What if I say you, you can post your live stream videos, not as a literal “live” content?

With the turn of 2016, we saw a major upgradation in the realm of video content production. This sudden upheaval brought Live videos in the picture, which were an instant hit. It’s late 2019 & we are on the verge on stepping into the next era; and live videos are still taking the world by storm.

Some stats on live stream videos would prove this claim valid,

  • Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.
  • 45% of live video audiences would pay for a live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer.
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week.
  • The video streaming market is projected to be worth a whopping [$70 billion] by 2021.

Well, the way live videos are predominantly expanding, no sooner would they take over the other online media outlets too. Nobody can deny it that video content is the most engaging kind of content now. And being an Internet Marketer, you must feed your subscribers and fans with a regular dose of video contents.

But at the same time, it is challenging to come up with unique contents every day. On top of that, every single video production takes substantial time. But the world doesn’t wait for anyone, or does it? That’s the reason the live video streaming industry is booming.

This has enticed the teenagers and the millennials, who make up the target audience section for many brands. They publish their own live videos, as well as follow the video of other brands too. “Going Live” is a pop culture now. And a majority of your audience is also waiting for you at the live streaming platform. Keep on reading and you will get to know how you can execute a pre-recorded video Facebook Live.

There are several live streaming platforms to be named, Periscope, Ustream, Instagram, YouNow, etc. But the best of them is, Facebook Live. But why Facebook Live? Because Facebook Live videos are viewed 3x longer than usual newsfeed videos. If a viewer leaves any comment on a Facebook Live video recording, it automatically shows up on their newsfeed too.

This prompts their friends to view the video. Once your live or pre-recorded facebook live video goes on air, a notification goes to all your fans and followers. Moreover, live stream pre-recorded videos tend to be shown on the news feed higher than any other content.

Most of the audience follows a brand’s Facebook group faster than they do the other channels. Hence creating a buzz on Facebook would help you in the long run. Publishing live videos there, can help you leverage your existing audience, hook them to what you show them and build potential customers. Even the big marketing influencers put up their live videos, thus catching up with the trend.

But now the question is, are you ready to go live the instant it comes to your mind? Or do you need some preparation? Or would it be nicer if you can publish a pre-recorded video of yours, as a live video content?

Well, yes. Good news is now that’s possible even. We would let you know some hacks as to how you can do it. You can easily live stream your existing video content and reach more people.

Hack 1:

An easy to use and non-technical solution awaits you, with which you can stream your pre-recorded videos via Facebook Live.

Livereacting is a brilliant tool that helps you do exactly that. A convenient tool for all social media agencies out there. The most striking feature of Livereacting is its ease of use, no need of any
third-party OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Also, it works perfectly well even if you have a poor Internet connection.

Just upload the existing video, schedule a date for the live streaming, and voila! Best choice for online brands and the marketing influencers.

How to facebook live? The process

1. You must sign up to the Livereacting website through your Facebook account. This is needed to get you the access to your profile.

2. Well, this may sound like a click-bait, but in today’s world, nothing comes for free. So, to get the benefit of publishing existing video contents as live, you just need to pay a minuscule amount of $3.99 to purchase 1 credit. It’s super cheap I tell you given the perks you get.

3. You may choose “Stream pre-recorded video” template.

4. Now choose where exactly you want to go live, whether on your profile or your page. This is as per your requirement. If you are an individual, then of course it would be your profile. However, if you represent a brand then it would be your Facebook page.

While you are about to upload facebook live video, remember a few things like,

  • Livereacting only supports .mp4 files and not any other extension. Hence if you have any other file format, then it is recommended to convert it into an mp4 file.
  • The live stream videos must have an audio and not completely mute.
  • The video duration must be longer than 60 seconds.
  • Check the file size, Livereacting supports up to 1000 MB.
  • The video must follow all the terms and conditions Facebook has. Livereacting is just a tool that is helping you to upload videos, the actual boss is still Facebook.
  • The maximum duration of videos is 240 minutes per 1 credit. If the video exceeds the length, you need to buy more credits. Sort of pay as you go.

5. Now, upload the file and check the preview before making it to the channel.

6. If you are happy with everything, then click on Post to Facebook to go live. If it is for your page that you want to publish sometime after, then schedule it as per your time.

7. Once you go live, you would see a dashboard to control your live stream videos. You may use it accordingly and enjoy your cool Facebook Live.

Isn’t it super easy? And that’s not just all. Livereacting also provides brilliant tools to make your internet marketing comfortable and hassle-free. You may try it for your further campaigns. Not to mention their customer support system; you may provide them with feedback regarding their features, and they would listen to your suggestions.

Even while the live streaming your pre-recorded video Facebook Live, you may ask for their help if you face any issue. Just a few clicks, and you can schedule and stream any video on Facebook as if it’s a live video content.

Hack 2

Well, this is entirely free and you don’t need to spend a dime. But this is mainly recommended for the technical people.

The process:

1. First, you need to download and install OBS Studio as per your OS. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software that you need to configure.

2. Go to your Facebook Page ->Publishing Tools->VideoLibrary->LIVE+

3. Get your STREAM KEY and hit Preview. You will see an OFFLINE screen, keep that tab open.

4. No go to OBS software, navigate to Settings. Then go to Stream. Select “Facebook Live” and enter the StreamKEY you got from Facebook.

5. Select a pre-recorded video in OBS.

6. Go to Sources, then Add->VLC Video Source-> now add a playlist by selecting video files. That’s it, now you are one click away to stream your video.

7. Next, to avoid outside noises, go to the OBS dashboard and disable “Mic/Aux”. Just keep VLC source audio in ON mode. Click on START STREAMING.

Now you are just one click away!

8. Go to your Facebook page & you will see PREVIEW of the stream. Now hit GO LIVE.

There you go! You are now live on Facebook with your pre-recorded video.

Bonus Tips for Savvy Marketers!

These tips are for those Internet marketers who are keen on streaming their new services/products, demonstrations, or any tutorial. Before venturing out with pre-recorded video Facebook Live, one has to follow some rules of thumb.

  • Stick to your brand values and brand message in the live video. Your authenticity will define your brand as a whole.
  • As per Facebook’s recommendation for live videos, you can go live for about 10 minutes. However, you may stay live for up to 90 minutes.
  • Think of catchy descriptions to make your audience ready for your live video.
  • You may give out short teasers that will pique their interests
  • Engage with your audience during the live session by responding to them the moment they comment anything.

Final thoughts

So you see, your Facebook Live doesn’t have to be live. In this blog today, you have learnt the hacks to stream your pre-recorded Facebook Live videos appearing them to be live. Well, this is indeed a big help for bloggers, marketers or individuals who are a bit nervous or hesitant to telecast videos in real-time. But since live videos get all the engagements, hype and create buzz than usual videos, we all are after it to turn them to our business benefit.

If you are short of any resources for your next video-creation, always seek the option for a professional agency. With a pool of talented individuals, every project gets delivered the best content for every requisite without any quality and service compromise.

So go ahead and stream your videos on Facebook Live through the hacks mentioned. And let me know how things went. You may need a bit of practice twice or thrice, to get it all right. But once you get used to, you can make it big out there. Get in touch if you need any help in creating any video for your brand that you may telecast as live on Facebook. And also feel free to ask if you have any question as to how to broadcast pre-recorded video on Facebook Live.

Post text: In this blog, find out how you can turn all eyes of your audience on Facebook through posting live videos that are pre-recorded.

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