Did you know that more than 90% of all travel is now researched and booked online? It’s true and the internet has completely revolutionized not only the way people travel but also how they research and find the best deals and travel destinations.

It was only just a few years ago that we saw local “travel” agencies and businesses all over the place. Now they are nowhere to be seen. Even in local malls you would find travel booking locations loaded with endless brochures and posters of the hottest destinations to visit in the world, where you could also talk to an agent and book your next vacation. Now none of that is necessary… and along with not having to choose your next vacation off a single photo in a book, you now have the option to read real customer reviews online. What’s even better is watching online video and seeing what your perfect vacation and travel destination is really like before making a purchase.

With the demise of local travel agencies comes the birth of new opportunity, such as that for online marketers and affiliates who can create great travel websites, blogs and reviews online to start revenue generating businesses of their own. Through the use of online travel sites and affiliate marketing, it’s now possible to create content for your target audience, sell the experience of any destination package or vacation getaway and earn some hefty commissions in the process.

Oceanwide Expeditions is an online travel agency that caters to once in a lifetime style ship-based exploratory tourism. Not only do they have some of the most exciting and exclusive cruise experiences in the world, they also have a great affiliate program paying up to $7,000+ per sale!

Oceanwide Expeditions – Antarctica & Arctic Cruise Experiences

The travel industry collectively generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The cruise industry represents about $40 billion of that amount.

When you think about world travel and vacations, cruise lines probably aren’t the first consideration to come to mind… however they should be! The common thought behind cruises is that you are stuck on a boat with a bunch of retired senior citizens and will have nothing to do. It’s actually the complete opposite — especially when you are looking at the travel opportunities through Oceanwide Expeditions.

After just a few seconds on their website, you can tell Oceanwide Expeditions is in a league of their own. Just check out some of these outdoor activities, wildlife adventures, and experiences below.

While some travel websites offer everything under the sun, Oceanwide Expeditions focuses their business on exploratory tourism in the Arctic and to Antarctica. Here is where lies a great opportunity for affiliate marketers who are willing to put in the time and effort to build out content-rich sites and travel resources for anyone looking to either book a cruise or make the trip to the Arctic or Antarctica.

With all of that said, let’s now take a look at the affiliate marketing aspect of this all.

Oceanwide Expeditions Affiliate Program

With so much money passing hands in the travel industry, it can be quite a lucrative space for affiliate marketers. As mentioned earlier, nearly all research and orders for vacations are now done online. This leaves for a great opportunity for affiliates to build out their own ad campaigns, resource and travel review sites to pass their users off to the right places while also earning commissions in the process.

Oceanwide Expeditions has an affiliate program of their own, which currently pays out up to 4% commission on all verified sales. While the sound of 4% commissions might not get you excited, here are some stats that will.

  • Earn up to 4% commission for each online booking completed
  • Earn up to 7.5% commission for an OTL28-17 booking
  • 60 day cookie period
  • Average trips range in value from $1,700 – $38,000, which means you can earn substantial commissions

The Oceanwide Expeditions affiliate program is currently managed through Affiliate Window. After joining as an affiliate, you can log in to the system and access your affiliate links, have full access to campaign stats, ad creatives and much more.

For many affiliates, one of the best ways to drive high-converting leads is through the use of a travel resource or review site. In addition to placing regular text links and banner ads on your site, you could also use any of the Oceanwide Expeditions booking widgets within your content (as seen below). Other marketing materials include videos, photos, blog posts, banners, and brochures.

Affiliates Can Earn Over $7,000 in Commissions with One Sale

How often do you come across an affiliate program that gives you the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars from one single lead? Not often… and even if you did find one, many will max out how much you can earn off a referral.

That isn’t the case with Oceanwide Expeditions, who currently has an affiliate promotion and bonus in place for their “most spectacular Antarctic journey ever.“, which is the “The Spectacular Ross Sea (OTL28-17) trip”. This Antarctica cruise is simply one of the best out there and even includes helicopter options to land on the Ross Ice Shelf if conditions allow.

The affiliate promotion for this cruise expedition is a massive 7.5% on the first sale of a filled quadruple porthole cabin, which results in a commission of $7,710!

Also mentioned at the beginning of this article… photos can only bring a vacation experience to life so much. Now it’s all about providing your audience with high-definition video to bring their vacation experiences to life! To see firsthand what type of experience is offered on the Spectacular Ross Sea adventure, be sure to watch the short video below.

Spectacular expedition to the Ross Sea! from Oceanwide Expeditions

How to Make the Most Money with Oceanwide Expeditions

The travel industry is massive and no matter what the economy looks like, people are going to spend money on travel — especially rich people who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience that Oceanwide Expeditions is currently offering.

As an affiliate marketer, it’s your job to seek out these audiences and provide them with the content, resources and reviews they are looking for. For example, if you were to do some research around keywords like “travel to antarctica” or “arctic adventures” you would find that the volume of searches is low, but those people searching for it are definitely interested in pursuing and maybe even purchasing something similar to what OC has to offer. The key thing here is to make it easy for your targeted audience to find what they are looking for, then sending them off to where they can complete their purchase.

There are many different angles you can take when promoting travel online, but the biggest advantage to promoting Oceanwide Expeditions (besides the earning potential) is selling the dream and the once in a lifetime experiences they have to offer. These high-end vacations are going to sell, you might as well start earning some high-paying commissions in the process.

Click here to join the Oceanwide Expeditions affiliate program.