Today you’re going to hear the story of AJ Saunders on the Niche Pursuits podcast.

AJ has an interesting background. He started out as a musician, owned a jewelry store, produced kindle books, and now owns an affiliate site that is making over $6000 per month – and we get into all of that in the interview.

AJ is also a moderator of the Niche Pursuits FB Group. If you’re a part of that community you will see that AJ’s in there interacting, adding value, and approving your posts.

I wanted to have him on the podcast to really hear his story. You’ll not only hear about how he got into affiliate marketing but specifically how he’s built up this affiliate site making over $6k per month.

The site is about 3 years old and has over 1 million words of content – that’s a whole lot! So he has some good processes in place for hiring authors and writing his own content. He shares how he decides who writes what, how the site is monetized, and the entire process of how he’s built the site.

Listen to his story in this podcast hosted by Jared Bauman to get some motivation for your own site and online business. And if you want to connect with AJ you can do so at

Interview With AJ Saunders

Other topics covered in the interview:

  • Kindle book strategies
  • How to build relationships with other online businesses
  • The difference between different types of content
  • How to produce more content
  • How to write content that is suitable for monetization
  • The breakdown of AJ’s earning sources

And there’s plenty more.

Look out for AJ in the FB group where he’s sharing posts like this one on generating content ideas:

As AJ says in his parting words, “If you haven’t started [building out a website], start today. Join the Niche Pursuits FB Group and ask as many questions as you can. Get stuck in!”

If you want to get in touch with AJ or learn more about his courses, check out AJS Digital Group here. And, for those wanting to know what our host’s kindle book was all about, check out Jared Bauman’s Kindle book here!

Read the Full Transcript:

Spencer Haws:

Today, you’re going to hear the story of Aj Saunders. He is somebody that started out as a musician and then actually owned a jewelry store, produced Kindle books, and now owns an affiliate website that is making about 5,000 pounds. Per month, which is roughly six or $7,000 us dollars per month.

And this interview is conducted by Jared Bauman. So you’ll hear both of them here on the podcast. Ha is actually one of the moderators for the niche pursuits Facebook group. And he’s been doing a great job there. And so if you’re part of that active Facebook community you will see. Aja, is there a lot interacting, approving your posts and making sure that it’s a good experience there?

So I wanted to have ADA on the podcast to really hear his story. And so you’re going to hear, not only that background that I mentioned, but specifically how he’s built up this affiliate site that he has right now, that’s making roughly 5,000 pounds a month. It’s about three years old and it has a million words of content.

And so he has some good processes in place for hiring authors, how he writes his own content, how he decides, who writes that content, and then just how the site’s monetized and the entire process of how he’s built the site. And so if you want to hear. Aja story and hopefully get a little bit of motivation to build your own site, as well as some SEO strategies that you can apply to your own portfolio.

Go ahead and listen to this interview. And finally, if you’d like to follow along with AIJ or connect with him, you can go to his [email protected] Thanks again.

Jared Bauman: Hello and welcome back to the niche pursuits podcast. My name is Jared Bauman. I’m your host today, and we’ve got a wonderful interview in store for us. We’re joined by AGA Saunders. AIJ how you doing?

AJ Saunders: I’m doing fantastic. How are you doing

Jared Bauman: wonderful. Wonderful. So it’s bright and early here in the morning, but for you now, where are you joining us from?

AJ Saunders: So I’m currently a boss, which is in the Southwest of the UK. I would currently have a heat wave, so we probably have quite, quite similar temperatures. So it’s 10 o’clock in the afternoon now. And it’s about 30 degrees or so is about 90.

Jared Bauman: You got to say, that’s how you just kind of multiplied by three and round one way or the other.

Right. You had a similar similar here for me as well, but it’s not 90 yet, but it will be later on today. So go ahead. Well, I’m really excited today. Thanks for joining us. A pleasure. We’ve got a lot of great things we can talk through. I mean, of note, I know from my personal side of things is that I recognize your face as one of the moderators of the niche pursuits podcast, but you also have a podcast.

There’s a Facebook page. And you also have but we’ll also talk about some of your affiliate websites. We’ll talk about some of the different things that you’re doing and some of the different things you’re doing uniquely, I think with with ranking and monetizing your sites. Let’s let’s hear a little bit about what, what got you into all this.

So if you could bring us up to speed. Sure.

AJ Saunders: So I never felt after school, the right path to cut out was to get a university. So actually often studying music in London and I was there for about five years and I realized as much as I love music, I was never going to make it. And you know, the industry that I was getting into, which is session work is the only school really big in Nashville in the LA.

And the competition is just fierce. There wasn’t really a scene for it really kind of in London. So I, I came back to bath and I started to look at how to make money online. And I got into, I initially found people like pat Flynn and Neil Patel and from, from Flint, definitely. I found Spencer, I suppose it really resonated with me in a way that pat didn’t offer a wall and say, I, I still look up, look to pat.

I still read pat down again. But I found that the way Spencer  and Watson was doing was much more kind of back. And then I’d try various things. So whole background music. I try to start a little, it is temp agencies. I built a website for that. And then from there I went to affiliate marketing and such. I read everything.

I feel this pursuits and they’ll tell and. But dignity and those types of people, or I say, yeah, so I, I’ve had a really, really interesting kind of decade since I’ve moved back from London and yeah, it’d be really exciting to be an athlete for free. I’ve had lots of highs, lots of lows, lots of moderate successes, lots of failures.

So for example, I had a little jewelry store that we, this really exciting things where we got some national press, we have some brands that were exclusive to us, for example, Maserati watches. They hadn’t been in the UK til I broke the deal with a distributor to get them. I was the first person to carry them as that was really exciting, but it didn’t really go anywhere, but yeah, I’m sure we’ll come on to that.

But then I’ve had some real, real successes with some guitar e-books I wrote must be eight, nine years ago now, which I still make kind of 20, 30 bucks each both without the editing to, to that business. And so, yeah, so. I think I’ve seen enough people come and go to enough different kinds of business models come in and I’ve been blown apart by an update.

So by things happening in the market to kind of have some real insights in terms of what was possible.

Jared Bauman: That is a story that is a story pass. It’s fun to hear about. I mean, basically a music, a music career into my online career now. And I think the most important question that I have to ask now in this podcast is do you have a Maserati watch at this point?

AJ Saunders: I don’t. Oh

Jared Bauman: man. That’s awesome. I think that would be great. We’ll leave that one where it is.

AJ Saunders: Well, the relief, same thing I do. I’d have to say, because this is really quite crucial. There were a couple of months of Rossi watches, a caveat that I thought, and it doesn’t sell a hundred for myself and it lost this really niche switch Swiss watch brands though, that he had made Swiss watches.

I could have the life of me sell them. I was thinking, yes. Great. I’ll keep them. So, I agree. You need to get one, you need to get one for yourself. So

Jared Bauman: also doing business, I suppose

AJ Saunders: it is.

Jared Bauman: Well, let’s talk about, it’s interesting to hear you mention, I don’t think I’d connected the two, but I think the first time I had I’d heard about and caught on to the niche pursuits it was probably just the website at that time was I think Brian Spencer was on pat Flynn’s podcast.

I think you’re right. That might’ve been, I’m thinking back, I’m dating myself, but that was a while back. But yeah, that was a, that was probably the first introduction I had as well. And then naturally gravitated more towards the website side of things as time went on and looks like you did so. Yeah,

AJ Saunders: I just think we remember, I probably wanted to pat flair the baby eight, nine years ago where he was just kind of starting out.

And so he was very active into the comments and I think that’s really quite a, quite a few comments on the blog and say he here’s something that I clocked just kind of organically. So, I can’t remember whether they did like a, an interview with dots, but I just kind of clocked him. Cause I saw his name come up all the time.

Jared Bauman: I think they, yeah, I think you’re right. I think they did an interview, but you know, it could have been the same for me at this point. My memory is fuzzy. Let’s talk about your first website then. So was you talked about jewelry store. You talked about your car your guitar eBooks, and and these are things where did, where did websites play into this?

What was your first website? And, and, and you know, do you still have it, did you end up selling it? Did you just let it die? What’s going on with that?

AJ Saunders: So just going back, backtrack, I have a friend whose dad taught me web design when I was about 15. He was ahead of it after school. And I would say ever that we can, and he said, guys, I want to teach you how to do hates him.

I like to be adept at the programming. And it’s just so exciting to learn how to code and that kind of stuck with me. And then fast would probably be like seven or eight years, or they tried to start a little agency to sell batteries. I was ill. I was connected with. And so I built a website in HTML, not really understudy like viewpoints or bowball or different screen size, even I said, yeah.

So that was the, the HTML. I think I have that on my hard drive, a lot of people, but it’s on my hard drive, but I don’t do really fancy things like Flint boxes. So you can click on like say shrink sections that everything else is disappear. And the string sections with a pair of is falsely bouncing, you know, like, cause I knew nothing about SEO.

I thought let’s just make it as fancy as possible, but understanding. Yeah, how to actually write quotes. I’m

Jared Bauman: sure that wouldn’t do well on mobile these days. That would be the mobile before mobile first was a thing. Right,

AJ Saunders: right, right. Exactly. Exactly.

Jared Bauman: And so did that website get you traction? You know, I mean, no, I,

AJ Saunders: I I’m sure analytics appointments, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have a flu.

Jared Bauman: Very good. Very good. I understand. I I think that we were all a little dark back in those days when setting up analytics was a little bit different of a proposition. Yeah. Yeah. So with the jewelry store post a university, is that a good transition to, to talk about that next? Or are there any gaps in there?

Yeah. So let’s talk about that because I think one of the things I think is really interesting about your story, and I know a lot of things. Probably can relate to it is going to college or university. And realizing when you get out that it’s not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be, or that it’s not the career field you want to go into.

And I think for a lot of the colleagues I have, that will be part of how they stumble into making money online. Have they stumbled onto an online journey, whether it’s something they do on the side while they’re trying to get out of a career field they’re unhappy in, or whether they do it, because I realize it’s just not a career that is worth pursuing.

So when you left music to pursue you know, your next venture in life you know, w why did you pick jewelry and, and how did that jewelry business end up going? And how did it lead you to your next thing?

AJ Saunders: So well, okay. So the first is the rest from Kindle books. Cause at the time this was 800 years ago, everyone was talking about how great Kindle was going to be.

And for me it has been, and again, I still have 20, 30 bucks. From from Southern kid Luba. I said that that kind of helped me to kind of see that there is a market for doing things online. I get it because his Kindle advocates do what’s as well. What’s your platforms. It’s like they had delivery for me.

And I just have to kind of put my content as that was game-changing in the way. And then from there I kind of got into, so how can I build some, like a scale, like a cell? I said, then the next thing is, okay. Right. So talk to me, a good friend of mine is a bit of a mentor is key, buy some products and try to sell them as a jewelry.

based sensitive that next logical step for me. And so I, now there are lots of people are doing that are doing retail arbitrage. When somebody buys where you can target for say $3 less, I get on eBay for $10. But people would really do that. I put in that kind of way so that I reversed that. So can you about this is years ago, so buy things from stuff like well, or my charity shops, cause that’s our car equivalent.

I’m buying my, and read it a little bit old books. I think he started with a son and with them for a bit of profit. I, so, yeah, so that was my kind of a whole kind of way. What extent is that big sentences? How, how can I, those are, I can sell that has some kind of actual value or  value that could help me get to that next kind important.

It’s not trying to say you didn’t have the capital to do so and a bigger, and so yeah, so jewelry hunter was a natural fit because the mock-ups okay. The competition is about grades. A lot of people, especially in the UK that, that small, independent doulas who have really horrible e-commerce sites. I said, there’s a grouchy.

You’d see for that. I’d say, yeah, so I didn’t know too much about the industry. I think that’s one reason didn’t work out. I also think looking back on it, I should have probably worked on more Herve. Gift wax, the market gift, whereas 12 or 10 months, whereas the, of the jewelry is mainly Christmas and Valentine’s day.

I see how these massive kind of spikes there’s that long drops of activity or very little activity. And so it’s a great way. It’s great way to learn business. I think it has to be in business to learn business. I don’t think you can bring a book. I obviously encourage people to get reasonable it’s possible and to think, to talk to as many people as possible, but I think you kind of have to get dirt in, down in the Bubs and figure out for yourself.

And so I love the skills that I, I know use all evaluations. I learned through that business. So I would change. Yeah, I wouldn’t change the fact that I failed. I would change the fact that it didn’t work out as I kind of plans because of all the, the amount of stuff that I load all around to things I carry with me to this day, as it, all of that is rental instead of an incremental, in a way it gets me to where I am there.

Jared Bauman: I think it’s, I I’d love to ask a couple of questions if I could, about your Kindle, your Kindle books and that they’re still selling to this day. I mean, yeah. I, I know what you’re talking about. That, that period of time where writing a Kindle book was going to be the fast track to riches. I wrote one, you can find it.

I think it’s still available on Amazon. I’m not sure I don’t get commissions to my knowledge to this day. I never really got many. What did you do to make them successful? You know, I mean, I know that some of those strategies are antiquated. We don’t need to go in necessarily to all the, all the old strategies perhaps, because the platform is different now, but I mean, to have something that you have early putting the effort into an eight or nine years, and you’re still getting a check from, I think that’s, that’s really fascinating, you know?

AJ Saunders: So I’m primarily supply, right? So I wrote 20 books primarily on things that I taught my students or the right. So it wasn’t how to, how to play 12 different blues licks, because there’s a million more that I teach that way. I still don’t teach it that way even all these years later when I did do some teaching then, and again, whereas.

I I focused mainly on. Okay. So how he, you teach yourself to learn, because I feel like it’s a much more practical skill. And so I developed eBooks around those kinds of things or around, and not concepts that I learned from teachers or learned from forums that people hadn’t really thought about. And so for me, I think how I positioned myself either was artistically, but the, I had a book already there because it was, it was already quite small, but there were people that were interested in that kind of thing because it wasn’t the technical kind of thing.

So that was one thing. The other thing that I did, I released by the 10 eBooks is just single eBooks and I put them together as a package, as I think that also kind of helps. So, and then, so yeah, so, so you can buy individual books. We can buy a packet of like the 10 basic series, little attend about series where you bottle twins.

As that, that is the, that is the reason I think they is kind of it’s, it’s worked out quite well for me.

Jared Bauman: And do you find that most people are now or back at the time, or even through time or purchasing that, that bundle or just the individual ones?

AJ Saunders: People are still punching the bubble bubbles. And that’s where I make a lot more money.

Which for me is great, but also we’re talking 5, 6, 7 years ago. I would hate to get email from people all over the world who bought the book. And that was the most exciting thing. Thinking, you know, that there was somebody in Australia who loves this book because they stick that thing and they sit five minutes out.

Jared Bauman: Oh, that’s, that’s pretty awesome. And the fact that they’ve stood the test of time is, is really cool as well. You know, that’s, some of you can really hang your hat

AJ Saunders: on, right? Exactly. Exactly.

Jared Bauman: Well, let’s talk about websites. Let’s talk about, we’ve talked about your first website. Yeah. She talk about your first affiliate website.

You know, w when did you get started? And I know you have you have a storied background in, in affiliate websites and you have several points. So I think there’s a lot, we can, we can drill into it. I’d love to hear about it. How you’re building those and how you’re growing those, but let’s talk about your first affiliate site.

AJ Saunders: So where is the ebook? So they’ve released a website to do with the eBooks. And at the time I just started writing them articles. I didn’t have a strategy. Didn’t have any idea will really heal research. And I was having to read more. I kind of got smarter and then started to think, okay. Right. So I’ve got some sort of traffic are be looking for more information of the books or looking for like practical downloads of blank sheets or westbound veterinary, et cetera.

And then I was like, okay, so let’s try write some blog posts. So I started to write blog posts around, keep basic keywords, another. I know I can start for, for Amazon. And this was years ago when Amazon was actually quite a profitable affiliate program. And so I started writing reviews of get, I have so like pedals or drum machines or cables I had.

And actually I still get a bit of money from that even now. Even though I haven’t really touched the website for a couple of years, but that kind of got me thinking in terms of recommend reviews of products that I’ve used or rugged reviews in terms of being able to take my knowledge and being able to kind of synthesize that into something that could be, be to somebody else.

And then the other piece that I wrote was how to build . So I do apologize, but if you have like offense pedals, sometimes you want to build, sometimes you want to be able to hear them together, click one button. I say, you build a sink and leaf. I say it’s six, you just to switch and a couple of jacks and an led and a resistor, right?

It’s really simple circuits, but you can chain more full of multiples of these together. I built quite complicated system. And so I wrote a post about that and put little affiliate links in that I still in the state get the other evil. That again, for people that said, Hey, I built this off your diagram.

I submitted it from that.  but it’s so cool to see people from all over the world, building what I’ve read. They’re like 5, 6, 7 years ago. So that’s w w was also, I don’t think, cause it’s like that post isn’t directly like heavily influencing, like buy this product, buy that product, but I’d be able to pepper enough produce in there to make it exciting to other people, you know, and to make it, you know, interesting enough that people will click on those links and be a little bit more.

Which is obviously important, right? So that was kinda the, the, the Genesis, I guess, of, of bill building we’re currently working on, which is my baby eco site. We should still be property here in the UK. And there are lots of,  lots of like a home cinema hosts said it’s hammered. I was actually writing about TV this morning, for example.

And so that’s really fascinating cause I don’t ever get hub reliefs and herbals mention, but that’s so important to me and in that space and so many ways of encouraging people to buy products that are affiliate products, but also a lot of these, I love these brands because they’re on the cutting edge of technology.

They’re not really like set up to do a flip stuff. So where you can talk to them about the affiliates, we’ll do marketing with them. They’re really excited. Cause they don’t really get those kind of opportunities because. Opportunities, the other influence marketing, which they have kind of a paper pad paid for a campaign, or they’re the general kind of PR push, which again is really relationship building.

And I said, for me, it’s really exciting to go to print some of these brands and talk to them about, Hey, let’s do something together, you know, running affiliate box, hanging around, trying to get your presence or whatever, brand of people with how we can continue to hit with people. Maybe we’ll there, they’re aware of the products and get them further down the lines where they’re impressing what y’all do.

And so, yeah, so for me, it’s really exciting.

Jared Bauman: So for the, for this newer site, you have this digital. It sounds like you are pretty successful in monetizing from an affiliate standpoint off of Amazon and not having to go through Amazon for the bulk of your affiliate commissions, but negotiating individually with the brands.

And it, it, and that’s working out really well for you to move away from Amazon for that affiliate monastery.

AJ Saunders: So I, I still do a little bit on others and I still did a lot of smaller programs through stuff like a wave, which is universal other kinds of success with people. So, so a couple of months ago I was just Googling it’s due for research for an article, I’ve had an affiliate program, I just emailed them and said, Hey, this is what I do.

Why are you interested in being heard in affiliates? And we had a cool, I tailed to you later and about an hour after that, I thought their affiliate program. And so I think that there are lots of opportunities. If you look for them, You know, I do think Amazon is great for certain things, but I think you have to kind of be aware of the fact that they’re there, the, the stool that you change the policies at any point.

And so I think it, it started to kind of see what else is out there. And the, the other thing I realized recently is I’ve actually found one of the brands. This is a direct from China brands that did lots of  products and they actually listened a little anyway. I think the commission rape that part. So that basic commission rate probably isn’t as good.

I wasn’t. Right. But there’s no reason that you couldn’t negotiate top or start with the basics and kind of build a good relationship with them, their case shades up and be able to cut that way as that all you have to do is just change a couple of links as the old day, I think highly technical, highly.

Yeah, smart. And just trying to be a bit clever with how you do things. I was so massive on. I was in, cause in the UK, the commission is still seven to 8%. And so for me, that what’s really, really well. Right. But yeah, I do see like with my guitar sites, but he little traffic into us, I’m still, I still do quite a bit.

This is when I was in the us. And so I do, I do have that honey perspective or they have that, that sympathy for the people that have been hit the last year, but it has to be a bit tough. And I get that. And I think the thing is to either try and diversify or think of a way that you can. Conditionally that will benefit you to the  than that.

A couple of ways to do that. I think you can be hub like product specialist if we take the brand, for example, and that’s how you can generate more, more fled through to Amazon, get a higher rate and commission essentially.

Jared Bauman: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna ask about. Like, yeah. What would be a good process for someone?

What would be the process you go through when you let’s say you have a product that you’re selling on your site and you want to you want to go out and find a direct affiliate relationship offer instead of going through Amazon, what would be the process, especially for one, by the way that that doesn’t exist yet, you know what would be a good process for going to the brand?

Like what’s the process you go through when you go to a brand directly and talk to them about becoming a.

AJ Saunders: This is a great question. Cause I actually did live day. Sorry. I saw you through Monday, right? This is quite so I’ve had the high pickup there, here in the UK. I reached their products and I did the Amazon.

I can get my 7%, but I really interested to see what her relationship I can build with them. So I’ll just email that, that press contact from their website just says, this is what I do. This is what I think we can work together. How does that sound to you? Is that something you want to explore? So I haven’t gone to said to them, you know, you must give me this.

You must give them blah, blah, blah. I haven’t gone. I want to, I do apologize. There’s about four. I want to date them the standard. Right? I can’t think of a better way for them to apologize, but. I think about that. That’s the right home approach is you want to try and date them? I think so far, the show has so many emails.

Like we, we all different people that work together to get something from me and the people that I is responses have have a company specified debate debate is able to drive this right. And ask if I could take a look for them or if I can help them with something. Right. So they’re not coming to say , is there an opportunity here?

I think if you step back and you say, right, how can I benefit the other person more than me to set off with you’re going to get their attention. We often forget, we actually communicate with other people. We’re not communicating with adults and warns and whatever we communicate within the person. It’s like, if you put yourself in their shoes or you used to mention it.

What you would like be selfish, say, what do you want as a sheep or as a person I put yourself in that kind of, lot of thinking. And even from that standpoint. And so for these, that one is kind of the general out. Yeah. The general economy contacts, then number two, I’ll probably try and find somebody on LinkedIn or Facebook.

I try and build a relationship with them. I just try and find something we’re really interested in and try to build a friendship around that. Not necessarily be trying to evangelize about product sandbox or why they should come to their business would be, but try to do something to get them to trust me, because then we had these conversations it’s far, far easier.

So an example that will come to you later is I just released a course and actually this whole story that I use daily, which is SEO power suites. I built a good relationship with a couple of their team members. And so one of the, we were quite friendly in the last kind of year. Yeah. In the last year. And so when I was  I was able to say to her, I’m doing this course.

I’m going to recommend your products and do a couple of modules on how to use your products. Are you happy with that? Who really sorts with your company? I’ve got your back say that’s absolutely fine. What you did for me. It wasn’t a question of, sorry. Who are you? What you want? You know, why did this? It was, that’s absolutely fine.

And then a couple of months later I emailed the CEO cause I’ve had it a than. LinkedIn. I said a wild ride of it sounds really exciting. Can’t wait to see it. Right. I said, it’s that little bit relationship building because it’s such a little way to getting what you want in

Jared Bauman: the end. So a couple of things I heard you say are personalized the approach CRI you know, use a branded, you know, try to use your branded domain in a lad dress.

You know, make it official, don’t whip it together and just send out a quick email, even. I mean, you, you, you do research, you try to, to, to, to, to friend these people on LinkedIn really get behind the the Mo the outward movement that you have towards the building, that affiliate relationship. Yeah.


AJ Saunders: The, the, the other things that I did, so , and it was a general evil. I said, Hey, these are two, sorry, these are two articles that I’ve written recently that may interest you. Right. And it was back competitive products, but it was also about what they do. Right. So says in that general kind of markets, I’m thinking even they just take three glance at both of those articles, they’ll get what I do and how it can help them.

I said, meet, demonstrate, and be trying to build trust off the bat in the most simplest and easiest way possible. If I say here’s something that may interest you, what do you think? Right.

Jared Bauman: I love your analogy of dating before you ask them to marry you, you wouldn’t go out on a first date or you wouldn’t ask him to marry, go out on a first date.

And so, I mean, it’s a funny analogy, but it’s also very true in, in, in business networking, you know you know, crawl, walk, run like three these people with and by the way, it’s a good strategy just to stand out. You know, like I said, we all get so many emails every day for all of our, all of our websites where it’s, it’s so direct and there’s perhaps a, a time and a place for that approach.

But when it comes to getting noticed by an affiliate or by a brand to help with an affiliate relationship, those are some really great tips. Those are some really good tips. So what other what other, what are the things are working for you with your with your affiliate websites right now? You talked about your main one being this home automation side what’s working for you right now.

Can you share some more, some more.

AJ Saunders: Sure. So, so, so I’ve, I’ve done. It is I, I try and split content between commercial content, commercial content as a commercial content is things like reviews or where I’m talking about say type of products. So like I’m doing a golf round up. So the best 10 putting greens that you have for your office, right.

Or golf clubs. And so what I do on that is I front make it really, really niche, or they trying to remove everything that could distract. So all those pages, you won’t see a single adverts because I feel that people flicking to that kind of page, they want to buy something. They don’t the trick with an advert.

And actually the PA the advert may be 50 cents. Whether I may make $5 in a click-through to your products. Whereas if I was talking about how to improve your golf swing or how to improve it. Your particular, sorry. I really have, I don’t know anything about goals. So this is a little liar I’ll wrap the constants to abs from, from our sense or media vital always is like, because I feel that the best way to build the ties.

And so I feel if you’re running an affiliate sites, try and build different page templates for the different content you’re putting arrows. I really hone down on what actually you work these sake and try and get rid of every everything else. Other than that one, or there’s two actions that you take because you have a book’s hard probability of them taking the action.

And the other thing is, so if you uses some of the assets because of the page load time, because of all the scripts behind it, the moment you take that off the page, and you just have affiliate content, your page loads up a bit quicker, I say, you’re actually helping you with retinal site higher because you will think, you know, over all the pages, you know, if you have to set your haters really quickly and like, like 80%, oh, that should have an effect raising those up and say, if you say being a critical of ranking factor, even though it’s not a major one, but it’s being critical.

And I would argue that actually as, as a user speed is really, really crucial because you don’t want to be starting to waste your room. Right? If you can improve 1, 2, 3, 4, 10% of your site, you then left everything else. And that can have a significant impact on your revenue, your profit.

Jared Bauman: So this site that we’re talking about, if you, if you can share any any numbers of even if there were kind of round numbers about how much it’s making per month, how many page views it’s getting, how many articles you have on it, just any, any details.

So we can kind of get our minds wrapped around what you’re working

AJ Saunders: with. Sure, sure. So I’ll do about five, five K profits. You get pounds about 500 or $600 schools. And yeah, so I worked with a couple of writers who I’m moving more and more into being just an editor, which I feel is kind of a thing. And it’s obviously a bit less time consuming for articles versus having to just edit.

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So yes, th th that that’s kind of where I’m at. So yeah. So w within a couple of thousand hits. And yeah, it’s

Jared Bauman: really good. Yeah. That’s a lot of that’s a lot of money to be making off of one website five. Yeah. 5,000 pounds. That’s probably six or 7,000 us dollars. Pretty much, you know, I should, I should have had that translation up while you were saying it, but yeah, so that’s a, that’s a substantial amount of earnings and five to 600 articles is quite a volume of articles.

How long have you been working on this stuff?

AJ Saunders: So I think in the last kind of three years, I’ve written about a million flat websites. So. I I, Ricky heaps, I save all this kind of things. Right. So I know that like different workouts. Yeah. So I think it’s about a million billion was

Jared Bauman: so that’s a lot of words.

You mentioned writers. So what how, what’s your process like right now for keyword research working with other writers versus you writing them. I heard you said that you, you, you also like to write articles, what’s your process like to find those keywords, to get them distributed, to writers, or to write them yourself, to get them published?

Cause that’s a lot of volume. I think you must have some systems in place to get that kind of.

AJ Saunders: Sure, sure. So I separate articles into, well, I can write any water rights and so any work bra, that’d be a journalistic kind of 10 ways to. Temporary new golf swing hole, you know tell ways to fish this weekend.

Yeah. Any working right there with enough research with enough kind of thoughts. And so that doesn’t really need me, but so we may not understand the minutia role of say ITTC F sorry. I F TTT, which is in this than that. Right. Which is a component of language that we use  right. Just to I, so yeah, somebody could do the research, but it would then need somebody to go through and check every word and makes all that.

It was kind of accurate as this concentration is better for me to just say, right. I’ll write up myself because it is complicated and it’s not sorta, you can just kind of pick up. Right. And so that’s how I kind of separate things are then. Are there started taking a more kind of topic view. So I’ve always had topic view in terms of keywords.

So I’ve never really relied on this writing for like a keywords. I kind of think of the keywords as a topic. So my keyword, maybe how to improve your golf swing, but then I’m thinking he writes tequila. They write me for golf, swing, your golf, swing tips golf, swing improvements you know, et cetera, et cetera.

Sure. I started thinking to this kind of topics, but I’m also thinking in terms of the water topic. So if somebody comes to my website, how can I get them to sell the website? And it encompassed everything to do with say golf swing. Right? I said, the topic of golf swing was may actually have a hundred alternative articles that he writes out.

Right. And then it’s just about them trying to find the, he wasn’t sensitive to what you can actually write before and what you can actually write for the overlap. Hmm. Hmm. So for a great example is recently I’ve just written about herbals mixing system, for example, and because it’s a dealer system, I found a dealer in the UK, who’s given the who’s released to process all that websites, which they probably shouldn’t have done.

But for me, that’s great because in my little piece, obviously I’ve talked about price and kind of general sums, but since they went and did this research, and finally they bought prices on their websites, I can grab that process off and say, well, so as I posted this process from four years, three years ago, four years ago, whatever, right.

And I’m not saying this is correct, but here’s the process. So here’s what you typically may pay for a system. I brought it out in more depth. And so I can start ranking for, you know, there, the whole herbals makes a decision. Cost or prices of blank as that, that could then get me to, to get people in who may have some understanding and be able to open up and read the original article without read some other articles I’ve written about that, that particular brand, et cetera.

And so, yeah, so it’s about trying to think of individual topics and then the whole topic as either. It’s hard to say. But again, I try and focus on relive volume. I relate composition and yeah, that’s what I’ve learned from Spencer, because I’m determined with everything. I write all the majority of what I write.

I can record the first page. And so obviously that’s what possible is obviously that is a great goal to have, but I feel that actually, if you get your targeting right to begin with, you should increase your odds of ranking really well. I think if you can read really, really well, it doesn’t really matter.

Yeah. How big or how it clever reports that the keywords are, because you will realize you you’ve raised this value to right here that highly, and I’ll start ranking you for others. Kita. Obviously you get a couple of links and bolts as well. You then you’re off to the racism. Right.

Jared Bauman: And when it comes to the content that you’re publishing what is this, do you have a preferred split between informational content, commercial content?

What types of informational content are you writing? Is, is it kind of that, how to those guides, is it more questions and responding to questions? You find same question when it comes to your commercial content or the individual product reviews, or are they a kind of more roundups because I’m at that volume of content, you probably have a good, a good assortment of different types of articles.

AJ Saunders: Sure. So commercially, I like to do like a round of a lot of the top 10 or top five and right. Cause I feel that that’s a really regard sickle idiot. If you’re, if you just started on something, I just want a quick comparison. If you can look at five, I read, read a couple sentences about eight products that will help you.

Whereas if you’re not so sure about the products, you will read it in that for you. Yeah. So why do they then go? So I’m believe, right. Like say the 10 best golf buttons, and then we’ll run it around each golf butter in that article. I linked the two, but then I might think, okay, what supports do people want?

Who may be a step before that? And so people will follow that may will say, yeah, how how’s the, how like putting bike guide or how to pick the right putter for, for your short game. Right. And so, yeah, you’re absolutely right. So it, it it’s, it roundups, it has single reviews. It said how to use it. And typical questions appeal.

They are. And I get, I think unnecessarily, I, I think I’ve probably heard it from John  probably, I apologize. Don’t forget your name wrong. That stops fat stacks blog actually. Fantastic. And you don’t know his mailing list. It should be because it’s just absolutely incredible stuff, but he, I think he writes quite a lot to that kind of just they’re realistic questions that generally Nope, highly popular in terms of results or composition.

But I suppose the content that people will make sense and you can write authoritatively fairly easily and get quality pub publish around those color touch question. 

Jared Bauman: and you don’t necessarily need to be the one to write a lot of those because they’re pretty easy to research. Pretty easy to give your side or your writers.

Yeah. Yeah. I know on one, on mine on my largest website one of the top five pages for traffic every month is an article that focuses on a keyword that I think a refs H refs said had a total of 10 monthly searches. And it, it ended up ranking for so many other terms. And not obviously not all of them go that way as a matter of fact, the vast majority don’t, but it is, it is a Testament to the fact that this, you know, going after really, really long tail keywords that are very, you know, have very low competition can be a great strategy for getting a lot of traffic.


AJ Saunders: But that ties into the intended as well. So w when you’re talking about products, if you’re just trying to optimize for say the product, then. You will compete with Walmart. I was at target, whatever, whatever, right. When even trying to target beauty right review, and you’re trying to target such and such or review it, review the title in the URL.

And in the both of you, you then actually up jolts and get your ranks because you’ve caught me on  and therefore you actually can compete better because you set your intent correctly. I think. Yeah. I think at that point, you know, you may only be talking to him. He was like 2013, such as a month, but actually even the top three spots, which should be relatively easier, you will actually make more.

Right. Because you know, nobody’s going to look for your six page, unfortunately. Right,

right. I think it, I think oftentimes it is might’ve matters. It’s kind of convincing yourself that actually as much better as a publisher for me on lower keywords or low volume, low competition, keywords, the truck be really oppressive. I get

Jared Bauman: that way and get no one because yeah, you’re right. Even if you write the, the, in a very, even when you write for a highly competitive topic and you rank, but you’re only on page six.

No, one’s going to view it anyways. Let’s talk about the way that the monetization breaks down for your site because the. The way that you have written your content yeah. Is it makes itself available for Amazon affiliates for direct affiliate partners for advertising on the site. I mean, how do it, do you know how your monetization breaks down?

Are you making most of your money on your Roundup reviews from Amazon affiliates? Are you making more money from your individual product reviews and direct relationships with affiliates? You know, how does that break down? So

AJ Saunders: affiliates count for, I think like 85%, like 2% of my actual revenue and the advertising is about 10%, but that’s because obviously if you’re selling Hi-Fi again, I am, the power is far more than you.

Let me first click. But that’s not to say that that’s, that’s the best model or that’s, that’s just a little I’m I’m using But then it would just go away tomorrow. I still wouldn’t want to have those adverts on the side to keep me pay the bills, essentially. Right. Just also go ahead. I think individual reviews generally convert better and get me more, more actual revenue just because I think that to rank.

And so I think I’ve read the reviews like a little bit tricky to run full. And so I wouldn’t change. I wouldn’t get rid of them necessarily, but they, they don’t rank as well as, so they don’t really producing revenue as other, as other single place.

Jared Bauman: Yeah. There’s no doubt. There’s been a bit of a push for from a lot of site owners.

To move away from Roundup reviews to other types of, you know, monitored monetized content, just because it is a lot harder nowadays for certain queries to rank for those those Roundup reviews and those best X for Y type queries, you know? So that, that makes a lot of sense. Any other tips to share in either any of the things like, if you were to say what’s, what’s one, what’s one more thing that has, has caused your site to do so well to hit that five, six, 7,000 per month revenue target, like what what’s is there anything we didn’t talk about that you think really distinguishes the site?


AJ Saunders: yeah. And you sound a bit bit weird, but I like to think of what I have just intrinsically is I’m I’m happily exuberance. I, that sounds like contradiction in terms, but I I’d happily either it to just keep going. The PA Paula, what I see and probably why a lot of people give up is don’t is that they’re pushed through.

I think for me, I love what I do. And so that just kind of keeps me going. And so when I had this frustrated then were things that go well or bunks wherever he is his, or wants to be. I just come back to the point of, I enjoy what I’m doing. This is fun. It pays the bills. Well, they’re going to be wrong, but it’s just falling back that natural cycle of ups and downs.

And you say, okay, great. But yeah, this is what’s out grail, you know, but I’m just gonna keep going. So I think that’s part of it. I think the other part of it is realizing where he can get track. Should we come. As I think there are topics that there are some topics that Aegis, you know, how hard you try, it’s just too competitive or there’s a game, or you’ll recognize back.

That is those place to set because she was so my personal products, for example. Right. So there may be a way for some of these to start a parcel violence site, I guess, an attraction, but yeah. Then we’re going to get traction right. About mortgages just because Gillet will never like them before that. And so I think part of it is realizing you can always find out battle digitally.

You enjoy today that can be profitable, right. Or you can find an uphill battle there. So that’s going to be highly unprofitable that you’re never going to get anywhere. So mortgages add to me, I’m not trying to shoot something. That I can at least try and have a drop of the extra in the color effect. So that helps they make money rather than try to bulldoze my way through a 20 foot concrete slap.

Jared Bauman: When you put it that way, lean into the first point, you said about sticking to it and about pushing through the highs, the lows, and just continuing to get up every day and and, and write content, produce content, build your site. What, what, what has the success curve been with this site? Was it pretty quick to earn money or has this as a success you talk about now, has that been more of a recent coming?

AJ Saunders: So I gradually improved everything. And so one thing I put in place about two years ago with a content map, which will, will come and talk to the second. But the content of that to me, really, really helped me. Build up premises for our businesses. Alicia, I’ll be working with somebody who has probably worked friends called Christina.

Who’s just incredible approval processes. Basically. It’s it’s building practices. It’s your business, the main, the ethos, the, to show up you’re on full capacity every day as well. For me, I like to talk about with clients and with friends about having the minimums. And so for me, having like daily bidder, so may have like three things I need to get done every day.

Well, two things I need to get done every day. And as long as I get those things done, I’m pushing everything. But what, and therefore what you know, in all I do is I see things at least I know things are set forwards. Is that the actual off that I can then do crazy things that they waste time may be highly profitable.

But maxi, you have a

to the old boat. Right. But I do think, you know, it’s about having a minimum is that you shouldn’t do a full every day. I haven’t had the process  to show up, has to be on full health all the time.

Jared Bauman: That’s great. That’s good. Yeah. You know, those processes can keep you I’ve talked about all the time. You know, if you, if you are able to prioritize your day or your task, list it to get the most important thing, you know, to prioritize it so you can focus on the most important thing.

It can be kind of crazy for your productivity when it’s 9:00 AM. You’ve been working for an hour, but you’ve gotten the most important thing done already. And the rest of the day, it’s still very important things to do, but you know, you’ve already gotten the most important thing done, so it can be really motivating and compelling.

AJ Saunders: Yeah. But, but I, I also think about having to like, bye. But knowing what you need to get done each week, you can have all the distractions. If you cut out all the, all that time that was spent, or they events that hall or looking at Instagram or whatever, which is, you know, don’t get me wrong. Yeah. Free tires, free time.

But, you know, I think it’s easiest to say, right. I want these five tasks to complete this week. Let’s just do that before the end of the house. And then everything else becomes easier.

Jared Bauman: Yup. Well, let’s let’s talk about your time as a moderator in the niche pursuits Facebook group, because yeah, let’s do it.

That is, that is fascinating. And I think that it’s going to give a lot of insights for people because you see, I don’t want to say all of the questions, but man, do you see a lot of questions come in from people? And I’m just curious how, like, what are some common questions that you see people have. And it, you know, like talk through what it’s like to just learn from all these questions you see and, and share some of those with the with, with, with every listener.

Yeah, sure.

AJ Saunders: Let’s do it. So I’ll give you my top three. So we’ve got to see all the titles of money. And so I think people have this misconception that a to start all my business, they need lots of money and they don’t. And I think you see the best hosting package and the domain name and to get basically a package and the domain name probably in a year about 5,200 bucks a year.

Right. And then you can try to do everything else yourself. We can try and find ways to do so to find low cost way to do things. And so I think people have this misconception that because of starting a business, it’s gonna cost me a lot of money. Cause they’re, they conceptually the businesses thought in like a retail store.

And obviously you started retail store, you’ve got stock. You need to get shelves, tilled, et cetera. And I think the benefit of starting an online business is the associate to do it that you just need to think, okay, I need hosting WordPress and a domain. I can get going out a theme. And all of those are really, really cheap.

And actually you can have a little bit success and then reinvest as you go. And so I would just say if, if, if you’re struggling and you listen to this, now you’re thinking I don’t have enough money try this weekend. And the next month it’s a couple together 50 bucks or yeah. Or a hundred bucks, maybe, you know, cellulose doing something.

If you have a skill at sells a little close, sell some junk house, your house as thought with that, buddy. Right? Because it’s searchable to start. And it, you know, it breaks my heart to think that people are held back by this notion that they need all sorts of money, but they don’t so think as small and yeah, th th think, think small and start as small as you possibly can and build from there.

Don’t imagine that it has to go with it at the step 10 figure how you can start step one. Right. I don’t know, I guess, I guess great way of saying it is, let’s just imagine Starbucks started as two guys with an old B2B band, all the camper who was selling coffee, you know, from the road side. Right, right.

They didn’t start by having this, this epic kind of management structure and fathers all over the world and rushing applaud six. Yeah. Employee retention, schemes, et cetera, et cetera. They started with as little money as possible and just try to make it work right. I’d built from that. And so I think you have to adapt, adapt that mentality.

Sorry, adopt that mentality. I just got it from the

Jared Bauman: and go from there. And so that’s one of the, one of the most common questions and one of the ones that you see a lot, what are some others that, that are, that, that, that you see get posted a lot or get a lot of traction when they get, when

AJ Saunders: they get posted?

So this way it’s time. We, we touched on time, so I’m not going to reiterate, but I just say planning what you think you need to get done each week. I just trust it to that. So I say to, I say to people all the time, it’s more about consistency and being clever. And so if, if, if all you can do is post once a new post once a week, I publish a new post a week.

The be consistent with it. You’ll get far, far, far, far, far, further wrong. That EDU wrote an article for the next 30 days and killed yourself and then did nothing for the next year. And so decide what you’re gonna do. So decided to publish one post post the week. I’m gonna do two Facebook posts. I send an email as a, once you got basic list the tasks, you can then check your progress as often as you can.

weekly and just stay on course and be consistent.

Jared Bauman: So you’ve had the opportunity to, to see a lot of these questions posted. What are some of the things that you’ve learned? What are some of the values and the insights you’ve gotten out of it? Because it’s often, I feel, you know for me doing these podcasts somewhat similar, where I get to learn so much, and I’ve learned so much from interviewing different people and you get to see so many questions come up.

What were some of the, what are some of the valuable takeaways you’ve gotten from, from from monitoring?

AJ Saunders: So one of the things I have been encouraged by is just the scale of people. We have the group. So last week, for example, some of them have posted, I’m going to probably get this wrong, but I think they crossed 300 bucks for the first time.

And I went the next day and looked at it. It has to be like 20, 25 COVID. So people just say congrats. And to me, that’s just, it just, it, it just warms my heart because it’s just thinking how incredible is that, you know, through your bucks for baseball, isn’t that amazing, but that’s really, really cool. But then we have people from Africa, from, from south Asia who are doing incredible amounts of turnover, you know, who  have the best internet connection with the best computer, but I find it really, really inspiring.

So that, that has been really, really insightful. Yeah. And again, did that encouraged me to keep going and keep persevering? And I think, how did those little drops the sunshine, then again, really helps you, right.

Jared Bauman: It can get very lonely a business, right? You can really get isolated and not, if you don’t pursue that sense of community, you can just be on your own island publishing content and thinking that, you know, the rest of the the rest of the world has gone away while you sit there behind a computer.

AJ Saunders: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I’ve seen that. And then personally, I think I’ve learned a lot of hours how to outreach because people will post the best hilarious evils they get into how people live off the link. So that can be really incredibly insightful and sort of how it can inform your way of asking about links.

Also when people will post their success of what they’ve done in the steps that I’ve taken, that can give me either one or two tips, I can then go and apply. So. What a question. I always say, because I’ve seen pretty success myself with this is building internal links. As I don’t think people are building up links to kind of keep people on their website or to get to relevancy to Hugo.

And so when people have posted about  cross she’s up. Yeah. It really, it really hurts me to go, go, go, I, and do that. Her fellow west Brom says Spencer’s tool and he’s helping people do that. But yeah, those sort of things, it’s really, it’s really insightful to see, to see that. But, but also, you know, obviously how other people are tactically.

There are things you you’re completely right. It’s so low. It can be so lonely. I think if you don’t work with the same people, you don’t hear our input all the time for other people. And so having a forum where you can discuss things openly, honestly, and get good feedback from people that may not fit here.

The, whether you do e-health by that whole thing, I think that’s so horrible.

Jared Bauman: Yeah, that, and I think a lot of us, even those of us who work in teams on a day job yeah. Have realized the value of these types of things. Because with COVID so many people ended up working from home in isolation and it really does bring back to you even just the value of a team and the value of input and value of different ideas, different ways to combat the problem or challenge and trying to get a solution.

And we all deal with that every day. How do we, how do we get this article to be, to get from page two, to page one? How do we crack the code on getting people to to link to this article or those sorts of things? So, yeah, that’s a really good point. You brought up and I think for everybody listening, if you’re not a part of the niche pursuits, Facebook group, it’s just all you have to do, what is the process to get accepted?

Just fill out to dash to be accepted and you have to answer a few

AJ Saunders: questions. Yeah. So there’s three questions. You all have to have, the whole business will be interested over diseases. It has SPLOST with an email address and then there’s an optional form. So I give priorities to people that actually say, yes, I have all my business or no.

And explain what else do you help the group? So for example, I have one guy this week who said, I’m not interested. It’s not a business, but I’m really STF my company. I sold more Batman. I like great Colin. And then, yeah, so the opposite question, the ends can be really, really helpful because that informs me as a moderator or the other boss raises how we can maybe help you.

I said, if you’re starting with something really, really specific, that’s in my understanding, I will likely shoot you an email or a Facebook message and say, Hey, how can I help you with X? Right. Because I’m that help? I know that to learn, et cetera. And so for me, yeah. So if. The Mo the more detail you can, part of that Haitian form, the more likely you’ll get in, or the more likely you’ll get help,

Jared Bauman: any any, any easy ways to not get passed any quick tips on ways not to get past AJS so that people can make sure not to make those mistakes on the on the application.

AJ Saunders: So these ways to get, to get rejected, to not write a

Jared Bauman: link, anything. Okay. There you go. So you guys have to explain yourself and AJS probably give you a chance.

AJ Saunders: Yeah. Right.

Jared Bauman: So switching gears a bit, you, you have a quarter on for affiliate marketers. What’s talk about the course. Talk about what’s unique.

Talk about theories you focus on in your course.

AJ Saunders: So about two years ago, I tried to, processize what I was doing and started developed a framework into the, how I write content. And I realized most people make the mistakes with content. They try and they try and brainstorm too infrequently and they try and put all the onus on making a list of  in 20 minutes.

And they messaged us on what the idea theories. So part, part of the course is talking you through. What Ladera is. So the idea is so that you could write about, it’s not that you will run out, but it’s sort of, you, could I talk about how to find kind of keyword ideas and then, you know, and then try and encourage you to do something every day.

It’s Trump on this every day. So for me, I, I did constantly, so maybe I recently, I think, Ooh, I’m interested about that. I maybe from wrestling symbol around that, or, or hadn’t thought about that, that’s every question. And so I’ll, I’ll play into the, to my, my spreadsheets are then talk about how to validate keyword ideas and how to, you know, so I’ll give you 10 ways to cope with like Sheila Dez that had a bow that Q ideas until they had a fine low competition keywords, it can actually right before and then talk about how to actually make that into a draft posts that you can start to write around and then talk about how to monitor.

He was a header. He was a ranking I had to. Make sure that you’re, you are actually putting the processes in place and things outbreak here, what to do about health to come back through it. So it’s a really easy system and it’s a really expressive head around the course is delivered in 16 individual modules and with a full color workbook and I lots of templates and external resources as well.

So it is it’s meant for people that running affiliate sites. Cause that’s kind of what I do, but I’ve got clients who have running blogs, who I’ve taught the system team and they’re doing really well with, and it started to generate inbound traffic. And because you’re a blogger, they’re not an SEO. They don’t have any kind of high-level Lloyd’s about how to generate traffic.

It’s about having a system that again, puts the guests we’re calendar out today. The able to, to make really good decisions really quickly and build out a whole book. So how a couple of books, a content creation with a minutes. So that’s, that’s what I, that’s what my course does. Okay.

Jared Bauman: Wow. That’s a, that’s a compelling argument.

I didn’t ask you about it earlier with your site. And I, I meant to ask you about it, but he’s probably a good time to ask now as it relates to the course, but what, what does, in terms of the course, or just in terms of your thoughts, what, how, how does link-building play into what you do and your thoughts for an affiliate website and how to monetize a ranking?

AJ Saunders: So link-building does. And so I was very lucky to have more or less friends does a lot of Roundup posts, like expert round posts Elena. And so I’ve done probably about five or six in the last two or three years since I’ve done that. So that’s been a really regret source of link building for me

Jared Bauman: talk people through that.

What does that look like? I know, I know her a bit in passing as well, but what is something she did for your site? She would do these for your site or is it something you’ve worked, participate in to get links back to your site?

AJ Saunders: So I participated in and then she has actually helped me put together some more for my sites.

You know, what was actually really great, cause she’s a really close friend of mine. I said, can you help me do it? And she’s talked me through it. I was just like, she made my life so much easier because I didn’t have to think. But yeah, no. So contributed to, to these, these roundups. And what’s really, really great is about funding.

An open question to ask then finding experts that you can network with, who can supply you with an answer and they can look back to your sites. What’s the question guys live. And so for me, it’s been great because I, I can hopefully give them a really believable outset, get lit that way, but also that can help her with the social posts out or put things out in the newsletter, those kind of things, which then gets traction and it helps them to write as well.

And so that’s been really helpful. I’ve also found doing things like links, walks, where a company they approach me and say, would you, would you accept guest posts? And I’ll go, yes. Great. Let let’s do that. And then I’ll say, can you find a soft colleague Rachel, about this topic, which is sort of the world experts.

Would you mind I’d be writing something similar or about that topic in, in a, in a different era of that topic? Or can you give me a quote for that piece there? Then you can look back to me. A lot of people will say, yeah, that’s great. And so I’ve done that. I’m now at the purchase where I’m starting to look more as a more kind of, as a strategy of getting things out, marching to rank.

But yeah, so, so far that I’ve read king six-minute of my articles without, with how he did let him back links. And so I know what’s up getting back links in that will then lift everything up. So I’m really excited this next stage. But then the other thing I’ve done is I was trying to be really tactical welder building to make sure that every, every article has a link pointing to it.

If I can get the human link, I’ll try and do it, or that’s, that’s always possible, but I’ll try. And then just try to look as much like utility as much as possible to try and encourage girls who look to crawl my site. It’s cruelly all schools and it’s to index there’s articles. So yeah, so that’s been my hallmark process, but yeah, that’s why next one.

Next step one is to start building looks more like sound

Jared Bauman: very good. We covered a tremendous amount today. How from background from your first HTML site, from selling watches and not getting to keep one for yourself, either from your websites and some of the ones from the music to the home automation that have been doing well to your Facebook moderating and what you’ve learned from that all the way back around to your course and whatnot.

So lots of topics. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing. Is there anything in kind of in partying or is there anything I didn’t ask you about that you want to, that you wanted to highlight that I didn’t, we didn’t touch.

AJ Saunders: No, I, I guess I just like to reiterate it. If you haven’t started your lesson, please start today.

Please join our Facebook group. Please ask as many questions as you, as you can, because the sheep questions in life are the ones that you don’t ask. Right. And get stuck in because the only way you’re going to be successful is if you, if you commit to me consistent, you commit to being a lifelong learner.

I commit to ask you as many questions as you possibly can and keep learning

Jared Bauman: and

AJ Saunders: keep loving.

Jared Bauman: Hey, just keep doing, you ask those questions that you keep learning. Right? Right. That’s great. And so where can people find you tell, talk about how people can connect with you. Obviously the niche proceeds Facebook group probably would be a great place to find you, but also where can people connect with you and learn more about your course as well?

AJ Saunders: So they can go to AJS digital, which is like my home page, but here, please, please join me. Please join me on the Facebook group. I’m always you, you’re always going to Facebook messenger me. I try to answer as many sensible requests as I possibly can. Or just ask the group and cause I try and answer as many questions that I can as humanly possible into the literature I have.

But yeah, so

Jared Bauman: that’s wonderful. And that was a J S digital Perfect. And for those for those listening and then obviously the Facebook group and, you know, being a moderator is mean you don’t have to answer every question you just to make sure that people facilitated and whatnot.

There’s a lot of people on there to answer questions and help out. So that’s, that’s a great, that’s a great, that’s a great piece of advice to it’s so true that the, you know, chances are, especially in a group that’s. That your question is one that several of the people have at the same time, you’re asking it’s going to help, not just yourself, but other people see the answer.


AJ Saunders: yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Jared Bauman: Yeah. Well, thanks AJ. It’s been a pleasure and treat and you know, we’ll see you around in the Facebook group, so, thanks. Yeah. Thanks. Here’s have a great one.

AJ Saunders: Take care. .