Pit Bulls usually get a bad rep, but they are also one of the cutest and most loyal dog breeds in the world. Unfortunately, because of the bad reputation that this breed of dog has, many animal shelters around the world are filled with them. The name comes from the two dog breeds of bulldogs and terriers, and in some parts of the world, they are actually referred to as American Pit Bull Terriers. Most adult Pits will weigh in around 35-65 pounds, while the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is usually around half the size.

List of the Top Pit Bull Dog Websites and Blogs on the Internet Today

Pit Bulls are quite unique and so are their owners. It takes a special person to take in or adopt a pit bull, and we love you for that. At the same time, we also want to highlight some of the best pit websites and blogs on the internet today. Take a moment to visit the sites below and see what type of fun dog pictures and information you can find.

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1. Pitbull BLOG

Site Review

2. Your Pit Bull and You

Site Review

Blog –  yourpitbullandyou.org

4. Stand Up for Pits

Site Review

Blog –  standupforpits.us

5. Free Wisconsin Pit bull Rescue dog Listings

Site Review

Blog –  rescueapitbull.com

7. Blog | mopitbullrescue

Site Review Small network of foster homes and local boarding in Kansas City. News, breed information, how to help, and pictures of available dogs.

8. Medium

Site Review

Launch Date  –  May, 1998
Blog –  medium.com

Alexa Rank –  101

9. Exercise & Nutrition Articles for Pit Bull Owners

Site Review

Blog –  bullymax.com

Alexa Rank –  344,175

10. The Love Pit Blog

Site Review

Alexa Rank –  521,759

11. Blog | Angel City Pit Bulls | Los Angeles Dog Rescue

Site Review

Blog –  angelcitypits.org

Alexa Rank –  2,806,439

12. Our Amazing Blog – My Pit Bull is Family

Site Review

Alexa Rank –  3,397,883

13. Pit Bull Information – Your complete online resource

Site Review

Launch Date  –  Dec, 2003
Blog –  pitbulllovers.com

Alexa Rank –  4,393,952

14. Latest News – Love-A-Bull

Site Review

Blog –  love-a-bull.org

Alexa Rank –  6,047,421

15. Fatal Pit Bull Attacks

Site Review A growing archive of U.S. fatal pit bull maulings dating back to 1858. Fatalpitbullattacks.com is sponsored and created by DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks.

Alexa Rank –  9,814,871

Everyone has their own favorite breed of dog, and who are we to judge? With so many different dogs out there to choose from, we simply focus on compiling the best dog sites out there and making it easy for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for. Be sure to check back often, as new dog sites are being added all the time.