Visual Merchandising- a term quite popular in the retail industry benefits the market by and large. If we take a wider look into the world, we can get an overview of how this practice proves to be a game-changer for every modern marketer. Naturally, you might ask how the approach can help you in your marketing campaign- given that you are not an owner of any retail store! Let us tell you, the importance of visual merchandising in your business niche is also undeniable. You can also use this practice to transform your entire business landscape.

In this blog, we have tried discussing the role of visual merchandising in digital marketing. Also, we have attempted to find out ways how to use visual merchandising in our day to day marketing campaign.

Take a look below to understand how you can attract and conquer your consumers and provide them with different experiences:

What is Visual Merchandising?
Visual merchandising is the approach especially taken by retail store owners to enhance the store experience for their visitors with appealing displays, decorations, signs and layout of space to grab the attention of the audience instantly. If you wonder whether such an arrangement is worthy or not, you need to understand that consumers judge an organization from different perspectives. According to consumer psychology, a person gets attracted to a company once he/she is satisfied with the overall view of it- both exterior and interior.

When we talk about retail stores, visual merchandising starts from the outside design of the store or its exterior presentation and proceeds towards the interior get up. It involves the ability to create window displays in fashionable patterns and colors, keeping up the recent design trends. This innovativeness aims to make customers believe that the store has what they’re looking for.

Visual merchandising mainly involves in-store traffic flow patterns and calculates the best places to put your displays, so that the greatest number of people gets to see them.

Now you can understand how visual merchandising effects in lead conversion. But when it comes to you, you are sure to get baffled.

Take note, the overall purpose of visual merchandising is to get customers to come into your brand and spend money. Visual merchandising hence includes how merchandise is displayed as well as what’s the store’s inclusive atmosphere is.

Benefits of Visual Merchandising
Now let’s understand how any brand can reap the benefits. First of all, you need to understand that visual merchandising is seen as an investment- not as an expense. Using this incredible marketing technique, you are sure to intensify customer experience and encourage them to buy from you.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of visual merchandising:

  • With Visual Merchandising Increase Your Sales
    Visual merchandising is a tool which proves to be valuable for every marketer, whether retail or online. How? Market survey reveals 70% of the purchase decision is taken by people when they visit the website. And in this regard, the importance of visual merchandising can’t be denied. The tool helps to draw consumers’ attention positively and encourage them to buy. Needless to say, once they are satisfied with the experience, they are sure to come back to buy more at your company every time.
  • Create an Unforgettable Experience For Your Customers
    You have always wanted to create a memorable experience for your customers. Now it’s more than easy with visual merchandising. This is a process that gives you the scope to create a pleasant atmosphere for your audience. Using this fantastic & creative approaches, you can offer your visitors satisfaction, wonderment and brand identification.For example, when you use appealing color or lighting in your videos, it’s also a way to make your customers fall in love with your brand. Create an unmatched experience with an impressive video presentation. Encourage your audience to spend some more time on your website and let them purchase whatever they desire for.
  • Visual Merchandising Facilitates Brand Recognition Far & Wide
    One of the most important things every marketer desires is to find out what the customers are thinking about the brand. How do they perceive the product and services? You can’t deny the role of visual merchandising in this context.With the aesthetic presentation of visual merchandising influence people and let them conceive a positive perception of your brand.This way, you can add value to your brand and strengthen your brand’s presence in the market, further generating authority and trust.How can you use visual merchandising in your video marketing campaign? This is extremely interesting. We know videos are the best means to grab your audience’s attention with ease. So, you can incorporate visual merchandising in your video. Like retail store decoration videos also use the elements of color, lighting, product information and even sensory input. So using these vital elements, you can compose a masterpiece and translate your video marketing campaign into a genuinely engaging and more effective one.

Take a look at how to use the visual merchandising techniques in your video marketing.

Uncover the importance of visual merchandising in digital marketing:

1. Color Plays a Significant Role in Visual Merchandising
Videos, like every other visual medium, rely on the lavish use of colors to stand out. Needless to say, appropriate hues and shades are potent assets that add a meaningful touch to your visual representation. However, one word of caution- there shouldn’t be any erratic display. Otherwise, there’s the risk of generating a visually displeasing strife.

To put it in other words, you need to apply basic color theory to ascertain that your whole composition is both, harmonious and a treat to the eyes. The first rule of success, use base color in your video throughout your branding. This means your company’s colors need to be presented all through your videos. Experts are of the view that color acts as the driving force behind the attention. Needless to say, colors alone can be an outstanding asset to lead the viewer’s attention to your product or service.

2. Establish A Focal Point While Creating Video
Another essential of successful visual merchandising technique is always to keep a check on the displays. The main aim of the arrangements should make sure customers can see the highlighted parts and merchandise.

Although tricky, yet it is the most vital part of visual merchandising. You want your customers to be tied to your brand forever. Video marketing also works in this similar axiom. Create videos that reach the audience’s mind and tell them how the product is ideal for them.

For example, if you produce a video with a distracting animation in the background, your audience’s focus would move away from the main product. This means no one would understand what you want to convey.

Therefore while creating a video; it’s important that you maintain the focal point. Such an approach would take your viewers’ attention to remain where it should be.

3. Empty Space Needs A Wiser Approach
Visual merchandising usually has a space that often remains underutilized and receives lesser attention. In retail stores, it is the section in between the displayed merchandise and the ceiling. Experts recommend if you want to enjoy the optimum advantage, space needs to get filled up with useful content such as product information or signage.

Similarly, when you are into video marketing, here too, you need to translate the empty space with meaningful contents. The goal is what you leave out of the screen is as important as what you decide to include.

What we mean is that many video marketers tend to get passionate over the visuals of their content and unconsciously ignore the other equally important aspects of a marketing video, such as sound quality, narration, effects etc. These elements are also exclusive visual pieces of content that give life to your production. So, it’s vital to pay equal attention to all the crucial elements of your video- that aren’t necessarily visual.

4. Expose Your Viewers to the Maximum Amount of Merchandise
One of the vital rules of visual merchandising is to expose your customers to a wide range of your products. But how will you apply it in your video marketing? I know it’s a little counter-intuitive. Let me explain-

When you create a marketing video, you shouldn’t only cram out too much information. Decide creatively how much information is humanly possible to grasp usually in a short time (i.e., 2 mins). When there’s space around your subject, paying attention to fill up space innovatively will be praiseworthy.

The trick is to trim the fat and keep the lean and useful content will let you achieve your video marketing goal.

5. Narrate an Impressive Story Through Effective Visuals
Visual merchandising is all about storytelling; such as video marketing too. There’s no denying that compelling storytelling is the essence of marketing.

According to this axiom storytelling emphasizes on the fact that whatever your arrangement is, your production should address essential questions like “What’s in it for your customers?” Consider including sales-enabling displays and signage that goes along with your entire composition.

Concluding Lines
Visual merchandising is the easiest and proven way to attract people by stimulating their senses. It’s the approach to encourage people to remember your organization, whether by color, designs or sound. When it comes to digital marketing, using it oozes out several advantages. Using video marketing and with the dint of visual merchandising technique, your target audience will remember your brand and product forever.

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