Page Rank has been a powerful tool for determining the general value of a website for nearly 15 years. While Google now uses close to 200 different factors to determine how a site will rank in its search engine, Page Rank still acts as a quick look rating to determine how valuable Google considers a single website’s opinion.

Acquiring the Right Backlinks

The best way to improve your search rankings is to increase the number of backlinks you receive. That’s a no-brainer. But, if you really want to push your site to the next level, you don’t want just any backlinks. You want the best backlinks – the ones with high Page Ranks that are strongly related to the topic of your site.

Low PR vs. High PR

Let’s say you go out and solicit three backlinks from three different blogs. Let’s say they are all in the same niche as you – organic gardening for example. So, the subject matter has no impact on the links and the sites all have regular content updated to the site on a daily basis, so the relative value of the sites is not in question either.

But, Site #1 has a Page Rank of 7, Site #2 has a Page Rank of 4 and Site #3 has a Page Rank of 2. Which of these sites is a better backlink?

The obvious answer is Site #1, but you probably don’t realize just how much better Site #1 is for you than any of these other sites.

While we will never truly know how the Page Rank is calculated or how much of it goes into determining the value of a link to your site, we know that to some degree it is exponential. A Page Rank of 7 is ten times better than a Page Rank of 6 which is ten times better than a Page Rank of 5. So, in essence Site #1 is 1,000 times better than Site #2 and 100,000 times better than Site #3.

Getting Backlinks

Of course, there is a good reason for this. There are fewer Page Rank 7 sites out there than 4s and 2s. The higher you go, the fewer sites there are and the harder it is to get a backlink from them. And again, context matters. Getting a Page Rank 7 link from a website that has nothing to do with your niche is probably not as valuable as a Page Rank 4 link from a site that is exactly what you offer.

But, in the end, Page Rank is a potent metric for determining where to mine your backlinks from. Use it wisely and you’ll jump in the search rankings before you know it.

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