You’ve probably heard in recent months how important it is to use content to improve your search engine optimization efforts. How you need to build a stronger foundation of quality content, blog posts, articles, and social media content that drives people to your site, but also keeps them there for longer, helping them to build a stronger relationship with you and your brand.

That’s marketing, and increasingly SEO is becoming a marketing activity. The days of checking off a list of technical tasks you could perform to build backlinks and generate traffic for your website are coming to an end. To be sure there are still quite a few technical tasks you’ll need to perform when it comes time to generate traffic to your website through SEO, but those things are increasingly less effective when it comes time to solidify your position in search rankings.

That’s where content comes in. But how do you use content effectively, both in terms of effort and cost? Here are three things good content will do to improve SEO when used properly.

Improve On Page Metrics

There are a number of important metrics that Google increasingly measures with its built-in analytics and Chrome tools. They include:

*  Bounce Rate

*  Time On Site

*  Return Rate

*  New Visitor Rate

*  End of Search

*  Pages Viewed

Each of these numbers represents how well your website resolves the query used by the visitor to find what they need. If someone searches for “how to grow carrots”, finds your article about carrots, reads it for 5 minutes, saves the site and returns four times in three weeks, that’s a very good sign to Google. If they land on a keyword stuffed page, find nothing of use and leave five seconds later, Google sees that.

Good quality content ends search and that in effect boosts your search engine value.

Generate Social Signals and Authorship

Social signals are important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Google is giving them a disproportionate value right now. Combined with Google Authorship rankings and the fact that more content means greater authority in your niche, you have a perfect storm where more content means more readership and more readership means higher rankings.

Provide Marketing Materials for Backlink Generation

Finally, more content gives more targets for other sites to link to yours. If you have 100 blog posts every 3 months, that means 100 new pages that people can link to. If you have only one new blog post every three months, you’ll need to get very lucky or market like a madman to get backlinks to it.

That’s not all of course. Good content goes above and beyond simply reaching out to people and creating those connections. It is a permanent part of your website – consistently driving traffic to your website for weeks or even months into the future. If you can use it effectively, you will build an audience that lasts for years and a rank in search engines that matches.


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