traditional lighting tells a story, live video lighting is all about the content of your live broadcast.

2. Engage Some One to Monitor Your Streams

If you appoint someone to monitor your stream, live videos can bring excellent results. Most of the times, we tend to miss small details while creating a live video and this costs us in the long run. So, having an extra set of eyes on your live stream is extremely important. It doesn’t matter whether they are monitoring along with the same room or watching remotely from a different location; they must be in touch with you.

Monitoring is helpful as the appointed person can provide support and inform you of any problems regarding audio sync issues or jerky frame rates.

3. Involve a Co-Host Or a Special Guest For More Engagement

Want to make your live video more engaging? Consider adding vibe with a co-host or special guest. This added insight is sure to add a fresh perspective to your live show and make it more interesting for your audience.

There are several benefits of having a guest on your live stream, one of the significant advantages is – it’s the perfect opportunity for cross-promotion. To put it simply, you can promote your guest to your audience and similarly, your guest can promote you to their audience.

You will get the more beneficial result and attract an even wider audience if you can convince a popular influencer to collaborate with you on a live stream.

How to connect to influencers? There are a number of the helpful platform available to connect and collaborate with suitable influencers directly:

Famebit: Famebit is one of the leading platforms that helps you connect with the right influencers, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience at the right time and inspires action.

Upfluence: This tool helps to select your influencers, manage and analyze your campaign performance at criterion.

Mention: It’s an easy-to-use media monitoring tool that allows you to find influencers, track your social mentions, analyze competitors and generate leads.

4. Respond to The Comments in Real Time

Viewer comments are significant for brand building. In this volatile world, people trust consumers’ feedback while choosing a brand. But the comments put forth by the viewers have a limited shelf life, so it’s ideal for replying to them quickly.

And imagine if you do it while you live stream on YouTube will not it be the best thing ever? However, if it’s not possible to reply to them while live streaming, there’s nothing to think about reply straight after the show and see the huge boost on your engagement with your audience.

The best part is they would like to keep coming back to your live streams again and again.

5. Monetize Your Streams for Effective Result

Livestream on YouTube can get more popular if you monetize your live streaming. But owing to several conditions for monetizing the entire matter can get complicated. Here are certain prerequisites if you want to monetize your streams-

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • Your channel has over 1000 subscribers
  • Your videos have more than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months

The moment your channel is enabled for monetization, YouTube will automatically start triggering ads on your content. But these ads are not viewable by your target audience; there are other eligibility criteria for ads live streams to be eligible:

  • Pre-roll ads both for mobile and desktop can be run before the live stream.
  • Mid-roll ads only for a desktop run can occur during the live stream.
  • Display and overlay ads only for desktop run beside or over the content.
  • Enabling ads and using Super Chat also allow you to earn revenue on your live streams

6. Make Use of YouTube Live Features

When going for YouTube Live, you can find a number of handy features to help make live streaming easier and advanced and with a little effort. Take a look at the feature available:

  • Live Automatic Captions– Using this feature you can provide accessibility for new audience members and allow people to follow along with no sound.
  • Location Tags– adding a location tag to your live stream allows your viewers to have a deeper insight into your content. This is especially useful for those contents that provide knowledge of different locations, for e.g countries, shops or restaurants.
  • Super Chats– It is a feature of the highlighted message that sticks out from the rest of the chats to gain the attention of the viewers during the stream. When your audience watches live streams, they can purchase a ‘super chat.’

7. Promote Youtube Live Stream

With thousands of videos uploaded in the second largest search engine YouTube it’s essential to know how to promote YouTube broadcasts.

Here are some of the best practices:

Promote the broadcast before you publish it

Let your audience know what you have planned for and what are you going to publish. This clear communication becomes easy for both your audience and you when they know beforehand how long is your streaming when it’s going to come etc.they will make exclusive time for it.

Add Teaser to provoke Audience’s Interest

You don’t need to go over the top with sensational content like a lot of the top YouTube stars. After all, you’re probably pursuing a YouTube Live strategy to complement your content marketing and to create success for your business.

Promise your Audience Something Valuable

Those questions I was just talking about? Make sure the answers you are giving provide actionable insights that people can use to succeed or make their lives better.

Don’t just talk to talk

Provide people with something concrete. When you do, that’s when the magic happens, because that’s when people share your live broadcast.

  • Companies like Royal Caribbean organized an influencer takeover and started streaming their adventures live.
  • Kohl’s partnered with vlogger ItsJudyTime and promoted their Black Friday sales on Facebook Live.
  • Nestle started the Drumstick Periscope campaign, took advantage of trending topic: #FirstDayOfSummer and then finally partnered with influencers like entrepreneur Olga Kay.

Happy Streaming

Make use of the above mentioned tips and tricks and elevate your live streams to the next level. Meet your audience live by using its YouTube Live Streaming feature; however, before you begin with your live video, YouTube. Live streaming is one of the fastest ways to spread your information on your product. In this new economic age, Youtube live streaming can be helpful, particularly for those who are running a business.

With animatedvideo.com you can create the best ever live streaming and amplify your business your business.


10 Techniques To Increase YouTube Conversions

10 Techniques To Increase YouTube Conversions

Why is Video Marketing so popular these days? Why does each and every marketer wants to get a video done for their business and social media channels? What has contributed to such a massive craze for videos? Well, there are so many reasons contributing to the ever-growing popularity of video marketing these days. But the one good reason can be, customers now want to see the products in action. Consumers prefer videos than any other marketing channel because videos are easy to digest, fun to watch and quick to share. And marketers love video marketing owing to the considerable return on investment it offers. Leveraging video marketing in the right way has good rewards and boosts YouTube conversions to a great extent.

Video preference is one of the primary driving force behind the kind of content marketing done today. In fact, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! And the 5 Billion videos are watched every day. This clearly implies the affinity we have towards videos and how a marketer can utilize YouTube to generate traffic.

This whole YouTube traffic generator thing sounds excellent if one is serious enough to drive traffic to the YouTube channel and multiply sales. For a marketer looking for new ways to increase revenue, video can be an effective tool to drive traffic and convert it into sales.

Although video is everywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, YouTube is still the most preferred and viewed video platform that has tons of potentialities. Despite this, very few marketers utilize YouTube the way it should be and thus missing a large chunk of the market to dive in.

So if you want to get your brand message out to these millions of prospects and boost YouTube views, this article is for you. Keep scrolling down to know the 10 proven techniques to increase YouTube conversions.

1. Create a Custom and Eye-Catchy Thumbnail

This might seem to be petty, but that’s not true. In reality, the thumbnail of a video catches the gaze of a viewer and makes the person stop and click. Amidst the ocean of videos, an eye-catching thumbnail is the only way to trigger curiosity in the onlookers’ mind and help them pick you out of all.

Also, custom thumbnails can create a brand identity and brand recognition, and increase engagement by a whopping 154%. Through the thumbnails, your videos get instant recognition and new prospects come pouring. And with time, your custom thumbnail itself becomes an extension of your brand that leads to more conversions.


2. Enable a Goal-Driven “Next Click” Strategy

Enable a “next click” strategy for each video you publish. This goal-driven call to action will coax the viewers to take action to do something after the video ends. Either your goal can be taking the viewer to a landing page or watch another video or be engaged on a social media channel.

Depending on your goals, this next click strategy generates significant business and drives conversions. Moreover, this strategy enables you to be pro-active about your steps and ensures efficiency. And without a CTO, technically you end up to nowhere.

So if you are wondering as to how to increase YouTube subscribers to your channel, incorporate a next click framework that will gently push the viewers in the right direction and purchase your product or service.

3. YouTube as a SEO Tool

The recent factor of YouTube SEO tool is true! Because if you don’t get seen, you lose business. YouTube being the second most popular search engine, people tend to look up all their queries here. From “how to bake a cake” to “how to put the perfect liner”, YouTube gets all kinds of searches. Thus, marketers must ensure to put suitable keywords that will draw more people to their videos.

When a user finds the exact video he/she is searching for, your video will get sure shot clicks. Targeted keywords draw the audience based on their browser search. This is a great way to get more conversions through YouTube. You would get a lot of resources on the Internet about YouTube keyword tips.

However, don’t use clickbaits in your video tags that can cause trouble than doing any good. Clickbaits are severely punished by Google and result in harsh penalties.

4. Offer Free Stuff to Build Relation with Viewers

Who doesn’t love free stuff! We all do! this concept works best when you intend to boost your YouTube conversions. When users watch your video, they would expect it would bring some value to their life in exchange to the time they have invested. Take advantage of this situation and offer them something ‘free’ to take home.

It can be a bonus video, a video checklist, a pdf or maybe an eBook adding value. One more idea is to merge your reference URL with your freebie item. That will make the conversion process smoother, faster and a lot easier!

5. Compel the viewers to watch your videos till the end

You wouldn’t ever want that people pause and leave your video midway! Sounds terrible right? Well, YouTube traffic statistics say that 80% of viewers who watched a video on YouTube has made a purchase for sure. However, that’s just half news. The full news is, they have to watch it till the end to understand your product or service and your brand message.

Your video content has to be engaging and entertaining enough to hold their attention until the end of the video. And you just have 5 seconds in your hand! Yes, the first 5 seconds is what that holds the attention of a viewer. Within that small span of time, you must make your point or your video will be paused and shifted over.

Also, YouTube’s SEO algorithm is fond of long view times.


6. Pinning a Comment is a Good Idea!

Just as someone finishes binging on a video, they quickly go down to the comment section to check what others say about the piece. Take advantage of these eyeballs and pin a comment to the top of the comment section. That will appear to the new prospects right in the center as your comment will always stick to the top of the comment list.

You may pin a customer testimonial or a brief introduction of what the video is all about and mention a backlink that will take the viewers to your website. The comments section is one of the most prime areas where users flock around, so take advantage of it and pin your comment there.

7. Video titles should be fewer than 180 characters

While searching for a video, the first thing that our eyes get drawn upon, is the video title. The title is one of the primary determining factors whether or not someone would click to watch the video. So ensure you write a catchy, brief, yet informative video title, that compels viewers to click. As per the current YouTube algorithm, titles should not exceed 180 characters.

So you must be smart enough to include the vital information within those few letters. One rule of thumb is, include the important tags and keywords at the beginning of the title. That way, people will get to know what the video is about.

As we know mobile devices account for the most YouTube traffic, reaching people through their Smartphones is the ultimate motto for every marketer. Longer titles don’t show up properly on mobile devices, hence keeping your video titles short is paramount.

8. Leverage the ‘Card’ Power

Everyday YouTube comes up with something new. One of those newbies is the ‘Card’. These small white, circular icon with an “i” in the middle adds further interaction to a video, displaying various CTOs throughout. You can promote your brand and other videos on your channel utilizing these cards.

YouTube allows you to add up to five cards to a video, and they can be donation cards to raise a fund, add polls, cards to link with other videos, or to an external site, or playlist cards to link with similar YouTube content. Depending on what type of channel you run, you may fully leverage these cards to your profit, by getting the viewers to your website or on your email list.

9. Collab is the New Trend

Collaborating with other channels and YouTube personalities is the hottest trend amongst YouTubers now. Collaboration can bring effective results and a more significant impact to your channel. You just need to find the right partner to engage and build relationship that adds value and conversion to your YouTube videos. So this technique is definitely worth giving a try.

You get more exposure and more subscribers by shining a spotlight on your channel. When you collaborate with other channel partners or video creators, you open a chance of turning their viewers into your subscribers too. Thus, you piggyback on the channel partners and make it to success.

If you are mentioned by a prominent YouTube personality, who has a fan following much bigger than yours, the shout out can drive substantial YouTube conversion.


10. Subscription is the Key – Ask for it

More subscribers mean more visibility, exposure and targeted traffic. Gaining fresh subscribers trigger YouTube conversions strikingly. A robust subscriber base creates a strong online community for any channel. Also, YouTube rewards handsomely to channels or video creators. And of course, you build your authority with a large subscriber base behind you.

So encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel by either giving a compelling call to action within your video, or by asking people to subscribe personally. Be present in the video itself as it ends, and ask for the subscription by interacting with the viewer. Interaction on a personal level creates a connection between the video creator and the viewer. That is also a good way to increase subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Generating YouTube conversions might not be rocket science, but yes, there are certain worthwhile rules to follow that will give you the desired ROI. Harness the power of YouTube video marketing with the above-mentioned tips and optimize your channel.

Keep creating meaningful video contents and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, and you may be able to increase your conversions over time. Brands tell stories and video is a powerful way to do that. Harnessing video marketing through YouTube helps you stay afloat, reach your existing clients and prospects in less time and convert traffic into sales.